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    • Day 37

      Von mercadoiro nach airexe

      June 8, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Hallo Freunde des caminos. Heute stand die oben genannte Etappe ganz im Zeichen, Regencape an oder wieder aus, dass Wetter war wechselhaft aber zum Pilgern optimal. Gestern Abend, begegnete ich in der Alberque eine Spanierin, welche vor Knieschmerzen kaum laufen konnte. Nach langem hin und her, habe ich ihr dann, das Declophenac Schmerzgel gegeben welches sie dann direkt aufgetragen hatte. Diese Dame war so gerührt, dass sie mir ein paar Zeilen hat zukommen lassen, womit sie mir ihre Dankbarkeit mitteilen wollte (siehe Foto,s ). Sie ist mir heute auf der Etappe begegnet und konnte ganz normal ihren camino fortsetzen. Das ist der camino. Man könnte die Etappe auch als unspektakulär bezeichnen aber sie hat mich wieder ca 24km näher zum Ziel gebracht. So langsam steigt die Spannung, denn das lang ersehnte Ziel rückt in greifbare Nähe. Erkenntnis des Tages: Auch wechselhaftes Wetter, hat seine Vorteile. Ultreya.Read more

    • Day 38

      Tag 38 von Mercadoiro nach Airexe

      June 8, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌨 15 °C

      Heute gibt es nicht viel zu berichten.
      Leider hat es heute den ganzen Tag geregnet was aber echt kein Problem mehr darstellt.
      Auch der Weg war heute nicht so besonders.
      Morgen soll das Wetter besser sein und es kommen auch ein paar besondere Orte.
      Mal sehen wie es weitergeht.
      Ich hab ja noch über 200 km vor mir.
      Bis jetzt allerdings war und ist es ein richtiges Abenteuer.
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    • Day 42

      Portomarin to Palas de Rei

      June 1, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

      I had another early start but it was very foggy so there was no beautiful sunrise. It was quite a climb for the first few hours but it was still so foggy that you couldn’t see what you were climbing or where you’d come from.

      After about 5kms we reached the top of a hill and there was a van and some tables set up with fruit, juice and coffee. But unfortunately it wasn’t a donativo, it was the breakfast for the large tour group that had been walking alongside me. Very disappointing! Fortunately there was a real breakfast stop around 7 kms and I sat out in the sunshine with my bacon and eggs, fresh orange juice and coffee.

      Soon after the fog lifted but the sky began to darken. And then it poured. And it poured. And it poured. The first rain I have had on the whole Camino.

      Palas de Rei isn’t as vibrant as the last few stays. I had an big lunch and some ice cream for dinner and then an early night.

      Albergue Mesón de Benito
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    • Day 43

      Palas de Rei to Arzua

      June 2, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

      It was a long and noisy night. And so airless. Everyone came in yesterday afternoon wet and tired and closed the door and windows of the dormitory - by morning you can imagine how it was!

      My foot was particularly painful today and I wondered if I would be able to go on. The path was so crowded and loud. It is so different to the last month - a totally different experience.

      Luckily Johan and Tony are staying in this town too and we caught up for a few drinks this afternoon/evening. Because my walk has been so disjointed I have lost track of most of the people I’ve met on the way and it was so good to be with some familiar faces from home. I feel a lot better and am looking forward to tomorrow.

      A Casa do Lajueiro
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    • Day 39

      Palas de Rei

      October 13, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

      The foot traffic out of Portomarin this morning was pretty crazy. We were expecting way more Pilgrims but it was still shocking to what we are accustomed to. The new Pilgrims on the trail stand out with their shiny new shoes and their fancy hiking clothes. We are somewhat envious of the newness of their Camino spirit, and their outerwear, but then we watch them struggle with the hills and tend to their new blisters and realize how thankful we are to be past that stage. Don’t get me wrong, we still ache all over at the end of the day and live on ibuprofen, but we are not shocked by that reality anymore.

      With 3 walking days left, it is easy to get in your head about finishing. The realization that 1 misstep could take you out of the game consumes my thoughts and at times I find myself almost marching at a slow steady pace in order to make sure each foot placement lands without injury. Thank goodness there is always so much to see in order to refocus your mind.

      It was another beautiful day in Galicia Spain. Perfect overcast skies for hiking, beautiful flowers to look at, lots of cows and great trails. How will we ever say good-bye to all this?

      Buen Camino ❤️🇪🇸
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    • Day 9

      Forth day

      April 15 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

      Hola it’s Eloise

      Sorry I forgot to do this yesterday it has been a full on week.

      Yesterday we walked 10 Oman’s saw lots of cool things like more giant bees 🐝, a gumtree forest and lots of scallop shells! And don’t worry I got lots of pictures.

      Now before I forget it’s time for Spanish word of the day today’s word is Gracias witch means thank you.

      Gracias everyone for reading this blog

      From Eloise
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    • Day 23

      Palais de Rei

      June 10, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 66 °F

      Got here in very short order, despite moderate discomfort. Should give some time to see this town and perhaps get a wax stamp from the store that offered the first Camino wax stamp, La Tienda de Ionut. This is the home of the Spanish ParaOlympic athlete Ionut Preda who has carved out his own business niche here. Dinner will have to be in town, as my lodging, La Cabaña had their main building burn down. But the log cabins were preserved! And they have a nice tented eating area for drinks and breakfast.

      Met Ronin a British cyclist living in New York. He started in London in early May and biked through France to St. Jean all The Way to here he will finish tomorrow. An avid vinophile, he was lucky to have met a winemaker in Bierzo who invited him to visit, so he carved out a 25 km detour near Villafranca del Bierzo. He reports that rural France is in very tough shape after Covid, being vulnerably dependent on the one market or the one baker in town.

      I went to Ionuts´ shop and got the amazing stamp (for free with a t-shirt!)
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    • Day 29

      Leaving Lugo

      June 4, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Via some old Roman roads and bridges we left the city of Lugo for the last 100km towards Santiago. It's been a pleasant day. We close off this day at an albergue run by a dutch couple. Tomorrow we will join the Camino Frances for the last part.Read more

    • Day 28

      Ventas de Naron

      July 28, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

      Today we arrived in the tiny farming community of Ventas de Naron- the only place I' ve seen where corn and pine trees grow side by side. A few minutes to review our stats: 28 days of consecutive walking; spending the night in 28 different Albergues; covering 435 miles; with 3 days of walking to go! It has been exhilarating, challenging, difficult, brilliant, arduous, awesome, and at times, challenged our comfort zones, (sir- please put your pants on!).
      Animals/insects along the way: horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, skinny cats, green frogs, thin green lizards, dead hedgehogs; birds, hawks, storks, snails, grey butt bees, striped beetles, banana bread slugs, tons of mariposas that have led our way, cicadas, so many flies, a dead mole, and no pigs, (although we've eaten a substantial amount).
      Photos: homemade paella for dinner last night; structure at each house for drying corn; crooked gate to the dark beyond; Jack's Spanish soul mate; breaking the 100 meter mark; a gorgeous sunrise; banana, (bread), slug; beautiful sights along the way. Love to you from Spain! ❤️
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    • Day 22

      Lounging on a Patio in Vendas de Naron

      June 9, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

      OK if you were here it would go from great to perfect!

      A wonderful little hamlet of maybe 10 buildings and a small chapel. In 820, this was the site of a key defeat of the Moors by Spain by Alphonse II the chaste. That same year James the Greaters´ remains were discovered and Alphonse commissioned the cathedral to house them. His journey to Santiago to confirm the findings was the first pilgrimage here and defined the Primitivo Route. I met a strapping 6.5 foot tall 25 year old Spainiard who agreed his pilgrimage last year on the Primitivo was the hardest thing he had ever done…it’s known as a tough route.Read more

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