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  • Day7

    Die Mitte des Weges

    July 11, 2017 in Norway

    Unser heutiges Tagesziel war Kautokeino in der Finnmark von Nordnorwegen, die Hauptstadt der norwegischen Samen in Lappland. Der Ortsname bedeutet "Mitte des Weges", und das passt genau zu unserer jetzigen Auszeit zwischen zwei Lebensphasen!
    Jeder findet seinen Weg auf unterschiedliche Weise. Die Mücken gestern Nacht haben trotz Insektenschutzgittern sogar einen Weg in unser Wohnmobil gefunden... Nordskandinavien ist eben nicht nur ein Paradies für Wohnmobilreisende, sondern auch für Insekten aller Art, die im kurzen explodierenden Sommer oberhalb des Polarkreises "Party machen". 🐝Read more

  • Day365

    As we drove towards Finland, the land around us looked more and more like Arctic Tundra, a unique habitat where only a few plants and animals can survive. Vicky remembers learning about in school. Much of it was boggy, with mosses, lichens and short spindly Silver Birches. Even when the snows are melted, permafrost under the topsoil prevents water from draining and roots from growing deeper than about 25cm, making for very difficult growing conditions. The soils in this particular area were sandy and there were even some banks that looked like dunes.

    We entered Finland as we crossed a river. We soon started to see lots of enclosures and in one with some teepee type structures nearby, there was a herd of about 30 reindeer! We weren't intending to stay in Finland, but had cut through the narrow finger extending East-West between Sweden and Norway. We weren't the only ones doing this and local entrepreneurs had tried to lure in the passing trade by setting up several tourist businesses, such as reindeer petting, somewhere called 'Husky Cape' and souvenir shops.

    After about 100km we passed into Norway, the 19th country of our tour and the 10th we plan to do in-depth! Surprisingly quickly the landscape began to change, hills became higher, the roads undulated increasingly and wide, torrential rivers cut deep courses into the tree clad valleys.

    Laybys were larger, picnic sites were signed in advance and several were well off the road, reached via a hard mud track that ran through a corridor of trees. It in was one of these that we made our home for the night, above the swollen and raging Alta-Kautokeino River. The track opened up to a car park with a picnic bench, grass and plenty of interesting smells for Poppy. We spent a peaceful the night with three other vans and the constant ssshhh sound of the flowing water.
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  • Day373

    Silisjávri Lake, South of Alta

    July 4, 2017 in Norway

    There are many amazing things that we love about Norway; its wilderness, water and wonderful wild camping spots. However, it covers such a large area, and the only roads are sometimes so indirect, that even though we are here for 2 months, if we want to travel the whole country, we are needing to cover an average of 100- 150km every day. This means a lot of time spent sitting in the cab looking at the (admittedly beautiful) road ahead and not as much time for getting out and exploring on foot, bike or canoe.

    Today was one of those big driving days. From the North East, we travelled inland, South West then North towards Alta where we planned to rejoin the coast road. Menacing grey skies brought a dark backdrop to sunlit landscape before the clouds broke and the sunlight was replaced with flashes of thunder and huge raindrops that streamed away to join the already swollen brooks, rivers and waterfalls. There was a distinct lack of reindeer today compared to previous days. Whether they knew of the oncoming storm and had taken refuge in the forests or there were fewer in this part of Norway we don't know.

    We pulled up overlooking the beautiful Silisjávri lake, a relatively shallow body of water bordered by small Silver Birches. It tipped it down for most of the time we were there but at least this kept the mozzies away!
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  • Day5

    After waking from the first night of wild camping, (amongst snow outside a closed winter lodge in Masi) we woke roughly (first at 4am, then at 9am - the light was equally bright). Then started a cloudy, windy, bone chilling ride to Kautokeino, that included a stop in a Sami shop that included such luxuries as an indoor toilet, tap water and Reindeer Jerky.

    Along the road, we saw (or almost ran into) more reindeer and an Arctic fox.

    Oh, and I got chased by a dog for a out 200 yards (when my legs found new energy).

    As big spenders in our second 'big' city, we treated ourselves to a civilised meal (a burger in a children's restaurant, but it counts to us) and now we are bedding down in a camping lodge.

    Tomorrow - Finland
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  • Day4

    1st day cycling was a mix of comical incompetence and big payoffs.

    We left the hotel at 1, going the wrong way 3 times before finally finding our way out an hour later.

    I fell off within the first hour, damaging myself and the bike (neither beyond repair)

    After that it looked up (in all senses) as we climbed a mountain beside river rapids in a canyon.

    I Inadvertently herded 30 reindeer, as they panicked at the site of me and ran beside my bike, looking for a way of the road.

    Just as energy was giving out, a Cafe sign appeared on the horizon and there we met a Ukrainian student so interested in our British-ness (go figure) made us Ukrainian stew and fresh coffee for free (a cafetiere, no less!)

    Now, after a camping cooker dinner, we have our first night of camping - tuck in beside a closed winter lodge.

    Good stuff!
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  • Day3

    Alta to Masi

    May 14, 2016 in Norway

    43 miles under our belts (30 of which were uphill). Met a Sami reindeer herder, rode with a herd of reindeer, saw blue skies and frozen lakes, got fed borsch and coffee by a kind Ukrainian lady, had one crash and one bike malfunction, now set up overlooking a village. Exhausted, but first real day down!

  • Day5

    Masi to Kautokeino

    May 16, 2016 in Norway

    After a fairly restless night which brought in fresh aches, we set off from Masi just after midday. It was a 70km ride to Kautokeino which consisted of steep descents snd climbs throughout the day. The plateau remains fairly sparse in terms of population, but we managed to get water from a caravan site - where we had a good chat with some local who reassured us we'll have a few days off hill climbs when we reach Finland! - and a Sami woman opened her shop especally for Owen to buy dried reindeer meat for lunch. We saw a great number of reindeer which led to us herding thrm at one point as we followed them along the road (also mearly resulting in Owen crashing into one of them). We also saw an artic fox cross our path.

    Two days of pulling 20kg of luggage up hills had us both fairly exhausted so when we arrived in Kautokeino we went out for a meal in a rather classy establishment (see photo for evidence of this) and for a bargain price hired a hut to sleep in - luxury!
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