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  • Day46

    hello rockie mountains, hello elks!!!

    April 17 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    die letzten tage haben wir damit verbracht im auto zu sitzen und leider zu schwitzen.

    wir sind nun durch die folgenden bundesstaaten gefahren:


    gerade sind wir in einem entzückenden kleinen örtchen namens montrose in den rockie mountains. wir haben unfassbar schöne dinge sehen dürfen und haben vor lauter staunen den mund nicht mehr zu bekommen. elche, rehe, pferde, kühe und noch mehr tierarten soweit das auge reicht, es ist so verrückt. heute ist uns auch das erste reh fast vors auto gelaufen, zum glück nur fast!

    morgen werden wir versuchen hier eine dusche aufzutreiben und ich muss meine bewerbung fürs studium vorbereiten, danach geht es weiter. uns fehlen noch 675 km. morgen abend könnten wir also schon in dem grand canyon nationalpark schlafen. wie der zufall es will feiern wir mit dem nationalpark sein 100jähriges. hoffentlich kommen die pumas, schlangen, skorpione und allerlei anderes gefährliches getier auch zu der party.

    bis dann und au revoir schoschanna!!!!
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  • Day4

    Boxing Day road trip to Alma

    December 26, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ -8 °C

    Today we leave Aspen and head off to Alma about 3.5 hours drive away.

    Why Alma you might say. Well its cheaper than Aspen and I found a lovely quintessential colorado log home to stay in with gorgeous views.

    Its also only 30 minutes from Breckenridge which is meant to be one of Colorado's most christmassy towns.

    The drive took longer than google said but its a nice drive and we stopped in one of the impressive Colorado reststops for lunch. They are huge and have clean large restrooms and often a park with benches.

    We arrived at night and were greeted by our lovely hosts Sandy and Ernie. They are retired teachers and built this home as a bed and breakfast about 12 years ago. Its actually on the market as they plan to really retire to Phoenix in the winter and Colarado Springs in the summer.

    They have thought of everything. There are snacks, use of a fridge and microwave and every toiletry you could imagine. A fabulous breakfast is provided and if you need anything Sandy and Ernie are more than happy to arrange it.

    All the rooms have fireplaces and are very cosy and our room has a spectacular view.

    Plus the christmas decorations are full on!! I have never seen anything like it. Its like staying in a hallmark movie. Our room had so many I had to have some removed to fit in our luggage.

    So we have three nights here to relax.
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  • Day5


    December 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 -12 °C

    Today I am off to Breckenridge. One to check it out and more importantly to try and get an Australian to US adaptor as we left ours in Aspen. Sandy very kindly let mum use her oxygen overnight as she couldn't use the cpap without the adaptor. Also mum is feeling the effects of the altitude more now.

    Aspen is 2438 metres above sea level and Alma 3158 metres. I am also feeling it with a constant headache.

    The drive is very pretty and Breckenridge goes all out with lights at Christmas. Lots of shops to look at and the houses are very cute. Its a very busy town as there are lifts/gondolas taking skiers straight to the mountains from town. This means parking can be scare and when the skiers come off the mountains traffic jams.

    I had read up and knew there was a free parking area as you entered town not too far from the main street. There are also free buses taking you around town.

    So had a lovely time looking around and the day went very quickly. Decided to stay until the evening so I could see the lights. No adaptor and I think I would have to go to Denver to get one so organised for a portable oxygen machine with the transaction being done in the carpark! Rang from the tourist office then met the ixgen guy in the carpark.

    Then a 30 minute drive back in the dark through the overpass which has lots of hair pin turns and of course its snowing. Maybe I didn't think this through!

    Thankfully the B&B is so lit up it could probably be seen from space!
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  • Day1


    December 23, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ -9 °C

    So excited to be spending Christmas in Aspen!
    A white christmas is the best!
    Good flight with Qantas and the food was pretty good. I think I had the best dinner I have ever had on a plane plus the snacks kept on coming.

    As per usual I was up all night packing - I seriously have to stop that!

    We had an express pass at LA airport plus wheelchair assistance meaning we go to the front of the queue and we only just made our flight to Aspen in the two hours we had. And that was only because I made an executive decision to abandon the wheelchair and have mum and I make a dash for the gate. They had taken us to the wrong terminal as it had some stairs and there was no way we would have made it getting a shuttle to another terminal. Then they started saying can we go on another flight! And I am like no we have to catch this flight! Zero service and care factor.

    What a rush. But first I had to deal with airport staff telling me we couldn't leave them and the wheelchair. So that was easy when I said we are going! As we dashed off I heard them saying we will never make it!

    Thanks for nothing LAX. No wonder everybody hates going to that airport!

    Anyway we make it onto a bus which takes us to this weird 'gate' which is a shack in the middle of the tarmac.

    Anyway we make it to Aspen.

    No way we and our masses of luggage are going to make it on the free Aspen shuttle so taxi it is. I dash out and secure one telling him I have a mother in a wheelchair plus luggage. So I run back and get the luggage and run out and the driver is about to put someone elses luggage in the taxi! I stand there thinking he must be taking two fares but I get no acknowledgment so I ask.

    Well he says he is taking these other people. I am so flabbergasted. I say to him I just reserved the taxi and was getting the luggage and my wheelchair mother and he says well thats just what we do here.

    Is he kidding! Who does that to someone in a wheelchair I say to him. Anyway as I continue to be flabbergasted the Australian family who were going to take the cab tell me I can have it which was very decent of them.

    Anyway no tip for Mr Mean Taxi Driver.

    Our airbnb is lovely. Wood burning fireplace, very cosy bedrooms and beds, a killer massaging shower and a mid century decor. Love.
    Oh plus a lovely snow covered tree view with abit of the gondola.

    Mum sets herself up on the couch to rest in front of the fire which an australian neighbour lit for us while I go out to explore.

    Aspen is so lovely. A very pretty town. Originally a silver mining town.

    The shops are crazy expensive so strictly browsing only. The people watching is fantastic. Its so nice just wandering. But the lack of sleep starts to hit late afternoon so I do a grocery shop and head home.

    Early night as we are exhausted
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  • Day14

    Four Legs Today

    December 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ -14 °C

    This morning we went on a 2hr winter horse ride. We had to catch our hotel shuttle down to the ski drop off to meet our shuttle. We were on the shuttle with a couple of guys we had talked to previously. They started talking about their Snowmobiling that they had done yesterday, but a different place. We talked about our experiences and had a laugh as one of the guys ended up in the soft snow as well. The other family on the shuttle was doing it tomorrow, don't know if the mum is looking forward to it now. We are now early for everything now, and was a lot colder today, plus it was snowing. We went and took shelter in the bus stop shelter which was heated. When booking our activities I made sure it was in different areas around Steamboat Springs. It was nearly an hour out to the ranch but the scenery was beautiful. They made sure we were warm enough, Brodie & I opted for their boots. They matched us up with horses, which took time as we were with our families then they match rider to horses and what horses are better together. Because Kellie rides she was matched with a horse who only likes females and someone who knows how to sit in a saddle. I think I had the biggest but the gentlest that's why she picked him for me. We had a few instructions on steering, stopping or if the horse gets spooked. I thought oh shit I have to control the horse, but once in line they just follow each other thank goodness. We went up, down and around mountains and the views were spectacular. About 1/2 way into the ride the sun came out, it added a bit of warmth and with the snow glistening in the sun, it was breathtaking. Along the way there were lots of different animal tracks. We didn't see any wildlife which was disappointing, but the same time I didn't want my horse to spook. Once again they mention bears, mountain lions, coyotes, elk & moose. At one part of the trail the pointed out bear claw scratch marks on the tree. One tree had fresh claw marks on it, I hoped the guide had a rifle under his big coat. It was too hard to take photos and we only stopped once. The last 1/2 of the ride my butt and hips had enough. Didn't know how my hips were going to unlock when it came time to hop off. The yards were a good sight even though I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. A cup of hot chocolate & a bickie on the shuttle back into Steamboat Springs. We all really enjoyed the ride, would I do it again YES. We caught our hotel shuttle back and had lunch. Then Kellie and I went into downtown to return a shirt and pick up few other things. We now worked out how to avoid walking up hill to our accommodation. Catch the bus to ski area then catch hotel shuttle. It was freezing at the Ski area then the wind picked up, it was chilling. Managed to find a bread that had a bit less sugar, so Vegemite and toast tasted good this morning. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. We are now eating mostly in our accommodation and it's a lot better.
    Another good day but a muscle sore from Snowmobiling and horse riding.
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  • Day11

    Christmas Shopping

    December 24, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 -1 °C

    Tried to sleep in today, but so used to waking up early. The kids had a bit of a sleep in. When we looked out the window it was snowing, a bit excited. Today we went into downtown and looked around the shops for Christmas presents. We had a coffee at a coffee & bookshop which was lovely and quaint. We did a bit more looking around, by this stage we were over it snowing. Had to be careful as you didn't know when you were crossing a side road, it all blended in together. It was about 2pm before we had lunch. We have eaten at many diners, love the atmosphere of these places, not so much the food. I wanted to share with Kellie, but she wasn't keen on that. Yep you guessed it- the meal was huge and we could of shared. Then we caught a bus back to our accommodation area to do a bit more grocery shopping. Not really knowing the bus route we got off at a stop where we thought we should, but no we were way off. It is hard to find out how to get to stuff as it's all covered in snow. Footpaths are non existent, after getting lost and a long walk we found it. Exhausted and over it, we did our shopping. It is always hard to finding things in a different store and country. By this stage very tired as the day just went. It was just easier and quicker to get an Uber back to our accommodation. It was dark by now and we all climbed into bed to watch tv. We do have a lounge but the bed is more comfortable to watch tv. Acclimatising to the altitude is taking something to get used to. They say to drink plenty of water, which we probably didn't do today. None of us felt like tea as we had such a late lunch so it was toast and cereal. Didn't take many photos as such a hassle taking gloves off etc. Will make sure I do tomorrow.Read more

  • Day39

    Surprise visit to Colorado

    February 6 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 19 °F

    I bought a 36.00 ticket DFW to DEN and a 50.00 ticket for the return so I could attend grandparents night at Awana. Only to wake up on Wednesday and because of snow and freezing weather, it was cancelled. We popped popcorn and the kids set up tents in the living room.

  • Day8

    Visit to Colorado

    April 17 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 52 °F

    Took Uber to DFW and I flew out on AA at 6am
    Dad was on a 3D ticket on AA and he got the last seat on the plane.
    We took the train, then Luke picked us up.
    We went to Chic Fil A for lunch
    Then Glenn and I took a good nap
    We ate dinner at the Awana church
    We brought the 2 youngest back and gave them a bath and put to bed.Read more

  • Day9

    Fun day with the 2 youngest

    April 18 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 48 °F

    We took Lucy and Elizabeth on several errands.
    Granddad filled the tires at Discount Tires.
    Then we payed a visit to Jan Carlisle.
    Both girls got their hair cut/trimmed.

    I took a nap while Glenn went to Emily’s kindergarten 3 Little Pigs.

    I took Emily to the evening performance with Elizabeth.

  • Day10

    Uncle Thomas and return to DFW

    April 19 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 50 °F

    We got a call from Karen on Thursday night that Thomas could change his flight for an earlier flight with no charge.
    So we got the two oldest out the door for the bus, then we drove through Denver traffic to airport. We waited in the cell phone lot for Thomas’s call. Elizabeth really got excited seeing the planes rake off.

    Once we picked up Thomas, we drove to McDonald’s for the girls to play.

    Then we drove by Thomas’s church, then dropped him off at the Double Tree.

    Glenn drove me back to the airport and I got on the 1:45 flight to DFW

    I Uber home. Nice drive from S Africa man. Made lots of connections.
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