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    There's a skippy in the kitchen

    June 2, 2017 in Australia

    On Friday we went to Undara National Park. At Undara in the afternoon we went on a walk. Then in the evening we went to a quiz night.
    The next day in the morning we went on a walk around the Kalkani (pronounced cow-car-nee) Crater which was interesting then we went to the lava tubes. First we went on a walk then Wes (our guide)said that we were in the first lava tube except there was no walls or a ceiling and then he said that its a collapsed lava tube.
    Wes told us about a pink rock called granite which is pushed to the surface by very strong forces and he also told us about a volcanic rock called basalt which has a lot of holes in it. Granite won't let any water through it where as basalt is a really good natural filter and when it wears down it is this really rich soil. Then in the 1st lava tube he showed us some bones and said does anyone know what these bones are from and one little boy said a t-Rex they were actually from a pig who we thought had come down to eat a dead kangaroo (there was kangaroo bones as well) that probably died when it came down into the tube. Then in the next tube he showed us a micro bat which is about the size of an average persons hand then he showed us a granny cloak moth when they here the beat of a bat's wings they vibrate their wings really fast so the eco location doesn't hit them it hits the vibration that they sent out. On the way out of the tube there was a Tarantula on the wall except Wes said that's not a Tarantula that's the shell of Tarantula.
    The Eastern Horseshoe and Common Bent Wing bats live in the cave also the granny cloak moth and Tarantula and an Eastern
    Boobook Owl was in the cave waiting for a bat to come along for its lunch, plus there was cockroaches.
    Wes was telling us how one day N.A.S.A. came and he thought why would N.A.S.A. have anything to do with lava tubes except it turns out there was some tubes on the moon that look similar to these lava tubes and N.A.S.A. wondered if they were made the same way.

    After we had finished in the lava tubes we drove to Routh Creek and stayed the night there.
    The next day we drove to Cobbold Gorge and we stayed 1 night there.
    On Sunday we went on a tour of the gorge. First we went on a walk then we came to some boats and we got in them and went in the boats up a valley that leads to the gorge. The valley wasn't very wide so the boats had to have 2 motors at either end because they couldn't turn around.
    On Monday we drove to Walkers Creek for one night . We met someone who had caught some really big yabbies and he gave us some claws. We decided to put the opera net in for the night. When we got up the next day we found that there was no yabbies in it so we decided to put it in until we left. When we pulled it up there was two yabbies in the pot. Then we drove 30 km down the road to Karumba we stayed 2 nights there on the first day we went out in the
    boat. We caught 2 Bream and 1 Grunter Bream we also saw some dolphins.
    Then on Wednesday we went went fishing again except this time we had no luck at all. That night we had crab, fish and chips for tea while watching the sunset on the beach. The next day we went back to Walkers Creek for a night.
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