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  • Day7

    Day 7, At Sea

    September 7, 2018, North Sea ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    Last full day on board today, tends to be busy as we try and pack in as much as we can. On the plus side we got an hour back last night and are now back on UK 🇬🇧 time which considering the challenges we’ve been having dragging ourselves out of bed, was a good thing. Sharon, bless her heart got up at 7.00am and went downstairs to check the restaurant breakfast menu and whispered she was going to get a coffee and sit at the back of the ship before it got busy. I decided to get up and meet her there. Unfortunately no Lumberjack breakfast this holiday, but hey ho, you can’t have everything and we can’t complain. The weather early on was mild but cloudy and we sat and watched the world go by. Not a soul about. We decided the restaurant for breakfast rather than the decks today so went back to the room to grab some bits and then go. We had balloons and banners on our door wishing Sharon a Happy Birthday and a coupe of token gifts. After breakfast we had a wander around the ship and then decided to pack giving us the rest of the day to ourselves (the usual royal we obvs 😂).

    The sun made an appearance mid morning so we went and did our jobs (booked our future cruise deposit, sorted disembarkation info out etc.) and the headed to the open decks for a dip in the hot tubs. We used the ones at the back of the ship and had the ship to ourselves. It was blowing a gale and was a bit choppy but the sun kept making an appearance through the clouds and it was just our spot. We jumped out about 12.30 and headed for a pre lunch lunch before making our way to the theatre for an interview with the one and only Eddie The Eagle Edwards. He spoke for about an hour and his personality really did shine through. He had a very hard time but his passion and determination got him to where it did. It’s such a shame that the Olympic committee don’t really want you to succeed if you don’t have any money. But he doesn’t regret anything, he really was inspiring. He said the film was about 85% true but they made a few bits up to keep in line with the film appeal, such as him getting drunk and his dad not being supportive (he was most of the time but did get a bit annoyed when he wanted to leave work early to go skiing ⛷). He then signed photos in the bar, we bought a photo of the ski slope at Oslo for him to sign, when we were buying it at the photo desk the bloke who served us asked if we would get him one signed !! We did, still charged us $2 for the ski lift photo though. As we left the bar the weather had turned, it was pissing down with rain and very foggy, what better opportunity to get our coats and head to the back of the ship with a nice hot cup of tea.

    We then went back to the cabin to get changed and go out for our last dinner of the cruise. We managed to get in to the club class restaurant, sat with a couple from Toronto and a couple from St Helens, both lovely and the Canadians were fascinated by our accent. As we left the dining room the balloon party was in full swing in the atrium, the theme was “British Night” and the band and singers were ace. Lots of great songs and it was packed. A good end to a fantastic holiday. Princess Cruises never disappoint us.

    We are currently sat at the back of the ship having a drink, writing this and enjoying the last few hours. Southampton tomorrow, then homeward bound. We’re currently off the coast of SkegVegas but quite a few miles out, it’s choppy just how we like it. Cruise log to follow. Thanks for following us around, until next time, Au Revoir
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  • Day3

    Day 3, At Sea

    September 3, 2017, North Sea ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

    Evening all. So today was spent "At Sea" which roughly translates to eating, sleeping, more eating and more sleeping. We both slept exceptionally well last night and didn't wake up until 8.15 this morning. We were straight down to the restaurant to be served breakfast. Ooh how I've missed the Lemon Danish Pastries, so much so I had 2 which I thought was really good of me as I turned down the third one :). We have been very lucky with the weather today, beautiful sunshine all day and fairly warm, around 20 degrees, I was even on deck in a T-Shirt, I'll take that. I've been storing it up for the coming days. We spent the morning on deck, Sharon watched some garbage film about weird kids in some hotel, I took that as a que to sleep a bit more out on the deck, wake up and go get a hot dog. We then had a wander around the ship and a drink or two to keep us going before having lunch outside at the back of the ship. The lunchtime briefing from the captain wasn't the best news we've ever had, he pointed out that tomorrows forecast was heavy rain, thick cloud and winds of up to 60 miles an hour with waves around 4 meters. Whilst he doesn't think it will affect whether we dock at Lerwick tomorrow, he cannot guarantee it. So Bridget, I fully understand Uncle Tony's thoughts about Lerwick and its weather. He also advised to check everything was stowed safely as we are going too sail through some rough seas during tonight. Fab !! We spent the afternoon looking for the hidden door on one of the decks to get us out on to the top of the bridge, deck 15 front is the place to go. We were out there by ourselves and the view was simply beautiful. So quiet and not a soul in sight. Afterwards we went in the hot tub out on the deck for a couple of hours, we had them all to ourselves and the sun was shining, it was lovely. Another crappy film on though, this time about weird animals which escaped all over the world. There's a theme developing here - weird things on the Telly, King Arthur tonight so that's out !! After getting out of the tubs, we had a small snack and spent the last couple of hours soaking up the last bit of the sun at the back of the ship with a cuppa and a cake before heading back to the cabin to get ready to go out for dinner. So as you've probably guessed, eating sleeping and soaking up the sun was today's job, very relaxing and we are loving it. It's currently 10.30pm and we are about 170 miles to the East of Edinburgh heading North, no sign of the rough seas yet. So that's it from us, anyone trying to contact us will be struggling, we cant get any texts or phone calls and email isn't playing ball. Internet is extremely slow and very limited. Over and out for tonight, back tomorrow evening all being well, unless we've sunk in the storm !!Read more

  • Day4

    Day 4, Lerwick (Or Not)

    September 4, 2017, North Sea ⋅ 🌬 55 °F

    So we got up early this morning to see us dock in to Lerwick. We were due to dock at 9.00am so we're in the restaurant for breakfast at 7.30. The sea was quite rough and we had a bit of a wobble on. It was during breakfast that the captain made his announcement to say the weather and sea conditions were so poor we could not dock. 60mph winds, torrential rain and 10ft waves put pay to Scotland. So, you've probably guessed today's weather which has meant a fairly quiet day. Those of you who know me know how much I like the cold so that set the scene for most of the day. Sharon decided to go and get her hands and nails done at the spa as she was given a $50 gift voucher by princess. I watched a few episodes on Minder on my iPad. We then went and had a spot of lunch and a wander around the ship. As it was cold and wet, there were few people out on the open decks so we decided to go and get in the hot tubs. We spent a couple of hours in there and the sky started to clear. Although still a bit wobbly the rain stopped and the sun came out for a couple of hours. After dinner we went out on deck in the dark, Sharon convinced we would see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately to no avail. Another sea day tomorrow, weather set to improve but I fear the sun and any temperature is over for a while. So until tomorrow, over and outRead more

  • Day3

    Day 3, At Sea

    September 3, 2018, North Sea ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    Lazy so and so’s this morning. 10am before our peepers burst in to life. Well, not exactly, I did sneak downstairs to the dining room at 8, just in case “The Lumberjacks” breakfast was on but it wasn’t today so I went back to bed. When we finally did get out of bed for real, we went up to to the buffet for breakfast. The trouble with the buffet is that you just help yourself as many times as you like without having to ask. So 3 lemon danish patties later I decided that was enough. And moved on to the bacon and eggs. Am going to have to behave when we get back. We saw “Eddie the Eagle Edwards” at breakfast this morning, he’s with us for the week. We’re hoping he gives a talk at some point but not seen it advertised as yet.

    A lazy day today, we’re at sea so we don’t plan anything really we just take it as it comes. The weather was mild with sunshine and cloud. It was lovely in the sun but not quite so warm when the cloud cover came. Nevertheless we headed out to the open decks. We just sat and watched the world go by for the first hour or so, me listening to some music 🎧🎵 Sharon reading some magazines. We then decided to give the hot tubs a whirl whilst out on the open deck. It was lovely, very relaxing. Then disaster struck, they put Michael Bubble on the big screen - 45 mins of my life I won’t get back !! We went for a spot of lunch before having a wander round the ship 🚢 . The wander around the ship is always a dangerous one for me, we end up looking at handbags, perfume, that kind of stuff, you know, the stuff that’s of no use to me 😂. Anyway, we did have a wander and I managed to get away with it so we then went and splashed out $10 in the casino. Yes a full $10. We would have probably seen the $10 for longer had we gone out on to the open deck and thrown it up in to the air, needless to say, we won nowt !!

    It was formal night tonight so all dressed up in best bib and tucker. We went to watch the show “Born to be Wild” with the ships dancers. It was a cracking show, I’m not one for shows but I did enjoy it, the singers and dancers were excellent and the music was pretty good. After the show we went for a snack up on deck, eaten far too much today so just a sandwich and of course a cup of tea and a cake at the back of the ship, that’s our favourite place. We’re only 30 miles from the coast of Denmark at the minute and I’ve managed to get a signal. Copenhagen tomorrow, until then, ttfn.
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  • Day158

    Day 159: Leaving the United Kingdom

    July 23, 2017, North Sea ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Finally! After 2.5 months, 5000 miles of driving, 30+ world heritage sites, an awful lot of museums and pay & display parking lots, we were finally leaving the British Isles. Time to head back to the Continent in search of more adventures!

    We headed out for a brunch in Twickenham at a nice cafe (great fit-out, though very slow service), then bummed around for the rest of the morning. Did some cleaning after lunch as our host was on her way back by mid-afternoon, eventually arriving around 3pm. Bailey was very happy to see her, as expected! We had a chat with her which was nice, as we hadn't had much chance to talk earlier in the week.

    After a bit we loaded up our luggage and set off on the road again - we walked to Twickenham station and caught the train into Waterloo, then switched a couple of times on the tube to Liverpool Street station. Our ultimate destination for the day was the ferry dock at Harwich, north-east of London, where we were getting a ferry across the north sea to Holland.

    We had a couple of hours to kill at Liverpool St station, so we headed out and chilled in a nearby restaurant with a platter of Lebanese food. Eventually we headed back inside to discover that a signalling failure had stopped all of the trains! We waited on our train on the platform for 15 minutes without going anywhere, then it was announced that the train was cancelled. A bit of running around ensued before someone said a single train was leaving in a few minutes.

    Slightly panicked running, particularly when the announcement initially gave the wrong platform number! Finally the train left the platform, about an hour late, and of course it was packed to the rafters since everyone else was having the same problem!

    Since we were getting a different train now, we needed to change at Colchester, so we hopped out along with a few others getting the ferry. The next train arrived 20 minutes late, then it was going to the port, then it wasn't, then they split the train in half and the front half went to the original destination while the rear half went to the port. Eventually we made it, though from leaving our restaurant at 5:45pm it was now after 9pm. Not bad for a trip that was supposed to be 90 minutes!

    Finally managed to board the ferry with no issues (after typical luggage scanning, passport checks etc). We'd lashed out and gotten a good sized suite with a king-size bed, ensuite bathroom, free alcohol and breakfast, so we got settled into there and dropped Schnitzel off in his kennel. Unfortunately he wasn't allowed with us, but we put him in with his bed and blanket, some toys and a water dish and he seemed OK. Quite a few other dogs in there too - about 20 or so.

    We also had an in-room TV with several channels including CCTV of the kennels, so we could see that he was asleep for most of the journey! The boat set off at 11pm but everything on board was on European time (not UK time), so we'd lost an hour without really noticing. We stayed up for a while snacking on the free food, drinking our free alcohol and reflecting on the time spent in the UK.

    It's been fun, and I've definitely enjoyed it. But I think there are way too many little annoyances that stack up for me to really want to live here. Plus it's incredibly expensive, even when you're used to Australian prices. We're going to need to spend some time in very cheap countries to come out on budget this year I think!

    So it was that we departed the UK as we'd arrived, on a boat after a long and stressful train journey. But onwards and upwards to the next adventure!
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  • Day3


    October 21, 2018, North Sea ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Endlich ist das Laden fertig und nach 16 Uhr Abfahrt. Nun verlassen wir die Elbe.
    Die Überraschung des Tages: Die besten Pommes der Welt!

  • Day6

    Wattwanderung nach Amrum

    July 15, 2018, North Sea ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Heute sind wir über das Wattenmeer auf die Insel Amrum gewandert. In drei Stunden sind wir acht Kilometer weit über das Watt und durch einen Priel gelaufen. Zum Glück gab es bis auf ein paar kleine Muschelschnitte keine Verletzungen. Auf Amrum angekommen sind wir noch ca. zwei Kilometer zu der Stadt Norddorf gewandert und anschließend mit dem Bus nach Wittdün gefahren. Dort hatten wir dann zwei Stunden Zeit, uns in ein Café zu setzen, ein Eis zu essen oder uns einfach nur auszuruhen. Zurück ging es auf einer Fähre.
    Das Wetter war optimal und es war ein einmaliges Erlebnis, dass alle in Erinnerung behalten werden.

    Den Blog heute haben Ella und Nina geschrieben
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  • Day10

    Mitten in der Nordsee

    August 12, 2014, North Sea ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Der Seegang ist uns auch heute erhalten geblieben mit ordentlich Wind an Deck. Sinnloses Herumlaufen auf dem Oberdeck hilft übrigens gegen aufkommende Übelkeit ;)

    Letzter Tag - leider muss man jetzt Abschied nehmen .... :(

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