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  • Day121


    September 4, 2017 in Uganda ⋅

    Jinja will be our final destination in Uganda. It’s a very charming, somewhat dilapidated colonial city with loads of very interesting art deco architecture.
    We are staying outside of town on the banks of the Nile River. It’s an absolutely beautiful campsite – one of the best of our trip so far. It has an amazing view of the Nile, good shade, grass, spotless showers and a beautiful restaurant/bar overlooking the rapids. The best part is that at night you can only hear the roar of the rapids, frogs and crickets. It’s incredibly peaceful.
    While here, we’ve visited the town a few times, spent lots of time admiring the beautiful river and bird life from our camp, and Christy went horseback riding. A fun fact: apparently there are only 100 horses in all of Uganda and the stables where Christy went riding had ¼ of the country’s horses there. It’s owned by some expats that are very serious about competing in events around Africa. Christy loved her experience and has vowed to get back in the saddle more often.
    While John was waiting for Christy at the stables, he was able to enjoy watching some red tailed monkeys playing in the nearby trees. A very pleasant visit all around!
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  • Day1


    July 5, 2017 in Uganda ⋅

    Been a busy couple of nights with James on cooking duty, buying and cooking dinner, breakfast and lunch with two others followed by Louisa doing dinner and breakfast with a different cook crew. It was a quite a challenge with 20 meat eaters, 5 vegetarians, a small budget, three coal burners to cook it on as well as the hot water for washing up! We crossed the border yesterday and instantly noticed the difference as it looks quite tropical with fruit trees, rice paddies and many mud round houses in the rural areas. We have had quite a few storms as the wet season has come late (it's now the dry season). We are having a couple of nights on the banks of the River Nile, supposedly the source as it flows out of Lake Victoria. This morning, before the storm, we used a cut out kayak to slide down a ramp that launched us 10 foot in the air! Whilst travelling along we get so many waves from everyone along with massive smiles - such a great reception.Read more

  • Day60

    Top Minibus ride

    March 1, 2016 in Uganda ⋅

    We've been taking minibuses (aka matatus or taxibus) mostly since we've arrived, as the locals do. Often when we ask our hotel or other travellers how to get places, they'll tell us the voyager or big bus options, which are often more expensive, and/or mostly taken by foreigners or higher class locals. We like the personal approach and challenge to minibuses.

    Today was a decision I think both Jack and I wished we could take back. We were instructed by our hostel on where to go for the big buses going to Mbale, but we chose to go to the taxi park where the minibuses leave from. I was in the back row against the window, with the usual 3 people to my right (4 per row), for which I thought I scored since they were small girls. Jack, the row in front of me, also had a small (maybe 10 years old) girl to her left. All good so far.

    It's should be a 2 hour bus ride, but I never checked the time, so who knows. About 10 minutes in, the 10 year old starts puking. At first in a handkerchief. Then someone gave her a bag. This was on and off throughout. Maybe an hour in Jack notices her thigh is wet. Unknown origins. Every once in a while, as we hit speed bumps or the breaks, there's a chicken, half of its body tied inside a plastic bag, the other half fighting to get out, which comes from underneath my seat to rub up against my leg. I got scared everytime, kicked my legs up everytime, only to get a dirty look from the women in front of me who's seat I'm kicking. The little girl in the middle of her two sisters to my right then pukes all over herself. That was a lot of fun since she was just eating a muffin and drinking an orange fizzy drink. My nursing friends won't mind reading this next part, but for the rest of you, if you've got a weaker stomach, skip ahead. Someone gave her a bag and she proceeded to wipe the puke bits off of herself and push them onto the ground using this bag as a glove. She then left the bag on the ground. So I supplied her a new bag that she can hopefully aim for next time. We eventually dropped off the lady that was sitting next to Jack's puker. As she got off, I noticed her bum area of her dress had a wet ring around it. And to further clarify what we were dealing with, I got an unmistakable whiff of urine. Remember, Jack has a wet thigh. I won't lie, I laughed a little on the inside. Few minutes later, we drop off Jack's puker and she's also wet, leaving behind a wet seat.

    As much as I'd like to say this is entirely out of the norm, it's not really. We've witnessed plenty of people being sick in buses. Sometimes in bags. Sometimes on the ground. People tend to ignore it. We were once behind a baby that projectile vomited against the seat, the window, the works. When they got off, people sat in that seat, no problem. And I've actually seen the peeing before also! I swear! I just can't remember where. The wet seat, the person looking awkward... I've seen it! I remember it being a long bus ride. But today! 2, maybe 3 hour bus ride, max! How bad can you have to go...

    Anywho, that's my input for today. To end on a good note, we made it to Sipi Falls. Found a place to stay where they gave us this cute little straw, round "bandas". We've got our hike for the morning booked nice and early so we can make it across to Kenya by tomorrow evening. Wait until you see the views!
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  • Day11

    Jinja Nile Camp

    June 19, 2017 in Uganda ⋅

    This little resort is right on the River Nile and the views are amazing. Jess and I couldn't be bothered setting up our tent so we paid the extra $5 to be put into a door with four other girls on the trip for the two nights.

    The bunk beds were three beds high but we each had our own insect net, the beds were comfortable, there was wifi in the bar, the showers were HOT and the toilets flushed!

    I am just glad I didn't have to put up and take down the tent in the dark, I will have plenty of time for that in the up coming forty days!
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  • Day45

    White Water Rafting The Nile

    June 20, 2017 in Uganda ⋅

    We drove 10 hours to Jinja and our campsite overlooks the Nile River - the longest River in the world! Today we went white water rafting down 10 of the greatest rapids on the Nile. I've never been white water rafting so I was a little anxious but up for a bit of adventure! We did several safety exercises before entering the first rapid which was grade 5 - the highest grading commercial rapid! By the end of the day we'd flipped the boat twice, both times I almost panicked thinking I was going to drown, but both times I popped up and thought 'Wow that was awesome, let's do it again!!' My arms are sore, I'm so sunburnt and ready for bed but it was such an adrenaline filled day and a highlight of the trip!Read more

  • Day12

    Adrift White Water Rafting

    June 20, 2017 in Uganda ⋅

    I can now say I have done white water rafting on the River Nile. Let's just say, this was one of the scariest white water rafting I have done (close second to New Zealand) but not because of the large drops but because of the crossing waters.

    Our raft tipped over twice, the first time we tipped was on the second rapid and as I have come back up the boat has hit me on the head pushing me back under the water - I thought I was going to drown in the rapid. When I finally did reach the surface I was still in the middle of the rapid, luck a safety kayak with us came and pulled me out.

    After that I was a tad cautious and didn't really want to tip the raft over again so when we were given a choice of 'no flip', '50/50' or '100%' we chose 'no flip' but our instructor had other ideas and took us into the middle where we were guaranteed to flip the raft and once again we ended up in the water, at least this time I didn't get pushed under by the raft again.

    Once we had finished they provided us with beer and lots of food, they then drove us back to our accommodation where we viewed the photos and video footage. It was a good day, I am glad I did it but I think as I get older I am getting more cautious (maybe even wiser) and that is why these sorts of things are starting to scare me haha.
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  • Day39

    Kenya-Uganda Border

    June 14, 2017 in Uganda ⋅

    We crossed the Kenya-Uganda border at 10am this morning. It's a lengthy process as you have to "depart" Kenya before "entering" Uganda and with a group of 20, it can take some time but luckily we were only there for about an hour! I've never encountered a border like that before because Uganda is landlocked so all their goods travel by road from Kenya and have to cross the border. The only thing separating the two countries was a metal fence that opened once you were cleared!Read more

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