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  • Day34

    25.9.2016 Sopot

    September 24, 2016 in Poland ⋅

    Kilometer: 8.416

    Auf nach Pommern!
    Für die nächste Nacht haben wir uns für Sopot entschieden. Sopot gehört, ebenso wie Gdynia, zur Dreistadt Danzig und hat sich auf den touristischen Aspekt spezialisiert. Daniels Schwester Hannah war hier zusammen im letzten Jahr mit ihrem Mann Stephan und gab uns den Tipp. Tolle Strände, viel Gastronomie und wir an einem Samstag Abend mittendrin. Vernünftig sind wir gegen 22 Uhr gegangen, weil wir am nächsten Morgen weiterfahren wollten, aber wären wir länger geblieben: Wir hätten die Polen den Wodka noch aus Stiefeln trinken sehen! Da sind wir uns sicher...

    Auf dem Weg nach Sopot hielten wir in Święta Linke (Heiligelinde) , einem der bekanntesten Marienwallfahrtsorte in Polen. Dort restaurierte Daniels Onkel Siggi vor mehreren Jahren für mehrere Jahre die riesige Orgel mit über 40 Registern und vielen beweglichen Figuren. Wir kamen in den Genuss einer der täglichen Konzerte und konnten die Orgel in Aktion sehen und hören.
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  • Day3

    Den 2

    September 21, 2018 in Poland ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    V predpovedi hlasilli, ze bude 28 stupnov. Tak sme baltic pocasie museli vyuzit na 100% a isli sme zase na plaz. Ale pred tym ranajky v miestnom mliecnom bare na rohu. Vola sa Bar Turystycny(
    https://goo.gl/maps/hHRQXcomdzQ2 ) a funguje od roku 1956 a varia stale to iste jedlo. Aj totky predavacky tu asi robia od tohto roku. Objednat prazenicu z 3 vajec po polsky bola vyzva. No a potulali sme mestom nasli najlespsie este teple paczky, teda sisky. Dnesna plaz bola v nedalekom mestecku Sopot. Cestovali sme tam vlakom. Na hlavnej vlakovej stanici sme bojovali s nakupom cestovnych listkov. Na chvilku sme pocitili, ako sa asi spravju slovaci k cudzincom. Cesta polskym wlakom trvala 11minut. Sopot je ako Piestany s tym rozdielom, ze na konci tej jednej pesej ulice je asi 250m dlhe molo s marinou. Pozreli sme gdanski zaliv a hybaj na plaz. Vecera s plazovej restike. Po navrate sme trocha brusili piatkovym mestom a zostali na par drinkov. Po 3 pohari vina zacalo prsat a uz sme vedeli ze v Gdansku skoncilo leto 🙂.Read more

  • Day125


    August 6, 2017 in Poland ⋅

    Woke at midday and got going.
    Will was craving McDonald's so we walked 2km to the station to go get it.
    There was nowhere to sit inside and it was spitting outside so we found a little undercover step thing to sit on. The chips weren't very good so we gave them to the pigeons and crows. The crowd are significantly smarter and stole slot of them out of the pigeons mouth. One pigeon was near useless, I used about 20 chips just trying to feed it because it kept missing out.
    We both fed a few pigeons by hand. They are brave little buggers. They hesitated at first but did end up taking them. 😬🐦
    We then had a choice - go to the movies or catch a train to Sopot.
    I wanted to go to Sopot and Will wanted to go to the movies. Will soon changed his mind saying we should probably do something lol.
    We bought tickets to Sopot. So cheap! It was only $5 for 2 return tickets.
    It was 3 stops away.
    Sopot was recommended to us by a Polish chick from our Macedonia hostel.
    When we got of the train we both commented on how pretty the area was. It seemed less touristy too until we got to the Main Street. It was chockers.
    So many shops, street stores and cafes. There was a whole section for people drawing people's portraits.
    We walked past the wonky house - the only landmark I knew of before we arrived. It was a bit of a mind fuck to look at. Very cool.
    I almost missed it. If people hadn't stopped to take photos I would have walked straight past.
    We kept walking until we found a board walk.
    We walked straight through the open barriers unsure of what to do but no one stopped us so we kept walking.
    It was just an average board walk really. Their beaches are more like big, lifeless ponds. No wonder so many tourists drown in Australia. Where are the waves at? 🌊
    There was a nun sitting on a seat looking out at the ocean praying. It was so nice to see. We have seen so so many nuns! She might have been our 20th or so.
    As we were leaving the boardwalk we had a little giggle cause everyone entering was proving tickets... hahahh oops.
    Yay for freebies! Hahaha
    We went to the cafe next door and sat there for a drink. It was so hot before but then randomly started raining. Everyone on the boardwalk came running back haha.
    We went cruising around the area and walked though this massive bush trail near the shore line.
    It was quite peaceful. It had a lane dedicated to rollerbladers hehe.
    We walked back and went back to the station.
    The train we caught was so old. Lucky the journey home was so short because this thing was rocking us all over the place.

    We went home
    I went to the loo and noticed there was already heaps of toilet paper in there but didn't think anything of it.
    I don't know why I didn't flush it away before I went but i didn't. I then did a poo, flushed and the whole thing flooded bringing up everyone else's toilet paper. I just stared looking at my poo.
    Oh god.
    I snuck out and hid in the room with Will. Mortified. He thinks it's hilarious.
    I heard talking in the corridor and was like oh no they have found it hhah
    Will went to the loo 30 mins later and is a little shithead and went to check if it was still there - he reported that it wasn't. Phew.
    Sorry reception guy hahahah.

    I organised our train ticket for tomorrow - I found an express train so it's now only a 6hour journey.

    I then looked up auschwitz and made the horrible realization you can't just go but should book over a month in advance.
    Long story short and overlooking a few sad moments - i found a tour! It doesn't look the best but it will have to do. Once I get the confirmation email I will be excited. They said it can take 48hours because they have to organise everyone's pickup times etc.

    We then went out to dinner at a polish place. Will got the dumplings - real name is 'Pierogi'
    I got beef stroganoff.
    After wards we walked around and got me a swirl ice cream - the type we have been seeing all over Poland. I got a photo with it in front of Neptune's fountain. Will needed to poop so we went home then we went to the pub at the end of our street for Will to have a beer. He isn't minding the Polish beers lol.
    We then went to get him a kebab - on the way we got me some lollies at one of the markets :)

    The street performers with fire are cool.

    We walked to the Amber museums and near there we saw a stage and heard music so we went over. The performance was really cool - it was 3 men on drums and a lady playing big bells. We watched them play a few songs. They were very good.
    We got Will his Kebab then walked home.

    I'm going to need to buy another new phone cord soon. this one is malfunctioning and only charges when lying flat.
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