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  • Day48

    1st train ride (Chicago to Denver)

    July 7, 2017 in the United States

    Compared to German train stations, American ones are beautiful, clean and everyone takes care of you. You gather in groups, are walked to the train and are being waked up 10 minutes before you have to get off. 17 hours ride, on the way from Chicago to Denver a whole lot of nothing and corn fields. Denver is very nice though it's freaking hot.Read more

  • Day46


    July 7, 2017 in the United States

    Auch nicht schlecht. Leider etwas weit weg vom Wasser, was bei diesen Temperaturen ungünstig ist...Dafür sieht man am Horizont die Rocky Mountains.
    Die 17 Stunden Bahn Fahrt waren auch sehr in Ordnung. Der mittlere Westen der USA besteht zum größten Teil aus viel Nichts. Wer hätte das gedacht...

  • Day14

    Mesa Verde

    October 21 in the United States

    The pics of these Pueblos look like they are in miniature but in reality they are quite large buildings where a lot of people lived to help stack rocks on top of one another to create a decent home.
    It makes your mouth water, I got as far as building a rock wall, that felt good and it has a good feel about it too so there is a little bit of envy with people who build a whole village out of that material.
    It’s a good material, you walk on top of this desert mesa to see houses built under massive cliff overhangs and the feeling they give sure beats something made out of treated pine and Gyproc with a vinyl floor.

    The one exception I would make though is to install a few aluminium windows, this is something they should have considered.
    This Mesa is 8,0000ft high, the place is cold enough but in winter it goes under snow so they had to store a lot of food to get them through.
    The places they built, the Pueblos housed themselves, their food stores and the ubiquitous scruffy mutt or two so you could imagine in the depths of winter, with a howling blizzard outside, people shivering, stores dwindling, dogs fighting and then someone complaining about who left the windows open.

    There was a huge population one and a half thousand years ago living on the Mesa and it started out by people digging holes in the ground to house themselves, a bit basic but being in the ground keeps you cool in the short summer and warm during the long winter.
    Eventually the houses rose a little higher and then after that the Pueblonians, (no I’m not having a go that’s what they call them) came along and looked at the enormous caves and thought well, we already have a roof now we just have to fill the bottom in.
    This was radical as I tried to build a house from the roof down once with disastrous results but anyway they really were radical and contemporary people as their ingenuity and art show from examples of beautiful designs on everything from bowls to plaster walls inside the Pueblos.
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  • Day18

    Mesa Verde

    November 5 in the United States

    Up and out and heading north across into Colorado today, as we visited Mesa Verde National Park - site number 400 for me! Another exciting milestone.

    The site was quite interesting, though a bit similar to yesterday's Chaco Canyon. This was a collection of cliff dwellings - some large communities, others small and modest ones, but they were all located in over-hung cliffs. Very similar style to what we'd seen yesterday but still fascinating. Unfortunately we couldn't go down into these ones, as the tours had finished for the season (they get a lot of snow up here and it was impending in the next few weeks), so we had to content ourselves with just looking from atop the mesas. But still great.

    Northwards in the late afternoon to Cortez where we stayed the night, our only night in Colorado.
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  • Day30

    Mesa Verde National Park, USA

    July 15, 2017 in the United States

    Comme vous le savez sûrement les indiens d'Amérique vivaient dans des tipis. Donc normalement, contrairement aux peuples d'Amérique du Sud, ils n'ont pas laissé de traces. Mais nous avons découvert qu'il y avait un peuple qui en avait laissé. Ce peuple s'appelait les Anasazis. Nous sommes donc allés voir les ruines de leurs constructions. Les Anasazis ont disparu en l'an 1300 (à peu près). Ils construisaient des tours et des maisons dans des grottes. Ils faisaient de la poterie. Eux n'étaient pas des nomades mais des cultivateurs et éleveurs.


    Hier nous avons fait 4h de voiture pour voir un site Anasazi. Je vais vous parler des constructions impressionnantes que nous avons vues et de leur positionnement. 

    Position : les sites se trouvent dans des grottes de la falaise ou à des endroits plats proches du vide, difficilement accessibles.

    Ventilation : les Anasazi avaient un système de ventilation très perfectionné qui permettait d'évacuer la fumée sans éteindre le feu et de rafraîchir l'intérieur des maisons. Ils creusaient des cheminées verticales (les ventilateurs) d'un mètre de profondeur où l'air s'engouffrait pour ressortir par un trou au fond puis rebondir sur un caillou devant l'entrée du trou (le déflecteur) qui faisait remonter l'air. Le flux d'air croisait la fumée du foyer et amenait cette dernière vers le trou situé au centre du toit.

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  • Day48

    Airbnb in Denver

    May 18 in the United States

    Hüt bini na de restlich Teil bis uf Denver gfahre. Churz vor Ankunft bini na zum Barr Lake State Park. Chli go umeluege öbi vieliecht nachli Tier gseh. 😊

    Nachdemi mis züg im Airbnb abglade han hani mi (dank em Navi) uf de falsch Weg richtig Denver Airport gmacht🙈😄 zum d‘Martina abhole.
    Trotz um Umweg hanis no meh oder weniger pünktlich gschafft sie abzhole.

    De Verkehr da isch ja krass!😱 sooo vill Autos, sooo vill Spuure und all fahred quer durenand🤷‍♂️
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  • Day16

    American Graffiti

    October 23 in the United States

    A small collection of some of the treasures you find along the road with the exception of the ad in a local paper. Photo number four is of a classic column called “CRIME OF THE WEEK” and if it’s hard to read it describes the theft of seven guns and a TV Set. The guns sound a little pedestrian till you get to the .44 Magnum and the AK47 built from a kit.

    An AK47 kit, where do you get one of those from? I know what I’m asking Santa for next Christmas.
    Trouble is how do you tell Santa you’ve been good and ask for an AK47 in the same breath, you can be sure you wouldn’t get anything next Christmas.

    Thats what great about traveling in the US you really know that you’re in the USA, there is no doubt about it like say travelling in the tropics because the coconut tree your sitting under could be on any tropical island any where and Margaritas taste the same the world over.

    Along the backroads, away from all the rich fancy pants areas, which is probably the majority of the country, it seems most peoples vehicles are worth more than their homes.
    That not hard because reading more adds from that local paper one says “For Sale 2 Acres. $200 down and $200 a month for 2 years”. Another one reads “Priced Reduced. Land and Home. Immaculate two bedroom, two bath. Laminate wood floors, fenced, half irrigated acre lot. Large shed. $49,900”.

    These ads are getting better, I just spotted one for a Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible for $4000.
    So the idea now is, convert all our overpriced Australian properties into US ones, create a property empire, stick a fat cigar in your mouth and drive round like a ponce in your Mustang Convertible.

    I was lucky to find my $4000 Mustang because the reason why vehicles cost more than property is.
    We have just driven up from Arizona through Utah to Colorado, then on into Wyoming and over ninety percent of the vehicles on the roads are nearly new Dodges, Fords or Chevrolet pick ups all worth well over $50,000, there were very few normal cars on these byways at all.

    You spot them too from the road, gleaming and garaged, if they could afford a garage, alongside some decrepit hovel with about twenty other antecedents out the back amongst tons of other rubbish so the contrast is dramatic, the vehicle seems like the only thing clean and cared for.

    Getting little away from the US, this would be politically as well, another ad I spotted reads: “35 Miles West Of Cuba, 600+ acres bordering BLM (whatever that is), public water and wells, electricity, fenced (what all 600 acres fenced) 5000’ two story cinder block building with bathrooms and a kitchen. LETS TALK 505-258-7894”

    Now we’ve included the phone number so if any of you want to get in on this action. We’ve all ready got the trailer park market tied up here though would consider a partnership as this spot has tax haven written all over it.
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  • Day19

    Little house (RV) on the Prairie

    October 26 in the United States

    I take it back, Americans do get irony.
    The Nebraska sign also reads Home Of Arbor Day, this must either be humour, wishful thinking or total delusion.
    We drove a few days through Nebraska and barely saw a twig sticking above the grasses although to be fair this may have been our fault as most of our concentration was on keeping the RV from being blown sideways off the road.

    For those who prefer a short blog, you are in luck, there are only so many ways you can describe a windswept prairie but we will have a bit of a go anyway.
    There was a long road stretching into the distance, it disappeared over many horizons, looking to the left we saw a lot of grass, looking to the right we saw a lot of grass too.

    But then we came to something very interesting.
    Rhonda brought her own sugar over because last time we were in the US she said the stuff here tasted funny, unpalatable as well, I wouldn’t know I don’t touch the stuff so I just thought she was being weird as usual.
    But it seems she had her reasons because driving into a town, Scotts Bluff, we saw mountains of what looked like round rocks, huge piles of them stacked up everywhere.
    These were all around a complex very similar to our sugar mills and the reason for that is that it was a sugar beet mill.
    The smell in the air was similar to what you get out of our cane mills though not as sweet or aromatic. It was like a bad batch was cooking or some farmers poor dogs had got mixed up in the machinery as he was cutting the cane.
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  • Day2

    Erster Einkauf

    June 29 in the United States

    Nachdem wir den Camper übernommen haben müssten wir ja noch Kleider kaufen ( die meisten von uns sind mit relativ wenig Kleidung angereist) und wir durften unseren ersten Einkauf bei Walmart erledigen. Die Amis stören sich nicht wenn ein Fahrzeug 4 Parkplätze benötigt

  • Day29


    April 30 in the United States

    Da es draussen grau-weiss ist, nutzen wir die Zeit um unseren Blog etwas zu aktualisieren...
    Am Monument Valley vorbei ging unsere Fahrt via weniger bekannte Aussichtsstrassen: den Moki Dugway und durch das Valley of the Gods. Somit kamen ca. weitere 40km Schotterstrasse dazu, welche sich aber absolut lohnten.
    Von Cortez in Colorado besuchten wir den bekannten Mesa Verde Nationalpark mit den sehr gut erhaltenen Cliff Dwellings. Ebenfalls machten wir einen Ausflug in die Rocky Mountains und den Skiort Telluride. Die Passstrasse dorthin führte uns auf über 3000m, da ist der Frühling noch nicht ganz angekommen...
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