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  • Day32

    La Paz

    November 27, 2018 in Bolivia ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    I love to travel but my stomach does not. We both got dodgy stomachs in Copacabana but mine got progressively worse until I was bed bound (or should I say baños bound) once we reached La Paz.

    It put pay to the debate we were having about whether we would do the Death Road (Kat was convinced we would get hurt, I was battling my fear of heights). I could barely walk, let alone ride a bike with 1,000m drops at the side of the road. I'm sure our mothers are glad of this outcome!

    In the end we only managed a walking tour on the first two days, which I'm sure was very interesting but I was too busy trying to stay upright. Kat's highlights were the witches market (maybe I should be worried) and the free shot (well two for Kat) at the end.

    Me being ill was also a good excuse to sit and watch Spurs in the champions league without feeling like we 'should be doing something'. Although after we missed us beat Chelsea, we were going to catch the game no matter what.

    As the idea of a night bus to Sucre filled me with dread, we booked an extra night in La Paz to delay it and decided to upgrade to the sort of place where you couldn't feel the springs in the bed. Turns out they gave us an upgrade to a two bedroom apartment, it was huge and completely unnecessary, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

    The next evening we did get the night bus but during the day we did the one 'must do' thing in La Paz, ride the cable cars. We got them to the Valle de la Luna, unsurprisingly a moon-like landscape on the outskirts of the city. Well we got to do a bit more of them than planned as Kat was directing, let's just leave it at that...
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  • Day425

    La Paz

    July 5, 2018 in Bolivia ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    La Paz is a big city of ~2.3 million people and built on some seriously steep ridges and valleys. It’s definitely not a beautiful city as the buildings are mostly unfinished brick and there doesn’t seem to be very effective building codes or city planning – it looks like parts of India in that way. Despite this, we’ve really enjoyed it here. It’s one of those cities that has lots of hidden treasures behind ugly walls and we’ve found some wonderful cafes, restaurants and museums in courtyards that you’d never realize were there. It also has a very inventive public transport system - Mi Teleferico - a network of gondolas that offer great views of the city and are surprisingly quiet and relaxing.
    The restaurant scene has also been a surprise. We enjoyed an incredible meal at Gustu – a restaurant started by the former co-founder of Noma (yes – THAT famous Danish restaurant). This is a concept that aims to train a new generation of Bolivian chefs to showcase their unique ingredients and culture. We loved it…we have to say we thought the food was much better than at Peru’s Central.
    It’s been a surprise to us how much we like Bolivia. It’s our favorite country in South/Central America. There’s such a good diversity of experiences you can have here, the people are great, the culture is interesting and seems so much more authentic than many other places we’ve visited...and it’s incredibly affordable. The only downside it the altitude. We’ve been fine, but it does wreak havoc with your basic bodily functions such as breathing and digestion.
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  • Day176

    Descente de la route de la mort à vélo

    November 5, 2017 in Bolivia

    Aujourd'hui c'est repos pour Julie puisque je vais faire la fameuse descente de la route de la mort en vélo : 60 kms de descente sur une route en terre avec pour principal décor... un précipice !!! Donc disons qu'il vaut mieux éviter de quitter la piste.

    J'ai de la chance car je la fais avec Brieuc, le suisse rencontré à Rurrenabaque, que j'ai motivé et qui est super fun. L'agence que j'ai choisi offre des supers vélos Giant tout suspendu, avec protections pour le corps et casque intégral, parfait pour envoyer du lourd!!! La descente démarre à 5000m d'altitude sous le soleil et quelques kilomètres goudronnés histoire de tester et s'habituer au vélo mais très vite nous nous retrouvons sous une forte pluie et une température assez basse mais au final cela nous va bien car ça rajoute un peu de piment à cette descente. Durant toute la descente, nous avons un guide qui ouvre la piste et un qui reste à la fin du groupe.

    Brieuc et moi aimant bien la vitesse, nous faisons donc la descente à l'avant avec le guide, le reste du groupe étant beaucoup plus "sage". Le guide voyant que ce n'est quand même pas la première fois que nous faisons du vélo et que nous sommes chauds, augmente la cadence histoire qu'on se fasse bien plaisir mais nous interdit tout de même de le doubler histoire de limiter nos envies et les risques. Dommage... ou pas.
    Après quelques petites frayeurs, quelques beaux petits sauts et passages sous des cascades naturelles, nous finissons cette descente à 1500m d'altitude et une température bien plus tropicale, complètement trempés de la tête au pied, mais ravis.

    Histoire de se requinquer, nous allons déjeuner dans un resto avec piscine, parfait pour finir cette belle journée où nous n'avons pas participé à augmenter les statistiques de cette route mortelle.
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  • Day319

    La Paz, Bolivia

    March 28, 2018 in Bolivia

    We made it to the dirty, grity, and yet surprisingly likable high-altitude city of La Paz (3640m)! We stayed at an infamous party hostel and while fun, upon leaving La Paz Whit and I desperately needed some R&R.

    We took a walking tour of the city, learning about Bolivia's recent political history, strange cultural customs associated with the witcher's market, and the infamous San Pedro prison which, according to our guide, has a cocaine factory running inside. While Whit relaxed in our hostel, I braved the Death Road by mountain bike, the world's most dangerous road. The scenery was amazing and the sheer drops on one side definitely got the adrenaline pumping. La Paz is implementing a public transport gondola system to get around the city. While a few lines will be completed late this year, those that are up and running are fantastic, and make for a great way to get around the city. We used these gondolas to ascend to La Paz's hills for some stunning views of the city.Read more

  • Day139

    La Paz

    April 15, 2016 in Bolivia

    We arrive early in the morning, and for he first time Mark and I have not prebooked a hostel. In hindsight this is maybe not a good idea, but we agree to follow a coule of uys off the bus who have one booked.Its about a 15minute walk from the station, but i have to say the altitude is still bothering me. We are at 3500m above sea level and the oxygen content is about 70%, so the slightest bit of exercise leaves me breathless. As we walk along the street its very appaent how much bigger this city is and the fumes here are also greater , hey certainly dont have emission testing here. When we arrive at the hostel there are no rooms, and even the guys that have prebooked are told that there reservation isnt confirmed. Luckily here is another hostel direcly opposite and whil i wait with he bags Mark goes over and gets us booked in. We have a double room(surprise surprise) but to be honest after the bus ride and the party hostel i am ready for a good nights sleep. We take a little wonder around the area surrounding the hostel. The Presidents residence dominates the plaza close to us and is drowned with military and body guards to a point we are asked to cross the street instead of walking in front. We make our way down to the centre taking a short walk round the market which is packed with stalls selling various wares from household items to flower stalls to fruit veg and meat stalls. The crazy part is that all the flower stalls are together , the same with the fruit etc etc , its a shock any of them make a living. We casually walk around the square taking in the huge Sebastian Cathedral, and somehow ending up in the English bar. We have a couple of games of pool and Mark thrashes me, a quick bite to eat and then more exploring of the city. The place is so big and the traffic situation is crazy, I've nearly been runover 3 times and we've only been here a few hours. Mark lost his knee support so for a couple of hours we go into every chemist looking for one, but to no avail, then luckily I spot a sports shop selling trophies etc and asked in there, Mark now has support again and I'm glad because he's really struggled this past few weeks. We head back to the hostel and share a few beers when outside I hear a commotion as I go to the entrance a girl is out cold lying in the entrance of the hostel, I grab a pillow, and ask for a glass of water, I'm pretty scared as her eyes are irratic beneath her eyelids and she is out cold for a good 4 mins or so, then she wakes up and isn't even aware what happened, I take her into the hostel and sit her down, apparently she has had these quite regularly back home but they can't find anything wrong, but I insist she needs to go back to her doctor when she gets back to Switzerland. Mummying duties done for the day and Mark not even noticed me missing I head back, finish off my beer and retire to bed.Read more

  • Day21

    Orange line on public cable car

    October 20, 2017 in Bolivia

    From Laikakota, we took a taxi to the Villaroel, the last stop on the public cable car on the orange line. We then took a ticket to the center of the town for 3.50 b$. The ride was smooth and had spectacular views of the town and the hills around. The cabims were very clean and the glass on the windows very clear. This is the highest operating public cable car system in the world.Read more

  • Day65

    La Paz, Bolivien

    January 19 in Bolivia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Heute ist Geburtstag!
    Auf dem Weg von der Isla del Sol nach Cochabamba hatte ich mit den richtigen Menschen und dem wichtigen Equipment aus Deutschland (danke für die Krönchen und alles;) ) einen wunderbaren Tag.
    Auf der Insel wurde mit Glühwein reingefeiert und beim Zwischenstopp in La Paz gab es sogar Kuchen und einen Kürbissaft im Harry-Potter-Café😍Read more

  • Day36

    La Paz, Bolivia

    June 16, 2017 in Bolivia

    Today we had a real adventure and crossed the border into Blovia (where we sadly had to say goodbye to our intrepid leader). We headed straight to the city and checked into our lovely Hotel, which had a great location and beautiful view of the square ..... and San Pedro prison next door.
    Soon after check in we headed out for a walk through the city were we checked out the local witches market. They had lots of lovely things to see here, including dead or dried llamas at varying ages of infantcy. Lucky our guide knew one of the stall holders so we could take a picture for you all to see the the beauty of this.
    We discovered the best thing about Bolivia is how cheap everything is.
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  • Day28

    Journey to lake Titicaca

    November 23, 2018 in Bolivia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    As Kat had booked our first luxury accommodation in Copacabana a while ago (at $50 a night we went big!), we were left with a long journey from Samaipata. One option was four buses taking around 24 hours, which we weren't keen on, or 'cheat' and take a flight from Santa Cruz to La Paz taking out the two longer buses. Unfortunately we hadn't banked on a Peruvian aircraft deciding to land at La Paz without its landing gear, closing the runway for most of the day.

    We were blissfully unaware of this when we arrived at the airport, even high-fiving each other when informed at check in that we could get the 'earlier' flight because it was 'delayed'. So naive. It was now due to take off at 2pm. Two came and went, as did 4 then 6 but the staff would have made network rail proud with their lack of information. I had to suppress my inner Londoner and relax, we weren't in a rush but I think Kat did a better job of that than me.

    Thankfully flights starting going again and we got the first one out at around 9pm. We had planned to spend part of the day in La Paz but it was gone 11 by the time we had found somewhere to stay, so much for our time saving flight.

    The next morning we only had a 3 hour (translation - at least 4 hours) bus journey ahead of us. The highlight of which was when we reached part of the lake we had to cross. In most places there would be a bridge but this is Bolivia. We all (barring a select few) had to get off the bus to get a small boat whilst the bus got a ferry raft thing. We had to pay a few Bolivianos for the privilege and I'm not sure what the criteria was for staying on the bus and avoiding such charge but I'm pretty sure foreigner wasn't one of them. We didn't mind though as the lake was beautiful and it was quite entertaining watching the raft trundle over looking like it could sink at any minute.
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  • Day9


    March 24, 2017 in Bolivia

    Today we went around San Miguel where mom got her hair done and then we ate at a nice restaurant for lunch. After resting at the house for a bit mom & I went to Uptown La Paz again - the main street with the little shops is called Sagarnaga. We walked up and down the street looking for a shop that sold beautiful paintings... Finally we found it! I bought one from the painter and I'm excited to put it in my house! Mom & I then ate at a small restaurant that looked exactly like the house mom & dad lived in Cochabamba when they were first married, which was dad's grandma's house.
    That night we went to Mariel's house (Willy's daughter) to eat Chinese food dinner.
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