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  • Day23

    One night in Bangkok...

    November 16 in Thailand

    We chose to stay near the airport because we all have early morning flights tomorrow. Unfortunately, that means we are quite a ways from the sights we want to visit in Bangkok. After much deliberation about getting into the city, we decided to try out Grab, Asia’s version of Uber. We were picked up by Jim Bowie (not his real name). He was possibly the best driver I’ve ever had. Jim shared with us that his father worked at the US Embassy, and his American nickname is based on the actor Jim Bowie. That’s what we understood, but Carolyn googled it and discovered that Jim Bowie was the character, and Russ remembered a bit about him. Jim was very talkative and made sure we had some easy listening, playing all the pop hits of the 60’s - 80’s. By the end of our trip we were all singing along to the radio. He kept joking that he would have to charge us an additional 5 baht for karaoke on each song. As we went through one of the toll booths, Jim rolled down the window and smiled at the security camera. He explained that he was actually quite well known, then showed us a YouTube video of himself being interviewed on the local news show. Apparently he was commentating on the Thai government, about which he has very strong opinions. He got us close to the Grand Palace but told us that Grab is not allowed to operate in this area. Like thieves in the night, he asked us to jump from the car quickly, so the police didn’t have time to fine him. Needless to say, Mr Bowie was an unexpected treat that we all enjoyed immensely.

    The Grand Palace is the crown jewel of Bangkok. It houses the previously mentioned Emerald Buddha, as well as a collection of beautiful buildings, temples, statues, stupas, etc. Built in the late 1700’s, it was used by the kings of Siam for over 100 years and is still used for some official royal events. When I was in Thailand, about 18 years ago, I came here, so I was very excited to return. I couldn’t remember details, but I do remember being awed by the place. As we got our tickets and walked in, I realized that I was very fortunate to have visited so long ago. When I came the first time, there weren’t more than a couple hundred people there with me. I will also have to check my photos, but I’m sure that I was able to take a picture of the Emerald Buddha, as well as to walk up close to it. Today, there were thousands of people on the grounds, the vast majority being Chinese tourists. It was tremendously crowded and most of our pictures have unknown visitors in the frame, with the occasional cut off head or apologetic face. It was kind of ridiculous how many people were in there. The temple, housing the Emerald Buddha, was packed, and only Thais could approach the altar. The rest of us had to stay a ways back. However, despite the density of humanity, the place is still breathtaking. Everything seems to shimmer. The largest buildings are covered in mirrored or glass mosaic tile. It was cloudy, but when the sun peeked through, the place just sparkled. Although the sun would have been nice, the clouds kept the temperature down a degree or two. It was in the lower- to mid-90’s and very humid. We spent a couple hours wandering the grounds; most of the time was spent taking pictures and feeling amazed by the small details, which are easily lost in the grandeur of the premises.

    From the palace, we grabbed lunch and made our way to Wat Pho. The property is, again, a complex of buildings that includes the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand, which is also the ninth largest Buddha statue in the world. When we first walked by the building, I pointed at the open window to draw Kim’s attention to it. She looked dismissingly and I said, “See the reclining Buddha?” She seemed puzzled; the only thing visible was what appeared to be a gigantic gold wall. “That’s his flank,” I informed her, realizing that she didn’t quite understand how large he was. She looked again and realized that what she saw was just a fraction of of the statue’s length. We came around to the entrance of the building, and all of us were a little overwhelmed at the enormity of the statue. The statue stretches over 150 feet long and is just short of 50 feet high. It took us a while to walk the length of the statue, as we stopped frequently to take pictures, hoping that one of them might capture what we were witnessing in person. At the end of the Buddha, the bottom of his footprints are inlaid with mother of pearl, against a black background. As we moved along the back of the Buddha, there was a place to purchase 108 coins, which we then dropped in 108 buckets; each time making a wish along the way. The buckets end short of the building, where we gathered to walk out together and view the grounds. Wat Pho has over 1,000 Buddha images on the property, in and around its many structures. Within the walls also exists the first Thai massage school. When I was here in 2001, I had a Thai massage; however, the thought of having one now, given how sweaty we all were, was unfathomable. We decided to postpone the massage for later tonight.

    As we were leaving Wat Pho, raindrops splashed on the ground and developed into a heavy downpour by the time we reached the exterior of Wat Pho. By the time we got a cab, we were drenched. We immediately hung our clothes to dry, when we reached the hotel, hopeful that they won’t be wet when we need to pack in the morning. My swimsuit was dry, so I replaced my clothes and headed to the pool to enjoy the weather one last time. It’s forecast to be 30 and snowing, when we arrive in Denver tomorrow tomorrow.

    Before leaving Thailand, we felt it necessary to have one last massage, having already had one in every country we have visited. We all walked down to the local “spa” and had an hour long Thai massage for 300 baht; that’s $9.13. It was a great massage, and we were all very happy with the service. We stopped in at the food court for dinner and then proceeded to the hotel. It seems like I’ve been gone for summer break, so part of me is excited to be returning home. I miss my bed.
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  • Day86

    Ab nach Bangkok

    January 5, 2017 in Thailand

    Heute haben die Regenfälle wieder zugenommen und wir haben alle Mühe gehabt den Inselflughafen zu erreichen. Dort angekommen hatten 40 Flieger mindestens je 2 h Verspätung. Dann ging es für uns endlich mit der zweimotorigen Propellermaschine nach Bangkok. Hier wurden wir mit einer sensationellen Aussicht von unserem Hotelzimmer für die lange Wartezeit und den holpriegen Flug belohnt.
    >>>Im Süden von Thailand sind bei heftigen Regenfällen und Überschwemmungen mindestens acht Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Betroffen sind neun Provinzen - unter anderem die Urlauberinseln Ko Samui und Ko Phangan, wo unzählige Touristen festsitzen.

    Bei schweren Überschwemmungen im Süden Thailands sind nach Angaben des Innenministeriums mindestens acht Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Insgesamt wurden 120.000 Haushalte überflutet. Betroffen sind insgesamt neun Provinzen, in denen nach tagelangen Regenstürmen viele Straßen überflutet und Bahngleise unterspült wurden. Zahlreiche Züge fielen aus. In der Festlandprovinz Nakhon Si Thammarat reichte das Wasser teilweise bis zu den Dächern, der regionale Flughafen wurde für mindestens zwei Tage geschlossen.<<<
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  • Day1

    Bangkok - Tag 1

    July 24, 2017 in Thailand

    Bangkok ist die Hauptstadt von Thailand und hieß früher „Siam“.

    Der erste Tag begann mit einer verspäteten Ankunft im Hotel, da wir den Anschlussflug von Moskau nach Bangkok verpasst hatten.

    Statt gegen 10 Uhr waren wir erst gegen 19:00 Uhr beim Hotel. Somit könnten wir nicht mehr viel machen, außer den tollen Ausblick aus unserem Hotelzimmer auf den Chao Phraya, den Fluss, der durch Bangkok fließt.Read more

  • Day172

    Zurück in Bangkok

    September 19 in Thailand

    Eigentlich sollte es heute mit dem Zug von Ayutthaya nach Bangkok gehen. Damit waren die Pläne gegen Siem Reap und somit Angkor Wat entgültig besiegelt. Anstatt für eine Woche nach Kambodscha zu fliegen, haben wir die Zeit einfach noch anständig für Nordthailand verplant. Unsere Sorge war, dass wir nach einer Woche vielleicht noch gar nicht aus Kambodscha ausreisen wollen.. und was ist mit Laos? Lieber ein anderes Mal und dann richtig und gründlich, so wie wir es bisher auch gemacht haben. Denn Guerilla-Tourismus, wie wir es nennen, ist nicht unser Stil, da wir stets gründlich erkunden wollen. 😛

    Anstatt ein Tuk Tuk zum Bahnhof zu nehmen, planten wir super-spontan um, denn direkt vor unserer Unterkunft befand sich ein improvisierter Minibus-Bahnhof, bei dem wir für wenig Geld eine Fahrt nach Bangkok ergattern konnten. Das war einfacher..
    Rausgeschmissen wurden wir im Norden Bangkoks, in der Nähe des Chatuchak Wochenendmarkts. Von dort ging es mit Metro und Skyrail zu unserem Hostel im Viertel Krung Thon Buri, auf der anderen Seite des Chao Phraya Flusses. 🚈

    Um den verbleibenden Tag noch etwas zu nutzen, fuhren wir wieder in die Innenstadt zum MBK Einkaufzentrum am Nationalstadion. Das hatten wir schon am Anfang unserer Reise ausgespäht, allerdings konnten wir jetzt auch endlich an Mitbringsel vergreifen.
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  • Day5

    Bangkok vom Wasser aus

    February 2, 2016 in Thailand

    Nachdem wir uns frisch gemacht haben wurden wir Abends beim Hotel abgeholt zu einer Dinner Cruise Fahrt auf dem Chao Phraya River gebracht.
    Wir haben zu unserem Jahrestag ein romatisches Plätzchen an der Spitze des Schiffes ergattert und genossen ein wunderbar reichhaltiges super leckeres Buffet und guten Wein.
    Die Aussicht vom Wasser auf Bangkok - vorbei an einigen wundervollen Tempeln, die wir uns vielleicht nochmal irgendwann ansehen werden - ist sehr beeindruckend. Ganz anders als am Land und bei Licht.
    Nach 2,5 Stunden Tour ging es zurück ins Hotel, wo wir den Abend gemütlich ausklingen lassen und unsere Taschen packen, denn morgen früh verlassen wir Bangkok und reisen weiter.
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