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  • Day1192

    Gempen, Switzerland, our 20th Country!

    October 1 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We've made it to Switzerland! It comes in 20th on the list of foreign countries we're exploring on our long term tour of Europe.

    We've read about Switzerland, heard about it, seen some stunning photos and are excited to discover for ourselves what this place is really like.

    Having stocked up on dried and tinned foods along with French wine, there was one more place we needed to stop before diving into a month in this reputedly expensive nation. There were several crates of empty beer bottles in Martha's boot so we made a beeline for a getrankenhaus in Germany. Here we fed them into a deposit return machine and put the credit towards more beer, some alcoholic, some not.

    Anytime we've been near a supermarket in the last week we've found ourselves drawn to buying 'supplies for Switzerland'. The place does have our favourite discount shops, Aldi and Lidl, but there is always the fear of the unknown and so we guess we are panic buying 'just in case'.

    After filling Martha with fuel, Will bought a 2019 Swiss vignette from the station. This will allow us to travel on the motorways and access any motorhome filling and emptying facilities at service stations. The vignettes are sold by the calendar year, so despite only requiring it during October, we had no option but to pay the full €38.

    Back on the motorway, overhead signs slowed traffic to 60kmph and required lorries to queue along the inside lane to pay their toll. With our vignette displayed on our windscreen we sailed through in the outside lane and were suddenly passing through a border station with officers uniformed in hi-vis clothing keenly watching each vehicle as it went by. It all happened so quickly we didn't see any 'Welcome to Switzerland' signs, only the familiar board displaying national speed limits.

    Industrial Basal quickly surrounded us and demanded all our concentration to adjust to the subtly different road markings, lighting systems and signage as we exited the motorway and plunged into city suburbs. We'd planned to make use of onstreet parking reserved for motorhomes for up to 24 hours but after finding it, we decided that the main road was just too busy. Aside from the noise, every passing vehicle would rock the van, so we headed towards a nearby place on Park4Night that promised a large offroad car park. It delivered on its promise; the only problem was that we found ourselves unintentionally passing out of Switzerland and back into Germany to reach it!

    The old saying of 'third time lucky' proved true on this occasion. We found the perfect overnight spot in a wooded carpark on the outskirts of Gempen; a small (Swiss) town just 20km, but a world away from busy Basal. The journey here was beautiful. Up and over tall hills with craggy stone faces, winding switchback roads and light dappling through the forest canopy as leaves floated gently down. The day was unexpectedly hot, so it was a relief as we climbed and the temperature dropped from 24°C.

    Leaving Martha we set off to explore on foot. Pavements were intermittent and narrow but Gempen was pretty. Large, well maintained buildings, with smartly painted rendered walls lined the quiet highstreet. There was charismatic use of timber in the form of wooden shutters and small balconies, many of which spilled over with white, pink or red geraniums. Water flowed from elegant, aged taps into stone troughs, also decorated with flowers. The Post Office come general store was open, but the clay crafts shop and gasthaus seemed closed. Wooden brooms leant against a couple of houses ready to sweep autumn leaves. It was clear residents took pride in their homes, with small, plain pottery statues and plant pots decorating many an exterior.

    We were glad of the rest after a steep walk back to Martha, arriving just before the rain did. Heavy downpours accompanied by a thunder storm brought the temperature down to comfortable 18°C and kept us indoors for the rest of the day. Both of us felt tired out after the adrenaline rush of crossing a new border, but looking forward to what the coming month will bring.
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  • Day275

    Solothurn, Switzerland

    February 12, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    Before leaving Switzerland and starting our journey to South America, Whit and I returned to Aarau to stay with my uncle Tom and his partner Pia. While we were in Aarau, there was an annual week-long festival taking place in Solothurn, the closest city to my mum's childhood home. The premise of this festival is to scare the winter spirits away and obviously, we had to get in on the action.

    To start the celebratory week off, we awoke at 3am, adorned our white robes, white hats, and red scarves, and made our way to Solothurn to participate in Cheslette which started at 5am. Here, over one thousand people all dressed in the same attire, made as much noise as possible, banging pot lids, shaking tin cans filled with stones, and cracking large whips in the air, while parading the city streets. The cacophony is seriously alarming and if I were a winter spirit, I'd probably bugger off too. After completing the parade route, everyone settles down to eat a traditional flour soup before bar hopping and getting progressively more intoxicated. The morning ends at lunch time and most sane revelers head to bed before the evening events kick off (some people clearly didn't get this message and trooped on all day).

    About three days after Cheslette, Tom, Whit, and I braved the bleak Swiss weather and returned to Solothurn to watch the carnival parade. There were about 40 themed groups marching the city. Some of the floats created for the festival were seriously impressive. Most floats had confetti guns and often some poor unexpecting bystander would get a face full of paper to improve their mood. It was clear to me and Whit that the Swiss people take their traditions very seriously and if you ever have a chance to participate in such an event you won't be disappointed!
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  • Day4

    Go faster, Honey!

    July 18 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    Imagine a wife saying that. But on the Autobahn on our way to Switzerland, there IS no speed limit! Driving 85, we were passed by folks driving more than 100 mph. But we have crossed now into beautiful Switzerland where speeding is an actual crime, so no more crazy wife comments. The very air is different and even the green on the hillsides is a richer color. We are about an hour from our destination, so we will kill some time in Interlaken. Pictures to come. Just fueling up on traditional Swiss cuisine at McDonalds.Read more

  • Day6


    October 2 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Bei schönem Wetter bin ich von Locarno gestartet. Im Tunnel waren es mehr als 31 Grad und ich bin schon ins Schwitzen gekommen. Das sollte sich aber schon bald ändern: beim Aufstieg zum Gotthard begann es zu Regen und die Strecke war durch die Kopfsteinpflaster schlüpfrig. Oben angekommen Regen und gerade noch 5 Grad. Auf dem Sustenpass waren es dann nur noch 3 Grad und Regen. Talwärts wurde es wärmer, aber mit 12 Grad auch nicht wirklich warm. Und immer wieder gab es Regen... nur gut, dass die neuen Klamotten ihr Geld wert sind. Ich war zwar gefroren, aber insgesamt trocken.Read more

  • Day1


    June 8 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Sind in Tiefenmatt hoch oben im Kanton Solothurn angekommen. Traumhafter Blick auf die Berge in der Ferne. Das Zimmer ist einfach, aber sauber. Kein Fernseher😁. Gemeinschaftsbad auf dem Flur. Personal super nett, Essen bestellt: Cordon bleu. Himmlische Ruhe.

  • Day1

    Ab nach Venedig

    September 1, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Eigentlich wollte ich ja ans Nordkap, „Die Kleine“ testen, viel Kilometer in kurzer Zeit, da würden allfällige Schwachstellen sicher zum Vorschein kommen. Aber die Anpassungen brauchten mehr Zeit als gedacht und ende August wollte ich nicht mehr in den Norden.

    Mit "Der Kleinen" ist übrigens mein Moto, die CRF250 Rally gemeint.

    Als ich dann eher zufällig auf die „Albania Raid“ stiess war die Entscheidung schnell gefasst, ich fahre drei Wochen durch den Balkan und fahre bei der „Albania Raid“ mit. Die „Albania Raid“ ist eine Off Road Rally ohne Zeitmessung, man darf den Track abkürzen, Pausen und Fotos machen, alles easy und ohne Stress … in etwa so stell ich mir das vor.

    Der grobe Reiseplan: Mit der Fähre nach Nordgriechenland, 2 Tage nordwärts durch Albanien nach Tirana, 6 Tage an der Raid mitfahren, 10 Tage gemütlich durch den Balkan Richtung Norden nach Hause.

    Am Samstag um 14:00 legt die Fähre in Venedig ab, ich werde in der Nähe vom Fährhafen campen und kann also in Ruhe um 11:00 zu Hause abfahren.

    Laut Wetterprognose ist das Wetter eher unterirdisch aber abgesehen von ein, zwei Gewitterschauer war das Wetter überraschend gut.

    Die Kleine konnte es sich nicht verkneifen, bei der ersten Gelegenheit, den italienischen Boden zu küssen.
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  • Day12


    July 5, 2015 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    Otsisime poest veini aga alkoholi nad ei müü. Õues on 41 kraadi, Taivole jahutuseks jäts ja Kadrile kurgid.

    Indrek on vist haigeks jäänud, kuna ta tunneb ennast väga halvast ja on tulikuum.

    Kiirteel sõites tavaliselt kui on märk 80 siis keegi sellest välja ei tee ning sõidetakse ikka 130-ga siin aga üldiselt keegi väga kiirust ei ületa. Vist Šveitsi trahvid on kopsakad.Read more

  • Day1

    Ich packe in mein Koffer...

    August 12, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    oder besser gesagt in mein Rucksack:

    4 T-Shirts, 4 Tops, 5 Hosen, 1 Pullover, 1 Tweetjacke, 2 dünne Jacken, 1 Jeansrock, 1 langes Sommerkleid, 4 Socken, 16 Unterhosen, 2 BHs, 1 Sportbustier, 1 ultradünne Regenjacke, 3 Paar Schuhe, 1 Cappie, 1 Sonnenhut, Hänge-Kulturbeutel, 2 Microfaser Handtücher

    Handgepäck inkl Fototasche:

    Dokumente, Reisebuch, Lesebuch, Reisetagebuch, Kamera, Mp3-Player, Ladekabel für Handy, Kamera, Mp3-Player, Zip-Beutel mit Wasch- und Pflegezeug

    ... und es könnte los gehen! :)
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