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  • Day21

    Dinosaur NM

    June 4 in the United States

    A site that far exceeded our expectations. We knew that they had found a lot of dinosaurs but nothing really prepared us for the wall of bones in the Quarry Exhibit Hall. Sadly it does not show up well in the photos. We also walked the Fossil Discovery Trail and drove the Tilted Rocks Scenic Drive to see petroglyphs.

  • Day89

    Dinosaur Quarry NM, UT

    May 18 in the United States

    Dinosaurs once roamed here and the ‘Wall of Bones’ in the Dinosaur Quarry is an amazing display of around 1500 large dinosaur fossils still imbedded and exposed in the rock wall. The first find was in 1909 and many more have been extracted and are on display in museums across the US. The ranger told us that they think this area was a river which alternately flooded and dried up and the bones were washed up in a dinosaur log jam then buried under mud and silt. There were trails out from the quarry where we saw smaller fossils of clams and the odd bone, oh and also a few descendants of the dinosaurs... lizards. Also drove through the park where the Green and Yampa rivers run. Saw more petroglyphs, green fields irrigated from the rivers, a couple of campgrounds, mule deer, pronghorn antelope and a brilliant blue mountain bluebird.Read more

  • Day92

    Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackway, UT

    May 21 in the United States

    1.5 mile hike up, down, round and across sandy washes, ribs of exposed stone and slick rock, through a juniper grove to the edge of the Red Fleet reservoir. The flat slip rock sloping down to the water has hundreds of tracks that we have to search for. Some are of the 3 toed dilophosaurus who walked here around 200 million years ago and are 10-12 inches in width. Pretty mind blowing eh?
    A paddle in the water cools our feet ready for the hike back.Read more

  • Day87

    Fossil Valley RV Park - Vernal UT

    May 16 in the United States

    City RV Park in Dinosaur country which kindly allows washing of vehicles. So we’ve spent a couple of days washing the Coach and Jeep which were desperately in need of a clean inside and out. Strangely despite lots of trees there are very few birds, however huge yellow monarch butterflies are flying round the Coach.

  • Day32

    Trek America - Jackson to Vernal

    May 21, 2015 in the United States

    The landscape changed dramatically after leaving Jackson and heading south into the Mormon state of Utah. Gone were the snow capped and tree studded mountains as arid plains of scrubland rolled out into a never ending horizon. The Rockies reared up over our shoulders as we moved further south and east to the town for Vernal where we would camp for the night.

    On the way to our destination we stopped at the 'Flaming Gorge', a huge brimstone red gorge of rock turning up out of the water in front of it like the tail of a diving whale. Although it was not hot, it felt very warm compared to Yellowstone and we recognised how the land must become a furnace in the summer. We also stopped at the Dinosaur National Monument,created following the discovery of over 500 species of dinosaur fossils in 1909. The high concentration of bones is as a result of the area having been a river bed, drying out during a drought before flooding again, drowning a number of dinosaurs and trapped carcasses of others that had died in the drought. The river bed trapping and preserving their bodies to be discovered millions of years later. Although Alex was a little sceptical of this school trip detour it turned out to be interesting.

    When we arrived at the campsite, the sun and blue sky were out with the mood buoyant at the prospect of a dry warm night. However as the sun set a huge thunderstorm broke in the distance, lighting us up like the headlights of several cars. Rain started to patter across canvas and we retreated to our beds for the night.
    Read more

  • Day9


    June 9, 2016 in the United States

    First we went to Dinosaur National Monument where we saw a big rock that had bones in it with a building built around it. They were dinosaur bones! We got to touch some of the bones and guess what kind of bones they were. Then we went to Fantasy Canyon. It was in the middle of nowhere and we were the only people there. We thought we would be able to find lunch on the way but there was nowhere to eat so we got all of the snacks out of our car and had a picnic by a big oil tank so we would have some shade. Then we climbed the sandstone rocks. There was a lot of stuff to climb. Some of the rocks were cracking so we couldn't step on it. We went and ate mexican food for dinner. Then we found Moonshine Arch. It was really hard to get to, we had to go off-road and we even got stuck once. I loved the arches. They were really cool. We were the only people there which was neat. The next day we went to a dinosaur museum. We learned so much here like about the different periods and what animals lived then. We learned about the jurassic and the cretaceous. There were lots of different dinosaur fossils from those periods. There were also sculptures of different extinct animals and dinosaurs. Then we went to the dinosaur gardens where we learned about different dinosaurs. Then we drove to Jackson, Wyoming.Read more

  • Day15


    June 30, 2015 in the United States

    Yeehaw! Woopee! Hooray! I'm back!

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Uintah County, مقاطعة وينتاه, Юинта, উয়িনটা কাউন্টি, Condado de Uintah, Uintah konderria, شهرستان یینتا، یوتا, Comté d'Uintah, Uintah megye, Յուինտա շրջան, Contea di Uintah, ユインタ郡, Uintah Comitatus, Uintah Kūn, Hrabstwo Uintah, ینٹاہ کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Uintah, Округ Јуинта, Юїнта, یواینٹاہ کاؤنٹی، یوٹاہ, Quận Uintah, Condado han Uintah, 尤因塔縣

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