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  • Day314

    Tag 25: Ngorongoro Crater

    June 13, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Mer händ die Nacht am Rand vom Ngorogoro Krater verbrocht. Scho üses Znacht (Härdöpfelstock mit Zwiebelsauce) hämmer vorsichtig müsse gnüsse well mer vo Büffel und Elefante umzingled worde sind. Es esch es lustigs Erläbnis gsi. Mer händ zwar immer wedermol is dunkle müsse lüchte zum luege, dass die Tier ned uf üs zuezspringe chömed, händ sie aber glichziitig au joh ned welle närve und händ üs drum möglichst ruhig verhalte. Au nach ehm Znacht händ d Büffel no zwüsched üsne Zält grased und ich ha zimlich lang müsse warte, well sich ehn Baby Büffel entschiede hed vor mim Zält z schlofe. Wo sie sich bizli entfärnt händ ha ich schnell chönne ihne schlüpfe. Sobald ich im Zält gsii bi sinds weder zrugcho und ich ha sie no lang ghört ässe und bisle 😂. Was für es Erläbnis.

    Höt Morge simmer früeh abgholt worde zum ehn Gamedrive dor de Krater mache. Mer händ wedermol Glöck gha und voll viel Tier gseh! S beidruckendste Höt sind d Leue gsii wo so nöch zu de Autos cho sind! Eine esch hungrig de Zebras hinderhär gschliche. Sie händ ihn aber früeh gseh und sind entcho. Au d Natur ih dem Krater esch mega schön gsii!
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  • Day12

    Tanzania = Safaris

    August 18, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    I don't know if it's the pressure from everyone around us asking if we would do a safari while in Tanzania, or if it was our own wishes, but here we are, sitting comfortably in a 8 seat land rover with oversized sliding windows and a pop top. Leaving at "8am" means leaving the hotel around 830am then going to the parking lot of a supermarket and waiting there another 45 minutes. Once everyone was on board - 2 Swedish girls, one Germain and one American, on we went to Tarangire National Park. We park of course is gorgeous, beautiful dry planes and awesome baobab trees a little everywhere. I particularly enjoyed the baobabs because they made me think of my awesome niece who's first birthday theme was Le Petit Prince. We saw plenty of elephants doing what elephants do, tons of wilderbeast and Thomson gazelles and ostriches which I peeticularily enjoy. Huge fluffy flightless birds who think hiding their heads makes them invisible. I love the simplicity.
    We did see a few lions - some lions under a tree, some in the middle of open grass. To be honest, the scenery, the trees, the way the animals coexist in what seems like perfect balance, it's was magical, but it wasn't about the animals themselves.
    The next day seemed to leave the same impression. The Ngorongoro National Park is inside an massive crater of a sunken volcano said to have been as tall as Kilimanjaro when it was still standing. In this crater where animals do not escape, again the coexistence of wilderbeast, gazelles, buffalos, and others was amazing to watch. The nature was gorgeous - mostly dry with patches of green lands, different ecosystems existing in one crater.

    Jack and I both felt similarly - did we enjoy the experience? Of course! Would we do another safari? I don't think so. At least not soon. As I said - I loved both parks, but not for its animal spotting, and I feel no need to sit all day in a vehicle looking for whatever animal is around and then parking along side 5-6 other vehicles, sometimes more, to stare from a distance. I'm glad I was glad. I'm happy to have done it. It was worth the 320$USD, but I think I'm done with safaris. Let the animals be, and exist as they should - not bothered by a hundred vehicles driving slowly by them as even more tourists snap photos of what has already been photographed in thousands of ways. Just my thoughts.

    Our night between the two days was spent in a "safari lodge". As usual, east Africans (and many others) have difficulty saying no to tourists. They clearly over sold their grounds and were trying to figure out where to put who and were scrambling to find extra tents and rolled up mattresses. When we suggested putting us in their last set up tent, the one employee was saying it was too small for us. Jack and I looked - a double bed, one blanket. Perfect! So we subtly said something along the lines of "oh don't worry, we are small, we travel together all the time, the one bed is no problem". To which the staff was only happy to not have to find another tent for us. It was absolute luxury! A set military tent, high ceiling, light switch over us, two comfy pillows. Perfection.

    Also - this random accommodation had a local dance and acrobatic group come perform for tips at the end. They were ridiculously entertaining, and both Jack and I kept cringing at how close the ceiling was to their heads when they were in the air, held up with sheer balance... We could picture all the injuries that could come from this happening on cement flooring... Thankfully we did not have to enter nurse mode - we simply enjoyed the entertainment!
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  • Day11

    Safari Time

    July 15, 2020 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Da Reisen ausserhalb Schengen bisschen umständlich geworden ist, sind wir gezwungen worden noch zwei Tage Safari einzulegen. Einer eher im Busch der andere im legendären Ngorogoro Krater südlich der Serengeti.

    Zum Tierli schauen ein absoluter Hotspot. Bei der 3 stündigen Fahrt von Moshi nach Karatu erleben wir einmal mehr das Treiben in den Afrikanischen Käffer, waghalsige Überholmanöver, mit Maisstroh vollgepackte Töffs sowie qualmende und leicht lodernfe Müllhaufen neben den Blechhütten. Auch das ist Mama Afrika, nicht nur Viecher und Berge.

    Am ersten Tag tauft uns unser Guide Michael "Lucky Team". Immerhin erblicken wir nach langem herumkurven ein Leopard dösend elegant auf ein Baum wie im Bilderbuch.

    Nach einigen räubergeschichten von unserem Guide über "Jumping Lions" starten wir nach einer Nacht in der Karatu Simba Lodge in Richtung Ngorogoro Krater. 250km2 Fläche wo die Tiere mit einem 600m hohen natürlichen Kraterrand in Schach gehalten werden. Ein Zebra hier ein Wasserbüffel da und schon bei der Einfahrt zum Kraterboden ein Dreiergespann schläfriger Löwen. "Lucky Team" eben. Nach etwa einer Stunde fehlt nur noch einer der Big Five. Das Nashorn. 36 Stück soll es im Ngorogoro Krater geben, zeigen wollte sich wegen dem kühlen Wind keines. Mit 4 von 5 BigFives und gefühlten 2000 Zebras und Gnus fahren wir zurück nach Arusha um am nächsten Tag via Addis Abeba und Frankfurt nach Hause zu fliegen. Dem Kili winken wir zum Schluss noch vom Flugi aus zu - Herrlicher Abschluss.

    Lets go Home...
    Liebe Grüsse aus Addis Abeba!
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  • Day10

    Safari dag 4: Ngorongoro krater

    November 20, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Wederom vroeg op om vandaag in de Ngorongoro krater af te dalen. Na het ontbijt werden we verrast door een enorme bezoeker in het kamp: een olifant liep tussen de tenten! Met gepaste afstand, in tegenstelling tot sommige andere toeristen, konden we het toch niet laten wat selfies te maken. De krater was fantastisch! Weer een heel ander landschap, een meer, en zelfs een van de laatste 40 neushoorns gespot! Pedro was zo enthousiast dat hij op het dak van de jeep klom, en nog geen 5 min later al op zijn kop kreeg van een ranger. Hij dreigde met een fikse boete, die nadat Pedro slim zei dat ze hem wel naar Spanje mochten opsturen, werd kwijt gescholden. Jakob hielp mee om te liegen dat hij niet op het dak zat, maar stond in de auto. Na nog een hele poel vol met nijlpaarden gezien te hebben moesten we dan echt terugrijden naar Arusha.Read more

  • Day14

    Day 13: Ngorongoro Crater

    March 18, 2011 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Our jeep didn't survive the night. After an early breakfast we arrived in the carpark to see our jeep up on a jack, one flat tyre in the air. Edwin had obtained a spare tyre, but didn't want to do the remaining day's trip back across the Serengeti, around Ngorongoro Crater and onward to Highview Hotel in Kerala with no spare tyres. Understandable!

    Since Jim and Amanda had the same itinerary as us and no vehicle dramas, we all piled into their car, leaving our luggage and some hopeful thoughts with Edwin. So in the cramped back of the other vehicle we sat for the long journey back across the Serengeti.

    Lots of other vehicles around but we had a better destination - Ngorongoro Crater. The only real excitement while crossing the Serengeti came from a hippo completely out of the water, and a couple of jackals feasting on a carcass. Onward we drove as the plains gave way to highlands, scorching sun became rain, and animals became Maasai herdsmen. After a long few hours the crater descent road suddenly appeared.

    The crater itself is magnificent - one of the most amazing natural wonders I've ever seen. Formed by a collapsing volcano, the crater is 325 square kilometres in area and the central area is 600 metres below the rim. Slowly down the wall we descended, under a brilliant blue sky, into the lush vegetation below. Herds of zebra and wildebeest dotted the plain below which happily rose up to meet us.

    Our first animal encounter was a lone hyena, cooling himself off in a puddle beside the road. We left him to it, approaching the central lake where thousands of pink flamingos sit on the surface. Sadly a little too far away for good pictures. Up ahead a pair of ostrich had planted themselves in the road - a good time for our closest encounter with the birds so far.

    A little further on we spotted a cluster of jeeps which could only mean something interesting was there. And we were right - a trio of male lions sunning themselves in the grass. Although the lions seemed completely oblivious to all the attention, the way they posed and placed themselves right next to a road suggested they knew what was up. Got some great photos, including one that might be the highlight picture of the trip so far.

    Bidding the lions farewell, we headed to the hippo pool where it was time for lunch. Hippos can be surprisingly dangerous, so we were a little worried at the lack of fencing, but nothing bad happened so no matter!

    After lunch the heavens opened, so we took cover from the rain in the jeep and continued to cruise the park in search of its most rare citizens - black rhino. And then an hour later our patience was rewarded! Contact! It was unmistakably a rhino, albeit several hundred metres away. Took a few photos and the search continued. A little later we found two more rhino. This time a mother and her cub, though again they were pretty distant. A short time later we found a third rhino, though once again it was a few hundred metres away and lying down. Despite not being able to get close, we were still pretty happy with seeing four rhinos. Especially since there's only around 20 in the entire crater.

    We continued on past herds of wildebeest calves, a couple of sleeping lions and hundreds more zebra before the afternoon began to run out. Right near the crater ascent road we found a large herd of elephants including a pair of babies. Took some more good photos before driving up the crater rim and through the jungle back to the Highview Hotel.

    No traditional dancing or drumming tonight, just a sedate dinner in the restaurant before bed. Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most amazing places I've ever been, and I was sad to leave.
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  • Day143

    Époustouflant Ngorongoro

    March 28, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    19 km de diamètre
    600 m de profondeur
    25 000 animaux

    Bienvenue dans le cratère du Ngorongoro ! Quitte à n'en faire qu'un, autant choisir le plus majestueux. En plus d'une densité d'animaux incroyables, le simple fait de se retrouver dans cette immense caldeira verdoyante donne un côté encore plus magique au lieu. Un bien beau cadeau d'anniversaire pour Tom !

    Cette zone de conservation tente de préserver l'équilibre entre la biodiversité, le peuple Maasaï, pastoral et habitant depuis toujours les abords du cratère, et le tourisme qui abonde tous les jours dans le cratère. Mais grâce à la basse saison, nous pourrons tranquillement profiter du lieu.

    Trêve de discours, admirez les photos! Nous avons aussi réalisé une vidéo de notre magnifique journée dans le cratère :

    Et merci encore à nos sponsors 😘😘
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  • Day20

    Ngorongoro Crater & Serengeti

    December 24, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today we were separated into smaller safari trucks to head to the crater. We had Juan, Tracey, Michael and Hamish in our group.

    It was a few hours before we arrived at the crater and the drive in was unbelievable. There were so many animals all around us. We saw a lot of the same animals as previous game drives such as zebras, topis and buffalo but also spotted a black rhino in the distance. Part way through our drive, we came across some male lions seeking shade against one of the stationery trucks and we managed to get really close to them.

    Just before lunch, we encountered 2 more female lions on the road and heading towards our vehicle. They walked all the way up to our vehicle then down the side. We could have actually reached out and touched them they were so close
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