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  • Feb28

    From Alta to Honningsvag

    February 28 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -11 °C

    Today we left Alta and headed North to Honningsvag. Every day I say to myself this is the most beautiful I have ever seen and then there is the next day with even more beautiful views. Today we passed ‘nowhere’ land with fantastic polar views and we enjoyed the almost 7 km Nordcape tunnel. Seeing this al absolutely increasing my respect for our planet. Tomorrow we will reach the Nordcape and after that we going east to Russia before we are starting our decent south.Read more

  • Feb29

    To the Nordcape

    February 29 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ -4 °C

    We left Honningsvag this morning for the final part North. Yesterday evening again an even better view on the amazing polar-lights. We arrived this morning at 08:00 @ the assembly point were we all come together. From here we are going in convoy mode to the Northcape following the snowplough. On the top we did the necessary photo shoots and celebrated with champagne our victory. We did it !!Read more

  • Feb29

    Driving to Inari Finland

    February 29 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ -3 °C

    Today we left the North-cape and drove to Inari in Finland where we are staying the night. Due to the low temperatures our engine will continuing this night on idle. Tomorrow we will continue our journey to Russia.Read more

  • Day42

    Reaching our northernmost point

    October 10, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

    A fairly quiet day today. After breakfast Amr went for his ritual sauna and walk round the deck. On deck 5 you can walk right round the ship - he says 5 laps is just over a km! It is always nice to get out there and watch if it’s not too cold or breezy! At 11.15 we docked at Honningsvåg which is where some people went on an excursion to the North Cape marker. We contented ourselves with a wander through the town which did not take long...we did go into the North Cape museum though which was interesting and well displayed. This place, like so much of the coast of Norway, was burnt to the ground by the Germans when retreating, so it also is rebuilt, and quite pretty and neat. Of course, it is basically just a fishing town. We are way above the tree line now, and the land we see is just rocky crags. Any trees in the town were planted, and probably have trouble thriving.

    Since leaving Honningsvåg we have been going out in the open sea and have to take care walking around, quite rocking! And I think this will continue as looking at the map we are out in the Norwegian Sea till we reach Kirkenes tomorrow morning. At the moment we have just pulled in to a fjord so it’s relatively calm, but we’ll be out in the open again soon, and continuing north till we reach our northernmost point before turning southeast to reach Kirkenes. There will be a few offload stops during the night, but for passengers that is the next port.

    Kirkenes is the end of the voyage for quite a few people who just do the northern journey, though quite a lot of people are, like us, continuing on the southward journey back to Bergen. So tomorrow there will be the bustle of people disembarking and others embarking.

    And today we did see rain for the first time!! There wasn’t much, and although it is quite cold, it wasn’t snow, so not that cold. By the time we walked around the town this morning it was quite bright, and though clouds are about there is also quite a lot of clear sky. I looked up the weather for tomorrow in Kirkenes and supposedly there will be snow overnight, but cloudy and little chance of precipitation in the daytime. That is so good as we have signed up for a walk to the Russian border! We do go part of the way in a bus, but then have a 4 km hike, which they have already warned will be wet underfoot. Glad I haven’t cleaned the mud off my shoes since the last muddy walk!

    Now sitting quietly - Amr got us prime position chairs at the front - which is good for now. There are many sitting places and chairs and it is usually easy to find a cosy place to sit and read etc. with a view looking out at the passing spectacular scenery. It is getting too cold to sit outside for too long, although there is one outside place that has heaters and is partially glassed in. There are 2 “public” decks where you can find places to relax - 4 and 7. The other decks are just cabins. 4 and 7 have bars, the dining room, lots of room for everyone, although I don’t think we are filled to capacity. Let’s hope for anther fine day tomorrow.
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  • Day44

    Hammerfest, the northernmost town

    October 12, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    I am very slack is 10pm and am just getting to remembering the day. This is partly because this afternoon Carole suggested we do one of the jigsaw puzzles that they have (and games etc) and we chose one with 1000 pieces, and of course got obsessed (and have succeeded in doing just a very small amount...but that was the time I would usually be writing. So am going to be quick as tomorrow we have an early start...we are off on an excursion at 8am, first on a bus, then a ferry, then a 5 km walk...then we get back on the boat at the next stop...

    Anyway, today has been fairly leisurely. We are now back round the top of Norway and the first stop long enough for getting off was Hammerfest, the northernmost town in the world. It said 2° there but it felt icy. It is equal in latitude to northern Siberia. And it felt like it, and this is only October, not even winter. We had a walk round, and like most of the towns, it is fun to walk round but not very exciting. They look very pretty as you sail in and the houses are all very rectangular and neat, and often colourful, but at this time of year not much is open - cafes etc. there are often very modern and beautiful churches. A far cry from the huge medieval ones we see on the Camino! And it is all very friendly and easy, but usually we come back to the ship before too long. All these towns along the coast were bombed or burnt down during the war, and so almost all the houses are built in similar practical style which is why they look so uniform (except the art nouveau town we visited on the second day). Today we got back before the excursion people would be back and leapt up to the jacuzzi and were in a lovely bubbly hot tub as we left port!! Felt very decadent!

    Hammerfest is the richest town in the area because of oil. It has a big LPG plant where they freeze the oil and liquefy it so that it can be exported. The plant actually was made in Spain and then brought to Norway and set up here!

    So this afternoon we cruised along and all the big craggy mountains we had seen before now have a dusting of snow on top and look even more like postcards. I realised as I was doing the puzzle that I was doing it and not looking at Norway, so maybe we will never finish it!! Tonight we had dinner of pollack, another very favourite fish here (after cod and salmon)...very delicious white and firm. The cod however is famous and joked about. It is the livelihood of many Norwegians and Amr tells me he heard it has now replaced someone famous and is on the 200 kroner note! There are many funny cod songs!! I went out on deck after dinner, really to look at the full moon, and there were the northern lights again! I spotted them before they announced it, we are getting so used to seeing it almost every night - because of the clear sky.
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  • Day12

    Rentierimpressionen von heute

    September 2 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Sooooo schöne Tiere 🥰 Und sie sind fast überall und gerne auf der Straße unterwegs - da geht's einfach schneller voran 😂
    Durch das meist mehrfarbige Fell haben sie wirklich eine super Tarnung!

  • Day7

    Alta prachtig stadje

    June 12, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    De reis richting de Noordkaap gaat verder via Alta. De prachtig mooie fjorden combinaties. De mooie vissers plaatsjes met zalm kwekerijen. En in Alta wat extra olie gescoord voor de Mini want we hebben een kleine lekkage gekregen die ik niet kan verhelpen. Dus maar wat extra erbij. Wat prachtig om hier te zijn ook al zijn het kleine korte pauzes maar adembenemende uitzichten en mooi momenten. Op naar de Noordkaap samen met team Hilux die ook wat te voortduren hebben met zo,n kleine tomaten blikje in de Spiegels. Haha thanks guys #bramsteffrallyteam #alsjeenkelmaarkoudis #Noorwegen #roadtrip #Balticsearally2019 #team20minions #donaties #annapatat #brandwondencentrumbeverwijkRead more

  • Day8

    Made it de Noordkaap

    June 13, 2019 in Norway ⋅ 🌫 4 °C

    De bestemming waar het allemaal om ging hebben we gehaald. Foto's volgen eerst een maaltijd, we kunnen pas om 01:00 op de foto met de Globe. Dat wordt het hoogte punt van de dag en van de missie dus mis het niet. Ik probeerde een timelaps te maken van de middernachtzon maar helaas werd het bewolkt.
    Het was ook even wachten, maar om 1 uur kon de we eindelijk richting de noordkaap om een paar mooie foto te maken. Wat een mooie ervaring om met je uit 1983 jaar oude minitje hier te staan. Nog lange reis te gaan met zijn tweetje en een oranje aanhangsel.
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  • Day7

    Haare fallen lassen es geht zum Nordkapp

    June 21, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Wie es sich für eine feine Dame gehört, wird aufgestanden, das Essen - Frühstück ignoriert!, ein bisschen rum gepuddelt (ihr wisst schon Sachen von A nach B verschieben ;), angezogen und dann zum Friseur... der macht einen dann erstmal hübsch 😌

    Bild 1 : Serdar bei seiner morgen Routine von der Paparazzi erwischt

    Was dort wirklich passiert (Bild 2) : - Singend vorstellen bitte!

    Das bißchen Promotion macht sich von allein
    Sagt mein Mann
    Das bißchen Promo kann so schlimm nicht sein
    Sagt mein Mann ....

    Serdar neu „behauptet“, geschniegelt und gestriegelt (Bild 3) .. weiter ging es :)

    Wir bewegen uns weiter Richtung Nordkapp - Lui wird morgen zwischen 4 und 6 Uhr (ist egal weil wird ja nicht dunkel!) morgens, am Globus stehen und wir mit dabei 🥳

    Die Straße verleiten zum schnell fahren (Bild 5) aber die Jungs reißen sich am Riemen und fahren Strich (Bild 4), mit der Nostalgie 90er Playlist verstreichen die Kilometer !! Norwegen ist teuer, wenn geblitzt ...!

    Bis späääääda :)
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  • Day7

    ... go to see a doctor

    June 21, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Nun sind die Schmerzen an der Hüfte doch stärker geworden und wir haben uns noch vor dem Aufzug zum Nordkap-Globus auf den Weg Richtung Finnland gemacht. Nach einer ruhigen Nacht an einem See bei Lakselv sitze ich nun in der Polyklinik und warte auf den Doktor. Unser Verdacht ist Gürtelrose. Nicht unbedingt schlimm, aber rechtzeitige Behandlung kann den Verlauf deutlich erleichtern und verkürzen.Read more

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