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  • Day24


    September 2, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Joachim: Nach einer schönen Fahrt ( 130km) über Scarborough (Castle No21) und einem Rugby Spiel sind wir jetzt in Hull.

    Nachdem Boarding sitzen wir nun in einem der Saloons und geniessen die Aussicht und lassen die Reise Revue passieren.

    Ann: So schnell können drei Wochen vorbeigehen. Wir haben viel gesehen und erlebt ...zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, die Schotten sind sehr freundliche und zuvorkommende Menschen. Ich weiss nicht wie oft wir die handgehoben haben um uns zu bedanken, weil man uns vorbei gelassen hat.
    Zum Wetter kann ich sagen, Regen gibt es nicht, der Schotte steht bei Regen draussen ohne alles und unterhält sich in Seelenruhe weiter. Temperaturen über 10 grad entsprechen dem Sommer und ab 15 grad trägt man kurze Hose und T-Shirt oder Frauen ärmellose Sommerkleider und Sandalen. Sturm gibt es nicht, nur Wind, so um 240 km/h ist dann starker Wind. Selbst wenn der Regen waagerecht daher kommt ist das nicht erwähnenswert. Die Natur ist überwältigend und nicht immer so wie man das als Urlauber gerne so hätte. Allerdings ist es auch sehr teuer und wir waren deshalb auch selten aus. Einkaufen ist spannend aber auch erschütternd, hier gibt es fast nur Fertiggerichte, Weißbrot und wabbel Toast . Eintrittspreise in die Castels sind oft überteuert, gut das wir unseren Explorer Pass hatten. Bevor ich es vergesse.....Beifahrerin zu sein ist ein Alptraum, vor allem wenn die Strassen so eng sind und das sind sie fast immer. Noch eine Anmerkung für behinderte Menschen, an allen Strassenampeln sind die Bürgersteige abgesengt und überhaupt gibt es fast überall Rampen, sauber Behindertentoiletten und Hilfen.

    Joachim: Ja, es ist ein beeindruckendes Land mir super relaxten und freundlichen Menschen, da könnten wir uns mal ein Beispiel nehmen, insbesondere auch im Straßenverkehr. Ich habe während der 3 Wochen nicht einmal jemanden hupen oder schimpfen gesehen. Die Herzlichkeit ist wirklich ansteckend.
    Landschaftlich ein Traum, und Farben, einmalig, wenn das Wetter mitspielt. Gut, da sind noch die Midges. Die sind schon sehr aufdringlich und kommen überall durch.
    Weitere Highlights: Eine kleine Ferry, Delphine, Castles, Abbeys, Rugby, Schafe, Fish and Chips, Einsamkeit, Lighthouses, Whisky, ........
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  • Day2

    Heading for the Hull Ferry

    September 6, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Wednesday 6th September
    We leave home around 5.30pm to catch the Hull to Rotterdam Ferry and by 7pm we are on board and heading for the restaurant after dropping our overnight bags in our cabin.
    After a lovely meal and a couple of drinks we have a walk around the ship and then return to our cabin hoping to get a good night's sleep.

  • Day2


    January 29, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    I'm here! What a day. They collected me in a group from the airport and the four of us got to know each other over the next few hours and then when they handed out keys one of them was my roommate! Yeah! Together we found some food and toilet paper. Today is orientation and stuff, it was dark when we got to Hull so I'm excited to see it during the day.

  • Day4

    Exploring Hull

    January 31, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    A German, an American and a Frenchman walk into a pub.....

    and eat some lunch. sounds like the beginnings of a good joke but this is pretty much my daily life so far. I'll let you know when I come up with a good punchline.

    Went exploring Hull with some of my flatmates, including lunch at the 'smallest pub room in Britain'.

  • Day17


    February 13, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    This was a general chapter on the cell cycle for microbiology and histopathology. I just died when I saw this because all the other questions are super serious. (Also proof that I did do some school work!)

  • Day95

    Liberty Cafe - American Diner

    May 2, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    Oh yes! Also ate at an American Diner today! xD They gave me a boat of gravy with my burger? They also had to ask permission and made a really big fuss because I wanted I rootbeer float.(instead of the coke float they had on the menu) P.S. The rootbeer was Australian

  • Day45


    May 30, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    I’m sat on the Pride of Hull nursing a Leffe. All around is the sound of Dutch. There’s an empty stage in front of me with an electric drum kit and a sunburst Stratocaster. It all looks ominous. I really hope there isn’t a band on, at least not any time soon. No one has ever heard of a group that made it big after gigging on a ferry (especially not P&O’s Pride of Hull!). And for good reason; they are notoriously un-tuneful.

    It was just over three and a half hours ago when I left Wigan; which is really not bad going all things considered. All in all, it was a particularly uneventful journey. There was traffic on the M60 (is the Pope Catholic? Do bears shit in the woods?), but apart from that, it was plain sailing the whole way.

    I did, however, need a wee. And it was precisely at the point that I got stuck in the infamous M60 traffic that Nature started to make its voice heard. Sods law! I did, it must be said, drink two cups of tea in quick succession before leaving. But, on any other motorway at any other point, I could’ve pulled over and relieved myself. Not on M60 whilst sat in traffic! There was nothing I could do, I just had to grin and bear it. Torture, it was.

    But, after about 20 minutes of crawling, I’d cleared the M60 and I had Yorkshire within my sights. For that reason, I didn’t stop. I kept going and going and going. 70 miles, 60 miles, 50. I still needed a wee -- really badly needed a wee -- but, inexplicably, I kept going. I passed countless service stations and just carried on, Hull bound. In fact, I nearly made it all the way. I was just seven miles off Hull and nine off the port, when,as if from nowhere, the Humber Bridge revealed itself upon the horizon. Well, I had to stop and take a picture. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

    I pulled off the carriageway and meandered about an industrial estate, searching for a place where I could stop for a minute and take a picture of the suspension bridge. Well, about half the mile up the road the industrial units gave way to a clearing of trees. Lo and behold, there was a car park too. I stopped, found a bush, did my thing, then made my way through the woods down to the shoreline.

    Wow, what an impressive bridge. Not quite the Forth Bridges, but impressive nonetheless. It’s a shame, though, they painted it brown. There is a lot to be said about being understated, but a bridge of that calibre deserves to be, at least, a deep red or something.

    Anyway, I got my picture and made my way back to the car. Thankfully, it was still there. Should it not have been, the thief would have got more than he bargained for - a car full of life's basic essentials plus a 50Kg bag of apples and a life's supply of toilet roll (thanks Mum!). Feeling lighter and significantly more nimble than I had done just two minutes earlier, I climbed back in the Up and travelled the last few miles to the port.

    I got to the port and the heavens opened. I wanted to get out and take a picture of the Pride of Hull, but the rain prevented me from doing so. And, besides, there was a burly looking man in high-vis directing me through the gates-of-no-return. Before I knew it, I was on board, the whole thing taking just 15 minutes.

    Now I’m on board and feeling a bit sea sick. So much in life is psychological: we haven’t even set sail. Just the act of sitting on a boat is enough to make me feel a bit dizzy. Then again, this Belgian beer is strong stuff. And that reminds me, I must got and buy another before this knock-off pub band turn up.
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