Quit my job and decided to travel through Europe with my camper
  • Day18

    Friends for life

    July 8 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    8th - 14th of July

    I went to Elia Beach to meet the French guy (Arthur) and his beautiful dog (Pepite). When I arrived there I know I was in the good place. It was so nice there and so many nice open-minded people.

    It happend to be Arthur his bday so we chilled and drank some beer and talked while I played ball with Pepite. Met a friend of him Sven who had some weed so my day was made.

    Later in the evening we went on the beach. It is a beach where seaturtles go to lay there eggs. People go there in the morning to check where they laid eggs and put a sign there so nobody trips or sits on it. We saw 4 sea turtles go on the beach to lay there eggs so that was pretty fucking amazing.

    The next days I don't know what we all did. Most of the times just chilled, went to a canyon and went for dinner. We talked about that I really wanted to adopt a dog and then Arthur told me about Filia. Filia is a place where you can do laundry and eat vegan food and all the money they make is donated to the dogshelter they also have. And then he told me Filia has puppies they get of the street and make ready to get adopted.

    So we went there on the Monday and o m g I couldn't be happier. It was such a lovely place where we got some lemonade and food and we could do our laundry. There were 3 puppies and 1 was ready for adoption and it was such a cutie. His name was Dino and he was 4 months old. I told here I wanted to adopt him and she first wanted to do a screening of me and just have little chat. I really love that she does that because if she thinks the dog is not for you, she will also not give him away to you. So I was able to try out if the dog worked for me for a couple days and if I didn't like him, I could bring him back. I told her already, that is never gonna happen.

    So yeah now I have Arthur, Pepite and Dino so I was so happy. A little family! When we brought Dino home we did so many things together and he could sleep in my bed :). We went to the beach, took walks, did a little hike, we swam. It was amazing but then sadly enough the 14th I had to leave them and travel to croatia with Dino to meet my friend Anouk there who was gonna stay with me till we're back home.
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  • Day14

    Kalamata to the next camping

    July 4 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    4 - 8th of July

    I went thr 4th to the other camping Tholo which was way cheaper and nicer (in my opinion). I liked the less commercial vibe it had.

    Chilled there for days, sometimes went to the beach and once tattooed myself all day while being in a sweaty warm camper.

    Downloaded tinder to find weed, couldn't find weed but I did find a French guy with a Belgium Shephard. The funny thing about this is, is that the German couple I met in Meteora, they told me about this French guy. They traveled with him for a month and went to this beach. The fucked up thing is that I forgot about the name of the beach so I never found it but somehow while looking for weed on tinder I find the French guy and the beach! I couldn't be happier and went there the 8th of July.
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  • Day12

    Antibiotics, tattoos and weed

    July 2 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    So on the 2nd of July me and my dad decided that it was time for me to go to the doctor for being ill for so long and there I got antibiotics. Then he forced me to stay at a camping where I would be close to a toilet.

    Let me tell you, I really don't like campings. There are awful kids screaming and running, it's way to expensive and the rest of the people are above 60. But I met a dude who asked if I wanted to smoke weed with him. I ofcouse said yes and had a nice joint in the evening at the beach.

    Then the next morning when I was half a sleep at the beach he woke me up to ask if I wanted to tattoo him, and I was like sure why not. It's not like I have anything better to do in my life right now besides being bored as fuck.

    So I tattooed him, while sweat was dripping out of my gloves down my arms (disgusting, I know. Not a proud moment of my life). But yeah it turned out fine and he went of again and I was bored again.

    So the next day I decided to go to another camping cuz this camping was just too expensive for me and went of to kalamata.
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  • Day11

    Caves of Ditos

    July 1 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    So in the morning after my usual iced coffee (I got highly addicted to it here). I went of again to the next spot. It was a spot I also went to 3 years ago, so I knew it was a chill place. This time there were other campers but the people were around 60 years old and French and Italian so not a lot of English came from them. I decided to hike to the caves, which was only an hour, and ofcourse started on the hottest time of the day (cuz I don't learn). So I started my hike and walked passed 3 churches (trespassed one of them). You know you're in a religious part of Greece when within an hour walking (which was like max 10 minutes with the car) you see 3 churches.

    Finally arrived (half dead) at the caves and had to pay 15 euros for something mother nature made. Oh well in the end it was worth it! Cuz damn such a beautiful place. The water was so clear and still it reflected to stalagmites ( or -tites idk) perfectly. Met 2 old Germans there who were so freaking cute and talked with them a bit. They even took me back to the beach with their car so I didn't have to walk for an hour again and when we were at the beach she gave me so much fruit!!. They also used to travel with their VW van and traveled around India for 11 months and went to Nepal, left their van there for 3 months and just traveled Asia by train. I mean that's fucking life goals!!
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  • Day10

    Coyote gang

    June 30 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    So the next morning I decided to leave the "dangerous" village and move on with my trip more south. Again I went to a place where "they were a lot of other campers here" and AGAIN I was alone. Oh well by now I'm kinda used to it. One day, with patience, I will find other travellers !

    Before I got there tho I almost got stuck again in sand with my camper but this time I was smart enough to first check the road before going down the road.

    So I arrived at the beach where there was a beach bar and omg omg omg omg: toilets!!!
    Sadly enough the beach bar closed them in the evening but oh well. Then I heard some howling from dogs or cats or idk kids? Couldn't place the sound until I heard some Greek people look at the way of the sound and say something like "coyote". So that was fun to know that when I'm sleeping there alone there is a gang of coyotes there too. But yeah didn't hear them anymore for a few hours and I went outside to watch the beautiful sky full of stars. A car passed my camper and while I was standing outside the lights of the passing car showed me a coyote, like 15 meters from my camper.

    So ofcourse the smart human I was, I went inside (sort of). And stood in the door opening flashing my flashlight in the direction. It was from my phone so not the best light but I could see 3 pair of eyes scouring for food. So I sat there half an hour watching the eyes and the stars and then decided it was time to sleep.
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  • Day9

    Free shower!

    June 29 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    So I woke up really really hungover and there is nothing better then being hungover and just chilling in your camper that was (thank the fucking lords) not hot and just chill there all morning and watch some Netflix and sleep and eat pasta. Then I went for a little swim in the ocean and went to lay down on the beach and sleep some more.

    An albanian/greek guy came over to talk but after a while I was more interested in the puppy I met yesterday that was on the beach again. Went there to pet it and talk with the owner who offered me a joint he magically got from inside a tree. Did not get me high but I'm used to it after not getting high from Moroccan hashish.

    Then I texted the guy from yesterday and he even picked me up from my camper to bring me to his house where I could fill up my water, charge my stuff and get a nice long shower. And he had a dog so that was preeeeetty amazing.

    After that we went for dinner, where again he had to pay for the food cuz just imagine not being able to show how manly you are.... but he is very very nice and I did really appreciate the free food. After that we went for some drinks and then I was done for the day and just really needed to sleep.
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  • Day8


    June 28 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    So on the 27th I traveled from the east of Greece to a bit more south. Where I slept, I couldn't tell you cuz I forgot haha. But I do know I petted some dogs and gave them treats (as usual).

    The next day I arrived at a place where again they said "you will not be alone at this place". And again ofcourse there was nobody.

    So around 2200 I talked with my best friend and he told me that when he was alone in Portugal the way he met people was to go to a bar. So I went of into the silent city looking for a bar. I found one on Google maps that said; "busier than normal". I got very excited but when I got there, there were around 7 old Greek man.

    Ordered myself a beer and got a Sol. I mean wouldn't be my choice of pick but I was happy I got something and they gave me free chips I ate full love.

    After I drank my beer I wanted to order another beer but I really wanted a dark beer. After showing a picture on Google cuz somehow they didn't know what a dark beer was, they said they didn't have that. After trying to explain I wanted something similar I just said out of frustration "just a beer with more alcohol!". They did understood that but gave me the same beer but then with tequila in it.

    After half of the disgusting tequila beer the bartender walked up to me with a shot, didn't say anything, took the shot with me and walked away again. Very confusing but hey i got a free shot!

    Then a very nice woman walked up to me and asked if I wanted to sit at there back and take a shot with them. They were so nice and I had such a good time but man, people who know me, know I can't handle my alcohol. So I got pretty drunk and was like, I'm gonna go home. One of the guys insisted that he was gonna walk me to my camper "cuz it's not safe here". I told him I survived morocco on my own so I think I can handle a little village in greece. But he wouldn't take no for an answer.

    It was a very friendly guy tho he even told me I could use his shower the next day so I was very happy about that.

    After walking me home through he "wild west" I got safely to my camper. You know why? Cuz there was not even a fucking dog on the street. Such a dangerous village huh....
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  • Day6

    2,5 hours of digging

    June 26 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Yesterday evening I looked up my app for sleeping places and found a nice spot at the beach. When I got pulled over by cops (third time in 2 days...) I had to wait for half an hour while they searched my car, showed me nice places to stay and critiqued my chances of a normal job with my tattoos. When they finally took of it was already dark. I went of to the sleeping location through a small rocky road (as usual) and when I came into the open place I got stuck. Apparently there are sandy beaches in Greece and I found it!....

    So at that moment (around midnight) I was like fuck this shit I'm not getting out of here now, I don't see shit outside, I'm just gonna drink some wine and sleep.

    I texted my lord in savior (patrick) if he could help me in the morning with getting out (cuz he my travel guru). When I woke up and he was still sleeping I was like; I can do it myself! Watched a very terrible American video on YouTube and got started with digging the sand away. With my hands ofcourse cuz I forgot my shovel (just like many other things). Slowly cutting my hands open but when I finally was proud of what I did (even put a plastic plank that I found underneath one of the wheels), I started my camper and tried to get out. Ofcouse it didn't work cuz I had no fucking clue of what I was doing.

    Luckily after a while Patrick woke up called me, told me what to do and I started digging again and searching for wood. Couldn't find any wood on the beach but I did find reed. Started getting that and cutting my hands even more open. But after a while I was ready to try again. Patrick gave me some tips to drive and it was working! But not good enough... so after trying and digging and replacing the reeds and trying again a very nice greek man came by and explained in Greek that he was gonna pull me out of there with his car. I'm so thankful for that cuz man this was not a good day of my morning.

    So after 2,5 hours I got out and it was a beautiful beach but I was so traumatized about this that I did not EVER wanted to see that beach again. So I drove 20 minutes to an other beach (with stones), was able to park my camper in the shades (!!!!!) and took myself out for dinner to celebrate getting out of the sand. After that I laid in the sun all day and slept and finally had a good resting day. And boy did i need that, didn't know I could sleep this much all day.

    Really liked this place so I'm still here, gonna sleep here and we will see what tomorrow brings!

    Oh and ofcourse very important. Yesterday I met this cutest little dog from who I earned his trust with treats and love and today I met another white fluffy dog that was to privileged to eat my treats but did really appreciate my love and sat beside my camper for a while, while I gave it all the love it have.
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  • Day5

    Bears in Greece

    June 25 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    I accidently almost skipped the Albanian boarder control. But luckily they ran after me yelling and I stopped. One of the guys was very nice when he saw I really didn't know it was a boarder control but the other one was not as coolant. They searched my whole car (as usual) and I had a nice little chat with the nice cop. Everybody is so confused I travel alone and don't understand why I would do that, to which I answer: but why not?

    So finally I got to greece and I was so tired (it was 1 am so I just took a turn and went on a little nature road. What I did see just before I went of the big highway was lots of signs with "caution bears 7 km" and then after 10 km the same sign. So you can understand the fear I slept in after finding out there are bears in greece. But yeah the next morning I drove to the Meteora Monasteries where I went for a hike. I hiked for about 4 hours and walked 6,69 km. Ofcourse I did it on the hottest time of the day and sweated like crazy. I think from my sweat you could boil some nice pasts in.

    It was very beautiful and I even saw a mom and baby turtle.

    When I got back I met some German people who where living my dream, they were travelling for a year in their van. They gave me some tips and gave me 2 empty waterbottles with a cap with holes in it so I could shower. I'm so grateful for that omg, you have no idea. So after that I filled my other empty bottles in a well and went on the road again.
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  • Day5

    Sweaty hike

    June 25 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Today was a good day. I went to the Meteora Monasteries where I went for a 3+ hour hike where I covered 6,69 km. Started around 14:30 so that was a bit too late cuz maaannnn the heat! I don't think I've ever sweated this much in my life. It was a very nice hike tho!

    Then when I got back at the camper I met some really nice German couple who've been traveling for a year now with their camper. They gave me some tips and gave me some waterbottles with holes in the cap which I can fill up and use as a shower so that's fucking neat. Now I can be clean again without having to search for a lake.

    Now I'm going a little bit more south and hopefully meet up tomorrow with some friends I met in Morocco in Athena.

    Enjoy my sweaty face pictures xxx
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