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  • Day179

    Vienna's other Christmas markets

    December 22, 2016 in Austria

    Vienna has 16 Christmas markets in total, one had closed the day we arrived so we didn't see that but we wanted to immerse ouselved in the Christmas experience and explore as many of the others as possible. Armed with the map of the U-Bahn network and an information leaflet telling us where the markets were we visited 4 markets that evening. The first was in a pedestrianised side street and had a hippy feel with lots of street food, knitted garments and wooden decorations, toys and instruments. The second was in the Museums Quarter in a large square surrounded by imposing stone buildings. Instead of huts or stalls, it had polytunnels selling drinks and food. It felt quite 'studenty' but not very Christmassy, it somehow exuded a 'too cool for Christmas' vibe and we didn't stay long.

    Next, the Christmas Village was distinctive for where it was, in Maria-Theresien Platz sandwiched between two incredible palaces built to mirror each other over the square. One had changing light images projected on to its walls, with images of baubles and holly.
    The final market of the evening took us through the arches of Hoffburg Palace, past its massive white stone statues of wrestling men, under an arched dome with a beautifully painted ceiling and out into the 'posh' part of town. The market reflected the white stone buildings with its white wooden huts lit by falls of fairy lights. Pairs of horses stood patiently in front of their plush carriages ready to whisk those with more money than us to burn on a tour of the city. The surrounding streets all had different hanging lights down their centres, some with candles, others with giant spheres or chandeliers. Everywhere we looked were designer names; Dior, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Cartier and too many others to remember. What we will remember however are the public toilets! They cost 50c but the assistant opened and closed the frosted glass sliding door to the large vintage tiled cubicle with porcelain toilet and basin with dark wood and gold furniture. They were old but in immaculate condition and they may well be the best public toilets we ever visit!

    Many markets closed on the 23rd so we had a double trip in the next day. The morning saw us perusing the Old Viennese Christmas market that had some lovely handmade decorations, including some made out of steel and of straw together with food stalls selling vegetables, meat and fish. Vicky treated herself to an apple and fig slice with shortcrust pastry - yummy!

    Because the cold was beginning to take its toll, we warmed up with some beef goulash in a 1950s style cafe on the way to Belvedere Palace. The palace was a little way outside the city centre and had a small market in its extensive grounds. We don't recall seeing a building with so many statues on it and have never known a city with so many palaces!

    After a rest and some time spent back at the van with Poppy, we returned in the dark to find 3 more markets. We had been in two minds over whether to do this evening visit because we thought we may well have seen all there was to to be sold on the stalls we'd seen already. We were to be proved wrong at the Art Advent market on Karlszplatz! The beautifully lit Karlz Kirche with its domed roof rose above strings of warm white lights and the traditional wooden huts that were arranged around a central area that had been transformed into a petting zoo! There were tons of original items on the stalls, with the artists themselves selling their creations. We'd have been shocked if the next two markets (a small collection of food stalls and a lackluster traditional market at the university) had been anywhere near as interesting. However we did get to watch a game of curling at the latter. Tired but very happy, we returned to the van after a full but fun day.
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  • Day8

    A City of Fairy Lights

    December 20, 2017 in Austria

    We spent the morning steaming up the Danube and finally arrived at Vienna at about midday. So it took a full 24 hours, from leaving Budapest to arriving in Vienna. After lunch there were coaches to take us to the old centre of the city. The coach took us around an amazing array of beautiful Old buildings many of which dated back three or four hundred years. We then had an opportunity to walk around in the city centre. Then all the fairy lights became very evident and they were truely amazing. Each street had a theme and that extended for the length of that street. Must be literally millions of lights. I can’t recall ever seeing such a display. The most impressive were the huge chandeliers each from thousands of fairy lightsRead more

  • Day2

    Kunsthistorisches Museum

    April 19 in Austria

    Fantastic museum filled with artefacts and art work from the long history of Austria. Brilliant walking through each of the rooms dedicated to the Monarchs that ruled over Austria and seeing what art work they preferred and how the times in which lived shaped how they were represented in art. It was also fantastic to see artwork from that I had studied this year!

  • Day1

    Planes, trains & automobiles

    August 9, 2017 in Austria

    Car, plane, train, bus, a form of transport and we probably used it !! And that is even before you include the ol reliable feet into the equation. Usually day one of any trip is a travel day and by god did we have a travel day! It is only when we arrived at the apartment and thought about it did we realise just how much we had done. We all left home around the 6am mark and didn't reach our final destination until 6pm.

    A crash on the M7 put us under time pressure for the airport. It wasn't a blockbuster worthy dash across a packed airport terminal but it was a shorter timeframe than we felt comfortable with given all the dramatics on the news about delays in security. And dramatics it turned out to be as I have never had a smoother journey through security than today. In fact my passport wasn't even looked at until I arrived in Vienna. Gate number on hand we were on a frantic search for tea as there wasn't enough time for a snoop through duty free but tea was essential given our early rise. While the girls went off on a tea expedition I made a quick pitstop to buy an adaptor plug. When the cashier made a throwaway reference to the fact I was flying from T2 I thought he was joking for some reason and answered with a very drawn out 'yeah'. Then with a sudden realisation and a rapid increase in heartbeat I realised that we had somehow made our way to T1!! How was that even possible???? We had followed the signs!! Typical that the one day we had no leeway in regards time we make a mistake that we may not be able to rectify. After two frantic phonecalls to my tea obsessed travel companions who were too busy looking for lids to know that I was having a complete meltdown I managed to find a info screen. In typical Irish organisation we had T2 on our printed boarding passes but for some reason they had decided to fly us out of a gate in T1. Thanks for that stress Dublin airport! It certainly got my heardbeating as my fitbit can attest to. My oblivious companions returned in a tea induced sense of bliss to find me recovering from my ordeal! It was some start to the morning and one way to guarantee that I was awake!!ha

    An uneventful flight and extended sleep later we arrived in Vienna. It is one of the most modern airports I have even been in and visually very appealing. I am disappointed to have not taken any photos of it but with bag and baggage there just wasn't much time. Once we arrived in Vienna Ais took complete charge. As the German teacher in the group she is in her element here and we appreciate her language skills. She is adamant that she will teach me German on this trip, we will just have to wait and see!ha

    Off we went onto our third mode of transport of the day...the train. We ooohed and aaahed over the flashy trains coming and going on the platform until ours arrived. In typical fashion we got one straight out of the 60s with the only air con the open window. From train to bus we went (all on the same €4 ticket may I add).

    The bus left us off near the hotel when we were to collect our key for the apartment. It was suppose to be a 2min walk but with the aid of Google maps we managed to make it 20. We went on a full tour of the four road junction and then decided that we needed to go to the end of one particular street and of course 10mins later we realised we were wrong. Thankfully due to Aislinn's language skills and a good samaratian we realised it was the other end of the street where we should be. Off we went on our merry way and collected our key.

    The apartment was a short tram ride away but we decided to have a quick ice cream stop first to recover from all the walking and dragging of suitcases in 30degree heat! The apartment was just around the corner from the tram stop. We had finally reaches our destination!! The final hurdle we had to face was the climb up to the apartment. The claustropia inducing elevator was NOT an option so a million flights of steps it was!!

    After some chill time and recovery we headed off out to explore our neighbourhood. We are right on the Danuabe river and around the corner are many restaurants and cafes. A quick first night dinner/delayed celebration of Aislinn's birthday ensued before back home. 10,000 steps later, despite three hours stationary on a plane, means the rest was well deserved!!!
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  • Day5

    All those who wander are not lost....w

    August 13, 2017 in Austria

    Today was a day of wandering! After a chilled morning Eimear and myself headed off around to explore the city and do some shopping. We started in the same direction that we usually took to the centre and then started to head off in different directions. We were like magpies...every time something caught our eye we walked towards it. This resulted in us discovering how accessible everything was to our accommodation.

    In all honesty there is no need to take a bus tour around Vienna. The one we did was unimpressive and bottom of the list in regards all the tours I have done. That includes being lower that Barcelona where I fell asleep for an hour of it. All of the main sights are in close proximity to one another so there is no need for the bus as there wasn't much information included from the recorded tour guide. We went from Graben square, to the university to the city hall to the Parliament building to the Holfburg palace and back towards Graben square again all within a couple of hours. That included strolling, taking plenty of shameless selfies and most importantly snack time!! We racked up about 8,000 steps in our stroll around central Vienna.

    Following a rondezvous with Ais we hit the shops and continued with our strolling around. The magnets needed to be purchased and the famous Austrian Mozart chocolate located. We stumbled across a huge department store called Steffl. It reminded me of Brown Thomas and Maceys. Loads of floors with designer gear whereby the ground floor cosmetics are the only thing we could afford to purchase. To our delight it had a sky restaurant on the top floor so we could have our dinner with an idylic view of the Dom and the the cityscape.

    Here I finally I got my hands on vegetables. This has become my ultimate battle every time I am away. Anyone who knows me can attest that I am not the most prevelant vegetable eater but I do eat veggies every day. Austrians love their meat and it is the focal point of every dish. Then you will get rice, potatoes or chips with it. The end!! No veg or if you do it is a small selection of raw red onion with ribs, as was my experience during the week. Madness!! Thankfully in this restaurant there was an Asian option on the menu so I was able to get a vegetable stir fry with meet. Veggie heaven! Despite the random vegetable we couldn't identify.

    For our final night in Vienna we headed to the banks of the Danube. We had initially planned to go the bars by the riverside on Thursday but the thunder and lightening put a stop to that. All along the river they have bars set up with sand to give the impression of a beach. As a landlocked country I suppose you have to go to extreme measures in some cases. We had great fun down there drinking our new favourite drinks, the Hugo. This is a combination of prosecco, mint, lime and elderflower! Delicious!! We will miss them when we leave Austria. We kept forgetting that all the Austrians have excellent English so who knows what they made of our random conversations!!ha I was probably safe though because I was told once again on this trip that I talk very fast!! It had its perks sometimes.

    A quick pitstop in a photobooth finished off our night in a fit of laughter. We were howling trying to all fit into the booth and the picture phrame. We managed it and the result is very entertaining. A perfect evening to finish off a great few days in Vienna!!
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  • Day21

    Palace Lichtenstein Vienna

    July 9, 2016 in Austria

    Private concert this evening for Amastella passengers. Cannot get our heads around how the aristocracy lived less than 100 years ago. Concert was a transportation in time to the music and ballrooms of the 19th century.

  • Day1

    Glühwein Tasting

    December 23, 2017 in Austria

    Nachdem wir gestern noch im Büro gehockt haben, stehen wir heute ganz entspannt mit unserem ersten Glühwein 🥤☕️🍷vor dem Rathaus von Wien. Die Sonne scheint 🌞und der Wind 🌬pfeift uns ganz schön um die Ohren!

    Und im Gegensatz zu Köln ist es leer, keine Menschenmassen, die sich kaputt Trampeln oder hektisch noch die letzten Geschenke 🎁🛍 am 23. Dezember einkaufen müssen. Was für eine Wohltat!

    Da wir für die kommenden Tage hier in Wien nicht wirklich was geplant haben, können wir uns treiben lassen. Also schlendern wir heute über die Weihnachtsmärkte 🎄von Wien und auf jedem haben wir uns vorgenommen einen Glühwein zu trinken 🤪. Ob‘s klappt, mal abwarten!

    Gestartet sind wir am Rathaus, über einen kleinen Kunst/Alternativen Weihnachtsmarkt ging es zum Schloss Belvedere, mit einen Weihnachtsbaum 🎄 aus Schlitten 🛷 bis hin zum Stephansdom und zum guten Schluss gab es noch ein paar Buden irgendwo zwischen zwei Museen. Wo das war, ich hab’s vergessen! 🧐

    Gott sei Dank waren es dann über den Tag verteilt doch nur drei Glühwein, bzw. für mich Orangenpunsch 🍊.

    Wien hat das Tasting noch so gerade bestanden, mit einem gravierenden Minuspunkt! Es ist viel zu teuer! Ein „normaler Glühwein“ kostet mal locker 4,00 € bis 4,50 € 💰- und dafür gibt es nix besonderes!
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