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  • Day14

    Mad dash to New York

    September 2, 2016 in the United States

    Yesterday was loooooooooong, I woke up at 3am(for some crazy reason) in Elmira knowing that I had to leave at 6 to fight my way through Toronto rush hour and catch my flight...I managed to get back to sleep....at 5 am, approx 15 mins before my first alarm went off 😤 , Bev sorted me a nice strong coffee and after a quick shower I was on the road again.

    The drive down to Toronto started off fine, pleasant even with a beautiful sunrise with country music soundtrack and I was making awesome time, at one point Google had me getting in to Toronto at 7.15. At this point I should make clear this is offline Google with no traffic info... Then I got to about 20km outside the city and everything just stopped, crawling through rush hour traffic on foreign roads with multiple exits on either side, Sun directly in your eyes and a bladder full of coffee and red bull it's enough to make you forget about beautiful sun rises...never mind though, got to Toronto with an hour spare, filled up the car with petrol and dropped it off, I hustled to the nearest cafe for breakfast and much more importantly to relieve myself.

    Made the decision to do the 25 min walk out to the airport 25th my bags as some sort of exercise, once again forgetting how heavy they are and how Crap I am with any sort of heat....needless to say once again Mr Stewart "sweaty mess" Jardine showed up as I arrived at the airport. Got checked in, got through security (no beeps for the metal in my arm.. Tsk tsk Toronto city airport, someone needs stronger metal detectors) and was shortly thereafter told of 20 minute delay to my flight which wouldn't have caused any issues except that by the time we took off it was closer to an hour and twenty.

    After a very rigorous grilling from American immigration (I think the dude was totes jel of my trip) they let me into America, the fools, mwhahaha...i needed to make a mad dash from Jersey into queens, find my airbnb, shower and get back out to jersey for the football 🏈 🏈 . I owe a big thanks to 2 lovely ladies from home who I was frantically texting as I stressed out and tried I figure out a plan for keeping me calm in a city I didn't know but they do very well...Big love

    I made it out to MetLife, just as the game was kicking off and found my seat up in the gods...I'd love to say it was an exciting action packed game...buuuuuut it wasn't, still great experience (not just paying £18 for a pint and what appeared to be a chicken and chips school dinner and tasted about as good) but I think it was worth it... The trip and stress not the food.
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  • Day11

    New York City

    May 15, 2017 in the United States

    One more full day in NYC, the time is going so fast here.

    Matt got up early to meet Zara, a friend from NZ who's living in NYC. They met at the cafe at our hotel, so nice and easy.
    Belle was up and ready by 9am as well, so managed to get some homework done and the a bit of computer time while we waited for T to wake.

    By 10.30 Matt was back we had a quick coffee in our room, before waking Travis up and heading out for breakfast at our hotel cafe. Had a great breakfast and then hit the subway to get the Staten Island ferry, for a look at The Statue of Liberty.

    Around 2.30pm we headed up to Midtown to find Toys R Us for Belle, was really disappointing as the big Times Square shop shut down last year and the new one, is tiny! Shame, she was so looking forward to it. Popped to a few more and then shops and then Macy's.

    Meet Ken at 5.30pm in the meat packing district. It's all changed a lot since we came 15years ago. Popped to a diner for a quick burger as we hadn't eaten lunch.

    Ken then took us up to The Highline, it was a great way to view NYC and so peaceful to get away from all the traffic. We just walked and talked, catching up on the last 7yrs! 20years since we all worked together on the ships.

    Walked the Highline for about three quarters of an hour then headed for cupcakes and coffee at Billie's, delicious :). Left Ken at 9pm to head back to the hotel.

    Didn't manage to get to Central Park again today or the Museum, but was still another great day in New York City. Bed at 11.15pm....

    Photo of kids chilling on the NYC subway
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  • Day10

    Rockin in NYC

    May 14, 2017 in the United States

    So another sleep in, not as big an event as yesterday, but still a good one. Hit the streets just before 12pm and headed out for a Mother's Day brunch in Brooklyn, found a great little cafe and all had some great meals.

    With full bellies we decided to catch the ferry into the city today as the local subway station was closed. Was a great way to into Wall Street, our waitress recommended we hit the South St, Seaport TKTS store for half price tickets she said it's a hidden secret and damn it was awesome.

    Scored tickets for our first choice 'The School of Rock' at 6pm tonight, with 50% off. Amazing seats, centre, Orchestra seats only 13 seats back from the stage!!!! I couldn't be happier, still a hefty cost but it's not something you do everyday so will be totally worth it.

    We then headed down to the 911 Memorial, it's a great area and really takes your breath away when you see all the names of the victims.

    Grabbed some Dunkin donuts, it had to be done once in the USA and some frappucinos from Starbucks. We asked about the Unicorn frappucinos but no luck, the guy laughed said it was a nightmare :).

    Caught the Subway up to Times Square for the show. The theatre was amazing and I'm sure most of the seats would have been amazing but ours totally rocked. And the show was sensational, the kids were seriously amazing!!!!! I thought they'd be 13-16yrs but looked more like 10-14yrs max and they played all the instruments on stage as well.
    Travis said "this is something I will remember forever!" And that's what this trip is all about family time and making memories so we couldn't be happier.

    Belle said one day she'd love to be on Broadway in a show, now how cool would that be!

    After the show we popped to the famous Shake Shack for some tasty burgers, fries and shakes. Then headed back to Times Square for the kids to see it all lit up.

    This city really is amazing but not just the city, all the locals we've met are super friendly and all happy to take the time to help with any questions or advice, be it directions, or cafe recommendations. Still one of our favourite cities in the world.

    Uber back from Subway to our hotel and bed by 11.30pm.

    Photo, after the show. Belle rockin in NYC.
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  • Day6

    Universal Studios, Los Angeles

    May 10, 2017 in the United States

    We woke up super early again around 7am, I was exhausted but got a better nights sleep. When I woke up I got ready and had cereal and fruit for breakfast. We left around 7.30am and drove to Universal Studios, when we got there Dad, Mum and Travis and I got a photo in the photo booth we did it but our photo was really funny.

    We then walked through the Universal shops to the Universal Studios park entrance, we walked through the gates and went into the centres to wait for the park to open. We looked at all the times of the rides and were really confused as they all said 10am and it was only 9am. At 9am the man walked us down to the Harry Potter Wizarding World and we went on the Harry Potter ride it was like being on a flying broomstick. There was a massive dragon and he blew out enormous flames which were actually hot. Then we saw the dementors which were spooky, Harry Potter then saved the day.

    After the Harry Potter ride we went on a Hippogriff ride, it was nice and calm which I was very surprised about as it looked like a scary rollercoaster. We rode inside a Hippogriff.

    After the Hippogriff ride we went back on the Harry Potter ride and it made me feel a little bit sick the second time. Then we looked around the Harry Potter world.

    We then decided to go on the studio tour as it was quiet. The studio tour showed showed you where they filmed everything and the first thing we went too was a new town they were getting ready for a new show. We saw lots of cars from famous movies that Universal have made, like Flintstones, fast and furious and lots more.

    I was super excited when I saw a car crashed near a big tunnel. What I did not know is we were going into the big tunnel. Inside the big tunnel were dinosaurs from Jurassic Park attacking us, King Kong was wrestling the dinosaurs. Our studio truck was moving all around and was really bumpy.

    Once we got out of the tunnel we went to an area were they film Mexican scenes for films and they showed us how they film rain and floods for the movies. They use sprinklers up high and lots of water to make floods, they reuse all the water over and over again.

    We then drove past the Jaws movie and we saw a diver in the water and Jaws came after him, we saw lots of fake blood in the water, I liked that. They then took us to another tunnel were we saw more floods and cars crashing and an earthquake taking place in a subway.

    They then showed a hotel and a man was carrying a body to his car, it was from a movie called Psycho, he was holding a knife which was very creeepy.

    We went on lots of rides but my favourites were the Harry Potter, The Mummy and the Jurassic Park Water ride.

    At the Animal Antics show, I got picked to go on stage with the trainer and act with the dog called Lily. I gave her lots of cuddles and I think she got a bit distracted because she wasn't doing what she was meant too. She kept doing a cute bark and talking.
    I had to sit in a chair and there was a treat on the ground for the dog but a pug came out form backstage and stole it.
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  • Day8

    NYC in the rain - Day 1

    May 12, 2017 in the United States

    It was our first day here and everyone was very tired, my brother Travis and I got up at 11am, which is really late. Everyone then got ready and ate breakfast.

    We then we got a hotel taxi to the subway. We bought a ticket for the subway, when we got on the train it was super full of people and it took about 3 minutes to get to Grand Central Station.

    When we got off, we then checked out the rest of the subway and there was this beautiful old room with so much detail.

    We then went out into the city that never sleeps and we went to lots of shops where we looked at shoes, shirts and jumpers and more shoes for Travis. It was pouring with rain and the rain soaked through our raincoats!

    Everyone was super hungry so we were going to get cupcakes at a famous cupcake store called Magnolia Bakery but there was nowhere in the shop to sit! So instead we went to find another cafe and found a nice french one, we got yummy egg sandwiches and I got a yummy Citron tart :p.. We stayed a while to dry off a bit and had a hot chocolate to warm us up.

    When we left we where all pretty tired we went past Trump tower which had a lot of security around it. Then we went into a Nike shop, it was called Niketown and was a flagship shop so was really fancy. Which Ii thought was a bit boring everyone, as we were all very tired, we then decided to call it a day and went back to our hotel and got a large pizza for dinner. We thought the pizza would not be that big, it was SO big, I could only just eat a full piece then we stayed up till 10 pm and then went to sleep.
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  • Day9

    New York, New York

    May 13, 2017 in the United States

    Had a super sleep in, Matt and I got up at 10.30am and the kids at 11.45am, even on LA time it was a goos rest for all. Could hear the rain outside and NYC is a great city any time of the day so didn't feel any need to rush out.
    Got some washing done, even met a nice Aussie Man and his little girl in the laundry room.

    Had eggs for breakie in our room, so by 12.30pm we were ready to go.

    Ok so the song goes.... New York, New York, the city of angels. But we got caught on a new verse... New York, New York the city of RAIN arghhhh....
    But what's a bit of rain in the coolest city of the world, I hear you say, darn cold and wet, we say :).

    Got the hotel's free cab to the subway and headed to Grand Central Station, kids thought it was pretty cool and didn't seem at all fazed by all the people which surprised me.
    Decided to just wander with the mission to tick off the NBA store and Toys R Us store along the way. Spent most of the day in Midtown.

    Found the NBA Store very quickly, T was blown away, 5 floors of basketball gear!
    Visited the New York Public Library as I thought the kids section would be incredible, it wasn't but the building was super impressive, some gorgeous marble that would look very nice in my laundry, thank you very much.

    Stopped for lunch at 5pm at a French bakery for Croque Monsieur, Chocolate Madeleines, Pain au Chocolate and a Citron Meringue Tarte for Belle. Two huge hot chocolates and coffee, stayed almost an hour to rest and dry off.

    I got approached by a lovely elegant New York lady to ask me were my skirt was from!!
    She was so lovely, told her it was a Laura Ashley one and she was telling me how they closed Laura Ashley in NY last year and it was absolutely stunning, apparently D&G did one similar recently but it wasn't nearly as beautiful, she then commented on Belle's Catimini dress.

    Matt was super impressed, 'can't believe you guys got fashion spotted in New York City"
    hahahaha ME NEITHER! OK

    Belle yes, me no way.

    Next stop was Nike town, past the hideous, monstrosity of Trump tower. Nike town too was 5 floors, not much for kids so we left there after a half hour and headed to Bloomingdales to hide from the rain. No toys, no sportswear, and no great girls labels apart from Bardot we decided to head home.

    Being Saturday night the subway was closed off and rerouted, was chatting to an older Yew York lady who said even she was confused, but she managed to help us get on track and back to Grand Central. We then caught the Subway back to where the cab driver dropped us and called him to pick us up.

    Once back at the hotel the boys popped to the deli for a few things and girls back to the room to get out of our wet gear. Had leftover pizza for dinner and watched tv. Bed by 11.30pm.

    Tomorrow is looking brighter weather wise so hopefully kids can get some nice pics...

    Good night New York, rain or not we LOVE you.
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  • Day8

    New York City, USA

    May 12, 2017 in the United States

    NYC here we come…

    After our not so early night we decided to get up at 4.15am so we would beat the traffic on the way to LAX.
    The bags around my eyes are now bigger than the bags we are carrying, but prefer to avoid any stress where we can!

    In the car by 5am it was a quick drive to the airport, dropped the car off and hopped on the shuttle bus to the airport.

    Arrived at LAX by 6am so ahead of time, popped to a cafe and grabbed some breakfast, not a lot of choice but it’s food so it’s good.

    Flight departed on time at 9am and we will arrive at NYC Newark airport at around 5.30pm local time. A 5 hour flight, good time for some relaxing and binge movie watching for everyone.

    My sound wasn’t working on my seat so I managed to close my eyes for a bit, didn’t sleep but feel rested and ready for NYC.

    Arrived at New York Newark at 17.30pm and were out of the airport by 6pm. Grabbed an Uber to our Hotel in Brooklyn. Timed it just right for rush hour traffic, NYC style...
    got to the hotel at 7.30pm, tired and hungry.

    Must say I ROCK, this hotel is everything I thought it would be and all the family also think I rock, so all that insane research was worthwhile.

    The staff and fabulous, the interior is super cool and stylish too, very New York. OUr room is massive, 20ft loft ceilings, Belle said "it's like a big studio Mum", well done Belle it is.
    A lounge, kitchen and half partitioned bedroom it's nice to have space for us all too move around and chill out in different zones.

    Belle popped to reception to get all the takeaway delivery menus and we ordered some amazing NYC pizzas, ordered two large and when they arrvied all I heard was Matt laughing and the guy saying "well you did order two large" whoops forgot NYC large, is enough for a small army. So lunch tomorrow is sorted :).

    Matt popped out after ordering for some Brooklyn beers, Ben and Jerry's Brownie Chocolate ice cream , french bread and eggs for breakie.

    Failed on the early night it's 11pm NY time, but that's only 8pm LA time, so maybe we did manage it after all??? I'll take that as a win, damn we are awesome kakaka.

    Sleep in planned for tomorrow.

    Good night, New York.
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