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  • Day5

    Umzug und Koper (Capodistria)

    August 5, 2019 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Aufgrund einer Fehlbuchung mussten wir heute unser erstes Quartier verlassen und in die eigentlich gebuchte Ferienwohnung umziehen. Die Zeit vertrieben wir uns mit einem gemütlichen Frühstück und im Garten liegen und den Zikaden lauschen. Nachdem wir unser frisch gewienertes Domizil bezogen haben, beschlossen wir, die etwa 8 Kilometer entfernte Hafenstadt Koper zu besuchen. Zunächst wieder interessante Parkplatzsuche, dafür aber diesmal mehr als günstig.
    Dann flanierten wir an der Hafenkante durch die Arkaden in die aus dem 12. Jahrhundert stammende Altstadt. Enge Gassen, kleine Geschäfte und Kaffees säumten den Weg bis zum Tito Platz. Dort befindet sich der Prätoren Palast und die Domkirche Stolnica. Den Turm erkletterten die Kinder und ich, übrigens 199 Stufen. Hier hatte wir einen herrlichen Blick über die Stadt und den Hafen von Koper. Eine interessante Mischung aus alten Dächern, modernen Gebäuden sowie kleine Jachten und einem riesigen Containerschiff.
    Noch ein paar Gässchen, ein Eis (etwas günstiger als in Bled,) vorbei am Da Ponte Brunnen, einer Mini Nachbildung der Rialto Brücke in Venedig, trafen wir am Marina ein. Hier lag sogar ein Kreuzfahrtschiff vor Anker. Dies erklärte die vielen Touristen.
    Ausklang bildeten ein Bierchen, ne Cola und ein kleiner Snack oberhalb des Stadtstrandes von Koper.
    Nach Einkauf und endlich richtig Koffer auspacken ist jetzt wieder Entspannung angesagt.
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  • Day8


    October 15, 2018 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Koper ist klein und gemütlich.
    Wenn man im Hafen die grossen Containerschiffe sieht, kann man sich schon vorstellen, daß auch im letzten Krieg die Stadt mit Hafen sehr umkämpft war.
    Ich habe in einem Laden mit Produkten aus den Salzsalinen dunkle Schokolade mit Salz gekauft. Schmeckt sehr interressant und gut.Read more

  • Day6


    November 2, 2016 in Slovenia ⋅ 🌫 13 °C

    I woke up feeling the ship slowing as we began to back into the port of Koper. We had scheduled a short bus tour for the afternoon, so we had a relaxed morning on board that included a visit to the medical center to check on Mom's knee. After lunch, Dad, Kathryn and I disembarked and boarded a bus that took us south along the coast. Our guide told us that her grandparents lived in the same village for their entire lives. They have been citizens of four different countries in their lifetimes due to the changes in government: Italy, Austria-Hungary, Yugoslavia, and now Slovenia.

    We were dropped off in the small coastal town of Piran, where we enjoyed the old town and square as we searched for a wine bar and a restroom. With those missions accomplished, it was time to hop aboard the next bus and return to our ship in time for afternoon tea and a brief rest before the captain's party at 5:45.
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  • Day3

    Tretja stopnja (1/2): Koper

    September 3, 2018 in Slovenia ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    104 km über 8,75 Stunden
    Nach einer ruhigen Nacht und dem Entfernen unserer Zeitungsgardinen erwartete uns bereits aus dem R4 ein fantastischer Meerblick. 🏝
    Wir genossen die Kaffeepause kombiniert mit einem ausgewogenen Frühstück und starteten daraufhin in den Abgrund, erneut über unsere Straße mit 24% Gefälle. 🏔
    Im nächsten Ort sprangen wir von einem Betonplateau (dem "Strand") in die Adria und genossen danach unsere erste Dusche. 🚿
    Auf dem Weg in Richtung Slowenien unternahmen wir eine Sightseeing-Fahrt a la R4 durch das Einbahnstraßengewirr in Triest. 🏛
    Angekommen in Slowenien gab es zuerst einen Tank- und Luftstopp. Schon beim Einkaufen danach hat uns der Benzingeruch verwundert, scheinbar sucht der Sprit seit neuestem bei zu hohem Füllstand einen Ausweg. 😲
    Aufgeheitert haben uns dafür jedoch viele Slowenen die uns ihre Begeisterung am R4 mitteilten. 👍
    An der Marina in Koper haben wir den R4 zurückgelassen und die schöne Altstadt im venezianischen Flair besichtigt. Unterhaltsam fanden wir das gut besuchte Freibad neben dem Frachthafen direkt an der Altstadt. 👙
    Danach trafen wir erneut auf begeisterte Slowenen die uns ungläubig fragten ob wir wirklich aus Deutschland mit diesem Auto bis hier her gefahren sind. 😂
    In dem Hafenstädtchen Piran wollten wir ein R4 Fotoshooting einlegen, leider war es dort aber komplett touristenüberlaufen und die Einfahrt in die Stadt war verboten.
    In Slowenien konnten wir keinen günstigen Campingplatz finden, also weiter nach Kroatien... 🇭🇷
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  • Day56


    October 3, 2016 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Leaving the mountains of Italy, with the train along the breathtaking coast to Trieste, crossing the border to beautiful Slovenia, having the most warm welcome by kind strangers, meeting other lovely travelers, being hosted by a lovely Slovenien girl. Walking along the coast of Koper - Isola - Piran.

    Slovenia, you are breathtaking beautiful.
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  • Day9

    Koper, Slovenia

    October 30, 2016 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Our next stop was Koper, Slovenia. Once again, we had booked an excursion with a group of other couples to head to Lake Bled and the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana. We arrived at the dock early so we took a quick peak at the little coastal town of Koper where our cruise ship was docked. It was early Sunday morning, so it was very quiet. We had just long enough time to trot to the main square (Tito Square), where we found the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the town's bell tower. The cathedral was built in the second half of the 12th century and has several valuable Renaissance era paintings inside. We also came across the Praetorian Palace, a 15th-century Venetian Gothic palace that was once the podesta's seat and now houses the Koper city tourism department.Read more

  • Day212

    Day 213: To Slovenia

    September 15, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    TIme to leave Venice, and to leave Italy! We had our usual breakfast downstairs then headed the 10 minutes walk back to the train station and grabbed our tickets eastwards to Trieste. As the train departed, I reflected a bit. I'm a little surprised it's taken me quite so long to visit Venice, and in the pantheon of "great destination cities" I'd say only New York and Tokyo now remain unvisited.

    But it's such a mixed feeling to visit these days. Yes it's a beautiful city, probably the most unique in the world. It's just so overrun with people though, that it can be very difficult to enjoy. And I realise that I'm one of them, they all have the same rights as me etc etc, but it's difficult to see where Venice goes from here as it feels already like saturation point. The city for all its faults already feels like a theme park or the easter show, where everyone is a visitor. Every now and then you'll see residents and feel really sorry for them, trying to make their dentist appointment or whatever while shoving past a bunch of people trundling gigantic suitcases or mindlessly reading a map in the middle of a canal bridge. I've enjoyed it, I'm glad I've been, but I'm not sure I'll hurry back.

    Onwards. The train sped along the northern shore of the Adriatic, eventually pulling into the city of Trieste after about 2 hours (around 1:30pm). This port city once belonged to neighbouring Slovenia before it was occupied by Fascist Italy in the 1930s, and ownership issues were only really solved again in the 1970s which seems comically recent.

    Our ultimate destination for the day was the seaside town of Koper just across the border, but of course Trieste is the end of the line! In most of the Balkans and former Yugoslav countries, there just aren't many trains to speak of, so our public transport options will get harder from here. In the end we just got a taxi across the border since it was only 20 kilometers, though 45 euros was a pretty steep price to pay.

    The driver dropped us at our car rental place where we picked up our latest car, a Volkswagen Golf with most of the trimmings, nice. Rather than explore the city though, we headed for a supermarket for supplies, then headed to our accommodation out of town to settle in for the afternoon/evening.

    It's a single-bedroom apartment in a small low-rise building, near the freeway so there's a bit of road noise but newly renovated so it's bright and welcoming. We're here for five nights and should be quite comfortable! Good to have some cheap prices again finally, for the first time really since we left Spain. We bought enough food for four dinners, four breakfasts, some snacks, alcohol and toiletries for about 18 euro ($25 AUD).

    Settled in at "home" and did some work, disturbed only by a big thunderstorm which blew through and dumped a bunch of rain. Daytrip to Croatia tomorrow!
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  • Day214

    Day 215: Merciful Day Off

    September 17, 2017 ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Finally, mercifully, a day off. We had a spare day and weren't sure what to do with it - we could visit the UNESCO site of Skopjan Caves about an hour away, we could visit the town of Koper, we could do our day trip back into Italy for a couple more sites.

    But it was raining heavily in the morning, with a bit of added thunder and lightning, so we decided to stay in. Did a bunch of admin stuff; got our tax returns done and submitted, mostly finalised the insurance claim for the car, did some promotional stuff for my YouTube videos, and edited my way through 13 videos. I've got content scheduled on YouTube until early October, but still a backlog of another ~15 video to get through! Slowly, slowly.

    Busy day, but it's nice to not actually have to go out anywhere. Though I did of course end up going out to the nearby supermarket to pick up some snacks since we'd run out!
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  • Day2

    All at Sea

    August 18, 2018 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Well today was a lovely late start of me (Nyah) and Maisie about 10:00 wake up after a long day of travelling and peeling our eyes back in order to stay awake. Finally, after dragging our butts to get out of bed we headed up for breakfast but because of our late awakening there wasn’t any tables but we found a nice wobbly table outside.

    While me and moo where both waking up, Lillian and Mum checked out the Kids Club and went to an icebreaker’s session where she sang about snotty gorillas and made new friends. This was all after her stubborn attempt to not go to Kid’s Club but she loves it and had three sessions yesterday, while the rest of us had a relaxing time while tried.

    After breakfast Maisie and myself headed to the shops to have a mooch before going to reception to get the paddles and ball for table tennis. We got to the tables and oh my gosh there was a gust. It was so windy and this made table tennis impossible as the wind would carry the ball to right and glide in the wind before landing and rolling in circles around us while we tried to catch it. There was no need to go to the gym anymore we both managed to get a lovely run and squat workout while playing. We soon gave up on table tennis as it was getting ridiculous and I had stitch from laughing to much and running around.

    So I got ready to head up to the pool and sun beds to read my book. I could not find any spaces on the sun beds in any pool areas but me and mum headed up to the upper deck (deck 10). We found sun beds but we had to fight with them in order to keep the head up and pin our towels to them because of the wind. This was not fun no matter how much mum would laugh me and my subbed disagreed massively. Once the sun bed was defeated me and mum took part in the daily trivia and ended up getting 120 points which we were proud of especially as I am no good with general knowledge but I do know my marvel superheroes 😁

    I was finding the wind to hard to deal with and I couldn’t actually see my book because of my hair flapping in my face. So headed inside and went to the coffee port with Maisie where we both got milkshakes and played two games of Othello. I kicked Maisie’s bum and I was a beginner to the game haha moo😆 she was desperately to find a way to say that I had played this game before but no I beat her with no experience.

    Realising it was getting closer to 6 we went back to the cabin to start getting ready for our formal evening. We did hair, make-up and taking make up off and put on our bridesmaids dresses to head down for dinner at the restaurant 47 which was very nice. While waiting for dinner we played a couple of games of word association or a weird game where Maisie and mum were just saying random words claiming they associated like ‘railings’ then ‘peas’. Um no that doesn’t work you two. Lillian was a great player but wouldn’t stop laughing meaning there was a lot of hesitation which is not allowed.

    After dinner me and Lillian ran through the ship in order to get her changed for Kid's club that evening and that destroyed me feet in their heels. She made it on time and I went back to the restaurant for my yummy chocolate soufflé and then we headed to the broadway show lounger to watch the performance of Best of Broadway.

    This was fantastic and included: Chicago, Half a Sixpence, Cabaret and The Lion King. A throughout enjoyable experience and what was amazing is that me, Maisie and mum went on a backstage tour earlier in the day to see how everything worked.

    After this is it was a chilled evening where we headed to the venue to watch live music and a game show commence which was entertaining to watch even with Andrew acting like 5 yr old 😂 then it was bed time and a very deserved bed time.
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