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  • Day12


    September 15, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Von Atlanta aus fuhren wir heute mit unserem Mietwagen nach Savannah, einer kleinen Ostküstenstadt. Savannah ist gleichermaßen Synonym für Südstaaten, Kolonialismus, Sklavenhandel usw.
    Das Flair der alten Häuser versprüht diesen Charme noch heute.

    Gleichermaßen war Savannah Kulisse u. a. für den weltbekannten Film "Forrest Gump". Nicht nur der Standort der Bank, auf der Gump den Großteil des Filmes saß, sondern auch der Kirchturm vom Anfang des Filmes erinnern an diesen schönen Film.
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  • Day40

    Beautiful Savannah

    April 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Heute ging es mit Anne und Heiner nach Savannah. Mit Hilfe des Hop On/Hop Off Buses haben wir uns die Stadt angeguckt. The Historic District hat viele Parks und alte Häuser zu bieten, im Forsyth Park haben wir unter den Bäumen die Sonne genossen und am Ben&Jerry's Laden konnten wir einfach nicht ohne ein Eis vorbeigehen.
    Im Chippeware Square Park saß Forest Gump auf einer Bank und hat mit einer Schachtel Pralinen auf den Bus gewartet. Die Bank steht im Savannah History Museum und wurde damals extra für den Film aufgebaut.
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  • Day12

    Day 10: savannah

    December 8, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    We left raleigh few hangovers throughout the group. We stopped at Charleston and had lunch and done a tour of the town with a local. That night we went to savannah and done a pub crawl, played pictionairy at the first joint which turned out to be bit of fun, next pub got bit more insane few shots n fireballs n mixes. Then we went to a pub few ppl got kicked out for being way to drunk ha. Was a fun night my roomie had a big one which was funny as.Read more

  • Day58

    Day 58 - Parks And Exhibitions

    November 4, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today was as slow and easy as yesterday, maybe more so. We spent the morning in bed watching TV and reading news online.

    We then left the motel and went for something to eat. The city market is an area that is particularly lively with various eating and drinking establishments. We decided on 'Wild Wings Cafe' and sat down and enjoyed our lunch in the afternoon sun. No wings this time, just regular chicken and rice for me and nachos for Alice. Next up was something we had been meaning to do for a while. Finding a post office and sending some items abroad. It took longer than expected and the staff were extremely helpful. We made our to Forsyth Park which was very nice and contained a large fountain. On the way out we stopped off for a coffee.

    Next on the list was the Savannah Museum. We were keen to learn and this slightly dated yet strangely appealing museum fitted the bill. There were ye olde dressed up mannequins, a huge steam train, a boat, the bench used in Forrest Gump, many other bits and pieces and lots of interesting information about Savannah during the Civil War. Alice and I now know a great deal more about this meticulously planned port city than we did before. Job done.

    That night I chose dinner and due to a marathon the next day there seemed to be a large number of people also looking for somewhere to eat. The first choice was struck off due to us being informed that there was an hour and three quarters wait for a table. We decided on another Italian restaurant for choice number two and their wait was a more palatable twenty minutes. Thirty or so minutes later and we were seated. Woo hoo! Vinnie Van Go Go's was actually just a pizza restaurant with the options simply being toppings and sauce. We were not disappointed once it arrived. We devoured our supremely tasty eighteen inch pizza and craft beers. All's well that ended well.

    Song of the Day:
    Andy Williams - Moon River (Alice drank Moon River beer with dinner)
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  • Day57

    Day 57 - Hi, Y'all!

    November 3, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    The weather has continued to impress, hitting 28 degrees today. There were a few things we wanted to see in Savannah and it wouldn't take too long to see them and so we took our time. We were advised by a local in the Persian restaurant last night that the best way to enjoy the city is to just walk around. It's not particularly big and has a grid formation with a large number of picturesque squares. He was not wrong.

    It is a beautiful city and retains that Southern charm. People are incredibly friendly and it has a genuine feel to it. Even in a clothes shop the guy working there asked about our accents and we proceeded to talk about everything from where he's lived to the baseball game last night. At no point was this a way to then point me in the way of a pair of trainers. Refreshing.

    We started the day with a healthy breakfast of eggs and then we headed to the riverside. The riverside immediately reminded both Alice and I of anywhere in France. The small cafes and shops and tree lined road were well looked after and we walked along the path next to the river stopping to read infomation boards on the way. It was nice and relaxing. Next up, was a walk into the city centre and we were looking for Chippewa Square specifically. It was the square where the famous park bench scene from Forrest Gump was filmed. The bench used in the movie was a prop and so we just went to the location of where it would have been, took obligatory photos and then found an actual bench to sit down on and admire the square. The sun was not giving up today and we did what you do when not doing much and it's hot. We got ice cream. Well Alice got ice cream and I decided on a cookie. I complimented my cookie with a coffee to go and we continued walking and window shopping, heading in the direction of our motel for a much needed rest from all this strolling.

    Dinner had been booked for the evening. The Old Pink House is described as 'Southern cuisine served in an elegant Colonial mansion'. We both shared fried green tomatoes because... it's the south... and they were great and for mains I went for the duck and Alice had the fried chicken and mac and cheese. Throughout the meal, not only did we have a very attentive server, but there was also a maitre d' who popped over to our table and peppered each new dish with a light joke. And whilst Alice and I shared our peanut mousse bomb, I think that's what it was called, another person came over to our table in colonial dress asking if everything was OK. It was all a great experience and Alice and I rolled all the way back to our motel.

    Some of the Day:
    Gladys Knight - Midnight Train to Georgia
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  • Day56

    Day 56 - Thunderbirds Are Go!

    November 2, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Big drive today. Four hours to get to Savannah in Georgia. We started with a IHOP. I know, we're getting predictable.

    The drive was pretty boring, we're back on the intersections with little interruptions, tolls, etc. We drove on Interstate 95 for about 185 miles, maybe more.

    The arrival into Savannah includes a long drive over the Talmadge Memorial Bridge which feel like a rollercoaster ride. You appear to be driving up in to the sky and then over the hump of the bridge and then back down the other side. Savannah is then apparent as soon as you exit the bridge. Our motel was just a minute away from there and it is a really cool place. Alice specifically chose a 1960s themed retro motel, with bright colours on the doors and a huge neon sign out the front. Each day the room is refilled with a can of RC Cola and a Moonpie chocolate (it's like a mini wagon wheel) for each guest. Nice! Sixties music is also piped out of speakers from ten til eight every day. Considering it is not too loud and Alice and I both like this period of music, it works quite well. I'm currently listening to 'Hear Comes the Sun' by the Beatles as I write this post.

    In the evening we went for dinner at a Persian Restaurant. Alice was swayed to go for the special, lamb kofta, and she was very glad that she did. I went for the chicken kabob (that's right kabob) which was one large skewer with rice containing nuts, a few raisins and orange peel. It was top notch. After the meal, we fancied more beers and went to a local bar. By coincidence, game seven of the World Baseball Series was about to start. It was basically a big deal with both teams not having won the series for a long time. We had also stumbled into a bar that was about to start a pub quiz. This is now the second pub quiz that we've been present at here in the US and there is a big difference to how it's done in the UK. In the US, when a question is asked, a song is played and every team has to bring a slip of paper to the quiz master to check and then after the song the answer is revealed. In the UK, the quiz master reads out a long list of questions, then at the end of that round, each team swap their sheets with another team and all those answers are read out by the quiz master. Alice and I didn't take part in this quiz as we just couldn't be bothered to get up after each question and traipse over to the quiz master. Also the top prize was a bar tab that we thought we wouldn't have time to make use of anyway. We decided to just watch the baseball with beers and answer what questions we could amongst ourselves.

    Once we got back to the motel, I put the baseball on as it still hadn't finished. It started at 8pm and was still going on past midnight. A pretty epic game that the Chicago Cubs eventually won. A pretty good day too.

    Song of the Day:
    Prince - Musicology (heard a Prince song in the car and as we walked into IHOP we thought it was the same song playing as we entered. It wasn't. It was Musicology. We went with that anyway.)
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  • Day15

    Savannah und Sommer

    February 19, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Heute ging es dann zurück nach Georgia in die wunderschöne Südstaatenperle Savannah, die letzte größere Stadt an der Ostküste vor Florida.
    Über die Savannah River Bridge aus South Carolina kommend, bot sich schon von jener ein schöner Blick auf die Stadt. Die etwas größere Stadt hat jedoch den Charme einer verträumten Provinzstadt versprüht. Unzählige Parks mit uralten Eichen, von denen wie Rauschebärte die Bartflechten (Spanisches Moos) hängen, typische Häuser im Südstaatenlook oder die alten Speicherhäuser an der Hafenpromenade haben uns heute begleitet. Dazu kam noch strahlender Sonnenschein....fehlten nur noch Scarlett und Red.Read more

  • Day12

    The Squares of Savannah

    October 21, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    We only intended to make Savannah a quick stopover like all of our other destinations this trip (Florida beckons!) but between my work schedule and just loving the vibe of the place, we decided to stay another day. (The universe agreed as we didn’t even have to change rooms.)

    I looked up a few self-guided walking tours online and settled on one of the Squares of Savannah. Turns out, a big part of the orderly yet laid back vibe of Savannah is due to its original plan laid out in the early 1700’s by James Oglethorpe which, “uses a distinctive street network with repeating squares of residential blocks, commercial blocks, and small green parks to create integrated, walkable neighborhoods.”

    Starting just a few blocks south of the Savannah River waterfront, the city is laid out in an approximate 5x5 grid of over 20 wards. Each ward is 9 blocks (think tic-tac-toe with a park in the center square and buildings in the surrounding 8) so you’re never more than 2 streets away from some little urban oasis—iconic live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, brick-paved walkways, cozy benches, fountains, and statues of historical interest.

    We meandered these squares, walking nearly 8 miles to end up on the waterfront for a pink liquid lunch. After the beauty of the squares, the waterfront felt devoid of any real character (mostly bigger hotels and lots of touristy shops there). It started to drizzle just as we were finishing our wine, which turned into a real downpour just in time for our 6 or so block walk back, during which Donny only almost killed me once jaywalking across 4 lanes of traffic.
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  • Day19

    My Sweet Savannah (is gone)

    June 4, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Next stop was beautiful old town Savannah, think gorgeous town houses around immaculate squares with knarled old trees dripping with Spanish moss- oh yes we are in the South! Although instead of good Ole southern food the first thing we spotted was a British Pie Shop so I'm afraid we couldn't resist a chicken balti pie, sausage roll and Wellington Square (gutted they were out of bakewells). Whereas Charleston was all well-to-do ladies having afternoon tea in twin sets & pearls (or bougie in Vinny (New Jersey) speak), Savannah was all about drinking in the streets and much more our sort of place! Drippingly hot we got forced inside to rehydrate (sort of) and then we had a tropical downpour which kept us indoors. We ended up in the distillery bar just opposite where we were camping (actually just the visitor center carpark but for $8 for 24 hrs a bit of a bargin) so it was one of those sort of days!

    We wanted to hang around for a free concert in the park the next night, so we explored Old Fort Pulaski which is an incredible place. It took 18 years and 25 million bricks to build, then surrendered to the Union in 30 hours as they had developed rifle canons in the mean time. Spotted some pretty huge alligators patrolling the moat so we decided the beach was a better place to cool off (& shower!) and we were treated with a couple of small pods of dolphins just off shore.

    That night we pretended we were students again and hung out in the park for the massive free concert with Moon Taxi & Dirty Heads (My Sweet Summer Has Gone) for their graduation.
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  • Day4

    River Street Sweets

    July 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    The girls were in their happy place. A tour of the candy store including samples of the pralines, chocolate bear claws, taffy, popcorn, fudge and ice cream. Lots of samples - starting the day with a sugar high. The only bad part was that their taffy pulling machine was not working so we didn't get to see the taffy making.Read more

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