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  • Day70

    I arrived late yesterday at my couchsurfing hosts place. He had made me a sign and left a map and chocolate in my room, so nice of him! I went with him to Evita museo/restaurant and had a birthday lunch with him and two collegues. It was a very nice place, and we had a lovely lunch.

    After lunch I met with Jonathan, which I met in Villa La Angostura almost two months ago. It was so nice to see him again!

    We went to the japanese garden, a small and beautiful botanical garden. We were not there for a long time before the sky opened up and heavy rain and thunderstorm took over for the sunshine. We went to sit down for a long while to wait for it to pass.

    After this we was going to another park close by, but it was closed. We went to a coffeshop and got some hot drinks, as we were soaking wet and not dressed for the weather at all.

    I was looking forward to going from Patagonia to sunshine and stable weather, I guess that will have to wait another day :p
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  • Day1

    Dinner of offal!

    November 20, 2015 in Argentina

    I demonstrated my Spanish skills on our first night in BA!

    After traveling for 27 hours we went into the first restaurant/bar near our apartment. There was mear sizzling on a grill and people eating on a table near us. The menu was in Spanish and no one spoke English. No wifi. There was a list of individual items of meat on the menu and then what looked like a share plate. Using my powers of deduction, i thought 'what a good idea, what could go wrong' and ordered 2 serves.

    Turns out it was a selection of lamb stewing chops (which were excellent), a chorizo sausage (which was very good) and various 'sweetmeats' and a black pudding (which were terrible!

    Still, the local beer is good!
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  • Day13

    Japanischergarten & Rosengarten

    May 10, 2017 in Argentina

    Im Stadtteil Palermo ist ein Großteil des Gebietes in Parks angelegt, die Einheimische kommen hier gerne zum spazieren oder joggen her.
    Zusammen mit der Sprachschule haben wir uns hier zwei der Parks angesehen. Auch ein Japanischer Schüler war dabei, vielleicht hatte er Heimweh?!

  • Day214


    April 4, 2017 in Argentina

    Eine dieser schönen Ecken ist eine Buchhandlung. Im Hostel bekam ich den Tipp, dass ich unbedingt El Anteo besuchen sollte, einen Buchladen, er liegt sowieso auf dem Weg.
    Gesagt getan, äußerlich fügte sich die Buchhandlung in den Mix der Stile. Der Vorraum war durchaus normal, lediglich die Wahl der Kundenfänger (die Bücher, die gut sichtbar vorne stehen) war fragwürdig mit Themen wie Krieg und Hitler. 
    Nachdem ich den Eingangsbereich passiert hatte, kam eine kleine Offenbarung: ein Theatersaal mit drei Rängen, alles als Verkaufsfläche für Bücher genutzt und die Bühne als Café hergerichtet. Faszinierend, ein Buch habe ich nicht gekauft (Gewicht <> Reisen) , aber alles ausgiebig genossen.
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  • Day103

    Eva Peron and Dulce De Leche

    December 15, 2017 in Argentina

    Had lunch at Birkin cafe. Really good. Waffles with dulce de leche were yum and had some very green and foamy mint and ginger lemonade. Radi's meal deal of a salmon and veg pita hit the spot. Good tiramisù for dessert.

    Ran into a school friend of Radi's randomly - small world!

    Went to Evita museum. No photos inside. It was an interesting view (and with a strongly positive slant) on her role in Argentinian politics. It failed to mention a few home truths - but having since talked with our Tigre guide, maybe leaning towards her being necessary at that time in history (even if we would judge her differently now). She did a lot to help the working class, children and for women's rights. The museum had videos of her speaking to massive crowds, and it was clear she was beloved by many. The impact her death had on the populace was intense, seeing everyone crying and genuinely upset at her loss was pretty astounding. The line to see her body was huge (filled a big street and went down many many blocks).

    Most other days we haven't done much (definitely in holiday mode). Stayed in and read a lot of books. Quite hot most days. Nights are cool enough to venture out for dinners at least!
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  • Day4

    Walking Tour

    November 29, 2016 in Argentina

    Today I went on a six hour walking tour of the city of Buenos Aires. To my surprise, I was the only person who requested the 6 hour tour and I got a private tour with an English speaking history professor!! It was incredible and we got along great. Buenos Aires is huge. The biggest city in the United States is NYC and it has 8 million people. Buenos Aires has 14 million. Literally gigantic.

    Its the anniversary of the independence of Argentina today, and as a holiday treat the presidents house was open to tours....all in Spanish. But it was still very pretty and I'm lucky to have seen it.

    After that I went to the neighborhood of Palermo, which is the hipster neighborhood. There I found acai bowls, craft beer, and raw juice restaurants. I had a a couple beers at a beer garden and decided to walk back to my hostel, about 1 hour, through this huge park.

    This park is incredible. It's full of families walking together or playing soccer, young couples canoodling on benches, old people strolling. I think about how in America we're always trying to find ways to separate, but here in Buenos Aires there's this huge coming together of people to exercise and enjoy each other on a holiday.

    I realize that walking here in this park is the closest I will ever come to being invisible. I look Argentinian enough to escape notice and no one is walking with me. It's actually really neat to walk past all these people and watch them go about their day and know they aren't looking at me at all. I am just part of the crowd. It's like I have superpowers!

    I walk past this incredible path around this lake, then I see another beer garden!

    Wait. It's the same beer garden.

    I am way more drunk than I realized, and spent 45 min walking in a circle imagining I had superpowers.


    I eventually made it back to my hostel.
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  • Day10

    Buenos Aires - centre et San Telmo

    November 14, 2016 in Argentina

    Découverte d'un Bon resto: "La Clotilde..".Nous prenons un menu raisonnable mais repérons des planches de grillades variées et saucisses et boudins et abats et légumes grillés Et frites et riz et patate douce et petit hachis oignons tomate.....Bref, nous reviendrons demain soir , c'est sûr!

    L'après-midi nous commençons par la visite de la cathédrale qui, de l'extérieur ressemble à un temple grec. L'intérieur est richement orné et un autel en argent massif trône au chœur de l'édifice. Nous avons droit à un concert d'orgue .

    Puis marché tout au long de la rue de la Defensa. Très varié. Chacun vient vendre ses trésors artisanaux , culinaires artistiques ou autres...Ambiance bon enfant dans la chaleur d'un dimanche après-midi.

    Le soir arrive . Et si on allait écouter et voir du tango.? Une gloriette dans un beau vaste parc offre une piste aux danseurs et danseuses soucieux de montrer leur talent .Trois personnes sur quatre admirent . Le quatrième de l'équipe est moins convaincu.
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