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  • Day16

    Taipei 101

    December 9, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Our last day in Taipei together, so we made an early start (9am is early for Taiwan - nothing usually opens until 11am, but then goes late into the night). We booked online last night to visit Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world (with the second fastest lift in the world... both thanks to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!).

    Coming early was a good move as we were up very quickly with plenty of room to move around, but the weather wasn't on our side and visibility was rated as poor (non-existent was closer most of the time!). But the star of the show is the Tuned Mass Damper, a 660 ton ball of steel which is suspended over 5 floors between levels 82 to 87. It's designed to absorb and counteract the buildings movement during high winds and moves up to 1m during a typhoon.

    It had started to rain lightly as we walked to a local craft market, but they were still setting up... at 11.30am... so we had a bagel, found a cache, and caught the MRT back to our hotel.

    KT, DC and Chris are flying home tonight so we finalised bag packing (DC had plenty of space which KT was pleased to fill!), and we escorted them to the MRT station to catch the airport train.

    We continued via a couple of caches toward Ningxia Night Market, which was mostly food stalls, and very busy, then wound our way back to the hotel via a decent coffee at Starbucks (which says something about the quality of coffee in Taiwan!)
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  • Day18

    Taipei bikes and gates

    December 11, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We set our sights on a series of caches in the Erchong Floodway today, which contains the longest bike track in Taiwan (20km), as well as 68 sports grounds (we saw 2 baseball fields and multiple basketball courts) . We caught the MRT to Sanchong Station in the hope a bike rental place would be open, despite the drizzling rain, to save us a lot of walking in the unimaginatively named New Taipei Metropolitan Park, aka Erchong Floodway.

    As luck would have it, just across the road from the station Fun Bike was open. We rode the park for close to 3 hours, for a total of NTD$112 (AUD$5) and 10 caches. We were the only bikes we saw all day, so not sure if they even covered wages!

    We caught the MRT back to our hotel, grabbing a pork, rice, cabbage and tofu bento box for lunch on the way.

    Our afternoon walk was to the North Gate of the Taipei City Walls. Taipei was a walled city from 1884 to 1895, at which time the Japanese colonial rulers destroyed it when they redesigned the city. In 1945, when Taiwan was handed back to the Chinese, they rebuilt five of the gates. The North Gate is the only one done in the original design.

    We finished the day with an evening walk to the Presidential Palace (you need to book 3 days in advance online to go inside) and 228 Peace Park (in memory of the massacre of Taiwanese citizens after handover), and tea in another shopping strip (spicy pork and spring onion pancake and mango milk).
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  • Day17

    Der Kreis schließt sich...

    August 15, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Aufgrund unseres ungeplanten zusätzlichen Aufenthaltstag in Taiwan, machten wir heute unsere Rundreise komplett und fuhren nochmals nach Taipeh in die Stadt, dort wo alles begann. Da wir schon alle Sehenswürdigkeiten abgeklappert hatten, machten wir uns heute einen schönen Stadttag mit Shopping, Essen und Leute beobachten. Dabei kümmerten wir uns auch intensiver um die vielerlei Kuriositäten, die wir bereits zu Beginn unserer Reise entdeckt hatten...Read more

  • Day175

    Sky Lanterns

    February 21 in Taiwan ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    We took a train trip to the Pingxi region just outside of Taipei the other day. It is a mountainous region that used to be full of coal mines. The first stop was a place called Juifen. There are rumours that the movie “Spirited Away” was inspired when Hayao Miyazaki visited. The town was pretty, but was quiet. The next stop was Pingxi. We had some Taiwanese sausages, they were delicious. We did a hike up to some local peaks. There were some sketchy bits that had ropes to hold on to.

    The final stop was Shifen . In Shifen we released a lantern. Before you release a lantern, you write hopes and wishes on the 4 sides with special ink and a paintbrush. You then take the lantern onto the train tracks with 2 people who work for the place where you buy your lantern. One of them takes pictures while you release it and the other one lights a stack of paper that is placed on the bottom of the lantern. We had a pink lantern which means we will have happiness

    It was really fun to release the lanterns and if I ever went back I would do it again but I would do it at night and try to be there for the Pingxi lantern festival when 1,000’s of lanterns are released into the sky.

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  • Day173

    Din Tai Fung

    February 19 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Last night we decided that we were tired of the food court where we have been eating each evening, so instead we went to a restaurant called Din Tai Fung. It’s a chain restaurant with restaurants in Taipei, as well as London, Dubai and L.A. It was really busy, and since we hadn’t made reservations, we had to wait 15 minutes before we could get a table. Even though it was a chain restaurant, it was pretty nice. The waitress even put jacket covers over our jackets that we had hung on the back of our chairs.

    After figuring out the menu, which was written in Mandarin, we ordered dumplings, wantons, xiaolongbao, noodles, cucumber and cabbage. We also got tea with dinner. We shared all the dishes and they were delicious. My favorites were the wantons, but it was all delicious. We saw another room where they were making the xiaolongbao, which are kind of like dumplings but round and bigger and filled with meat and broth. It was really cool to see them cooking them. One person rolled out little circles, and he did it so fast. To eat the xiaolongbao, you’re supposed to mix ginger with soy sauce and vinegar to make a sauce, then dip the xiaolongbao in the sauce and poke a hole in it so the broth leaks out onto your spoon. I just dipped the xialongbao in the sauce and ate it like that. For dessert, we had xiaolongbao filled with chocolate. It tasted kind of like a pastry with nutella; it was definitely the best part. If you ever go to Taipei or any other city with a Din Tai Fung, then you should have dinner there.

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  • Day12

    Nǐ hǎo Taipei

    January 4 in Taiwan ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Flew into Taipei this morning; a bustling Asian megopolis that feels like a cross between Siagon and Tokyo. Has all the crazy traffic, scooters and street vendors of a Saigon but also is very modern and glitzy like Tokyo.

    Took in the street markets (day and night) and Art Museum, a Temple at night and visited Taipei 101 for the 360 degree views of the city at sunset.

    I like the buzz of Taipei and I'm staying a place called Bee House which is totally Bee themed and very cool. Peace and tranquility in the heart of the bustling streets.

    Everything mingles and merges here. Street vendors outside a hardware store and next door to an up market gift store and all around the garish red and gold of the Chinese New Year themed stores... the smells of food... and neon and noise!

    Looking forward to my three days here, the life the sights and the food. Speaking if which I found an amazing Burger joint and enjoyed a brilliant burger and fries, which was really yummy after the last 10 days of Asian food.
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  • Day254

    Taipei 101 !!

    June 17 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Le coucher de soleil depuis Taipei 101 ❤️

    Taipei 101 est la tour emblématique de Taïwan. Elle mesure + de 400m de hauteur, a en son centre un système pour contrer les rafales de vent, et a un des ascenceurs les plus rapides du monde 🚀!

    La vue de l'observatoire est juste magnifique. On se rend compte à quel point on est entouré de forêt et de montagne partout. Et surtout à quel point la ville est grande et aérée ! De la verdure partout 🏞️🤩

    Bref, pour un de nos derniers couchers de soleil à l'autre bout du monde, on est plutôt gâté ! 🌇
    Le retour approche, on a hâte de vous revoir ❤️
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  • Day13

    Yeliu Geopark & CKS Memorial Hall

    January 5 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Up early for the journey out to the northern coast and Yeliu Geopark. Figured it wouldn't be too crowded as it was so far from the city - 2hrs by bus - but couldn't have been more wrong. It was heaving with so many tourists a good shot of the wondrrful natural rock formations was just impossible. I guess that's the one big problem with traveling in Asia ; all the tourist spots are heaving with people.

    Then it was another bus back to the city and a visit to the impressive Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall with its stunning blue and white central building in the midst of a very large complex with two other buildings in more traditional multi colors.

    I also visited the Taiwan National Museum nearby and to my surprise the Old Masters exhibition of Aboriginal bark art from Australia.

    I got a Knife Therapy massage in the undeeground mall. Essentially being beaten with two large blunt chopping knives... an experience to be sure :-)

    Rest of the day and evening was spent wandering the bustling streets and eating street food :-)
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  • Day248

    Jiufen again

    June 11 in Taiwan ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    De retour dans le nord, on en profite pour retourner dans un coin qui nous avait vraiment plu en arrivant à Taïwan : On part refaire un tour à Jiufen. Ce village est tellement beau et paisible, ça nous fait du bien ! Planqués au milieu de la forêt, avec la mer et du thé 🍵
    En plus, on arrive enfin à avoir du soleil pour profiter de la vue sur la mer 🤩☀️
    Y a pas à dire, c'est quand même magnifique Taïwan ❤️🇹🇼
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  • Day238

    Back to Taipei

    June 1 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    La fin approche à grands pas ... 😱 Le retour est pour bientôt !

    Nous voilà de retour à Taipei, la capitale pour nos derniers jours à Taïwan. On a enfin un petit airbnb bien équipé à nous, à deux pas d'un Carrefour 🛒!
    On reprend les bonnes habitudes françaises qui nous ont beaucoup manqué ces derniers temps 😄🤤

    Quelques photos de Taipei, principalement sous la pluie (et sous la chaleur étouffante 🥵🥵)
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