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  • Day52

    Vigo ,Spain

    May 6, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Vigo, Spain.

    After missing Casablanca ,as explained ,we arrived this morning, to this pretty ,interesting place ,in Northern Spain.
    Much cooler today ,only 12o to begin with ,rising to 15, I think it is higher, but a cool breeze, as the day passed. We were off early , looking forward to sightseeing on our own. Only us and the dog walkers out to begin with , always nice to see the busy puppies, on their morning journeys…many kinds, a Toby in there ,full of business, all shapes and sizes…they of course understand Spanish…so not responsive…!
    A palm lined , sea front ,walk way, with many statues, always interesting ,a few ultra weird thrown in ,like The Mermaid Man ,situated in the heart of the city at Porta Do So l ,upon 2, 15 mtr granite columns, by a considered exceptional sculptor, Francisco Leiro…hummm… the old ones are very special. Jules Verne features ,in a nice way, his books related to these regions ,and he came back for treasure ,that may be here, due to much pillaging and looting by various thugs like Francis Drake ,Napoleon ,and a few Vikings thrown in, so treasure in the Bay it seems ,gold doubloon’s and pieces of eight.!? A place of many battles and sinking’s…!
    Today beautiful Parks to walk in ,trees in spring glory, chestnuts in flower, roses coming out, with the wisteria ,fountains, that are very old, so pretty ,and some really quaint children’s statues. Impatients surrounding. Many steps , streets going up in stages, like an ancient San Francisco.
    The buildings ,are of lovely granite ,some are related, a little ,to those of La Courna , further North , that we visited and so enjoyed, some time ago, as it rains, they have closed in Balconies ,wrought iron, so old and pretty.
    We covered a lot of ground, finding many delights along the way, ancient olives, mixed with the new and huge, slightly weird statues…beautiful Church ,tiny streets, lined with Basket sellers. This is a special place of basket weavers ,so many different examples, in the narrow old streets. Orange trees growing on the streets ,so nice… Climbed right to the top, then panoramic views. Vigo dates from the 1600’s.
    As we worked down from the top ,we came to many little Plazas,[Squares around the old buildings] All with pretty names and plaques.. A huge and stunning Cathedral ,I quietly popped in for discreet pictures ,many were kneeling ,and had to exit, as the Priest came ,swinging incense ,and there was ringing of bells… It was very special, inside, outside very solid…
    This is a large Fishing Port , so the sardines ,in small cartons ,or like, for sale ,amongst the fruit ,it was actually nice to see, the plentiful fruit shops ,we bought oranges ,the only slight thing to say that is not so plentiful , that is fresh ,large fruit…it is that we are used to having such a lot, instead of our 5 a day, we probably have nearer to 10 ,fruit and veg…! Miles of mussel farms , everywhere in the Bay. Also a Farming area, and Spain’s Gateway to the Atlantic.
    This is not far from the great walk of the Pilgrims, to Santiago De Compostela ,on the Camino De Santiago.
    Spanish people are small, I think we must get Mum’s DNA, as I feel they came to Mull, and the Family were quite dark and small, that there will be some Spanish, in there somewhere…There would have been clothing to fit Mum here, just had a bit much glitz…!
    Long, gently sloping, hillside of a shopping ,a pedestrian Plaza, so like Porto, nearby ,but more spacious ,beautiful things ,many bathing suits of interesting design ,the fashions are a step back to yesteryear, double breasted coats are here, with the pleated skirts we wore then as well…!! Classy fashions ,for men and women ,beautiful shoes ,and bags. There is never enough time , I think I would like to come back to Spain ,maybe a Villa, Thel.?? That can be the next dream…
    We walked a long way ,up and down many hills, before making our way back, we have a 4.30 deadline, as of course we are out -running the storm, that prevented us from stopping in Morocco.
    A lovely day, in a beautiful , charming place .,always with so much more to discover. Public access by ferry to beautiful beaches [The World’s Most Beautiful Beach ,apparently] in the Cies Islands ,fine white sand and turquoise water..we could see from our highest vantage point. Oyster Street ,with the famed oysters, everywhere.
    Bye from us, heading for the UK.
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  • Day8


    July 21, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute bin zur ersten Etappe 5.35Uhr aufgebrochen..insgesamt 16km bis nach Vigo wo ich gerade gemütlich am Yachthafen sitze und mir mein 2.Frühstück gönne...

    Die ersten 10 km waren ging fast nur bergauf..Steigung teilweise bei 15 %...wo ich dann irgendwann oben war wurde ich mit einer tollen Aussicht über Vigo belohnt..eine grösser als gedachte Hafenstadt...
    Anschließend ging's zum Glück bergab... und ich bin zur Kathedrale Santa Maria hier ganz in der Nähe... und hab mir meinen nächsten Stempel abgeholt...

    Nach einer kurzen Pause gehts weiter nach Redondela..11km liegen noch vor mir .. bis später 😘
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  • Day22

    Pride goeth....

    November 6, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    This post is retrospective. After reading Kirsten Harley’s recent exploits I feel like a complete fraud, but there needs to be some explanation of the gap in my footprints.

    A wonderfully fulfilling, if wet, day yesterday, and a peaceful warm night in my little room over the restaurant, I set out once again in the rain. Altus on, umbrella up.

    Not far into the day, before the first coffee stop, I completely failed to see the pavement had a bite out of it (for garbage bins, I think) and wham! Down I went - twisting as I fell - landing hard on my right knee and arm. Two women came rushing to my aid and helped me up. No major damage but a knee that did not feel very happy. Certainly not to walk. So a taxi was called and carried me into Vigo where I spent a day resting, icing and elevating my knee.

    Dramatic views of Vigo.
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  • Day18

    Vigo to Vigo

    May 31, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    The apartment we stayed was great. Mainly due to the fact we had been able to cook and get all our washing done and dried. Also it always helps when the local lady had been so friendly. Need to give her a 5 star rating on

    Had to zip off the long trousers to be shorts as it wad drislling when we left. It steadily got worse. Had to put on rain coats and back pack cover on to keep it dry.

    The later half of the walk was past the port and then ship building area.

    Arrived at the hotel just on 12.00. Now waiting in the reception to go to the room but their not ready yet.

    Thought of you Shan when I saw this guy making humungus bubbles. Peggy and Shan used to do this when she was little. Thought you might like it, so took a photo just for you. 😊

    This afternoon we have been doing some retail therapy. Hmmm... won't say anymore about that,as Colin reads this post every day.

    On our ambling back to our hotel the penny dropped. In order to get the Compostella which is the certificate one gets for compleating the Camino each pilgrim need to have 2 stamps on the passport each day in the last 100 kms, of the walk. So back to the hotel to make sure that we were now under our 100kms. And yes now we are down to 93kms. I had been to the cathedral this afternoon, while Shyama was having a massage, and it was closed at that time. So a quick check with the receptionist at the hotel and he said there was evening mass around now. So quick rush to the cathedral and mass was just ending, the priest as as very nice, he gave us the stamp,one down, one more to go.

    On the way we had enquired at a few restaurants if they would give us a stamp if we had dinner. But none of them were doing it. But just out side the church there was a taparia. They did give the seal. So that's where we had our dinner. Now we are sorted for today.

    We think our young people in NZ have a drinking problem, well it is Thursday evening and you should see the crowds round a pub or taparia. The last photo is the crowd that has spilt out of the pub. The crowd was already out of the pub this afternoon when I went to the church this afternoon.
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  • Day256

    Semana Santa en Vigo

    March 25, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Since I need my annual dose of Vigo and Galicia, here I am! I am very grateful for the good weather, especially because it will rain for the rest of the week. I enjoyed a long walk through the city center and the port, a plate of delicious pulpo a la gallega and the company of my dear Vigo friends.
    Galicia, tierra de mi corazón...
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  • Day41


    September 27, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    This is a lovely city and much more civilized than Porto. It feels more comfortable for me to be in Spain rather than Portugal.
    There were lots of references to Galicia on adds and in magazines so they show off their cultural heritage too. The accents are tough to understand.
    The bus journey out to the airport was a laugh. packed in like sardines, people yelling at the driver. One woman said he was " un bruto" because of how he was driving, which was like a rally car race. I was holding on tight.
    I got all disoriented about the time switch and really could not remember if I was to go ahead or back, so I did neither and showed up at the airport thinking I had too much time to kill but no, I had to go straight to the gate. I am really glad I did not know it was that close or the bus would have been less fun and more stress.
    Photos : Sardines on the bus, window washing class and sunrise at the train station in Porto.
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