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  • Day166

    Glacier Nationalpark, USA

    August 15, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Zwei Nächte haben wir jetzt auch noch in dem Glacier Nationalpark verbracht- ein mal in der tiefsten wildnis mit sehr beunruhigenden nächtlichen Geräuschen (vermutlich das brüllen eines grizzlys) und dem heftigsten Gewitter das wir je erlebt haben und ein mal auf einem übelst nervigen campingplatz.

    Den ersten tag haben wir nur auf unserem kleinen geheimen platz verbracht und haben dabei ca. 15 kg verbrauchte patronenhülsen jeder Waffenart gefunden. Es war so unendlich ruhig und cool. Am nächsten Tag, um 10.30 ausgeschlafen, haben wir uns dann aufgemacht und den glacier etwas näher erkundet. Hat sich leider nicht so ergeben wie wir uns das erhofft haben, denn auch hier war es wieder extrem überfüllt und wir konnten nirgends anhalten um uns etwas anzusehen, sehr schade. Dann haben wir uns aber überlegt, dass wir das wieder wett machen indem wir uns einen 8 kilometer weg hoch zum two medicine lake gönnen. Den Nachmittag und abend haben wir mit spazieren, Eis essen und lagerfeuer verbracht und sind früh schlafen gegangen weil wir ja (hin und zurück) 16 km vor uns haben-dachten wir zumindest.

    Wie sich rausstellte hat uns der platz beide genervt, keiner wollte es so richtig zugeben. Als heute morgen um halb 8 (!!!!) dann ein ranger einfach ganz dreist unsere ganzen sachen angetatscht und extrem neugierig begutachtet hat die draussen standen (also Axt, Stühle, Tisch und Gasgrill) ist mir dann die (kurze bis nicht vorhandene) geduldsschnur geplatzt. Ich hab nur gehört wie er in sein Walkie-Talkie irgendwas von „platz 12“ (das war unser platz) gefaselt hat und dabei ganz lässig mit seinen orangenen Strafzetteln in der Hand rumgewedelt hat.

    Ich bin dann in meiner Pyjama hose mit rosa Monstern drauf aus der karre geklettert und hab verstört gefragt was denn los ist, worauf Officer arschloch mir mit einer fast schon eingeübt wirkenden Lässigkeit erklärt hat, dass der Gasgrill nicht draussen stehen darf. Ja genau, weil ich mit propan sonst eigentlich nur in dem auto rumhantiere. Ich habe ihm versichert, dass ich sobald ich einigermaßen weiß wie ich heiße den Gasgrill sofort wegräumen werde, das wird halt nur so 1 minute dauern.

    Fand er nicht so gut ist aber dann gott sei dank abgezischt. Nico war dann auch irgendwie nicht mehr so angetan von dem ganzen kram und wir sind kurzerhand um 8.15 in richtung kanada aufgebrochen. Und zack , hier sind wir.

    meiner Meinung nach ist der glacier leider nicht so cool. Also die Landschaft ist sehr schön, keine frage, aber da ich so verzaubert von kanada bin muss ich fairerweise sagen, dass nichts mehr eine chance hat. War trotzdem cool, dass wir da waren, wir haben die 10 nationalparks in den usa knacken können! Yeyyy.
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    April Arekson

    Hier kann man mal plantschen :D


    Bringt das alles bitte mit!!! 😘✊

  • Day7

    Good night early - Kalispell

    August 4, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Another RV park at 5.30pm & putting up the tents again! Gotta make sure we don't eat any biscuit & gravy tonight, it's disgusting! 🤢🤢

    Gregg Tickelpenny

    What's biscuit and gravy? Is that army rations?


    Gregg it's disgusting that's what it is & they eat it alot! 🤢

  • Day69

    Letterboxes and Crock-pot dinner

    September 3, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 79 °F

    After our 2 zoom calls this morning, Glenn and I headed out to do 3 letterboxes.

    The first letterbox was over by the yellow crane at the Hungry Horse Dam. As Glenn was returning the letterbox to the hidden spot, I noticed a guy following Glenn with his eyes. I immediately struck up a conversation with him and his traveling companion, “Do you know what letterboxing is all about?” After I explained the art of following the clues and hidden carved stamp and explaining our story of being locked out of Guatemala his reply was “No shit!” He repeatedly exclaimed, “no shit” when we pronounced that the Guatemala borders have been closed since March 18th and we are traveling in this used RV making the most of life.

    We found out that they were on their honeymoon and were suppose to be in Banff, Canada! I was so surprised that I said, “No shit!”...for the first time in my life. We assured them that it was beautiful. Matt and Melinda are from Elgin, Illinois.

    Next we followed clues to another letterbox which was at the old road entrance to Glacier National Park but is closed. Because there was a young couple there cooking out, I again had to explain myself. But this time I did not use the “S” word.

    We drove into GNP and crossed over a one lane bridge to see the lake from a different perspective. And we took the red chairs Karen gave us and had a light snack.

    On our way back to our home, we did our 3rd letterbox. While here, my dad called me with the sad news that Mr. Richard LeRouax had died. That makes 4 friends who have died just THIS week. I guess it’s that season of life. Glenn says that God is being good to them, getting them out of this troubled world before they have to suffer any more.

    We came home to a crockpot meal that I started this morning. Glenn and I ate at the picnic table. A delicious end to a fun day.
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    Laura Folk

    Another fascinating post- and great insight into your recently acquired potty mouth😁. I knew you had it in you!

  • Day70

    Divine appointments

    September 4, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

    Today we had a long Member Care Zoom call with folks living in Germany, Canada, Panama, Spain and US. This is a twice a month call and normally they ask, “Where are the Stewarts today?”

    We had to move to a different slot here at the Mountain Meadows RV park. Very nice. Wooded and small pond. The showers are hot and good pressure.

    We grabbed lunch to go from A&W Rootbeer. We enjoyed a picnic lunch out on lake near Hungry Horse Dam road.

    After lunch we drove up past the dam and pulled off the look-out. I noticed a Texas license plate with Sewell Cadillac. As I approached the couple I said “Dallas or Fort Worth?” Their reply was “neither, Southlake!”

    We continued talking. I mentioned Guatemala and they mentioned Rio Hondo. I knew immediately that they must have been a part of Northwest Bible Church.

    Sure enough, they have worshipped at NBC. They know mutual friends, the Binions and several others.


    After a much needed nap, Glenn and I joined Brad and Connie Meeder for dinner. Glenn had noticed that they had posted a picture yesterday at Glacier National Park. Who would have thought we would have met up here? Brad and I served on the moody alumni board together back in the 2000’s. We have run into them frequently when Brad has a layover in Guatemala City or in Chicago at MBI and sometimes when Brad is working at the Simulators at AA.

    Divine appointment....gotta love them!
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  • Day8

    #2 Glacier Park

    August 5, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Unbelievable scenery

    Global Adventures

    So magnificent.

    Global Adventures

    "Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself" The theme of our epic adventure last year.


    Fantastic eh Christine!

  • Day15

    Glacier National Park, MT

    June 29, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Well Browning was a strange place, it had all the hall marks of a town that had been forgotten and yet it is a gateway to one of the most scenic and popular National Parks. Fireworks going off all night, police sirens, hoards of mangy dogs wandering the streets and dilapidated houses and buildings.
    The Blackfeet are trying to make a go of it but like many native American populations they seem cut off from the mainstream.
    We got going after an inhouse included breakfast, heading North on Hwy 89 and into the Glacier National Park, “Going to the Sun Road”. Only several miles out of Browning we had to stop for roadworks. The stop/go guy was taking off his jumper down to a T Shirt with the outside temp at 8 degrees Celsius. As we pulled up he saw our flag and came over and said howdy. Jeremy Jones Horn, stood and talked to us about his life and ours his heritage his family and everything in between for the 15 minutes before the pilot vehicle guided us through the road works. The roadworks were the most confused and messy construction site we have seen, but it’s obviously creating employment for a lot of people.
    The run into the park was brilliant, the roads demand to be ridden on a bike with sweeping well cambered corners and awesome scenery. Soon enough we arrived at the park gates, showed our magic park pass and entered our 7th National Park. Our first stop was the visitors centre, it was now down to about 6 degrees and windy. The visitors centre again was informative and we gained a great insight into what to look at.
    It did not take long to see what all the fuss was about, this was another park that was just amazing with spectacular views and geology. Extinct glaciers are all through the park with waterfalls around every corner. There was still plentiful snow at the top of Logan’s Pass, where we stopped for a walk in the snow and to buy a souvenir or two. I think we were all grateful for the light weight layers of Kathmandu and Mountain Design clothing that we have procured over the last trip and this trip.
    Now we were in the thick of Bear country and whilst we did not see any today we are on high alert as we walked through narrow paths bordered by thick under brush. I nearly climbed a tree when Carl having walked ahead jumped out from behind a tree. It was the closest thing we saw to a grizzly today, but the b.s…d scared ten years off my life.
    From the park we descended quickly and followed the Flathead River through to West Glacier where we stopped for lunch, warmed up and prepared for the end of day drive.
    During the afternoon we continued through spectacular country, past and over fast running rivers and massive lakes. Classic Montana style log cabins and old barns dotted the landscape. Montana has it all from vast open plains as described yesterday to mountain and glacier country. The people we have met are so friendly.
    We have finally made our way into Bonners Ferry in Idaho, 23 miles from the Canadian border, Carl and I have the domestic duties (laundry) under control. Its wet and cold outside and we are looking forward to a nice dinner tonight.
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    Paul n Vicky VAN DER KOLK

    Is that why you are doing the laundry love the photos

  • Day88

    Hungy Horse Reservoir

    August 8, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    An einem Stausee im National Forest haben wir einen super Spot in einer kleinen Bucht gefunden. Es war so heiß die Tage das wir uns 4 Tage dort mit Baden, Angeln und in der Sonne faulenzen aufgelalten haben.
    Wir lernen Melodie und ihre Familie kennen, die uns gleich zu einer Bootstour einladen.... da sagen wir doch nicht Nein! 😁
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  • Day4

    Arrived in Kalispell

    August 5, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    After a short Flight we landed finally at our destination from which we will drive back to LA in a 3 week trip.

    We got a tip to Visit whitefish. A beautiful small town which Indian Rootes.
    We liked whitefish so much-so we decided to stay for dinner. We didn't saw much from Kalispell since we used it only to take a sleep. Tomorrow our trip starts to Glacier National Park over the Going to the Sun Road.

    Nach einem kurzen Flug sind wir in Kalispell angekommen von wo wir unseren AutoTrip starten zurueck nach La. Wir haben einen Tipp bekommen uns Whitefish anzuschauen, ein kleines Dorf mit indianischen Wurzeln. Uns hat es dort so gut gefallen, so dass wir auch dort zu Abend gegessen haben. Von Kalispell haben wir nicht viel gesehen. Morgen startet unsere grosse Reise im Glacier National Park.
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  • Day67

    More of Glacier Park

    September 1, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 54 °F

    Tuesday, we drove back to Logan’s Pass. We stopped at Avalanche creek and walked around. Stunning views of the forest and spectacular falls.

    I spotted a 300 pound bear, and 2 deers.

    A picnic.

    Laura Folk

    Great pictures!


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