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  • Day639

    Cabo de Gata - Europe's desert

    March 6 in Spain ⋅ 🌬 18 °C

    With less than 200mm of rain in an average year, Cabo de Gata, which sticks out into the Mediterranean, is described as Europe's only true desert, and with good reason. The 340 sq. km area of coast and hinterland is a protected marine and land nature reserve, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1997.

    Of volcanic origin with an extremely arid climate, rich in mineral deposits and yet sun-baked and wind swept, you feel as though you are in a completely different world from the Iberian peninsula that lies behind.

    We stayed at Los Esculos campsite and enjoyed visiting the area by motorbike. The roads were made for two wheels. Small, white villages with cubist buildings stood out against the deep red and green background with a dusting of colour from the spring flowers, though we were told that the dry winter meant that the flower displays were much smaller this year.

    As well as the dramatic cliffs of the coastline, the town of Nijar, 24 miles inland, is also included in the nature reserve and is well worth a visit. Located on the lower slopes of the Sierra Alhamila, the many springs ensure a constant water supply, which was of great importance in the towns development over the ages. We climbed the steps up to the old lookout tower for a panoramic view of the area. On the way up, we came across some wonderful cave houses, that are available to rent, and met the friendly British owner, Chris, who showed us around. Nijar is a very traditional town with locals producing quality ceramics, and woven goods.

    The only downside to this area is the belt of plastic green houses running close to the main road, providing year-round fruit and vegetables for much of Europe. We have no issues with the greenhouses, but we were astounded by the amount of disguarded rubbish and shabbiness of this area. A few people were living in make-shift homes, part fallen-down wall, part plastic sheeting, who obviously had no respect for the environment but then we didn't see any signs of rubbish bins or collection by the local council. It was a very strange sight on the edge of a nature reserve.

    Despite this, we would come back here to enjoy the remote and wild nature that it has to offer.
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  • Day603

    Castillo de Macenas, 'Treasure Island'

    February 19, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 0 °C

    Taking the scenic route, we made our way further round the coast. The earth had changed from the colourful ochre reds and yellows to a darker greyish brown that seemed to be able to support more vegetation. Possibly something to do with retaining more water or being more stable. While you still couldn't describe the the hills as 'verdant', they were blooming with almond blossom, from striking white to deep pink.

    On the way we saw so lots of motorhomes, many of them British. There was a good few cars with GB plates too. We needed to stock up on dog food before going WWOOFing and whilst in a supermarket Will met an English person who said they were staying at a caravan site for 4 months and that nobody there spoke Spanish. He told Will he had to ask the waitung staff at the on-site bar to please speak Spanish with him, to help him learn. We'd seen the Iceland supermarket as we drove by, but apparently it was part of an international supermarket combined with Waitrose.

    Moving on we passed more than one beach that had been taken over by motorhomes, even at this time of year. We began to feel a little uneasy; how must the locals feel? What pressures does this number of vans put on an area and its communities?

    Our overnight spot was right by a castle tower, on a long beach made up of a mixture of fine pebbles and sand. By this point we weren't surprised to see 20+ other vans there but they were spread out and the view was still great, the loudest noise being the drum roll of the blue waves as they crashed into white and surged the short way up the steeply shelving beach.

    We were lucky enough to be able to stay 2 nights here; something that is a lot easier with our new leisure batteries. The sun set early over the mountains behind us but the stars on the first night were gorgeous and the sunrises were pretty stunning too. We really do appreciate being able to live the way we do and see these sights!

    During our stay Will fished and swam while Vicky did Pilates / Yoga and went for a barefoot beach stroll at sunrise. The latter was a nice idea and would have been lovely if it weren't for the cactus thorns buried in the sand!

    On the first morning we set off on an adventure, to find the beach that the 1972 edition of Treasure Island was filmed at. It was warm so we packed water and lathered on sunscreen before setting off along the winding dirt track. Rising up, the route took us first to a watchtower. We didn't expect to be able to access it but the external metal ladder and internal spiral stone steps took us all the way to the walled circle at the very top of the tower. From here we could see right along the coast, past the steep rocky shore to our sandy beach and the town built on the headland beyond. Beside the tower there was a perfect example of a natural archway, eroded into the stone by the incessant waves slapping against the sandstone.

    After the watchtower, our track wound into the hillside where after a while we encountered a herd of around 10 chamois! Vicky spotted one munching shrubs on the road just 15m ahead of us and as we approached it leaped off to join the others who were bounding along a ledge a short way above us, the kids peering down inquisitively. Moving on we found a Lark close by, butterflies and little red beetles. Either the development or lack of vegetation in many places we'd passed through had meant we had seen less wildlife than we were used to, so it felt exciting to be back amongst these creatures.

    The beach where scenes from the 1972 Treasure Island was filmed awaited us at the end of the track. Flanked on either side and behind by large rocky hills it was a wonderful suntrap and felt secluded. A few brave vans had navigated their way along but we had enjoyed the trip on foot. Will headed straight for the clear turquoise water while Vicky set about climbing the far hill for a birdseye view before returning and joining Will in the shallows.

    This would be our last view of the sea for the coming few weeks but the great weather and advanture along to 'Treasure Island' meant we very much enjoyed it!

    You can watch a 2 minute video of our 'Trip to Treasure Island' on VnW Travels You Tube channel:
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  • Day605

    Canjáyar, Sierra Nevada Mountains

    February 21, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    The next day we were due to begin a 2 week voluntary placement at an organic farm, organised via WWOOF España. We potentially wouldn't leave the grounds for 14 days so today we made an effort to eat out. Carboneres was one of many towns made up of white box shaped buildings. We parked up on a repurposed school playground and after picking up some shopping, made our way to La Frontera, a restaurant bar that had been mentioned on Park4Night and had good reviews on Trip Advisor. Tables had been layed out on the pavement, but this time of year they were inside a large porch made up of perspex sheets. There were ashtrays on every table and as we took our seats we saw that ours hadn't been emptied in quite a while. The place reaked of stale smoke. We ordered a couple of beers and took a look at the wipe clean menu... which was well overdue a wipe clean. We thought about it for a while, but decided we weren't comfortable with the front of house cleanliness so didn't want to eat anything cooked in the kitchens here. We found soon Felipe bar restaurant and sat at the entrance to the large awning, on a little table bathed in sunlight. They served up some tasty calamari and mushrooms with toasted baguette slices and a creamy spread. We were so glad we held out for somewhere better!

    Knowing our WWOOF stay would be in the mountains, we stocked up on LPG for the cold nights and made our way into the uplands, through some amazing scenery. The hills and mountains were made up of grey scree with dusty, faded green foliage. They formed a series of peaks, the highest with snow on!

    Canjáyar was a pretty looking whitewashed village perched on one of these peaks. It provided an out of town van stop beside the police and fire stations, a multi-use games area and truck weighbridge. It wasn't scenic in itself but with a short walk you could see the white village, surrounding hills and some of the valley. Unfortunately we couldn't figure out a way to get to the village, as paths had been dug up and we didn't fancy road.

    Vicky was very glad we'd come up to this elevation the night before WWOOFing. At 679m she had a headache from the change in air pressure, but at least she'd have time to acclimatise before climbing an additional 300m the next day. Will was quite relaxed about the our voluntary placement but Vicky had a nervous excitement. What would it be like? Would we get on well with our hosts and their kids? Would we be able to do the work? What hours would we keep? Would Poppy get on well with the other dogs? The list went on but we were both undeniably looking forward to finding out the answers to these questions and getting stuck into life and work on the farm.
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  • Day31


    August 5 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    kann ich nicht alle Eindrücke übermitteln. Sehr schöne Fahrt heute (5 1/2 Std) erst durch zig km Gewächshäuser (die ganze Gegend schaut aus wie zugeschneit) und dann der Küste entlang bis hierher nach Torrox. Schöner SP mit Meerblick und jetzt beim Italiener futtern... 👍 😎👋🍽️🍻

  • Day8

    La Isleta del Moro

    April 25 in Spain ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

    Heute ging es in das Naturschutzgebiet bei La Isleta del Moro am Meer. Stürmig ist es hier. Dafür gab es mal wieder ein paar Caches.

  • Day31

    Eine Fahrt durchs Gewächshaus

    January 3 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Erst war heute früh wieder dieser furchtbare Anblick zugebauter Küsten.
    Wir stoppten am „Europa Balkon“ in Nerja.
    Was wir wieder für Erwartungen hatten....
    Aber es gab tatsächlich so etwas wie einen Balkon übers Mittelmeer. Nett anzusehen.
    Selbst am 3.1. voll von Touristen.

    Irgendwann kamen wir in das Gebiet der Gewächshäuser. Die Hotelbunker wurden weniger, dafür sah man noch weiße Planen.

    Zum Mittag fuhren wir in den winzigen Ort „Rabita“.
    Bekamen locker einen Parkplatz und ließen uns Schwertfisch und Dornhai schmecken.

    Als wir dir Fahrt fortsetzen kommen wir in immer mehr „Gewächshäuser“ so dass wir auf die Autobahn wechseln.

    Unser Tagesende ist im Naturschutzgebiet am Cabo de Gata.
    Auf einer Bank mit einer leckeren Flasche Sekt genießen wir den wolkenverhangenen Sonnenuntergang,
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  • Day6

    Stellplatz im Nirgendwo

    December 31, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Totana-Los Albaricoques ca. 190 km
    Wir waren hin und hergerissen, fahren wir über Granada nach Portugal oder über die Küste nach Südspanien. Entschieden haben wir uns über die Küstenstraße, einfach weil das Wetter so schön ist und wir nur genießen wollen.
    Jetzt stehen wir hier für Silvester mitten im Campo zwischen Gewächshäuser. Da bekommt die Tomate in Deutschland um die Weihnachtszeit eine besondere Bedeutung. So viel Plastikmüll wie hier und Elendsquartiere für die Arbeiter habe ich gsd noch nicht gesehen.Read more

  • Day7


    January 1 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Los Albaricoques-Almerimar ca. 68 km

    Heute zu Neujahr nur ein kurzes Stück um etwas Sonne und Ruhe zu tanken.
    Hier in Almerimar am Hafen ist es herrlich, jedoch sehr voll. Wir haben einen Platz ohne Strom für 10€ ergattern können und stehen hier bei mehr als 25 Grad. Etwas unwirklich wenn man das Wetter in Deutschland betrachtet, aber richtig toll wenn man hier ist.Read more

  • Day33

    Balerma Mar Azul

    January 27 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Carchuna-Balerma Mar Azul Camping ca. 70 km

    Sturm -nichts wie weg
    Da die Nacht sehr stürmisch war und keine Besserung in Sicht, haben wir unsere Zelte abgebrochen und sind ein kleines Stück weiter gefahren mit der Hoffnung auf Besserung.
    Gelandet sind wir auf dem Campingplatz Mar Azul in Balerma. Leider ist der Platz voll und wir können nur noch vor dem Platz stehen, aber immerhin etwas.
    Das Wetter ist super, es ist herrlich warm und sonnig, kein Vergleich zu Deutschland.
    Nachtrag: Allerdings nach einigen Stunden auch hier Sturm😩
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  • Day35


    January 29 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Mar Azul -Almerimar ca. 7 km

    😂weit sind wir ja nicht gekommen.
    Heute wollten wir eigentlich auf den Campingplatz Mar Azul umziehen, haben uns dann aber doch anders entschieden. Vor dem Platz haben wir jetzt pro Tag 10€ bezahlt und waren sehr gut gestanden, allerdings nervte uns jetzt der ewige Wind bzw. schon fast Sturm. Man konnte die Uhr danach stellen, ab 12 Uhr fing es an bis abends
    richtig heftig.Deshalb sind wir jetzt weiter nach Almerimar allerdings nicht am Hafen sondern etwas weiter weg vom Strand in einer Senke, in der Hoffnung dem Wind etwas zu entgehen.
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