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    • Day 5

      Reina Sofía

      September 16, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 73 °F

      》Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

      An important landmark on Madrid’s famous Art Walk, the Reina Sofía Museum is home to a large collection of modern and contemporary Spanish art renowned throughout the world. Inside find works by Dalí, Miró and Juan Gris, alongside the museum’s masterpiece, Guernica. One of Malaga-born sculptor and painter Pablo Picasso’s most significant works of art, it was painted in memory of the suffering experienced during the bombing of Guernica on 27 April 1937 in the Spanish Civil War.

      Founded in 1992, the Reina Sofía covers the periods that are not examined in the Prado Museum. The earliest work of art is from 1881, the same year Pablo Picasso was born.

      The building where the museum is currently housed was previously used as a hospital, Hospital de San Carlos, constructed at the end of the 18th century.

      ^The Weeping Woman with Handkerchief - Pablo Picasso, 1937
      ^Cabeza de caballo. Boceto para Guernica (Horse Head. Sketch for "Guernica") - Pablo Picasso, 1937
      ^Le gitan The Gypsy - Robert Delaunay, 1915
      ^The Great Masturbator - Salvador Dalí, 1929
      ^Les oiseaux morts (Dead Birds) - Pablo Picasso, 1912
      ^Woman dressed in blue - Pablo Picasso, 1901
      ^Back of Girl - Salvador Dali, 1926
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    • Day 8

      Madrid Tag 3

      June 21, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      Tag 3 in Madrid
      Heute haben wir es etwas einfacher gehalten.
      Nachdem wir uns in einem Supermarkt etwas Wasser gekauft haben, haben wir uns auf die Suche nach etwas Essbarem gemacht, und ein All-you-can-eat Früchstücks Buffet gefunden.
      Nachdem wir uns Dort den Magen vollgeschlagen haben, sind wir mit dem Bus zum Kunstmuseum „Reina Sofía“ gefahren und haben uns den halben Tag das Museum angeschaut.
      Das Gebäude des Museums von aussen wat sehr schön, alt mit leichten modernen Elementen.
      Die Kunst selber war auch sehr interresant.
      Es sind Werke von Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí und Joan Miró vertreten.
      Unter anderem „Guernica“ von Picasso, welches das Leid nach einem Bombenangriff auf die Bevölkerung Spaniens im spanischen Bürgerkrieg darstellen soll, und 7,8m x 3,5m groß ist.

      Nachdem wir das Museum durchgeschaut hatten, haben wir uns auf den Weg zum Atocha-Bahnhof gemacht. Das ist der Hauptbahnhof von Madrid, er ist in 2 Teile geteilt, den alten und den neuen Bahnhof.
      Der neue Bahnhof agiert ganz normal als Bahnhof, an ihm sind wir auch angekommen.
      Der alte Bahnhof hingegen liegt direkt am neuen Bahnhof und ist ein Tropenparadies, welches auch als Warteraum für Bahnhofsgäste agiert.
      In der Halle stehen viele tropische Bäume und Pflanzen, eigentlich sollte es auch jede Menge Schildkröten geben, die waren aber irgendwie nicht da.

      Wir haben uns mit dem Bus auf den Weg zu unserem Hotel gemacht, und uns noch ein bisschen in der Innenstadt rumgetrieben.
      In der Innenstadt haben wir einen Mexikanisches Restaurant gefunden und uns dort eine Taco platte und je eine Quesadilla gegönnt.

      Mutter wollte noch unbedingt zu einem ganz bestimmten Cafe welches Churros verkauft.
      Auf dem weg dorthin hab ich mir noch einen Bubbletea gekauft.
      Die Churros waren ganz ok, laut Mama.
      Mit den Churros in der Hand, in einem Hauseingang sitzend hat es aufeinmal angefangen zu Regnen, deshalb haben wir auf den Weg ins Hotel gemacht und uns dort auf die morgige Abreise vorbereitet.
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    • Day 22

      Estación de Atocha

      October 4, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      At the moment there are some ongoing renovations, which makes it a bit loud and you can not see the station in all of its glory. However it is still a nice green spot to sit down and wait until your train arrives.Read more

    • Day 4

      Back in Madrid

      September 15, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

      》Just outside Atocha Station...

      A pair of gigantic, realistic baby heads greet passengers. Made of bronze, they stand 3 meters (or nearly 10 feet) tall and weigh over 2 tons each. Although they may seem slightly creepy, the story behind these sculptures is a sweet one.

      The baby heads,  installed here in 2008, are the work of the Spanish artist Antonio López García. They represent “Day” (Día) and “Night” (Noche). One of them has its eyes open and the other has its eyes shut. Designed in López García’s realistic style, the meaning behind the freestanding baby heads may leave viewers scratching their own heads. But actually, both are based on the face of López García’s granddaughter Carmen, when she was only eight months old.
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    • Day 3

      Atocha Botanico

      April 17, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

      El Atocha es la estación de ferrocarril más importante de España. Madrid es un nudo de comunicaciones. Todas las conexiones de transporte parten de aquí y llegan hasta aquí. La antigua estación de ferrocarril del martes es ahora un jardín botánico.Read more

    • Day 1


      January 4, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

      The most common image that you see of Madrid is of a bear standing on its hind legs eating from a tree.
      This is because back in the early days bears once roamed here and ate from these trees which had small strawberry like fruit.

      Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million. It is the third-largest city in the European Union (EU), surpassed only by London and Berlin, and its monocentric metropolitan area is the third-largest in the EU, smaller only than those of London and Paris.
      The municipality covers 604.3 km2 (233.3 sq mi). The Madrid urban agglomeration has the third-largest GDP[14] in the European Union and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, environment, media, fashion, science, culture, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's major global cities. Madrid is home to two world-famous football clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. Due to its economic output, high standard of living, and market size, Madrid is considered the major financial centre and the leading economic hub of the Iberian Peninsula and of Southern Europe. It hosts the head offices of the vast majority of major Spanish companies, such as Telefónica, IAG or Repsol. Madrid is also the 10th most liveable city in the world according to Monocle magazine, in its 2017 index.
      The Madrid train station is a unique style of building and houses an indoor garden of palms and other plants.
      Getting around Madrid is not so easy as there are few English signs as directions.
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    • Day 7

      Stazione di Atocha

      December 1, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

      Oggi piove parecchio, ma non ci scoraggiamo...
      Andiamo a vedere la stazione ferroviaria Atocha. È molto grande ed all'interno è una vera e propria sera con un'infinità di piante.
      Torniamo poi in centro per gli ultimi acquisti...Read more

    • Day 9

      Atoche Train station Madrid

      July 2, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      I missed my train by 3 minutes. Had to buy another ticket ...and wait 2 hours for the next departure. Oh well. Gonna look around at the shops here (and maybe get another coffee).
      Okay, so, I'm sitting at the station, just minutes before boarding, and I hear a really loud thud. A man starts screaming "Puta madre" over and over again, throwing his duffle bag. I look up and see that his train to Barcelona was leaving without him. Damn, I feel bad for him. It's the last departure for the night. Puta madre is right! I'm so glad I learned a very valuable lesson about the train/travel system here before MY trip to Barcelona!Read more

    • Day 7

      Travel Day - Segovia to Madrid - Brrrrrr

      January 6, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 3 °C

      When I looked out the window this morning, there was a lot of snow out there.....20 cm to be exact. After breakfast I spoke to the front desk clerk and learned that no buses or taxis were running. She said this was not normal as they occasionally get only 2-3 cm of snow. We decided to store our luggage and headed out once again to see another highlight of Segovia, the Alcazar, a Middle Ages fortified palace which is now a museum. It is one of 3 European castles that the Disney World castle is modelled after. It was a 20 minute walk only to find that it was closed. Very few people were out and definitely no cars as they were buried in snow. It appeared that no one owned a shovel as they were using a piece of wood, a dust pan, or broom to clear the snow.

      We returned to the hotel wet and cold at 2 pm and found out that the buses were running but no taxis. Since we had a non-refundable apartment reservation in Madrid we decided to make our way to the bus stop 1.8 km away. Tire tracks through the snow looked like it might be doable, but they were too narrow to be of any help. It was a real struggle for both of us. When we finally got to the airport by bus I discovered that all trains were sold out for the day! No!!! Travellers who couldn’t get to the station for the earlier trains had rebooked for the later ones. I had checked online in the morning and could have bought tickets but at that time we weren’t sure if we would be able to get to the train station. For the next 3 hours we sat in an unheated train station and I kept checking the train website to see if any tickets would come available. And they eventually did so we were happy. But awhile later I realized that our tickets weren’t jiving with the posted schedules. I spoke to an employee who informed me that our train left from the old train station in the centre of town! No!!! A well-dressed man overheard our conversation and approached me with an offer to join him on his train. I was puzzled until he revealed his identity....”Supervisor”.

      I thought our luck had changed but because of the snow our train was delayed nearly 2 hours. With wet feet, no heating, and an outdoor temperature of -3, I felt I was getting hypothermia as I couldn’t stop shivering. When we finally boarded the train there were no seats available so the Supervisor told us we could stand at the back. Thankfully it was a high speed train that only took 27 minutes and it was warm! I yelled “Muchas Gracias” to the Supervisor and he reassured me this was not normal and we had to return again to Segovia. A pretty city, but not likely to make a return visit in winter. I took a wrong turn coming out of the railway station in Madrid so our 10 minute walk to the apartment was more like 30 minutes at John’s pace. We made it “home” at 11 pm.

      Travel days are a bitch!
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    • Day 4


      August 15, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

      Efter 3 timmar i 300 km/tim är vi nu i Madrid. Varmt här, 33° ☀️. Vi har flämtande tagit en promenad till Puerta del Sol, men sedan blev det en taxi hem. Gjorde ett försök med tunnelbana först, men kortautomaten slurpade girigt i sig mitt Visa-kort och ville inte släppa det ifrån sig. Som tur var fanns en knapp för att kontakta personal, någon personal kom inte, men kortet kom ut igen, puh!

      Janne och Mari har åkt ut till gården utanför Toledo där bröllopet ska vara. Vi bor en natt här i Madrid.
      Nu har vi varit på Museo de Arte Reina Sofia med konst av Picasso, Salvador Dali och Miro. Sedan en låång promenad genom den fina parken El Retiro innan vi kom till området öster om parken där det finns gott om restauranger. Några tapas och öl/vin räckte bra. Fortfarande +33° kl 22 på kvällen.
      Promenad även hem, har säkert gått en mil idag.
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