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  • Day62

    Rio de Janeiro dans les nuages

    November 11, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

    Le voyage depuis Chapada Diamantina a été costaud (taxi collectif, bus, métro, avion puis taxi, partis à 7h pour arriver à 1h du matin), mais nous voilà à Rio de Janeiro ! Plages, farniente... normalement oui, mais c'était sans compter sur la pluie qui a pris un malin plaisir à s'inviter durant les cinq jours passés ici. Du coup, pas de Copacabana ou d'Ipanema pour nous. Mais on ne va pas se plaindre, d'une part parce que nous avons eu deux mois de météo parfaite depuis notre arrivée, et d'autre part car nous avons trouvé de quoi nous occuper : la ville propose en effet plusieurs belles randonnées.

    Après une journée de déluge passée à l'hostel, où nous avons sympathisé avec le personnel qui était super (on a été invités à deux barbecues d'entrée !), nous nous sommes lancés à pied à l'assaut du célèbre pain de sucre. Après une belle grimpette pour arriver au sommet d'un premier massif, nous avons pris le téléphérique pour aller profiter de la vue sur toute la ville (photo 2 et 3). Enfin ce qu'on voyait entre deux nuages... nous avons enchaîné en longeant la mer à pied pour aller visiter le centre-ville (photos 7 à 9).

    Le lendemain, direction le célébrissime Christ rédempteur. Cette fois, nous sommes partis d'un grand parc, le Parque Lage. 4 km de forêt en pleine ville, c'est assez génial, même si le ballet des hélicoptères qui passaient au dessus de nos têtes nous rappelait que nous n'étions pas si éloignés de la civilisation. C'était aussi dur, de la montée tout le temps avec des passages qui étaient quasiment de l'escalade (photo 6) ! Tout ça pour voir le Corcovaco la tête dans les nuages (photos 1, 2 et 5).

    Le reste du séjour, la pluie est revenue. Ça nous a permis de nous reposer, on en avait bien besoin après toutes les randos des huit derniers jours. Et comme ça on n'a pas eu à s'inquiéter. Le seul petit bémol de notre séjour est en effet qu'ici, on nous a sans cesse dit de faire attention, que la ville est dangereuse (en fait on nous l'a dit depuis quelques semaines dès que nous évoquions notre arrivée à Rio). La situation est en effet très particulière et l'écart entre les plus fortunés et les pauvres, très grand : les quartiers riches, situés dans les parties basses de la ville, côtoient de nombreuses favelas installées sur les hauteurs et on peut facilement passer de l'un à l'autre si on ne connait pas bien et qu'on ne fait pas attention. On a donc été très prudents, on n'a pas pris notre appareil photo, on n'est pas trop sortis une fois la nuit tombée... et on ne s'est finalement jamais sentis en danger.
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  • Day75

    Christ The Redeemer

    February 11, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    So today we are heading to Christ the Redeemer, one of the New seven wonders of the world, and I'm really excited . There is a place in the park that you can buy a ticket and they transport you there and back and it costs 60reals (10 quid) including your entrance fee. 20 mins after buying our ticket we ar on our way. They only allow so many people up there at a time and you get an allocated time for your accent. The bus takes us directly to the top and there are just thousands of people lying on the floodr just trying to get the best selfie. If i'm honest i was a little dissapointed, noone actually stood and respected the feat of how this enormous mound of concrete was placed here it was just a sybolic piece of architechture that they could have their picture taken with and post to facebook(ok i am following the sheep) but realyy the views from here were mesmerising and once again you could actually see the whole city looking very small from the view points. Twenty minutes here was enough and we were going to catch the train down to the bottom. One way was 22 reals each ( 5 quid ) not a lot i know but the budget has to last.
    I hadn't done a sunset here yet , and we've been here a week so after a bite to eat we headed down to Ipanema. It was 6.30 pm and the beach was still packed. A 20 minute walk took us to a rock that seperates Ipanema beach from Copacabana it was packed and once again we joined a queue to get a photograph of the beautiful sunset. Grabbing a beer each we continued to watch as the sun dropped from the skyline and as it eventually set the crowd cheered and clapped. Ona rriving back at the hostel , Pepe , lee and Emma were here and as they are due to leave tomorrow we exchanged details and will hopefully catch up soon as they live very close to Portsmouth and it will be good to share our travel dits with them. We have just been informed the hostel is out of water???? apparently this is quite a common occurence in Brazil so before we head to bed we purchase some bottled water . Just as i think im getting adjusted to the cold water showers using chilled water to shower with is a shock to the system , but its 31 degrees and its midnight so needs must. Mark and I shower together dispensing the freezing cold water between us having hysterics about how exceedingly cold it is , but needs must and after Another wonderful day spent, now to catch some much needed sleep.
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  • Day75


    February 11, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Lapa is an area of the city that is popular for its swanky bars and international restaurants although the diversity is crazy as the poverty here is immense. The arches that stretch the length of the area are filled with homeless people sleeping under them , and as another bloco starts the police prescence grows. We have been told we should go to the Lapa steps so i ask directions and get told to follow the road to the left of the Arch
    With a lot of anticipation we head that way but we're very aware that we stick out like a sore thumb, and for one of the first times since being here i feel slighly anxious. The road takes us down a little cobbled street , once again smothered in poverty , but we push on as the sun will soon be setting and i dont want to be here with tourist tatooed on my head when it gets dark.
    We stumble across the steps and make our accent up them. They are so beautiful , all individual tiles from all over the world accumalated with big blocks of mosaics . truly beautiful. Ok so ive done that now lets get out of here!!!
    We decide to try and find some international food, im really missing spicy as all i seem to be eating is rice beans and meat, i know i shouldnt complain but i could kill for a chinese or Thai food. we cross the square and stumble across a parade that is mainly children and teenagers , the costumes and the atmosphere is once again brilliant and even though the parade is actually finishing we take a seat on the steps of an old building and embrace it, opting for a bbqd sausage of a street seller. The results are announced of this local competition and everything goes wild fireworks are literally set of in the middle of the crowds and the music plays on.
    Still feeling the effects of yesterday we stroll back towards the metro when we are surrounded by a huge group of these people who just want us to dance and as we try to leave they surround us more. I am very aware at this point that we could be getting targeted and its a shame as really i should be enjoying every minute but the warnings of people along the way make you paranoid.... they actually only wanted to dance with the 'gringos" and we both came out with all our belongings and no knife wounds. To be honest we have heard a couple of bad stories , but theses are of people who have let there guards down and have been sitting on beaches late at night, so i think if you keep your wits about you , you generally are fine. We head back towards the hostel stopping off for a slice of pizza and fruit juice before another early night to catch up on my beauty sleep.
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  • Day77

    Botanical Gardens and Park Lage

    February 13, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Today we must continue with the site seeing if we are going to get it done. Theyre is so much to see here in Rio and feel we need to do a bit more today as we will be leaving before we know it. We get off the bus at Park Lage and start the walk around the Park. This Park has free entry but is so beautiful. We have had to leave buddy in bed today as he has a hangover and we think the walking will kill him off. The gardens have waterfalls castles and caves all man made , but it makes the park really interesting to walk around. As we descend from the waterfall we spot a monkey in the trees (our first viewing) and we sit and watch him as he swings through the trees. The wildlife in the park is endless, and its so good to see things in the wild.
    We leave the park and walk 20 minutes to Jardin Botanical(botanical gardens) They have various ections here from Japanes Gardens to Rose Gardens , areas of medicinal plants, and endaangered species plants. Much of Brazils rainforest has been cut down, and when you see the naturelness of this place it puts things into perspective. We wander aimlessly around the huge park trying to follow the not so clear map and eventually after 3hours have managed to see mostly everything.
    Pepe meets us at the hostel and we arrange to meet him later as he will be leaving Rio for a few days and when he returns we will be gone. Lapa is the place to be tonight and after a few drinks in the early evening I am a little worse for wear as we head for the metro. I am actually drunker than i think and can barely walk in a straight line. Over the past few days i have seen people literally being carried home, and must admit the Caipirinhas come up and hit you with a big sledge hammer when you least expect it. There is quite a group of us and after half an hour trying to keep up I persuade Mark to enter a bar and sit and have something to eat. On the table next to us is a Brazilian man with his daughter and with broken English and a little Portuguese we enjoy a lovely evening. We arrive back at the hostel at 4am and i am drunk as a lord, and thank the lord for the bottle of water that was left over from the night before that i drink throughout the whole night ... tomorrow is going to have to be an easy day !!!!!!!!
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  • Day72

    Sunburn and blocos

    February 8, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    When we arrived at Bils this morning he had had to go to hospital, he had stayed down the beach with Mark yesterday and hadnt used sunblock , his back was a mass of oozing blisters, i felt so sorry for him as carnivalmis really in full swing and as everybody else is dressing up to head out he is covering himself with calomine lotion and taking pain killers.
    During carnival it is the norm to dress up and that can be anything from a pair of mickey mouse ears to a full blown fancy dress costume . The streets are littered with men dressed as women, women dressed as men, it really is anything goes , basically if you arent dressed you arent here for carnival.After along wait for every one to get ready we eventually head out. So we are accompanied by Mario, Spiderman , a captain, and multiple other characters.
    Its 9am in the morning and i,m drinking straight cacacha thismis going to get messy. The bloco is 10 blocks away from our hostel so we catch the tube and get off at the stop before. There are 200,000 people here and as you can imagine the tubes and buses are packed to the brim. The place is mental, i thought the beatles festival was crazy but this on another level . People dance drink and follow ths bus . My love for Brazil grows daily, but the heat here is relentless. Within an hour i have lost Mark , but the strangest thing I meet the guy off the bus who first helped us when we arrived here. Mark hasnt quite got the knack of being able to barge through people , who are quite used to it. The blocos generally last 3 to 4 hours , and aa we go to head back they have shut the metro, i guess this is a safety measure, but is an absolute pain in the arse. The walk back is arduous and as i arribe back at the hostel Mark is at there ber in hand !!! (Wasnt really his type of music anyway) A quick shower amd were ready to go again, nut first ww must eat. The guys take us to a local place where we eat chicken steak sosej rice chips and noodles for 20 reals , which is about 2 quid each, bargain.Now we are ready for heading out to catch amother bus(bloco)
    I swear the amount of people is mesmerising and as the days go on here the costumes get more eccentric. Mornings roll into days, days roll into nights and before you know it your back in your bed ready to do it all again.
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  • Day75

    Sugar Loaf Mountain and Sambadro

    February 11, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    We wake up early, as it is still Carnival we want to tray and hit the tourist spots early so that we can try and avoid the queues as much as possible . We are really trying to do everything ourselves and catching tube and buses is pretty easy here. WE arrive at Sugar loaf and even from the bottom its breathtaking. I am a little dissapointed as today is one of the first cloudy days and concerned we won't be able to see the views, but we have all day so lets see.
    We join the orderly queue(or as orderly as it can be in Brazil) and before too long were heading up to the first peak in the cable car. I suggest to Mark that maybe we should head straight up to the second peak and then work i way down. Yet again another great idea(even if i say so myself), the second peak is still quite busy and there are quite a few cruise liners in, shipping people in groups of 30's to all the popular attractions.
    The view from the top is truly amazing and as you circle the mountain you get a full 360 degree view of Rio De Janeiro there are quite a few trails around the peak so we head away from the crowds and explore a little more . Making the effort to get off the beaten track really pays off as not only do you get away from the crowds , but the views are taken to a whole new level. After a good look around we take the cable car down and opt to take the "green trail" thinking this would just be around the 1st peak but 20 mins into the trek we realise that this is going to be much more . Theyre are people coming in the opposite direction that look like they have just run a marathon (they also look a lot fitter than Mark and I ) and i begin to wonder whether this is a good idea, but nothing ventured nothing gained. We trek all the way down the mountain and when we reach the bottom we're relieved to find an exit road (thank god i havent got to go back up) that leads to a beach. The beach is very small and packed with mostly Brazilians so we grab a beer and people watch.
    In Brazil the current is really strong and the waaves break litterally on the beach. It is a game with the children as the wave approaches they try and out run it screaming and laughing as they go. Peple quite happily sit on the beach with theyre belongings scattered around them , when from nowhere a huge wave hits and the sea is strewn with flip flops and towels , the scene is comical and Mark and I stay for a while longer just to laugh at everyone rescuing theyre bits and pieces.
    Mark and i were advised by Zee to wait till late to purchase our Sambadrome tickets and as we are sitting in the hostel we get chatting to Emma , Lee and Pepe. Pepe is a local guy who used to work in the hostel and still helps out so he tells us he can get us tickets for 80 reals, this is about 1 quid each so we agree , and i feel safer going with him as he knows the ropes. A couple of caipirinhas later and i am more than in the mood to party so we all head over to the sambadrome . It is now nearly midnight and as we get closer to the drome i am glad we have come with Pepe as i wouldnt have had a clue. The Sambadrome must be about 2 miles long and we are in the far end but the atmosphere is truly electric. Along the street all the floats are lined up behind miles of mesh fences , preparing to make the grand entrance.
    We eventually head into the stadium and it really is like nothing ive seen or heard before the colours the noise the atmosphere, and we havent even seen a school yet.The funny thing is ive pessurised Mark into getting dressed up and he makes the effort by putting on a sombrero, but the stadium is that packed hes taking everyones head off with it and eventually gets told to take it off (whoops) Pepe Lee and Emma ar good company and we all share beers etc as the parade begins again. Lots of schools take part in the parade and the prize is equivalent to 1 million reals so everything is up for stakes.
    I really couldnt post pictures, videos or tell you how good this is as just the atmosphere is more than i can describe. I have waited for this moment for 20 odd years and too actually be sat here is my dream come true.
    We leave the arena at 5.30am (i know im a party animal) and i dread to think how many people are trying to leave at the same time , the busses cant even shut theyre doors theyre are that many people trying to get home. As people have finished doing theyre parades they discard theyre costumes in the street , but even i'm too tired to make the effort to bring them home... after all i only have a 35 litre rucksack.
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  • Day71


    February 7, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    First things first we hit the beach, ive missed being able to just get into the water and cool off so its a welcome break fro m the heat,It never cools down here not even at night. We hire a couple of chairs and very soon a couple of Brazilian guys called hedges and Bill ask if we can mind there things while they go for a dip. I invest in a dental floss bikini (dont worry i wont be posting any pictures) and the guys soon return. They are really keen to practice theyre english and we are really glad to have them with us as they have an art of being able to haggle to get us cheaper beer. The guys are really cool and we spend hours chatting before i have to leave to return to the hostel to go shopping for my carnival outfit, Mark stays with the guys and by the time i have finished Mark has returned and tells me to go and get myself a shower as the guys will be coming to pick us up shortly to take us to a bloko. The guys dont show but we just think that maybe they have carried on drinking and theyre probably pissed somewhere. So not to be beaten we head out solo.
    Carnival here is really something else, everyone is in fancy dress and double decker buses line the streets in various areas of town playing all different types of music (with a brazilian twist ) and we join the throbbing crowd(i mean thousands of people). Once they have a big enough crowd they drive very slowly away with the crowd sambaing behing them following through the streets. I have bought Mark a shrek mask and i have a masquerade mask, quite underdressed as it goes.We follow rhe parade through the streets for nearly 2 hours and then head back for a bite to eat and bed as we have arranged to meet bill and hedges tomorrow at 9 to follow another bus x
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  • Day22

    Ankunft in Rio

    September 23, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Manaus und den Amazonas haben wir hinter uns gelassen. Mal wieder ging es im dem Flugzeug ein paar Stunden durch die Gegend. Und man muss sagen hier in Brasilien ist man als Gringo bzw. Deutscher etwas besonderes. Jeder versucht seine deutschen Sätze an den Mann zu bringen. So auch ein Steward auf dem Flug, der uns mit seiner netten und offenen den ganzen Tag versüßt hat. Das sei jedoch nur Nebensache. Wichtig ist das Ziel unseres Fluges. Die wie wir schnell herausfanden sehr westlich geprägte und atemberaubende Metropole Rio de Janeiro. Dort machten wir uns am ersten Tag gleich auf den Weg zum Zuckerhut und konnten gleich die Stadt von oben bewundern. Ich sag einfach nur eines: TraumhaftRead more

  • Day32

    Hola Brasil, wir sind da

    May 18, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Total müde sind wir in Brasilen angekommen, wurden dann irgendwann am Airport abgeholt und dann ins Hotel gefahren. Dort durften wir zum Glück auch gleich einchecken. Dann haben wir uns ins Bett gelegt und erstmal Schlaf nachgeholt. Das war auch echt nötig. Danach haben wir hier noch die Gegend erkundet. 2. Blöcke weiter ist der Strand. Wir residieren hier in einem 4 Sterne Hotel an der Copacabana 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
    Nach langem hin und her, was wir essen sollen haben wir uns dann doch wieder für Pizza entschieden 😅
    An den Straßen befinden sich viele Straßenverkäufer, Obst und Gemüse, Schmuck und ganz viel anderer Krimskrams. Was ich am aller besten finde sind die Popcorn Stande 😋 die gab es schon in Peru.
    Unser Hotel hat 13 Stöcke und ganz oben ist ein Pool drauf, den werden wir morgen mal testen 😊
    Nach unserer Rio Tour.
    So nun die Eckdaten 😅 hier in Rio de Janeiro haben wir zur Zeit den 18.5., 20:43 Uhr und es sind 22 Grad.
    Die deutsche Zeit ist uns 5 Stunden voraus.
    😱 schon ein Monat unterwegs.. wie schnell die Zeit rennt... bald ist es vorbei ☹️
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