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  • Day13

    Canyons on the Wilderness Express

    August 25, 2017 in the United States

    The canyon rail track is perilously close to the edge and has recently been stabilised costing more than US$70 million. White water rafting is happening on the river. There is so much glacial silt coming down this river that it does not support fish life.

  • Day17

    The sled dogs of Denali

    May 23 in the United States

    A couple of videos of sled dogs used in park, average dog runs 1700 miles per year , the kennel takes on average 120 trips per year supporting winter operations in the park, being designated a wilderness area no motorized equipment is used off of the main road in summer and none in the winter, I used to run sled dogs with Arnold Woodard when me and mb lived in anchorage.

  • Day23


    June 7 in the United States

    We were lucky today as we saw many animals: grizzly bears, moose, caribou, ptarmigan, and Dall sheep. Sometimes they were behind trees, down in the valley, up the side of a mountain and others were close. We were lucky in that we were able to see Mt McKinley! See photo 4 - in the middle of the photo you see two white peaks - that is Mt. McKinley. Photo six is a zoomed in view of Mt McKinley. It was about 70 miles away and the elevation is 20,310 feet.Read more

  • Day22

    On to Denali

    June 6 in the United States

    We left Fairbanks and headed southwest on the Parks Highway, also known as Alaska 3. You can see where parts of the road have the dips and heaves showing it was built on permafrost. Also, you pass an access road that leads to Clear, a large radar site that is part of the ballistic missile early warning system. After crossing the the Tanana River we stopped in the village of Nenana. This village is used as a transfer point for fuel and other goods from the railroad to river barges headed for villages on the Tanana and Yukon Rivers. Nenana is known for their Nenana Ice Classic, an annual betting pool where hundreds of thousands of dollars are wagered by people around the world trying to guess the exact day and time in the spring when the river ice will go out. Of course we placed our wagers! When the Alaska Railroad was completed in 1923 President Harding drove a golden spike in Nenana to commemorate the railroad completion. Nenana has also been a stop for the Iditarod Race. We then continued on to Denali.Read more

  • Day23

    Denali National Park and Preserve

    June 7 in the United States

    Today was spent touring Denali National Park. We took the Wilderness Tundra bus tour which was about 8 hours long.

    Denali National Park and Preserve has just one road, called the Denali Park Road, and it is the only way in and out. The road is 92 miles long, and only the first 15 miles of it are paved. That paved portion, leading from the park entrance to Savage River, is open during the summer for public vehicles to drive, which is why we did a tour so that we could go deeper in the park. The remainder of the road is packed gravel and there are no guard rails. We traveled about 2/3 of the 92 miles. Today, 100 years ago, the 1st party to set foot on the highest part happened. At this moment, there are 500 climbers on the mountain.

    In 1917, Congress created this park for one main reason: to protect Dall sheep and was called Mt. McKinley. In 1906 gold was being mined by approximately 2000 people. Dalo sheep were in abundance in this area and were hunted to provide food. In 1980 Congress expanded the park boundaries and added other reasons for its existence, including protection of North America's tallest mountain (now called Denali) and to provide a place for wilderness recreation. The word "Denali" means "the high one" in the native Athabaskan language and refers to the mountain itself. Denali is a huge park (more than 6 million acres), but has very few trails. This is intentional - to preserve wilderness recreation.
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  • Day24

    Hiking Denali

    June 8 in the United States

    The weather was great for hiking - in the mid 50's - and that's what we did today.

    We went back to Denali and hiked two trails. The first was Horseshoe Lake Trail. As the name suggests, the trail takes you down and around Horseshoe Lake. This trail has a 20% slope down (which you have to go back up!). Along the lake you can see beavers, their dams and trees that they are gnawing on or have felled. We also saw a snowshoe hare. The trail also takes you along the Nenana River. A beautiful hike!

    Our next trail connected with the Horseshoe Lake Trail and it was the Taiga Trail. Taiga Trail is slightly easier with only a 15% slope. This trail leads you back to the Visitors Center. While hiking this trail we came across a moose - up close and personal! It was right off the trail.

    After the hike we decided to drive in the RV as far as the Park allows private vehicles to go in the Park - 15 miles.
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  • Day10


    June 16, 2017 in the United States

    Long drive but we made it. The most spectacular scenery you can imagine. We saw Moose drinking on the side of the road on the way too!

    Staying at a very special campground, 20 miles into the park ... Tough spot to reserve and completely off the grid. Should be awesome!

  • Day39

    Talkeetna to Denali

    September 3, 2017 in the United States

    Back on the train. Sarah took us to the station. She is so lovely. There isn’t a taxi service in the town as it is way too small to warrant one and the walk dragging bags through mud and along gravelly streets to the station is way to far, so her offer was greatly appreciated.
    A day relaxing on a train watching amazing scenery pass by. No moose spottings but fingers are always crossed. The train slows down when we are passing points of interest. That makes getting getting photos from a moving train a lot easier.
    We were picked up at the Denali station by a shuttle bus and whisked into town to the Denali Salmon Bake and Cabins, our home for the next few days. The Salmon Bake is a sight to see! It looks as though it is ready to slide down the hill at any moment. It has already slid down the hill during an earthquake hence the wide building tips and tilts every which way. None of the floors are level and many of the walls no longer adjoin.
    Our cabin is in a better state to its mother ship, the bake, but it is also on a down hill slope.
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  • Day12


    June 21, 2016 in the United States

    We're staying at the Princess Wilderness Lodge in Denali National Park. The mountain makes its own whether it was shrouded in clouds. Two days in Denali National Park is just too short. But we went to see the sled dogs and took the Natural History tour. The dogs were great - we love their joy & energy when they're harnessed to work!

    But the highlight of our trip was seeing a close encounter between a grizzly bear and six unsuspecting tourists. The tourists did exactly what they're supposed to do - holding up their arms and trying to look as big as possible and making a lot of noise to scare off the bear. The bear checked them out and decided he wanted nothing to do with them and wandered off!!Read more

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