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    • Day 5

      De bron van de Nijl

      July 20, 2022 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Na een heerlijk ontbijt op onze veranda (onder het toeziend oog van een stel apen) zijn we naar de bron en oorsprong van de Nijl gewandeld.
      Een mooie en warme wandeling van zo'n 10 km. Met een bootje zijn we stroomopwaarts gegaan tot aan het begin van s' werelds langste rivier.
      Althans dit is de Oegandese versie en een Britse ontdekkingsreiziger uit de 19e eeuw heeft deze plek ontdekt. Ene meneer Speke.
      Morgen vertrekken wij naar Kabale. Deze middag hadden we nog een bijzondere ontmoeting met Ingrid Wilts, de eigenaar van Mto Moyoni.
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      Wat een heerlijk begin!

    • Day 4

      Mto Moyoni!

      July 19, 2022 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Na een lange nacht worden we wakker van de tropische geluiden van vogels en krekels. We zijn nog steeds echt in Uganda!
      Na een ontbijt op het balkon bij ons huisje hebben we heerlijk relaxed wat omgehangen.
      De tuin bij Mto Moyoni heeft werkelijk paradijselijke trekjes. Alhoewel er wel behoorlijk wat dode bomen staan. Het paradijs had geen zwembad maar de buren van Mto Moyoni wel.
      Aan het einde van de middag heb ik (Harm) een stuk gerend wat bijzonder om hier weer te rennen over die paden van rode aarde met lachende kinderen achter je aan. Wij zijn de enige gasten dus het is super rustig. Alleen tegen de avond kwam er een groep apen voorbij (ruim dertig schatten wij in).
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    • Day 20

      Day 20: From Kenia to Uganda (Jinja)

      February 21, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Today was my first ride in the Nomad truck. It’s a custom build overland truck for Trans Africa tours 🚌 Its quite nice actually, seats like on a normal bus, USB chargers on every seat, lockers for our luggage, seat belts etc. It fits over 20 people - but we were only 8, so lots of space for everyone 😉 it’s name is Karen, by the way 👌

      Anyways, we were driving from Kenia to Uganda today ... it took about 12 hours to get to our final destination. But I didn’t mind. I enjoyed looking out of the window, observing the landscape and waving to local children (they were pretty excited about the big truck passing by). So far Uganda is really beautiful ... such a green country ... I’m super excited about the upcoming days 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

      I’m staying at Lake Victoria tonight by the way (close to the city of Jinja) - the source of the river Nile. Look it up on the map, it’s pretty big 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬
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      Not sure but is it Agama lizard?


      No clue ... but it’s very pretty

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    • Day 7

      Eventful Journey to Kampala

      December 1, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

      After a relaxed morning in Nile Adventure campsite, I bought what is known locally as a 'Rolex' which is a capatti filled with various ingredients of your choice - I had egg, green pepper, onion and tomato filling and it was delicious. I took it down to the river to eat and saw two big river otters tracking across the river about fifty metres from the jetty. There were also river birds such as the large black and white, hovering, pied kingfisher and the tiny iridescent blue malachite kingfishers and a smaller reed cormorant (that swims very low in the water with only its head above the water) spreading its coat-hanger shaped wings to dry. There were also lots of 'tiamata?' fish by the shore coming to the surface for insects which look like piranha but without the bite and are a staple for the local fishermen. I recorded the tropical sounds of insects and birds in the trees surrounding the campsite where vervet monkeys played, bounced across tents and roofs and occasionally squabbled angrily, chasing each other through the trees. The heavens opened about midday and a big, lightning flashing, thunderstorm soaked everything. As we left the campsite on our truck the drama began - we bumped about a quarter mile down a slippery and muddy track when we slid off the road into a deep ditch, throwing us and various objects across the truck and leaving the truck at a worryingly steep listing angle. As we exited the truck and slipped through the mud to take up various positions at the side of the road, many local men came running up the road to try and help free the truck. After several failed attempts, a digger was summoned from a nearby garage where it was being repaired to try and extricate the forlorn, entrenched yellow truck. After several unsuccessful attempts to tow the truck out from both ends, brute force was the final desperate solution as the digger lifted and shoved the truck backwards where our truck could then be towed out and we were free at last after about two hours. (In the meantime a young boy from the next door house came and said 'hello' - he said that he had been to school but that his mother could no longer afford the fees. He wants to be a mechanic when he grows up - he asked about my trail running shoes and said he had no shoes of his own - this put our temporary difficulty in stark perspective!) Often, our driver, then accelerated forwards in a brave and successful bid to set the truck free, continuing on to the main road. We all slipped and staggered in the mud to catch up with the truck. Then further drama ensued as the locals asked for payment from Often who remained remarkably calm amidst the melee. I also became embroiled in it as I was trying to wash my muddy feet from a water tap on the truck - a local helped, unbidden, to wash my feet - but I had to then extricate myself from the jostling crowd of locals with the help of Often. We headed for our next stop in Kampala with a story of our stranding to tell our fellow travellers who were taking alternative transport from the campsite after their whitewater rafting trip.Read more

    • Day 299

      Tag 9 - 11: Jinja

      May 29, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Mer sind 4 Nächt uf ehm Campingplatz in Jinja diräkt über ehm Nil blobe. De ersti Tag hämmer alli bruucht zum chli nüt mache. Mer sind im Restaurant ghocked, händ Smoothies trunke und gredt. Zum Zmittag simmer vor de Campingplatz go Chapatis ässe 😋 ich ha freud gha mol lokals Ässe chönne z probiere. Am spötere Nomittag händs für üs d Wasserrutschbahn ih Nil uf do und mer händ es zimlichs Fäst gha die steili Rutschi derab z düüse. Wos die de weder zue do händ han ich mer no es SUP gmieted und bi chli uf ehm Nil ume paddled.

      För de zwoiti Tag hämmer üs alli (inklusiv üsem 61 jährige Indonesier) ahs river rafting häre gwogt. Ich ha zimlich schiss gha, vorallem wo mer uf ehm Boot ghocked sind und d usseghei Üebige gmacht händ. Üse Guide heds aber au huerre lustig gfonde üs meh Angst z mache als nötig esch 🙄. S rafte ah sich esch denn mega lustig gsii 😂 scho krass und mer sind au mol use gheit aber es hed au Spass gmacht.

      Am nöchste Tag simmer go ehn Schuel bsueche - das esch sehr ihdrücklich gsi. Am Obig hämmer alli zäme ehn Sunneuntergangs Bootstour gmacht. Znacht und Getränk sind inklusiv gsii - so hämmer ehn super lustige Abschluss vo üsne 3 Täg in Jinja gha ☺️
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      Muetig und traumhaft schön🤩🦋




      Mmmm fein musst mal inschara mit Dorovat probieren wenn’s hät ist mein absoluter Favorit Vl gibts das aber nur nördlicher 😘viel Spass

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    • Day 28

      Day 28: Jinja

      March 1, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Remember Jinja? I have been here before. Only this time I had half a day to spend in this nice town. So I have decided to get a local guide and take a tour through Jinja village 🇺🇬

      The guide was the sweetest man. Very, very smart!!! Actually he knew more about what is currently going on in the world than I do 😂 And he taught me about his culture and believes 🙏

      You will find some pictures of the town. I will make another post just about the children I have met today - they were very sweet 💛
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    • Day 117

      Jinja en Ouganda !

      March 2, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      L'Ouganda, c'est un peu notre pays bonus, celui pas prévu initialement mais qu'on a eu envie d'aller voir de plus près. Liberté permise par le temps qui s'offre à nous et notre itinéraire qui s'écrit au fur et à mesure du voyage.

      C'est aussi notre pays "vacances", sans RDV ni projets à visiter ! Nous commençons par Jinja, petite ville située au bord du lac Victoria, 2ème plus grand lac au monde derrière le Lac Supérieur entre le Canada et les USA ! C'est également le point de départ du Nil Blanc, une des sources du Nil et surnommé ainsi du fait de ses nombreux rapides. Amateurs de rafting, accourez !

      Nous on a opté pour une version plus tranquille et économique, et avons parcouru en kayak une zone calmée par la construction d'un barrage en amont. L'occasion d'approcher une végétation luxuriante, de nombreux oiseaux, chauve-souris, singes et loutres.

      Pour nous y rendre, nous sommes restés fidèles aux matatus. L'occasion de vous proposer le juste prix africain ! A votre avis, combien de personnes (adultes, enfants et bébés confondus) fait-on rentrer dans ce type de minibus prévu initialement pour 14 personnes ?
      On cuisine un rolex (l'incontournable en-cas ougandais fait de chapati + omelette) à la personne qui propose le nombre le plus proche ! On vous laisse répondre directement en commentaire. :)
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      41 soit 14 la tête à l'envers. Nous continuons à adorer votre voyage . Grosses bises affectueuses de nous deux


      31 personnes (et 6 poules?)


      oups, 31 personnes (et 6 poules) dis-je maintenant que je suis connectée

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    • Day 60


      March 1, 2016 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      I guess 140$ goes a long way here... At least considering prices elsewhere. Confirmed via email the day before, Nile River explorers picked us up at our hotel, brought to their rafting headquarters/hostel in Jinja, fed us breakfast after a briefing (I asked for a second breakfast and got it!), followed by 3.5ish amazing hours on the river, a snack along the way, and a BBQ to end it all with free unlimited drinks. Yep, free beer. That never happens here. Usually they know it's their opportunity to make money so they charge even more then regular price because you're isolated. But here, free! We even arranged for our night in their dorm to be free! They used to do it but stopped in July last year apparently. But because we "asked nicely" according to our emails, we got a night for free!

      Their camp side hostel is absolutely beautiful. Restaurant and deck overlooking the river from on top on the hill, outdoor themed showers, there's a slide and zipline at the water... Just beautiful. Complete with a view of monkeys.

      The rafting was great! 8 grade 3-5 rapids, we fell out once and the boat flipped once... Good times! Bright sunny day, of course our legs got burnt despite sunscreen... They aren't used to being exposed! There was a lot of "dead" river between the rapids, so lots of rowing... Arms kind of tired... My workout of the week! Working out is easy when you just think back on your week!

      This morning we're off to our last stop in Uganda... I'm sad to leave but I feel quite satisfied with our time here. I feel I have a good idea of what Uganda is, and who Ugandans are... Almost time to move on.
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      Guy Lalonde

      Uh... You fell in the river? Like, uh, with the crocs?? LOL


      Rafting, good idea and a nice way to end Uganda. D.L.

    • Day 1


      July 5, 2017 in Uganda ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Been a busy couple of nights with James on cooking duty, buying and cooking dinner, breakfast and lunch with two others followed by Louisa doing dinner and breakfast with a different cook crew. It was a quite a challenge with 20 meat eaters, 5 vegetarians, a small budget, three coal burners to cook it on as well as the hot water for washing up! We crossed the border yesterday and instantly noticed the difference as it looks quite tropical with fruit trees, rice paddies and many mud round houses in the rural areas. We have had quite a few storms as the wet season has come late (it's now the dry season). We are having a couple of nights on the banks of the River Nile, supposedly the source as it flows out of Lake Victoria. This morning, before the storm, we used a cut out kayak to slide down a ramp that launched us 10 foot in the air! Whilst travelling along we get so many waves from everyone along with massive smiles - such a great reception.Read more

      Dave Warwick

      What's going on, that must be 5 days at least & no mountain bike in sight! :-)

      Lynda Ralph

      More great pics, can feel the local atmosphere. Enjoy, stay safe xxx

      Lyndsay McDonnell

      Is this a new hobby - sliding down a ramp?? I know you enjoy cooking but for 25 with very little equipment must be quite a challenge! Hope the weather gets better, take care, love xxxx

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    • Day 11

      Jinja Nile Camp

      June 19, 2017 in Uganda ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      This little resort is right on the River Nile and the views are amazing. Jess and I couldn't be bothered setting up our tent so we paid the extra $5 to be put into a door with four other girls on the trip for the two nights.

      The bunk beds were three beds high but we each had our own insect net, the beds were comfortable, there was wifi in the bar, the showers were HOT and the toilets flushed!

      I am just glad I didn't have to put up and take down the tent in the dark, I will have plenty of time for that in the up coming forty days!
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