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    • Day 4

      Tag 2 in Bangkok

      November 26 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

      Nachdem wir gute 12 Stunden geschlafen haben, konnten wir den Tag gleich um 8:00 starten. Nachdem Frühstück ging die heiße Diskussion mit den Taxifahrern los, da sie das Taximeter nicht anmachen möchten, stattdessen lieber die doppelte Summe mit uns aushandeln müssen. Irgendwann schafften wir es dann & fuhren zu dem Chatuchak-Weekend-Markt. Der größte Markt in Bangkok, mit allem was man braucht. Dort schlenderten wir am Vormittag entlang bei 35 Grad. Der Schweiß tropfte uns von der Stirn, aber das wollten wir auf jeden Fall sehen. Zwischendurch gab es einen Passionsfrucht Shake und für den Heimweg nahmen wir den Skytrain, da die Taxifahrer nur mit uns diskutierten.
      Ein Stop im 7Eleven und danach ging es zum Chillen auf unseren Rooftop Pool. Bei einer atemberaubenden Aussicht genossen wir den Nachmittag.
      Das Abendessen wollten wir uns heute in ChinaTown suchen. Ja, suchen. Man findet hier nun kein PeterPane oder eine Havanna Bar. Eher gegrillte Skorpione, gegrillte Alligatoren oder Essen mitten im Getümmel. Nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeiten, trauten wir uns in ein „Traditionelles Thailändisches Restaurant.“ Wir waren sehr skeptisch, aber wurden mit einem leckeren Padtai Chicken überrascht für ca 3€.
      Danach probierten wir noch ein Kokosnuss Eis & trauten uns mit einem traditionellen TucTuc zu fahren. Zum Abschluss des Tages gingen wir noch auf die Khaosan Road, der thailändischen Reeperbahn. Dort bekommt man alles was das Herz begehrt ;) Anstelle Cocktails entschieden wir uns für eine traditionelle Thaimassage. Danach fuhren wir mit einem Taxi nach Hause ( nach weiteren 10 Diskussionen), wo wir 6! Kreuze machten, als wir endlich im Hotel waren & morgen früh gehts wieder an den Flughafen..
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    • Day 76

      Bangkok und Ayutthaya

      January 6 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

      On the road again. 🎉 Oder besser gesagt on the plane. Von den nassen Temperaturen in der Schweiz gings über Dubai ins warme Bangkok. An der Weltmetropole gefielen uns besonders die imposanten Tempel und der feine Streetfood. Ausser die Skorpione, die waren nicht sehr schmackhaft 😜. In den meisten Strassen bemerkt man gar nicht, dass man sich in einer 9-Millionen-Stadt aufhält, da die Strassen nicht wirklich Grossstadtcharakter aufweisen. Das ändert sich, wenn man eine Rooftopbar im 40. Stock eines Hochhauses besucht. Die Skyline ist atemberaubend!

      Um dem erdrückenden Verkehr der Stadt zu entgehen, nahmen wir den Zug gen Norden nach Ayutthaya, der ehemaligen Hauptstadt des Königreichs Siam. Heute beeindruckt Ayutthaya besonders mit den archäologischen Stätten und Palästen.

      Ob Thailand wirklich das Land des Lächelns ist, lässt sich nur schwer feststellen. Alle Thai tragen nämlich eine Maske, obwohl dies nicht vorgeschrieben ist. 😷
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    • Day 4

      A quiet Morning and Chinatown

      November 1, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

      I slept like a log last night. That massage really quieted my brain and released all the tension from the last few weeks before my trip. I cried a little when she was working on my shoulders. That’s always a good sign. Get all that stuff out.
      I awoke around 6 am feeling rested and the neighborhood was already awake and starting its day. Motorcycles buzzed by, people pushing large carts (filled with vegetables, fruit, and even those big triangle Thai cushions to put on the floor ( that I swear I’m not going to buy b/c they are huge and I have nowhere to put them in my house) ) produce trucks rumbling through every few minutes, (saying something on repeat, that I swear sounds like they are asking for your vote-but that’s the world I live in-not them) and the chatter of people heading to work.
      I made a cup of coffee and ate the leftover noodles and seafood omelette. The house I’m in has a Netflix account so I flip it on. I’m in Thailand, so I should watch some thing Thai, right? A movie with lots of fighting and seedy Bangkok references. (Om Bak-2003) Not bad, but no. Ok, let’s try one in your queue at home. A newer one. A true story of a boxer from the UK who goes to prison in Thailand for drugs and has to fight in prison matches to regain his freedom.(A Prayer before Dawn). Sure!
      OMG. 1/2 hour into it it gave me such anxiety. I will watch it at some point, just not my 2nd day in the City. The 1st couple of seasons of Friends? Really? You haven’t watched that show since the 1990s. You said you were sick of it. Yeah, but the early ones are funny and it’s a 1/2 hr and it’s friendly, gentle and familiar. Ok, Friends it is. So if I’ve got the tv on, it’s Friends. And I have learned how to manage my anxiety when it starts, and the medication really helps.
      I’m kinda anxious this morning anyway. I navigated the city pretty well the day before; but I know I’m going to meet up with a food tour in Chinatown at 4:30. And getting a ticket in the vending machine for every trip I take is getting old. I need a Rabbit card. It’s the Metro card for Bangkok. Put $ on the card tap the card on your way in, and tap on the way out. Easy. And I need a few things. A roll of paper towels ( I have seen 2x where they use TP to dry your hands after washing your hands or have it on the table (in my Air BB) as napkins. I appreciate cultural differences, but no. And I want a small washcloth ( to literally wipe the sweat off of my dripping brow,) It’s really f-ing hot and humid here. Like Florida hot/humid in the summer if you just walked around downtown all day. Like NYC hot/humid. 🥵
      I’m also realizing that I was lugging my stuff around and rushing on the 1st day from 11-3. In the South we say you can’t move that fast in the summer or you will stroke out. I’m putting that common sense to this trip as well.
      It’s also a good mini-trip to see how I like my Keene “Whispers”. Walking on hot city streets takes a good shoe and I want to see how they will do. Turns out they are fantastic. They are nice and wide, so I can wiggle my toes, they are very comfy, and they cover my toes. There is a LOT of concrete in this concrete jungle. Lots of curbs, uneven payment, escalators, stairs and things to trip over if you aren’t careful. My main shoe concern for this trip was proper arch support and protect the toes at all costs. I wouldn’t wear them on all day excursions, But for a few hours around the neighborhood they are great. I made sure to put on sunscreen, the Feather weight sun hoody that’s quick dry and covers my arms down to the fingertips (with the thumb holes- I love those) and my sun hat. This hat is awesome- and looks like a “Dad” hat. It’s got a chin strap, packable, a good brim on it to protect your ears and is fully functional and is a Godsend. 2 minutes after I’ve left the house, crossed the street, and am walking down the sidewalk in the full blazing sun, I’m so grateful for this hat. It’s why I bring it, every single time.
      I get the Rabbit card from the BTS ticket office. I’ve translated in Google translate, what I need to ask for but as it always happens once you are prepared, the lady speaks English and it’s not nearly as stressful as the day before.
      After I get the Rabbit card, I go to a grocery store in the basement of a dept store close to the house.I get paper towels, more TP , a small shampoo, sugar, and find a cooling spray for prickly heat that is the BOMB.
      Once I take off the meet the food tour, the sun isn’t so blazing over head. The buildings create more shade and I walk more slowly and that seems to help not getting so overheated.
      I take the BTS ( elevated sky train) and then I have to take something get me to where I’m going. The MRT is their underground subway system. Not connected to the BTS, so you can’t use the Rabbit card, but I was pleased at how easy it is to navigate. It’s very clean, no homeless population ( they are all topside) , you can’t eat or drink on it, And there is a good security presence.
      I get off at the stop for Chinatown and pop up into a bustling, swirling, beautiful, chaotic community. So many of the great cities have a Chinatown. I fell in love with it in San Fransisco, developed a passion for Chinese bakeries in NYC and knew I needed to dive into it in Bangkok. The Chinese have such a place in the big cities of the world. Coming to make their way far from home, creating a community that lasts for hundred of years, and thrives.
      I meet up with my food group at a nice hotel right in the thick of things. It’s a small group, there are 8 of us and 3 guides. A couple from Australia, a couple from Brazil, a couple and their college age daughter and me. There is 2 main guides and a 3rd who goes ahead and gets tables, places for orders, etc.
      I didn’t take pictures of the food. I find it never translates well, and I wanted to just be in the moment. The cool thing is they took us through back alleys, small side streets and sat us down in places I would never have dreamed of going to even if I had been with someone else.
      I can tell you we had Chive dumplings, green curry with amazing Chinese sausage, grilled prawns, Tom Yum soup, a pork and noodle soup, pork sate, stir fried clams in a chili sauce, a green juice Elixir ( that cooled our mouths and promised us good health) shrimp dumplings (made in a tiny hole in the wall back in the deepest part of the Chinatown labyrinth that has a Michelin star and was loved by a member of the Thai royal family) soy sauce ice cream ( which was really good btw) mango sticky rice, fresh pressed mango juice ( to die for). And the one thing I wanted to try. These amazing freshly made doughnuts with a sauce of pandan and condensed milk. Pandan is delicious. It is green in color and had been called “the vanilla of SE Asian cooking”. I found the best description on Google, as it is very difficult to describe. “ Grassy with nuttiness and vanilla verging almost on coconut.” It’s truly the bomb.
      As the sun went down, the main road became saturated with all kind of food vendors. They take over the sidewalks, and the police block off a lane on the main road so pedestrians can walk down the road. And last night, there were a LOT of people. Even our guide said it was super busy for a Tuesday night.
      The group I was with were very nice. Easy going friendly, well travelled, knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable.
      One interesting note about a member of the group. He was young, maybe in his 30’s. He was from Brazil, but seemed very Northern European. He was very fair, blonde and blue eyed. I was surprised when he said he was from Brazil. I was thinking he looked very German, not Portuguese. Hmmm. Very interesting. Then I remembered there was a significant German population that immigrated to South America after WW2. And I’ll just leave that there.
      After 20 items to eat drink, slurp and dip we were finished with our tour. We said our goodbyes and. My guide pointed me in the direction of the Metro.
      I could have taken a taxi or tuk-tuk home , but I wanted to see how I felt getting home via the BTS and the MRT.
      I have a great PACSAFE bag with me on this trip. I debated and debated if I should bring it, and I’m THRILLED that I did. It’s slash resistant had cables in the strap, RFID pockets, and a lock system attaching the 3 zippers to one lock that says “Don’t F-K with me.” Its been perfect for the busy trains and was ideal for the huge crowds in Chinatown. I also have my phone attached to a springy cord that clips inside the bag. So I can have my phone out and not worry as much that someone is going to yank it out of my hand.
      If you couple that bag with a confident capable stride ( that says I know where I’m going ), resting Bitch face, and a good pair of walking shoes ( in case you have to run or stomp on someone’s toes) people will generally leave you alone. The slightly sketchy guys laying down in small groups along the sidewalks on the way to the MRT don’t want to go though the hassle of dealing with a sweaty post- menopausal westerner who looks like she’s in no mood. It’s too much effort. At least that’s the vibe I was going for last night. I got the right MRT and BTS trains home last night and after stopping at the noodle guy for stuff for breakfast and 7-11 for snacks, I got home safe and sound.
      So for today. I’m back down to Chinatown, at the same hotel I met the food tour last night ( funny enough) for a couple of hours of spa treatments. My appt is at 3pm. This is supposed to be one of the best spas in Bangkok, so we will see. I’d like to get some street food afterward. Ideally if the crowds aren’t too bad after my massage is done. I may take a tuk-tuk home afterward if I do. They are more expensive, but I figure if you are going to take one; after a couple of hours of massages and a full belly of delicious street food is a perfect time to do so. And I’ve been solely taking pubic transport since I got here. Lol, my feet hurt.
      Thank you guys for following me. I wanted to keep a journal for this trip, document the journey, share with my friends and family, but not have it all over social media. Funny, I’ve looked at Instagram a few times, but for the most part, stayed off of social media. It feels good. We’ll see how long it lasts.
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    • Day 3

      The gloriousness that is Bangkok

      October 31, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 77 °F

      So I wasn’t terribly nervous when we landed. I had navigated 2 showers in 2 different lounges under a certain amount of time, and I was feeling capable.
      I got my bag without a hitch and repacked sitting there at baggage claim. I wanted to take the Airlink train into the city and then their elevated train the BTS. I follow a guy on YouTube who did a who video on it, and I had written down some stuff too. Traffic in Bangkok is atrocious and they say the BTS is inexpensive, air conditioned and easy to use. So I wanted to do it. I told myself “ it would be practice”. So 1st I had to change some dollars into Baht. Right now the exchange rate is 1 US $ = 38 BAHT. which is good, and why so many Westerners love to come here. The dollar goes a long way. I had done some research on the best exchange place and everyone’s says one of the best is a place called “Super Rich”. Rey also said NOT to get money exchanged up close to the arrival and departure halls; but down in the 1st floor with the food court and where you catch the AirTrain. I also heard that they were picky about only accepting very new crisp $100 bills. So I got a few before I left home, and noticed that they weren’t as crisp as I would have liked. And I was right. So I brought 4 $100 bills with me. I heard an old trick about putting a $100 bill in your shoes under your insoles. Well, I brought an old pair of “ASICS” (I wore them all over New Mexico last fall) and had new orthopedic inserts in them. (It’s like walking on a cloud).
      So I had $200 in my shoes, one buried in my suitcase and the other in my wallet. The girls at super rich were very sweet. They were very sweet when they told me my $100 bill wasn’t crisp and new enough, and they wouldn’t be taking it today. Ok, No problem. So I opened my suitcase up along the wall across from the money exchange and fished it out of its hiding spot. Took that up to them. Another very nice girl said, “Not today” and showed me it’s less than pristine condition. Now I’m starting to sweat. I’ve gained some weight, I’m dragging these bags around, one my back and I’m not in the best cardio form I’ve ever been in and I just ransacked my suitcase in front of the money people. So I’m sweaty. So I gather my stuff, go around the corner, take off a shoe, take out the insert. And there it a pristine $100 bill. I would have preferred to not give them one out of the bottom of my shoe, but I went up at 3rd time and it worked. Hot damn.
      So I got a ticket out of the vending machine for airlink, no problem. Once I got to the BTS, figuring out how to do that took some time and by time, I mean me and the ticket girl not communicating at all ( totally my fault). So I wandered around for a bit trying to pull up GRAB (SE Asia’s version of Uber), and it was being glitchy. So I went up to them again and pointed at something on my phone that said it in Thai and English. And then he pointed me downstairs and it was all good from then. I figured out the BTS ticket vending machine and it was on.
      So when I stepped out of the BTS station into the neighborhood I’m in this week , it was like something out of a movie. I’m in an old historical part, (the place I’m staying in is a converted shop house- The Chinese would have their store on the ground floor and live above. These are very popular in Malaysia too) of Bangkok and there is a LOT of character.
      So it’s not all new and shiny. It is chaos to the senses. Ten million electrical wires crisscross like you see in picture of India. Street food vendors EVERYWHERE. Little old ladies selling veggies, old men making wontons, a beggar sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, motorcycles on all sides, tuk-tuks, tourists, locals all in a big jumble of amazing vibrant community. I had my phone out (attached to a clip in my bag so the me being the obvious “Farang “ ( Thai slang for white westerners) doesn’t get her phone yanked out of her hand). Because I was watching Google maps and how to get to the air BB. So I had one eye on the phone and another taking in all this spectacle. I got to the house pretty easily. But I dropped my bags and ran back out. I had scheduled (a few days before I left ) a couple of hours of massage at a nice place with good reviews. I had scheduled it at 3pm thinking if I landed at 11. That would give me more than enough time. Well I was 15 minutes late, when I ran in, sweaty, wild eyed, and apologizing profusely for my tardiness. They were very kind and told me it was fine. I jumped in the shower before we started, and that nice lady worked on my feet back and shoulders with everything she had. I’m not going to be able to move tomorrow, but it was like Heaven.
      So on the way home, it had gotten dark. I was feeling alert, not tired and relaxed, so I figured I’d take the BTS home. It reminded me a lot of NYC, with out the crazy people peeing in certain cars, or sleeping on the seats. And a few amazing things. First. They all queue up on neat little rows to get on the train. All the time. And they are all still wearing masks on the trains. Every single one. Every so often, you see someone who isn’t. But it’s rare.
      So one the way back to the air BB, their were all kinds of street vendors along the main drag. This one guy had big piles of noodles ( a good size portion for 20 baht = $.53. And the most gorgeous seafood omelette, cooked up fresh and just gorgeous for 60 baht -$1.53!And then of course I had to go into 7-11 for some dessert and to check it out. It was nice coming home with street vendor food. Super tasty and fresh. A good meal to finish off a great 1st day here.
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    • Day 3

      Exploring BKK‘s Heights

      October 22, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

      Our second day in Bangkok started with not having breakfast in the hotel (apparently we were too late 😅🙈) so we went straight into the city.
      We were lucky and found two lovely places to get something to eat. Pascal was enjoying the most fluffiest pancakes I have seen and I decided to have a super spicy ramen soup. When the waitress approached us asking if we are alright, we had to laugh. She said she was worried about us because of the spiciness. And I have to admit it was REALLY spicy! Now, we are Thai-spicy proven travelers. 🍜🍲

      Afterwards we commuted by skyTrain (absolutely recommendable) to the Mahanakhon SkyWalk. It was so amazing to see all of Bangkok on the 71st level of this skyscraper. You also have the chance to walk on a glass floor. WOW – it really took me (Pascal not so much, he was even jumping on the glass 😅) some power of self-persuasion to step on it. But when you do, it is really worth it as you have a bird view-like experience. We soaked in this great atmosphere for some time while having two nice cocktails. Up there we could already spot our tonight’s dinner location: Sirocco Sky Bar with its golden dome. 😍🤩

      Therefore, we got changed and travelled back downtown for our dinner experience on the 64th floor this time. It is hard to describe how it feels to be guest in this restaurant. Let me put it this way.
      It feels like you are dreaming as everything looks just so stunningly unreal. ✨🙈
      A vast view of Bangkok by night, with all the pulsing little lights. Perfectly set tables, nicely arranged and so many waitresses and waiters who are there to make the dinner experience a special one.
      Besides amazing food and wine that we enjoyed, we also spotted many lightnings in the night sky. Thus, we were wondering how Sirocco handles evenings with rain and how that would work out, as all tables are set open air?? 🤔
      🤭 Lucky us, we had the chance to witness it. 😅🌧☔️
      After our first 3 courses, we needed to take a short break inside. But don’t worry, we could come back outside after roughly 15 minutes to continue with our main course. Later, it started raining AGAIN 😂 but this time, we decided to enjoy rainy Bangkok under our umbrella while having the whole terrace for ourselves. You could think: damn…why the hell did it need to rain TODAY!?
      But for me, the rain and thunder made it even more special and distinct. ✨
      In the end, it’s your perspective that has the power to experience something in a nice or negative way. So always watch your thoughts and feelings, they are powerful! DAY 2 – you have been amazing. Thank you!
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    • Day 126

      Tag 123 - Kontrastprogramm

      November 28 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Unser ursprünglicher Plan, den Sonnenuntergang am Wat Saket (The Golden Mount) zu erleben, wurde durch eine Absperrung mit der Aufschrift "Öffnet morgen wieder" vereitelt. Da der Himmel ohnehin bewölkt war, haben wir uns entschieden, durch das lebhafte China Town zu schlendern. Um den Abend kontrastreicher zu gestalten, sind wir spontan in die Skybar des Lebua im State Tower gegangen - bekannt aus dem zweiten Teil von Hangover. Die Aussicht war spektakulär, ebenso wie die Getränkepreise, aber man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts, nööh?Read more

    • Day 2

      Día 2. Nuestro paso por Tokio

      June 17, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 90 °F

      Salimos de Los Ángeles con destino a Bangkok. Nuestro viaje incluía un paso fugaz por Tokio. Todos hubiésemos querido disfrutar al menos un par de días de esta fascinante ciudad, pero en esta oportunidad no fue posible, sólo estuvimos de paso por el aeropuerto.😜Read more

    • Day 2

      Día 3. Bangkok!

      June 17, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

      Salimos temprano a desayunar, a conocer las instalaciones del hotel y a hacer nuestro primer paseo. Fuimos a conocer el Grand Palace y sus alrededores, lo cual
      incluía el Buda de Esmeralda y el Buda Reclinado. Fue una experiencia increíble aunque hacia un calor imposible de aguantar.

      Caminamos, probamos Smothies de fruta natural (mango Will y fresa Dalith). Nadia probó el famoso Mango Sticky Rice y Dylan un brownie con helado.

      Nos divertimos mucho viendo a Will negociar con los taxitas.

      Al llegar al hotel ya estaba cayendo la tarde. Nadia aprovechó de tomar fotos de la vista desde la habitación y su atardecer y compartimos la torta de cumpleaños que nos dejó el hotel.

      Finalmente bajamos a cenar. ❤️
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    • Day 189

      Last stop Bangkok

      July 15, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

      Nach 7 wunderschöne Erläbnis, unvergässliche Moment simmer an eusem letsche Stop ahko, Bangkok :). Würkli vill gmacht hemmer nümme, darum au nur 1 Video 😅.
      Mir freue eus jetzt unglaubglich uf eusi Familie und Fründe.
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    • Day 25

      Dagje Bangkok, shopping & lichtshow

      August 1, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

      Vandaag even lekker relax in de ochtend, kids een beetje uitslapen en even chill wakker worden. Na een Thais ontbijt uitgeprobeerd te hebben, soort rijstensoep, toch maar een tosti gescoord bij de 7-eleven.
      Inmiddels kwam de regen met bakken uit de hemel, dus maar een grab taxi gepakt naar MBK shoppingcenter, waar ze echt 7 verdiepingen vol winkeltjes en een heuse indoor shoppingstreet hebben (lees ook nog allemaal kraampjes naast de vaste winkels) echt ongelovelijk wat ze er allemaal verkopen! Natuurlijk geen nep-artikelen meer, maar achter in de winkels toch een geheime ruimte hebben met nep spullen. Echt over de top! . We zijn erg goed geslaagd, vooral Jack. Die had naast Emma het meest van ons allemaal :)
      Na al het slenteren hadden we toch wel trek, dus maar Japans gegeten in een te leuk tentje met heuse time machine- bier en passievrucht-bier.
      Terug naar ons huisje spullen neergezet en bij ‘one day cafe’ met poes panda opgestuurde kleding opgehaald die Emma was vergeten bij de safari-tenten. Na een heerlijke iced coffee en was tips rijker, de gratis ferry genomen naar IconSiam waar een lichtshow zou zijn. Eerst maar wat gegeten bij de gezellige foodtrucks, heerlijke hamburgers en Italian soda in allerlei mooie kleurtjes.
      De lichtshow begon iets later dan gedacht, maar we hadden een mooie stek, vlakbij het water! Het was maar goed dat we niet 2 meter opgeschoven waren want die mensen kregen me toch een plens water over zich heen. De lichtshow was prachtig en na een korte ronde door het winkelcentrum, wat eerder leek op een soort thaise disneyland namen we de gratis ferry terug naar de overkant. Nog een drankje gedaan bij jacks cafe en een lekker footmassage nu weer terug in ons huisje. Morgen een fietstour, zin in!
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