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  • Day1

    Made it!

    September 30, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Yesterday aka Monday 2.0 was alright. We didn't get any sleep on the flight so that was a bugger. Plenty of snacks and shows to watch so that was good at least, just went a little too long without sleep. Had the usual security, customs and waiting for the bags once we landed then our transfer to our hotel. We're staying at the Sand Villa for 2 nights, it's older but lovely and right on the canal and only a block from the beach. We were able to check in early and had a little lie down before heading to Dukes, a restaurant on the beach and we went there a few times last time, so good. We had some pupus (haha) finger food/entrees and I had my first cocktail of the trip, as good as we remembered. We were still pretty wrecked so went back to the hotel via a few ABC stores to pick up some supplies and ready for a more decent nap. Around 6pm we made a move and wandered through the shops in Waikiki, there's a Christmas shop! Ben dragged me away pretty quickly, but I'll try and get in there today. Cheeseburger in paradise was for dinner, we shared the mac and cheeseburger and the pastrami cheeseburger, both really good. Back through some shops then ready for bed. I didn't set an alarm for today so it's about 9:30am Tuesday morning right now, plan is to go to the shopping centre Ala Moana and getting a bus from there to Manoa falls, see how we go 😊Read more

  • Day26

    The day after

    February 2 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    On Sunday Dani & Chris hosted a buffet breakfast at the Turtle Bay Resort. It was very relaxed and informal. The food once again was delicious and the ocean front setting in The Pavilion was gorgeous. There were rumours that late in the evening Chris imbibed in his favourite drink, bourbon, and had to be carried to the limousine that would take them back to the resort! Despite this he was still a gracious host at the breakfast. Most of the out-of-town guests were heading back to Canada on an afternoon flight, including Nancy and Rebecca.

    On our way back to Waikiki we stopped at Sunset Beach to watch the surfers. The waves weren’t huge but it was a nice afternoon for the beach. We also stopped at a botanical garden because I happened to see a small sign at the side of the road. For once we made it back to our condo in Waikiki without getting lost!
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  • Day24

    Waikiki...time to wake up

    January 31 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    There is always an adjustment to be made when travelling from sleepy Kauai to bustling Waikiki. After a 30 minute, $65 flight from Kauai we landed in Waikiki and took a taxi to our condo (at $42 the taxi cost almost as much as our flight!). Check-in time wasn’t until 4 pm so they stored our luggage while we made plans to pick up our rental car. I chose to walk the 3 km route while JS took the bus so we had agreed to meet at the bus loop by Ala Moana Mall as we were both familiar with this location. For some reason JS decided to wait for me in a different location believing that I would be walking right by him. Well I didn’t go that route and ended up waiting 45 minutes for him, worried that something had happened. I finally gave up and headed to the Enterprise location nearby. Coincidentally, JS also made that decision and we ended up running into each other at one of the mega mall entrances! What were the chances of that happening?! Not off to a great start! We were given a brand new Toyota Camry and after a quick stop at the condo to change clothes we were on our way to The Proud Peacock Restaurant at Waimea Falls on the North Shore of Oahu. Although it was less than 60 km it took us almost 1 1/2 hours to get there. Most of this route is a narrow two-lane, heavily travelled coastal road.

    Dani and Chris had invited all of the out-of-town wedding guests to this event. There were about 35 people there, a mix of friends, co-workers and relatives. Nancy’s group of 5 people got lost and arrived about an hour late. Nancy was navigating.....just saying! That afternoon most of this group had gone ATV/UTVing at a ranch where Jurassic Park was filmed. This was also a pre-wedding event but we had opted out. They all said it was a lot of fun except for how dirty they all got. The dinner was a typical Hawaiian meal of pork, sword fish, noodles, and vegetables, with an open bar of course.

    The drive back to Waikiki went smoothly until we hit the city. We got very lost and had to stop for directions in a not-so-nice area. It was a long day.
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  • Day22

    Die Heimreise

    August 18, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    Kaum zu glauben, aber 3 Wochen Urlaub sind wirklich schon vorbei. Jetzt beginnt unsere Heimreise.

    Über unser Hotel haben wir einen Transfer gebucht, der uns zum Flughafen bringt. Pünktlich werden wir abgeholt und ein sehr netter Fahrer von Island Express bringt uns zum Flughafen. Er kennt die Terminals und Lobbys auswendig, so dass wir direkt bei American Airlines landen.

    Unsere Koffer müssen durch das Agriculture Screening, das geht ratzfatz und schon können wir in einer menschenleeren Schalterhalle unsere Bagage Tags ausdrucken und dann am Baggage Drop unsere Koffer abgeben. Mit 48,5 und 49,5 lb machen wir eine relative Punktlandung, was das Gewicht angeht. Wir haben aber auch alles, was wir nicht rumschleppen wollten, in die Koffer gepackt.

    Hier an Terminal 2 sind seit 16:00 keine Flieger mehr gestartet. Der nächste geplante und pünktliche Flug ist unserer um 20:00. Dadurch ist hier kaum eine Menschenseele unterwegs. Dementsprechend schnell bringen wir die Sicherheitskontrolle hinter uns und sind am Gate. Wir schlendern durch jeden offenen Shop und können so unsere Wartezeit ein wenig verkürzen.

    Überpünktlich können wir boarden und fliegen los in Richtung Dallas. Viel Schlaf bekommen wir leider nicht ab, aber der Flug geht trotzdem schnell vorbei. Kurz nach 8 Uhr morgens (inklusive Zeitverschiebung) verlassen wir in Dallas den Flieger. Da ich nicht wirklich glauben konnte, dass wir weder Gepäck holen und wieder abgeben, noch eine gesonderte Ausreise machen müssen, erkundigen wir uns an einem American Airlines Schalter vorsichtshalber nochmal, bevor wir frühstücken gehen.

    Nach einem gemächlichen Frühstück erkunden wir den Flughafen Dallas Fort Worth. Irgendwie haben weder Udo noch ich Lust zu einem Shopping Center zu fahren, also bleiben wir im Sicherheitsbereich. Aufgrund der schieren Größe des Flughafens kriegen wir gute 6 Stunden locker rum. Einen Teil der Zeit nutzen wir für ein Nickerchen.

    Leider wird unser Flieger mittlerweile als verspätet gemeldet. Schade. Etwas später als geplant, geht es zum letzten Mal zum Boarden. Wenn alles passt, sind wir in 11-12 Stunden zu Hause. Bis auf eine kurze weitere Verzögerung beim Start und einen recht schütteligen Flug läuft alles planmäßig und wir landen um 10:00 Uhr in Frankfurt. Jetzt noch Koffer holen und dann ab nach Hause.

    Schön war es auf Hawaii.
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  • Day4

    Day 4

    August 21, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Sonali had a terrific night. Found herself husband No. 43.
    I left her in bed and went with Jo and Pierce to the beach for our turtle tour, only Jo accidentally booked it for tomorrow. Alas!

    We decided to try find Cathy and Kate who rumor had it were already at the beach.
    Couldn’t find them and I was getting cranky cause the sand was so thick it wouldn’t fit through a sieve.
    Lots of rocks. I also popped a blister and it was really ouchy.
    Went back & collected Sonali, I put on bandaids, And put on sunscreen when the Beverley’s suddenly appeared so we all went for lunch together at the beach bar. I didn’t eat anything cause I threw back a Big Mac before the turtle tour thinking it would invite sea sickness if I had an empty stomach on a boat.
    I loved the cocktails I had though.

    The famous beach and backdrop was beautiful. (Waikiki beach)
    Fav part of Hawaii so far.
    After lunch Sonali, Jo and I went for a swim in the water. The temperature was lovely. Sand was better at this section but still not as good as ours.
    Bloody hate sand 🙄
    Loved the waves and really tried to make myself take in where I was and the beautiful spot I was in.
    I’m very blessed.

    Had a quick lie on the towel to dry before we then went walking around.
    We found a Nat Geo art gallery which had some fantastic pieces. What an amazing job to have. You’d go bonkers waiting around for the perfect shot but man, seeing animals in the wild continuously would be splendid.
    Pity I can barley work an iPhone camera.

    We then wandered into some markets.
    Crazy Asian ladies were running the stores with the standard I give you discount “just for you” crap.
    We were still wet so they wouldn’t let us try on the clothes so we went home to shower and change the went back. We bought a dress each and I bought a hat for Will cause I lost his last one.
    I also bought myself a hat earlier in the day.
    Fucking the stupidest shit. Price tag says $10 get to the counter and it’s $10.50.
    Why they any just include the tax ahead of time is beyond me.
    We went back to get ready to go to hard rock for dinner. KEEN.

    It was good but was still probably the worst one ive been to.
    Not enough blue cheese with my wings.
    I chose to go back to the hotel afterwards - Sonali, Scott and Cathy went drinking.

    FaceTimed Will. Miss him.


    Also got super sunburnt today 😭🙄😅
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  • Day5

    Day 5

    August 22, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Sunburn is baaaaaaaaad.

    Walked to the turtle meet point - names were on the list today - phew!
    We didn’t put sunscreen on cause they said they had some special reef safe sunscreen so we were trying to avoid the sun as much as possible before getting on the boat.
    Fucking hate this sand.

    Got on the boat. They drove out a little bit (not too far) to turtle canyon. They gave us our gear and in we went.
    Lots of turtle! 🤗🤗🤗
    Saw at least 10 and got quite close to one cause it came up to have a breath. I love their heads. And eye shape.
    Saw lots of fishies too.

    Then went on a boat ride. Bumpy AF. Got drenched and Jo vomitted.
    They gave her a bucket just in time. lol
    It was promoted as dolphin spotting but it was way too choppy.

    So the sunscreen they gave us was so thick and disgusting AND DID NOT WORK.
    I am red raw! Sunburn on top of sunburn - send help. 😭😭😭😭

    Me Jo and Pierce then went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. So busy and the menu was like 100 pages.
    Jo got some cheesecake at the end. They had a solid 50 flavors to chose from.

    We had dinner as group minus Pierce cause he has a sore back and potentially infected ear (had water stuck since day 1)
    We went to a nice resturant where we played trivia games on the tablet on the table.
    NEK MINUTE they charge us $2 at the end for playing.
    I wasn’t hungry cause we ate late so I just had a tiny salad and cup of soup cause I knew if I didn’t eat I’d regret it later.
    We walked in and out of shops on our way home - they have 1 million M&M flavors including jalapeños.
    When back we headed to the Beverley’s apartment for a quick stop to say bye as they fly home tomorrow.

    I am so sore. Can’t move without pain. It was a shirts off evening in our room. Didn’t care. Tits flying everywhere.
    Sonali helped me by putting cold towels on my back and when I got up to pee I felt them and I had actually heated them up.

    Dumb American quote.
    *people walking past hawaiian Christmas ornament shop*
    “Oh! Do they have Christmas in Hawaii ???”
    Fuck me.
    Yes you fuckwit.
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  • Day35

    More Waikiki

    February 11 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    It always takes me a couple of days to readjust to being alone. I had planned to travel to Maui or the Big Island and although there were condos available I couldn’t get excited about the effort it would take to do the inter-island flight. Car rentals were also expensive, at least $450/week. So I decided to stay at the same place in Waikiki where I wouldn’t have to rent a car. The one bedroom condo at the Royal Kuhio was only $85/night so it was affordable and centrally located. What I hated about it was the creepy crawlers! Every night I would kill a bug or two, from tiny sugar ants to the fastest moving species that were likely cockroaches. I kept the kitchen spotless and all food in the fridge but I still found bugs on the counters, the floor and in the dishwasher (which I stopped using). I got maintenance to spray but it didn’t help so I kept the broom at my side ready for my attack!

    I didn’t enjoy Waikiki as much as on previous visits. It was very crowded, crime was up, and the sidewalks on some streets were in disrepair (a hazard for one who has a tripping history). The nightly news reported that crime was up 48% over last year, mainly with armed muggings of tourists and purse snatching from the elderly. On my walks I only carried ID and my cellphone in my pocket, no purse.

    Waikiki is spread along the coastline so there was a large area to choose a different route for my daily walks. A walk at sunset was my favourite time of day. My goal is to get rid of the excess belly fat that has mysteriously appeared over the last few months. Walking is the part I enjoy most on our winter breaks, especially when it is so scenic. My longest walk this week was 17,911 steps, or 12.5 km!
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  • Day9

    Day 8

    August 26, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

    So Sonali didn’t come home.
    Little concerned so I messaged her if she was alive at 10.
    Sends back she is fine, currently in a bed and the people in the bed next to here are fucking.
    Sent through some great video footage.
    Holy hell.

    I went to IHOP by myself.
    I have mozzie bites on the back of my legs and they are killing me.
    Not enough staff working.
    Food was poorly presented but edible.
    IHOP ✔️✔️

    Then went to Victoria’s secret. Some nice stuff but nothing I HAD TO HAVE.
    The ones I liked the most didn’t have my size anyway.

    Went back to the markets and bought some shitty jewelry. I think managed my impulses quite aa well. Only spent $24 all up.
    Also got my magnet.

    Wandered in and out of other beach shops along the Main Street.

    Bought some shaved ice finally. Delicious!

    Back home now. Sonali passed out in bed.

    Had a 3 hour nap - heh.
    Woke up at 3 and got ready to do the Diamond head hike.
    Have been putting it off because of my sunburn but it’s slowly getting better and isn’t unbearable to be in sunlight anymore.

    Used the hotel WiFi to order an Uber.
    He was actually lovely and didn’t make me sit up the front next to him which made me more comfortable.
    He had a big tips jar though which made me uncomfortable.
    He was nice though so I gave him $3 lol

    The ride took 20 mins.

    It cost $1 to enter the park.

    I ate at the food stand before getting underway though.
    They have to put either a flower or pineapple with everything. I had a hotdog with chips. Came with both.

    The walk was beautiful. I was concerned at first cause everyone was overtaking me and I was actually kinda struggling in the heat but that lasted all of 4 minutes. Once I got in the groove I was totally fine. Wasn’t really challenging at all.
    It was a very slow but constant incline.
    Had some fire points along the way.
    The stair section was a killer but lead into a cave bit which meant some welcomed shade.

    Finally made it and it was a great view.
    Very pleased to have done it. Glad to have done it alone so I could go my own pace.
    Great day.
    The volcano crater was also cool to see.

    Some interesting outfit choices along the way.
    Some dude was in long jeans, a long sleeved business shirt and tie.

    The ride home was fucked.
    Cause no WiFi has to get a taxi.
    I am completely positive my driver is a serial killer.
    First of all he has the wacky eyes that look 2 different directions and he was really dirty. His face as clothes were filthy.
    His right ear and side of face was covered in medical tape too.

    He also didn’t talk.
    Well he did, but it was so mumbled I couldn’t hear him.
    One time I questioned him and he repeated in the creepiest fucking voice

    I know a real nice secluded spot with a nice view I can show you

    Fuck no

    Alarm bells.

    Got out of the taxi at the zoo.
    Found some WiFi and ordered an Uber.
    I had genuine panic and escape plans in my head.

    Uber driver was great. Big fan of registered driver they can trace if I disappear 😅😅😅😅

    When home we all went to PF Chang’s for dinner again. Love the lettuce cup shit.

    I finally bought my shirt from Crazy shirts. It literally took me 30 mins to decide but I’m super happy with my choice.

    Once home and I had a strong impulse to go back out and get my souvenir shopping done.

    ABC stores are everywhere. Great stores. Got everything lol.
    Bought me some more peanut butter cups, a shirt, shot glasses and a tiki mug.
    Please with what i found.

    Packed up my bag and hit the hay.

    Day 9.

    Sonali was on a different flight so she was gone by the time I woke up.
    No need to make a proper update about the day but a few things worth mentioning happened.

    Glad I packed last night. Exhausted lol.

    Glad to be going home. More so sick of the company 😂 I miss Will. I miss being able to say anything I want with out judgement. 🙄
    Big ol lefties the lot of them hahaha

    The airport is fucked. Such bad signage and little organisation but the best part of my day was...

    Security was doing the usual announcements
    “Take put your electronics. Take out your laptops an kindles” blah blah blah.

    A person tried to get through with a small OVEN in their backpack.

    Security guard “I suppose it’s not their fault... I didn’t specify for people to take out their ovens”

    He was in hysterics. Never happened to him before.


    It was fantastic 😂😂😂😂

    Flight was shit. Super random though. I had an empty chair next to me for the first hour. Then some dude with a name tag who worked for the airport - was working on his laptop about plane stuff - sat next to me for the next 8.

    Then with 1.5 hours to go. He packed up his stuff, goes “time to go” and left and went back up to the front of the plane.

    If you already had a seat..?

    He also had a nap so like, was he working or not???

    So weird.

    Great trip.
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  • Day1

    Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

    November 1, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Unser Hotel in Honolulu, das Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, liegt nur wenige Gehminuten entfernt vom Strand von Waikiki und nur eine Querstraße entfernt von der Shoppingstraße. Unser Zimmer ist hübsch renoviert und liegt im 10. Stock. Im 14. Stock befindet sich der stylische Pool auf der Dachterrasse. Zur Begrüßung gibt es ein paar leckere Snacks und etwas zu trinken; v.a. die Macadamianüsse in Schokolade sind leeecker. Am auffälligsten an unserem Hotel? Die farbenfrohe Entrichtung und sehr bunte Lobby.Read more

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