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  • Day279

    Rome Day 2 & Vatican City: Country #14!

    April 1, 2017 in Vatican City

    We took a short video in the Vatican City that you can watch here:

    Today we explored the streets of Rome. We began by making our way towards the River Tiber, along which Will had found a cycle track when looking on Maps.Me. The river corridor was below road level and was pleasantly green and leafy, with large trees lining the course on many stretches. We came to Isola Tibernia, linked to each river bank by a bridge. The island itself was small and had been commandeered by street sellers as a place to flog their wares. Ponte Fabricio, the bridge that crossed to the far bank was the only one on the Tiber to remain intact without intervention. It was built over 2000 years ago in 62BC!

    Alighting from the bridge we entered the Jewish neighbourhood where we found the the main synagogue and museum. There were a few specialist Jewish shops and sadly, Will noticed 4 golden cobbles set into the road outside a large residential building. We've seen these in many countries. They are inscribed with a name, a date and mark the place from which someone was taken by the Nazi regime.

    Moving on, we came to Piazza Farnese where the French Embassy is protected by gun wielding soldiers. The guide book had extolled the beauty of the two fountains in this square, where water spurted out of lilies in bath tubs. Unfortunately Vicky's had set her expectations high and was a little disappointed by the reality. Never mind, just round the corner was the Campo di Fiori (Field of Flowers) market. We love a good market and so had noted this down as a 'must see'. We'd thought we might have a pastry and drink at one of the cafés but having been spoiled by small town prices, we were put off by the tourist rates. The market itself was entirely oriented towards visitors with prices to match. There was a lot of emphasis on presentation, with products such as rainbow pasta made into bows and dried herbs in gift packs. Even the dried ginger and banana slices we bought were placed into conical sweet bags and tied with a purple ribbon! Instead of a cafe snack, we bought a punnet of strawberries, some fresh pea pods and sat ouselves down at the foot of the central statue to munch and watch the people go by.

    We didn't like to leave Poppy on her own for two long so walked back to the van for lunch. We'd heard a few familiar squawks emitting from the trees but couldn't quite place our fingers on the type of bird until a flock of brilliant green parrots flew overhead!

    For our final trip into the city we took the tandem. We needed to cycle on the roads for a while before reaching the river and its bike track. The traffic was hectic and Vicky's nerves were shot but we probably couldn't have done the journey and the last trip around town on our aching feet. Thankfully we were able to ride to within 500m of our destination before we abandoned the bike and continued on foot.

    We approached what would be the 14th country of our tour; The Vatican City, via a long, wide, straight road thronging with people. We'd brought our passports just in case, but all that was required for us to enter this micro state, was for us to step through the line of low stone bollards into its capital.

    We found ourselves in the breathtaking Piazza San Pietro. Ahead was the basilica and the balcony from where the Pope would address the Catholic world at Easter, just a few weeks away. Wrapping themselves around either side of the piazza were two huge white stone curving colonnades, figuratively and literally welcoming people into the Catholic church. The plinth running along the top of each 'arm' supported statues of popes and other religious figures, made from the same type of gleaming white stone as the pillared structures they rose from.

    We'd planned to visit the basilica but, nearly as long as the colonnades a queue wrapped itself around the square. Will estimated there were over 1000 people waiting so we gave up on that experience and wandered a little way out of the piazza into the residential part of the city. It was normal looking, with apartment blocks and nothing we could see that distinguished it from Rome, the capital city in which this country resided. Returning to the piazza with ice cream we sat and took it all in. Many tourists were milling around but there were also a high number of beggars.

    After a bit we cycled home to rest and digest a very memorable day. Rome, together with the Vatican within it were like no other capital we'd visited and our time here had been full and exciting. We did however feel quite full up with the experience and were ready to move on and find somewhere green to relax.

    The following morning brought the thunderous drum roll of a storm shortly after sunrise. After a while torrential rain peleted the van and we counted ourselves lucky to have visited the city on the two previous fine weather days.
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  • Day24

    Papstaudienz (Fenito)

    September 26 in Vatican City

    Hat insgesamt bis ca. 11:30 Uhr gedauert. Im Anschluss habe ich mir im Vatikan den letzten Pilgerstempel geben und lassen und mir wurde nach einer Prüfung meines Weges das Testimonium (Pilgerurkunde) ausgestellt.

    Mein linkes Schienbein macht mir immer noch Probleme und lange Strecken werde ich heute nicht laufen können. Aber es gibt ja zum Glück noch andere Fortbewegungsmittel.

  • Day28

    St Peter's Basilica + Cupola

    September 23, 2017 in Vatican City

    The organ was playing in the Basilica during our visit as some visiting clergy were partaking of Mass. The Basilica is awe-inspiring in its scale. A number of colleagues at work had suggested we do the walk up to the Cupola, which we did. Luckily there is a lift to the first level which gives a close up view of the internal ceiling and mosaics of the dome, and then after a lot of twisting and turning on the barely-wide-enough stairs, you pop out at the very top of the dome with 360 degree views of Rome which included a great view over St Peter's Square.Read more

  • Day13


    September 11 in Vatican City

    We had already decided before the holiday, not to go by car in the Italian capital. We wanted to avoid this stress. That's why we had booked the apartment outside of Rome and hoped that everything else would be somehow. And then it was really that easy. From Santa Marinella there is a train that goes directly to Stazione San Pietro and from there it is only about 650 m walking distance and we already are standing directly in front of St. Peter's Basilica. A very long line of people is standing in front of the security gate. Karl has to return because of his fax knives. He looks at the hallowed halls of the Catholic Church after Mary returns. Dave and I go up to the dome. Then I lose Dave behind me and come alone at the top. From here I have a fantastic view of St. Peter's Square and Rome. In search of Dave I go the countless and steep steps of the dome a second time and find him again at the entrance to the lift! After that we take a hopon hopoff bus for a city tour and a visit to the colloseum and then we head back to Santa Marinella by train for only € 18.40 for all of us.Read more

  • Day20

    Vatican City

    May 3, 2016 in Vatican City

    The day didn’t start as well as we’d hoped. The bus ride into the city was a debacle, but more on that in tomorrow’s post.

    Today’s agenda was the Vatican museum and St Peter’s Basilica. First up was the Vatican museum. We met up with Viv and Kez at the entrance to the museum. Wow. It appears all of Europe had decided to visit the museum the same day. It was packed from wall to wall, so much so that it was uncomfortable.

    We paid extra for audio guides, which turned out to be a complete waste of time because it didn’t line up with the exhibit numbers in the museum. Let’s wing it then. We didn’t know what to expect from the museum. There were lots (I mean LOTS) of sculptures of torsos. Hundreds! Whilst trying to follow the audio guide, we got herded like sheep from room to room, all of which were filled with tour groups with little standing room left.

    Sad to say, we didn’t enjoy this as much as we would, but only because of the crowd. The entire time, we just felt like a molecule of water swishing around in the ocean. This post will not do the museum justice. If you wanted to visit the museum, go really early (and zoom around really quickly before the throngs of tourists come in) or go a couple of hours before closing. I’d hate to think of how much more packed it would be during summer. At least the coffee was cheap.

    Afterwards, we got in a queue to see St Peter’s Basilica. Aaron was not quite as enthusiastic as Flora to be standing in a crowd again but it paid off in the end. We visited the tombs of past popes. The bodies lay in intricate tombs along the crypt corridor. Once we left the crypt, we found ourselves right in the heart of the Basilica, in the middle of a mass. The grandeur of the Basilica winded us. I thought Notre Dame was unbeatable, but I stand corrected.

    St Peter’s Basilica is completely overwhelming. One cannot possibly be unmoved by the beauty and riches inside it. I will leave you to peruse the photos as words cannot do it justice.
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  • Day2

    320 Stufen bis zur Kuppel vom Petersdom

    June 30, 2017 in Vatican City

    Mit unseren Pre-Booking Tickets für den Petersdom und dessen Kuppel machten wir uns heute Vormittag in Richtung Vatikan Stadt auf 🇻🇦. Wie oft wir "no thank you we have already tickets" gesagt haben, wissen wir nicht mehr, aber gefühlt war es bestimmt 💯 mal. Krass so viele Ticket-Verkäufer auf einem Haufen haben wir noch nie gesehen und das soll schon was heißen! Wir sind doch die Weltenbummler 😉!

    Endlich 😊 angekommen ging es über Priority-Lines in den Dom rein. Und dann der erste Wow-Effekt, 😃was für eine Kirche! Gigantisch!

    Als erstes ging es in Richtung Aufzug, um die ersten 200 Stufen zu sparen 😉- und dann begann der Aufstieg! Bei 30 Grad Außentemperatur und gefühlten 100 % Luftfeuchtigkeit können 320 Stufen ganz schön anstrengend sein 😝. Aber selbstverständlich sind wir oben angekommen 😎! Amazing view and a little bit of fresh air!

    Es hat sich definitiv gelohnt und wir hatten eine tolle 😊Aussicht auf den Vatikan Staat und Rom. Seht selbst, Bilder sagen mehr als tausend Worte aus.
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  • Day10

    Vatican Museum

    October 16, 2015 in Vatican City

    As with the Louvre, the artwork is so beautiful and there is so much of it it's overwhelming. I took so many pictures that it would take forever to post them all here. It's hard to select just a few. There was beauty on every square inch of ceiling, wall and floor.

  • Day4

    The Vatican

    August 29, 2017 in Vatican City

    St. Peters Basilica, and the climb up to the top of the dome were absolutely unbelievable. The view from the top was one of the best I've had in my life. Still going back to detail some points more specifically. We got there at 7:30 in the morning and the lighting was appropriately heavenly. Just breathtaking to be standing there. Makes one feel very, very small, both physically and chronologically (?). There's a picture of Dad sightseeing with a Nun by his side, and of St. Peter's tomb. (The first pope)Read more

  • Day5


    May 29, 2014 in Vatican City

    den dritten Tag unseres Romaufenthaltes verbrachten wir im Vatikan.

    Angefangen mit einem Besuch des Vatikanischen Museums. Anschließend besichtigen wir den Petersplatz, sowie den dort liegenden Pertersdom. Von der Kuppel des Pertersdom aus hat man eine herrliche Aussicht über die ganze Stadt.

  • Day4

    08.10.2016 Vatikan

    October 8, 2016 in Vatican City

    Nun haben wir noch fix unsere Karten für die Pabstmesse am Sonntag beim deutschen Pilgerzentrum abgeholt. Diese sollte man unbedingt vorher auf der Homepage des Pilgerzentrums kostenfrei reservieren.Dort sagte man uns, dass unsere Karten auch für die heutige Marienandacht mit dem Pabst um 17.30 Uhr auf dem Petersplatz gültig sind. Wir also los über den Fluss Tiber, an der Engelsburg vorbei zum Petersdom.Read more

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