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  • Day18

    Last day in Mirissa

    September 14 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Dernier jour à Mirissa : petite nage en piscine et ballade à Coconut Tree Hill.
    Sur le retour nous croisons des bretons avec qui nous avons bu quelques verres sur la plage avant d'aller manger.
    Roti shop pour le dîner, une sorte de crêperie si on veut !

  • Day156

    Mirissa - Tag 2

    March 4 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    Heute ging’s auf Walsafari. Ich hatte mir gestern nach meiner Ankunft hier in Mirissa noch über mein Guest House eine Whale Watching Tour gebucht. Um 6:00 Uhr heute früh stand dann der Tuk Tuk Fahrer vor der Tür und brachte mich zum Hafen. Gegen 7:00 Uhr ging es raus aufs Meer und tatsächlich konnten wir einige Wale sehen. Leider war keiner bereit sich mal aus dem Wasser zu heben, aber immerhin durften wir Rücken und Schwanzflosse bewundern. Schon beeindruckend! 🤩

    Vor dem ablegen des Bootes aus dem Hafen hatte ich allerdings noch nach einer Tablette gegen Seekrankheit gefragt, da ich an meine leider nicht gedacht hatte. Prinzipiell nicht schlimm, ich bekam auch eine, allerdings ist bei ganz vielen dieser Pillen ja die einsätzende Schläfrigkeit ein Problem. Und so war es dann auch. Ich hatte ein nettes Gespräch mit einer Belgierin, die als Coach arbeitet und ich bemerkte im Gespräch, wie ich immer müder wurde. Zurück im Guest House habe ich erst einmal die nächsten 3h im Bett verbracht. Mich irgendwann wieder hochgekämpft und halbwegs ansprechbar habe ich mich dann mit dem Alex aus dem Zug auf einen Kaffee und 2 Pancakes am Strand getroffen.

    Der Tag endete schließlich mit einem leckeren gegrillten Lobster als Abendessen. Den hatte ich seit Kuba vor 3 Jahren nicht mehr.
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  • Day205

    A country to feel good

    March 19, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    German version and more photos:

    Before I report about my experiences in Sri Lanka, I would like to tell you, why I continued my cycling trip in Sri Lanka. Anyone who has followed the project from the start, knows that I have started with the goal of cycling the complete 12000 km from Munich to Nepal.

    After I decided in Turkey to fly back to Munich, this plan had disappeared.
    (In the blog entry: Turkey - Among the same, I reported on the reason for my return to Munich)

    During my time in Munich, I had to think about how I would go on with the trip, but also make a decision on what my future career depends on.
    For the last two years, I studied a second school subject, to become a full teacher. Before I left, I had final examinations. Unfortuneately I had not passed one exam.
    I was really down, because it was my goal to leave Munich without any time pressure and obligations. For a long time I displaced the decision, if I make a second attempt. In December, however, I had to make a decision: Either to repeat the exam in June 2017 or to study two years for free and to travel without time pressure. It won the reason, so I will be back in Munich in April 2017. This meant that I have a time window of 3.5 months to arrive in Kagate / Nepal.
    I opted for a completely new route. Visit my friend Adi in Dubai and spend one month each in Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. I still wanted to continue to travel by bike, but also experience other things.

    The journey is thus no longer a continuous cycling trip from Munich to Nepal. Its more experiencing countries by bike with the final destination: Kagate in Nepal. The 12000 km mark I will no longer crack. How much distance I ultimately traveled, I will tell in my last blog entry.

    In Sri Lanka, also called as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, I landed with the plane 6 o'clock in the morning. In the beginning I had booked a hostel near the airport. Actually I wanted to spend another night there, but I could hardly wait to go to Hikkaduwa, which is 130 km away. It was my first destination right on the coast. I put the bike together and took only the most necessary. Camping is in Sri Lanka is good as impossible and cooking utensils I did not need to drag along, since the food in restaurants is extremely cheap (2 € to 3 € for a dish). So I could leave a lot of my equipment behind.

    My path led south along the coast. Right at the beginning I made the acquaintance with the Sri Lankan traffic. Especially the truck drivers and bus drivers driving without regard for losses, so I made several times a stop in the road trench.
    Having arrived in Hikkaduwa, I was looking for a hostel and immediately met other travelers. The first days I spent surfing and snorkeling. One of the main attractions on the beach are three large turtles swimming at the seaside during the day.

    Among the hostelmates was Alex from Germany. The chemistry was right. He also wanted to go further south. Next we met in the village of Merissa. Alex took a bus, I continued cycling.
    Merissa has a beautiful beach known for its beach shacks. A surfspot is also just around the corner and there were just ideal conditions. We liked it so much that we stayed 5 days. I was on the water every day and was regularly infected with surfing.

    On my arrival I had heard of a festival, which takes place in Arugam Bay, in the east of the country. The Internet did not reveal how much a ticket costs and what music direction is played. Alex and I thought it was worth a try. I left my bike in the hostel and finally I was able to enjoy a bus ride.
    Before us lay 280 km for which we will need more than 8 hours. Astonishingly, time passed by in flight. We were literally overwhelmed with impressions.
    The bus drivers drive like mad. In overtaking maneuvers they making from a two-lane road, a three-lane. Partially, the bus was so crowded, that I sat on the top over the engine. Or I stood in the front door, and the wind blew through my face. It was my most adventurous bus trip so far.
    Not far from the festival grounds we had booked our accommodation. On the bus we met Domingo from Chile, who spontaneously joined us.
    In the evening we went to the festival ground. From a distance we already heard the music: trance. I'm not a fan of trance, because the music is too monotonous. There was only a 5-day ticket to buy, which cost 120 €. Since we had taken the long way, we still wanted to enjoy the festival. Without problems we sneaked along the beach on the festival ground. Most visitors were pumped up with drugs and danced in trance. It was an interesting experience, but one evening was enough.
    The next day we relaxed on the beach. Then our paths separated again. Alex went on to the highlands. Domingo stayed for another day, but we met a few days later in Weligama. For me, I went by bus back to Merissa, and from there one town further to Weligama.
    I checked into the hostel Weligama, which had opened only a month ago. It was immediately a family co-operation. I liked it here so much, that it was difficult for me to continue riding.

    But I wanted to see more of Sri Lanka, so I took the off again. I cycled along the coast to the southernmost point, Tangalle. From there I went on towards the highlands. My next goal was Ella, where I would need three to four days. On the way to Ella I met incredibly nice and open-minded people. They were always given a smile.

    Unexpectedly, I passed a national park known for its wild safaris. The next day, I sat with a Norwegian couple, and three friends from Austria in a jeep, and we set off for an 5-hour safari. We got to see many animals. Especially the elephants posed perfectly for our cameras.

    The next day I was back on the bike and reached Ella in the evening. The small village is surrounded by a diverse mountain landscape. A famous peak is the "Liddle Adams Peak", which is reached within an hour and guarantees a great view.

    After two days of stay, my next destination was "Adams Peak", one of the main attractions in Sri Lanka. The mountain is near the city of Hatton and is best reached by train. It is not just a train ride, its one of the most beautiful train journeys you can do in the world. The special feature is that you can sit directly at the door.
    Actually, Steph from Australia (I met her at the hostel) and I wanted to go on the same train, but I had to take a train later because of the bike. We met later in the village at Adams Peak.
    From Hatton it was again 40 km with the bike to Adams Peak. On the way I got invited to a volleyball game, which I could not refuse.

    The Adams Peak is a "Must Do" for both, tourists and locals alike. Before you are on top of the 2243 m high summit, 5400 steps must be conquered. Locals of all ages go to the mountain to pray at the summit.

    In our accommodation we met Weston from China. At three o'clock in the morning, we three of us started to see the sunrise at 6.30 a.m. on the peak. Unfortunately it was cloudy on this day, that couldnt shot the sunrise photo.

    Adams Peak was my last major destination in Sri Lanka. On the same day I made my way back to Negombo. The last 130 km were hard but scenic. Two days later I went on to India.

    I liked Sri Lanka so much, that I have to come back. The beaches, the mountains, the people ... I felt like home.

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  • Day6


    March 27 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Mitem Tuk-Tuk ab uf Mirissa. Dert am Strand entlang spaziert, föteli gmacht. Bimene Bierli und emne Glas wii hei mir no e wunderschöne Sunneungergang chöne bewundere. Znacht hets imene mega schöne Restaurant gäh unger Palme mit de Füess im Sand. Aber z Ässe isch nid so überzügend gsy. Nachem Ässe no chle gah lädele u ner zrüg is liebe Bett.Read more

  • Day10

    Mirissa Beach

    January 24 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Relaxed morning today, before we packed up and headed for the station. Caught the train a few stops eastwards to Mirissa Beach where we had the next couple of nights booked in. Our guesthouse was in a small side street a couple of hundred metres back from the beach, but run by a lovely lady and her family. She even gave us her usual downstairs room since it was air conditioned and we'd booked a non-a/c room!

    Relaxed for a little while then headed to the beach where we spent the entire afternoon. Water was nice and warm, though the surf was a bit rough. At least there were lifeguards!

    Went straight out for dinner though we hadn't brought much money with us - unfortunately we were in tourist country here and had to settle for a couple of fairly basic rotis.
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  • Day12

    Full Day at Mirissa

    January 26 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Basically spent the full day at the beach today. We went down in the morning, around 10am, and stayed there until mid-afternoon when it clouded over. Relaxed back at our apartment for a while, then headed out for dinner.

    Ended up at a place along the far end of the beach with tables and chairs literally on the sand - the first row of tables got wet feet every time a wave swept in! We were a bit further back, thankfully. Lots of seafood on the menu at fairly reasonable prices!Read more

  • Day26


    July 21, 2018 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Jetzt ist es wieder an der Zeit weiter zu reisen. Wir haben jetzt 3 Tage hier in Mirissa verbracht. Am ersten Tag haben wir uns gemütlich die Gegend angeschaut und haben an den schönsten Hotspots Fotos gemacht. Heute entspannten wir uns wieder einmal am Strand und am Nachmittag sind wir das 2. mal schon in ein wahnsinns Café gegangen, wo es traumhaften Schockokuchen und hervorragende Brownies gibt!😍 Gleich am Abend sind wir wieder hingegangen und haben dort zu Abend gegessen. Es gab Chicken Rotti Wrap für mich und für Lisa einen Schrimps Rotti Wrap und gemeinsam haben wir einen unglaublichen Wassermelonen-Feta-Nuss Salat gegessen. Das war der ober Hammer! Morgen fahren wir weiter nach Weligama.Read more

  • Day155

    Mirissa - Tag 1

    March 3 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Hotelzimmer ist bezahlt, ich bin mit samt meinem Gepäck am Bahnhof von Galle und habe mein Zugticket nach Mirissa in der Hand. Am Bahnsteig treffe ich auf Australier von Tasmanien und ein deutsches Mädel aus Frankfurt/Main. Die Bahn bringt mich heute nach Mirissa, ein Hafenstädtchen, das bekannt ist für Whale Watching, Strand und Seafood. Die Fahrt über unterhalte ich mich mit der Frankfurterin, die einen Ort vor mir aussteigt. Am Bahnhof von Mirissa angekommen sozialisiere ich mich spontan mit 2 anderen deutschen Frauen und teile mir mit ihnen ein Tuk Tuk. Das klappte doch schon mal super. Meine Unterkunft finde ich auch flink, kann sofort mein Zimmer beziehen, springe in meinen Bikini und packe meine Sachen für den Strand. Allerdings heißt es zuvor noch nach einem Geldautomaten Ausschau halten, denn mit 50 Rupies komme ich nicht weit und vorallem bekomme ich nicht viel zu essen dafür. Was darauf passiert, zeigt wieder wie klein die Welt doch manchmal ist. Während ich nach meinem ATM Ausschau halte, geht eine Frau vor mir und sucht mit Hilfe ihres Handys ganz offensichtlich ebenfalls nach dem Weg. Sie dreht sich um, unsere Blicke treffen sich und wir schauen uns beide super überrascht an! Können es beide kaum glauben! Es ist die Holländerin, die auf der Whitsundays Segeltour in Australien vor 3 Monaten das Bett unter mir hatte. Was für ein Zufall, zumal sie quasi gleich wieder zu ihrem Bus muss. Deshalb unterhalten wir uns auch nur für 5 min. Sie erzählt mir, dass sie aufgrund meiner Berichte auch nach Myanmar gereist ist, es ebenfalls sehr faszinierend fand und am Mittwoch wieder zurück nach Hause fliegt. Als wir uns verabschieden wünschen wir uns noch alles Gute und sind beide noch immer etwas perplex über diesen Zufall.

    Als ich mich dann endlich mit Geld versorgt hatte, bin ich auf dem Weg zum Strand an einem Waffelladen vorbei gelaufen und habe beschlossen mein Frühstück nachzuholen. Bananenwaffel und Kaffee Latte. Oh ja, das brauche ich jetzt. Wenig später treffe ich auf der Straße Alex, den Deutschen aus der Bahn von vorgestern wieder und wir gehen gemeinsam an den Strand. Leider macht der Regen am Abend dann einen ordentlichen Strich durch unsere Abendplanung mit Live Musik und Weinchen. Aber egal, ich muss eh früh raus, denn ich habe mir einen Whale Watching Trip für morgen früh gegönnt. Also borge ich mir von meiner Guest House Vermieterin einen Regenschirm und gehe in das Fischrestaurant um die Ecke, um mir wieder ein Oktopuscurry zu bestellen.
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  • Day40

    Mirissa Beach

    January 13, 2018 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    By bus we travelled to Mirissa today. After swimming in the sea we were surprised by a thunderstorm. Actually the first real rain since we have started traveling on 5th December 2017.

    Heute ging es mit dem Bus weiter nach Mirissa an die Küste. Nachdem wir schwimmen waren gab es dann den ersten richtigen Regen seitdem wir auf Reisen sind.Read more

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