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January - August 2019
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  • Day1

    Off to Puerto Rico

    January 5 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Up most of the night packing so finished at 2am and had to get up at 4am for our 8am flight. The US airports can take alot of time to check in and get through TSA so I like to allow enough time. Also with car rental dropoff you often have to get shuttles.

    Bought the plastic bags that need a vacuum to seal them so that squashed all our winter clothes and our puffas. Normally I bring the ones that you hand roll but I knew I would need the big guns for this trip!

    Getting to the aiport was stressful as our sat nav doesn't give clear directions and fails to direct you to entries. Added to that the main road to the aiport was closed for construction and our sat nav couldn't redirect. Luckily I had looked at the route and vaguely knew what direction to head so did that until the sat nav came good again.

    It was pure luck that I found the entry to the carpark return when I turned around when a car beeped at me! Thank you beeping car! And thank goodness I had allowed enough time.

    Miami airport is huge as you would expect with a shuttle train to some of the gates. For some reason we are flying business class which is nice. Only a short 2 1/2 hour flight to San Juan.

    Our luggage is crazy but I have worked out how to carry/wheel 2 large suitcases, 1 large duffel bag, 1 small duffel, a heavy handbag, a carry on bags and a backpack! This was worked out quickly when I discovered there were no carts at San Juan airport and expensive porters for a distance of a few minutes was the deal!

    So taxi to the ship then standing in line in the sun to drop the bags off then thankfully we could get a wheelchair for mum then straight to our cabin.

    We are so tired we collapse on our beds only to wake when its time for the mandatory drill.

    Then back to bed! We are so tired. We don't even open our bags or have dinner. We barely look at San Juan port - photos are from when we returned to start the next cruise. They don't encourage me to get off the ship and explore.
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  • Day2

    Was that St Croix

    January 6 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Because we slept through it. Still exhausted so we slept until about 3pm. I think that means we slept about 24 hours! We will be back in this port next cruise so it didn't matter that we missed it.

    From the ship the port town looked like a dump.

    Once I surfaced I explored the ship. It holds about 2100 guests. The outside pool area is noisy with loud music but there's a closed in one which is quieter.

    As we are in aqua class we have access to various spa facilities like the turkish bath, steam rooms, sauna, heated lounges and so on.

    We also have a separate restuarant but can use the main dining room as well. There is also a buffet restaurant that is open most of the time. And lets not forget the ice cream/frozen yogart bar!

    Lots of bars and lounges and a grill cafe near the pool.

    There are also various speciality restaurants and a coffee and gelato cafe where you pay.

    Shops, casino, theatre, game arcade, spa, hair salon, gym, basketball court, jogging track make up the rest of the facilities.

    We mainly stayed in our cabin and I went back and forth getting the food. A brilliant food day of pizza, mousse and ice cream!

    Complaints so far are air conditioning not very good in the cabin and some parts of the ship during the day, no internet unless you pay a fortune, no usb port in room, no powerpoint near bed and no guest laundry so $11US to get a dress washed - as if - but all typical on a cruise.
    Bathroom is tiny but thats ok. I think a bath should be included for the price.

    You can feel the ship move and it jolts sometimes. Its an older ship (20 years) so maybe thats why it is not as smooth as the newer ones. On our Alaskan cruise we didn't feel the ship move at all.

    Its due to dry dock so it can be totally gutted and re done in March so the cruises will probably be more expensive on this ship.

    The staff are great, the food good (except for the hot chocolate which is rubbish) and its relaxing. And the pina coladas could have more cream!

    The shore excursions are very expensive for what they are. A simple ride around an island can be as much as $150US and a dropoff at and return from a beach $50US.
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  • Day3

    Sint Maarten/Saint-Martin

    January 7 in Saint Martin ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Ok on this trip I am looking for the idyllic carribean island. Its not here.

    The island is the smallest landmass in the world that is governed by two nations.

    Not much architecturally to look at, no doubt successive hurricanes have destroyed anything of note and it was devastated by the last hurricane.

    We went on a fairly boring tour on which the two Macdonalds and a Burgar King were pointed out to us.

    In describing the difference between the two sides our guide said the dutch side has casinos and the french nude sunbaking.

    I'm told it has some of the best carribean beaches but we didn't see any.

    We did see some gorgeous orange iguanas which apparently the locals eat.

    The tour should have taken us to the beach where the planes fly over really low. We are just shown the airport.

    Arrived back at the ship depressed and wondering if every port town was going to be a dump and the tours as boring as todays.

    Ate alot of ice cream.

    The photos make it look alot better than it is!
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  • Day4

    St Martinique

    January 8 in Martinique ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Greeted to a protest by the island's taxi drivers who had blocked all the cruise tour buses and vans into the carpark. So no one was going anywhere knowing the french.

    Took a while for Celebrity to let us know what was happening and it was only after some Americans started saying they were being keep hostage and that they demanded to be let off the bus that Celebrity got its act together and cancelled all tours with a refund.

    Then we walked past lots of angry passengers having animated conversations with taxi drivers!

    Anyway we teamed up with a nice american couple and took a taxi doing the same tour for slightly less.

    Had a lovely day.
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