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  • Day23

    Noch was DER DONCHO

    December 26, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Kennst ihr das wenn ihr am Strand sitzt, die Sonne ist untergegangen und es wird langsam Zeit nach Hause zu gehen? Du steckst aber immer noch im Bikini oder in deiner Badehose. Weit und breit keine Umkleidekabine, ja nicht ein mal ein Busch oder Baum in Sicht. Wie nur umziehen, ohne dass du Blicke auf dich ziehst oder peinlich rumhampelst? Genau: DONCHO der PONCHO. Schnell übergestreift und schon ist dein Problem gelöst. Sei es am Strand, in der Badi oder in öffentlichen Duschen

    Da könnt ihr diesen gerne bestellen, ist eine Kollegin von uns

    Der ist echt gut für alles,Susanne braucht diesen um nicht alle Kleider zum Duschen mitzunehmen, einfach dieser anziehen, Duschen gehen und wieder zurück in den Camper um die neuen Kleider anzuziehen👍👍 einfach genial👏👏
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  • Day22


    December 25, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    Nach einer Regenreichen Nacht🤪🤣 und Feststellung das unser Camper nicht ganz dicht ist, obwohl er neu ist🙈😂😂.,genießen wir den Heutigen Tag mit einfach nichts tun😛😴🥂, denn es Regnet immer wieder für kurze Zeit.
    Gemäß einem Kollegen, welcher gerade in Sydney ist, hat es auch dort Gestern"ein wenig" geregnet, aber nicht so wie bei uns.

    Wenn die 🇦🇺🐨 feststellen, dass es immer dort Regnet wo wir gerade sind, werden wir sicherlich gleich eingebürgert😜😂😂.

    PS:@Verena, der Kappenmann hat ein einsehen, und brachte uns Honig😂😂🙈
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  • Day291

    Bribie Island

    March 11, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Monday 11th March, the day that the next part of our big adventure begins!!!! After taking the girls to school we set to loading the car and trailer ready for our 4 and a half week road trip up the east coast of Australia. We had to wait before we could set off as we were heading for a campsite on Bribie Island which entailed driving along the beach and for that we had to wait for low tide. When we reached the car park before the drive along the sand we were pleased to see that there were plenty other people there about to do the same as us. Alan let down the tyres to the required pressure for driving along sand, and then spoke to a group of Ozzie men who were also about to set off. Having told them that this was our first attempt at driving on sand they very kindly offered to help us if necessary. Alan was brilliant at driving over the bumpy ground on the track leading to the beach and kept momentum going so that we didn't ground - until we hit the main beach!!! Then we ground to a halt stuck in the sand. Thankfully the group Alan had chatted to arrived soon after and set to in towing us out of the ruts. The 16kms along the beach was fairly easy driving as the sand was hard, but was not helped by the thunderstorm that accompanied us. Terrific flashes of lightning right overhead and torrential rain. Thankfully it all petered out by the time we reached our camping pitch, which we had booked and paid for in advance. Our faces fell when we saw the approach to the pitch, up a slight incline with no clearly defined track. We noticed the experienced group who had helped us having real difficulty reaching their pitch, which did not fill us with confidence. Alan tried several times and did a really good job, but it soon became apparent that we were not going to reach the pitch. Apparently the recent cyclone had redistributed sand, making it much harder to reach the bush at the top of the beach. We decided to cut our losses and head for a campsite. The drive back along the beach was great with kangaroos hopping about in the bush. On the ride along the track back to the car park we became well and truly stuck in the sand. We didn't have to wait long before someone arrived and offered to help us out. People here are all so friendly and willing to help and share their experience. We were towed back to the car park, from where we headed to the nearest garage to inflate the tyres again. By now it was late afternoon, and we were beginning to worry that we wouldn't get the tent up before dark!!!! The first campsite we went to did not have a big enough space for our trailer, so we ended up at the Big 4 site on the other side of the bridge to Bribie Island. We managed to put up the first part of the trailer before darkness fell, but decided to leave the rest until the next day. We cooked on our new stove using our camping lanterns to light the area, and enjoyed several cool beers and a glass of wine, beautifully chilled!!!! Not a great start to our camping adventure- but it will get better!!!!
    The camp site we were on was fabulous - part of a hotel group and the swimming pool area superb. We decided to stay an additional two nights to make the most of it and to set up more of the tent.
    We had two more stinking hot days - on the first one after our exertions with the tent we spent the afternoon lazing by the pool reading our books with an occasional swim. On the second we returned to Bribie beach in the morning to enjoy the peaceful beach and try our hand at fishing. Great fun but no catch. The afternoon was a repeat of the day before
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  • Day606

    Eatons Hill

    January 20 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    We have arrived safely in Brisbane after a long flight from Heathrow. We travelled with EVA Air via Bangkok and Teipei. We arrived at 10:30 am to be greeted by Jamie and the girls in lovely warm sunshine. Lovely! Spent the remainder of the day chilling at Jamie and Renee's place. Examined the new pool that is being built in the garden. Looking great - just a shame it isn't finished as it is so HOT!!! A cool off in a refreshing pool would be just perfect. Still, hopefully by the time we leave in April we will be able to make use of it. Slept very well and awoke refreshed, ready for a shopping day with S and S. Renee and Jamie were at work, so we were in charge of the girls. We spent 3 hours at Chermside shopping centre, where the girls browsed and deliberated on what to spend their Christmas dollars on. We came back laden - they managed to buy lots of goodies with their 60 dollars each!!! Day 2 with the girls we set to on a sewing project. We were making felt gnomes!!! Both of the girls enjoyed the activity and concentrated for 3 hours to complete their first little gnome. More to follow in future days. Later in the afternoon we drove into Brisbane city with the girls. We walked along the south bank, which was busy with families enjoying the man made beach and pool next to the river Brisbane. The girls made use of the park, before we met up with Jamie and Renee after their day's work. We ate at Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers - a great little restaurant serving very tasty food. Next stop - Cirque du Soleil, situated next to the Brisbane cruise terminal. The huge marquee was packed, and must have seated 2000 people. A magnificent show - quite a spectacle to behold. The girls were enthralled (as were the rest of us) and at times did not know where to look next - there was so much going on on the stage. A very late night for all of us, and we all arrived home feeling exhausted. We are still acclimatising ourselves to the time difference, and were very ready for our beds!
    We had a lazy day on Thursday, then on Friday we took a walk along the seafront at Redcliffe. In the afternoon we watched Sophie training at her Gymnastics club.
    On Saturday we went for a walk at Sandgate and watched fishermen on the pier for a short while. Sophie took her roller blades and Samantha her bike. In the evening we enjoyed a bbq and Kevin, Harmony, Bianca and Emily joined us all for a few beers.
    Sunday was Australia Day and the day Jamie was formally accepted as an Australian citizen. We all went to his acceptance ceremony which was in the theatre at Redcliffe and he received his certificate along with 114 others from many other nations. A very interesting ceremony (although the girls did not agree!).
    After the ceremony we wandered along the front at Redcliffe, through the Sunday street market, to enjoy a celebratory lunch at Mon Komo. The adults shared a seafood platter (meant to feed 2 but SO much beautiful fish) and a starter platter of chicken wings, mini burgers, rice rissoles and chips. So much food, but we managed to eat most of it.Samantha had her face painted whilst we waited for the under 12 Lamington eating contest at Suttons Beach - our girls did not take part and it was not pretty. We did not stick around for the adult version.
    Monday was bank holiday so we all drove up to Caloundra on the Sunshine coast for a day at the beach - the girls' last chance for the school holiday as they return to school on Tuesday.
    After taking the girls to school with their dad on Tuesday we spent the morning at Eatons Hill getting our trailer and Ute sorted for our road trip. Jamie meanwhile spend some time tidying up the garden which was benefitting from some rain showers. For lunch we slipped off to Chermside where we enjoyed a brilliant Thai meal at Kinn Derm - very tasty.
    Upon returning we packed up our equipment, food etc ready for our trip the following day
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  • Day233


    January 12, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Chilling day back at J and R's.
    Stew, Em and co left for UK first thing, then we took Kirsty into the airport for her flight to WA. Had time to check out some UGG boots for Claire in the city centre.
    We looked after the girls for three days whilst J and R went back to work, which was great fun for us, if a little tiring. We checked out some camping equipment stores for our plan to buy some gear over here and the girls loved examining the details of the tents etc. We took Sophie and Samantha to a local beach, the lagoon at Redcliffe, one of the many parks around Brisbane and to the cinema to see the latest Mary Poppins film. All great fun, and the girls were so well behaved. Weather extremely hot and sticky, but thankfully Jamie and Renee's house has air con as well as fans in every room. We made good use of them!!!!
    The girls love eating sushi and showed us their skills at making it.
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  • Day280


    February 28, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    After a brilliant trip to South Island New Zealand we have returned to Brisbane . The Canterbury Crusaders rugby union team were on the flight as they are playing one of their Super 15 games against the Brisbane Reds this weekend. There were some very big men on the flight. Jamie met us at the airport. It was good to see him, Renee and the girls again.
    We have spent a week and a bit in Brisbane performing two main functions. The first being Granny and Grandpa to our two beautiful grand daughters. Renee and Jamie took the opportunity of our presence to book a restful Spa trip to a retreat in Bali for a few days. Schools runs and after school entertainment has been the routine, although Sammy was off School for three days due to a mild case of chicken pox (they vaccinate here which has obviously reduced the impact.) The other activity was to collect our new camping gear from the manufacturer which we did on Monday 4th. Since then we have been finishing buying the various other bits necessary and preparing ourselves for a trip northwards along the coast starting on Monday.
    To summarise the week
    Crusaders beat the Reds.
    Great BBQ at home by J and R
    We entertained Renee's parents on Sunday - nice afternoon.
    Lots of games with Sophie and Samantha. (Granny is getting good at dodge ball.) Some Snakes and Ladders games can last for an eternity, high fives, etc etc)
    Excitement with new camping gear and planning the next part of the trip.
    School run, trip to doctors.
    Home made Sushi - well done girls and we honestly thought it would be impossible to eat that much.
    Trips to shopping outlets (bought the obligatory fishing rods to complete camping equipment)
    Gymnastics club for Sophie and swimming for Samantha
    Friday "At Home" film night we watched "Gnome Alone" surely the product of a deranged mind.
    Trip to Flipout (trampoline warehouse.)
    Walk along the promenade at Sandgate, Fish and chips at Dougs (excellent.)
    Trip to a new BMX cycle track -brilliant facility for cyclists, scooters and skateboards - Sophie greatly enjoyed the tracks, Samantha ran along beside.
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  • Day294

    Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

    March 14, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We travelled inland to a Campsite in the D'Aguilar National Park. The site is in rich farmland with cattle and livestock the main activity. After setting up we visited Woodford to stock up with provisions and fire wood as Jamie et al were coming to join us on Saturday.
    We kept a keen eye on the weather as the forecasts were for a period of consistent rainfall over our projected stay at this location. The area has been under drought conditions and the creek was little more than a trickle on the day we arrived. Weather forecasting here is a bit hap hazard as the winds coming from the east don't always behave as expected. On our first night there was thunder and lightning all around us but no rain in our valley. The second day, however, was different. In anticipation of some rain we had put the front of the awning in place to give us some screening. After a few spits the sky grew dark very quickly and we were treated to a full blown tropical storm, so violent that the Brisbane airport was closed and all trains in the Brisbane area were shut down. The rain lasted for hours after which everything surrounding us was swimming in water, the creek soon became full with rushing water from the hills surrounding. Our new tent held up quite well in the circumstances, however water did get into the awning.
    The temperatures before the storm were consistently in the mid to high thirties, and at least the storm reduced these to a more tolerable level.
    We share the site with wild life - wallabies are present, fruit bat abound in the evening, kookaburra chatter in the trees around us and cheekily sit on our chairs next to us. Bush turkeys are rife and constantly scouring for food bits in the camping area, and this morning we were visited by a Guana which took a lazy interest in our activity. As I write this two kookaburra are fornicating on a fence post eight feet from us. Camera not to hand,
    On Saturday after a rainy start the sun came out and we were able to host Jamie's family who joined us in the aternoon. We had a bbq on an open camp fire the girls enjoyed toasting the marsh mallows
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  • Day321


    April 10, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    The final day in the tent for a while as we packed up to return to Brisbane. We will a few days in Brisbane with Jamie and family before we fly back to the UK.
    This camping trip was brilliant fun. We saw some great places and met nothing but friendly and helpful people. An absolute joy.
    We enjoyed a great few days with the family in Brisbane prior to our departure back to UK. Such fun taking Sophie and Samantha shopping for their birthday presents - early presents, but we will be in the UK when it is actually their birthdays. They just love shopping, and it is quite entertaining watching them go from shop to shop counting their dollars in their purses at each shop.
    On Saturday we met Gina, Paul and Ellie in Brisbane, as they were over in Australia to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary and Ellie's 21st birthday. We hosted a bbq in Eatons Hill in the evening which we greatly enjoyed. So nice to catch up with all of them again. Who knows when and where we will next meet!!!!
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  • Day229


    January 8, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We have arrived safely in Brisbane, and are enjoying the company of our family. Jamie, Kirsty and our lovely grand daughters were at the airport to meet us with broad smiles all round. Sophie and Samantha were as chatty and as lively as usual.
    Stewart, Emily, Magnus and Jemima were camping at Tamborine Mountain and joined us the next day when the noise levels went up a gear. The cousins were great together. What a treat to have everyone together!!!!
    We enjoyed a glass of fizz or two to celebrate all being together. The "big pop" causing excitement.
    Jamie and Renee prepared and produced a great meal on the bbq.
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  • Day241


    January 20, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    We returned to Brizzie to look after the girls for J and R again for three days. Another fun three days visiting the Lagoon at Redcliffe, Frew Park and a trip into the city - taking the City-Cat from New Park into the South Bank where we lunched at a sushi bar.
    A quick visit into the city to get Claire's UGG boots in blisteringly hot conditions before an escape back to air conditioning of the car along the river again - the girls waved at daddy's offices as we passed.
    We did much research on vehicles to accompany the camping equipment and have eventually managed to find a suitable one which we have arranged to pick up at the weekend.
    Australia day this weekend so the country will be celebrating. The Borumba Dam site we were at last weekend where there were perhaps forty campers during our stay will be full with 500 set ups - probably each one with boat in tow - the dam will be very busy.
    Our first experience of the Australia Day celebrations has been a good one - we went into the South Bank in Brisbane and had a mooch around the Streets market and then were drawn into the Plough Inn which was packed with revellers. They were setting up an eating challenge competition which comprised of 20 people around a table - each was given 2 kg of bbq spare rib and the task was to eat it as quickly as possible. Tactics were very different - Sean the reigning champ from last year stripped the meat from the bone prior to chomping - this was very successful as he won again in 8 minutes 43 seconds. Other tactics included not taking the challenge too seriously, taking it very slowly, then after 8 minutes and 43 seconds returning with the huge pile of ribs to their family for a good free nosh. We benefited as one family on the table next to us had both parents in the competition who used the second tactic and they offered the ribs around. They were very tasty.
    We listened to some live music before J, R and the girls joined us late afternoon where we enjoyed a lovely sharing meal at Popolos an Italian restaurant on the South Bank. The girls played on the park climbing frames and slides prior to the evening entertainment which was a firework spectacular on the river in front of us.Sunday saw us go to Renee's mum and dad's house for an afternoon of chat and great food. many thanks go to them once again.
    On Monday we went to Bribie Island for a morning at the beach followed by a fish and chip lunch.
    Tuesday was Sopie and Samantha's first day of their new academic year and we were able to watch them meet with their friends and new teachers after the holidays. The girls were weighed down with all the books, pens etc that they will need as they carried it all in in big boxes.
    In the afternoon Jamie and I went to pick up the new motor.
    After that we had quiet day to prepare ourselves for the journey to New Zealand
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