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  • Day226


    May 26, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    Das warme Hawaii haben wir nun verlassen und sind jetzt wieder sicher auf festen Boden in dem wunderschönen Kanada. Früh morgens in Vancouver nach 6h Flug sind wir erstmal in die Stadt gefahren und haben gemütlich gefrühstückt, leider keine Pfannkuchen und Ahornsirup, aber das holen wir noch nach. Dann ging's Richtung Hostel und erst einmal zu entspannen. Am nächsten Tag haben wir uns ein Fahrrad ausgeliehen und die Stadt erkundet. Ist schon echt super, wie gut die Stadt für Fahrräder ausgebaut ist und ich war froh mal wieder auf einem Drahtesel zu sitzen.
    Sonst gefällt und die Stadt und das Klima hier echt gut, erinnert uns schon etwas an Zuhause :) ... Aber die nächsten Tage geht's erstmal auf Arbeit- und Wohnungssuche ... Also werdet ihr in Zukunft wohl etwas weniger von uns hören, bis wir hier fertig mit Geldverdienen sind.
    Ihr könnt und die Sache natürlich auch erleichtern und uns Geld schicken, da brauchen wir nicht soviel arbeiten und können mehr berichten. ;)
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  • Day16

    Go Canucks Go!!!

    April 6, 2015 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    With scoring good priced tickets (scalping is legal over here!) we attended the Vancouver Canucks Vs Los Angeles Kings Ice Hockey Game at Rogers Arena. The atmosphere was amazing and flooded with Canucks fans from all ages. The competition was fierce with the usual brief scuffles and epic shoulder barges between players with both teams earning their fair share of time in the penalty bin. The Kings scored a sneaky early goal in the first 90 seconds which kept the Canucks on their heels until they scored a leveling goal in the last period. This led the game into overtime (with no points scored) then into penalty shootouts with the Canucks scoring in the final shot and their keeper Eddie Luck protecting all attempts from the Kings. The crowd went wild for which was an awesome game!

    Just as entertaining was the half time entertainment by little league teams who were stacking it all over the place ?
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  • Day9

    I can see!!

    March 30, 2015 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    I'm recovering!! Eyes are still a bit blurry and sensitive to light but just a quick note to document the whole laser eye experience, which in one word, was SCARY.

    In case anyone is thinking about getting it done, I went with the PRK option, which has a more painful/ longer recovery time than the equally popular lasik/ Intralase option. The benefit being its meant to be marginally safer and also recommended for people who do impact sports (such as being punched in the eye).

    The worst part about the whole thing was the fear of something going wrong. Chances very slim I know, but the thought of not being able to see is pretty scary, and don't forget you are getting a LASER IN your EYES (getting your eyes prised open by scalpels and then the burning tissue smell afterwards was not nice.. fortunately the clinic was professional and amazing). The pain is moderate but bearable, what got me was barely being able to open your eyes and not knowing if that was normal or not. Getting the reassurance after the first follow up appointment was a huge relief. Also being so dependent on someone else is not something I'm used to, fortunately Travis was there and amazing, would have been pretty horrible without him :-)

    Remarkable improvements yesterday and as of last night I could see almost 80%! 2nd follow up appointmemt today and then we're off to Whistler!!

    Not too much to report since I've been blind/ bedridden however please find find a photo of;
    1. a root vegetable we got served by our Vietnamese airbnb family in new Westminster that Travis refused to eat (it was not bad!)
    2: all my glasses/ contacts which I will no longer need (yaaay!).
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  • Day2

    1st Night in Vancouver!

    March 23, 2015 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    After some plane maintenance issues at LAX we finally landed in Vancouver........ totally unprepared for the cold drizzly weather that lay ahead.

    Dhileep has kindly let us crash in his awesome downtown apartment overlooking the city. Had a great night sharing old work stories with Dhileep and Daniel and chowing down on classic american burgers and beers.

    After 30 hours since we left Australia - jet lag has finally kicked in

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  • Day3

    A day in Vancouver

    June 29, 2018 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    After a very long day yesterday - everyone slept well and but still we started the day slowly. The plan was to visit Stanley Park and the Granville markets. The best way was to join the hop on hop off bus. The nearest stop for us was China Town. Now this is not like any China Town I have seen. They have run down shops, homeless people on the street, and every where there are people high on drugs and very unwell. While it was very upsetting, and the girls are worried, no one approached us or ask for money. A very sad situation.

    We asked for directions and and decided to change our plans to go to Gastown and catch the bus from there. Gastown looks great, pity we didn't have much time to stop and enjoy.

    Problem 1: the tour bus guide said we should get off at the next stop to make our bookings for the coach to Whistler. That advice would have been correct if we were catching the Stanley Park bus - but we were on the city tour! We had started going around and around in circles when, surprise, surprise another Tasmanian - the only person I know in Canada tapped me on the shoulder and said "fancy meeting you here". It was Peter Fox - we used to attend marketing functions in Hobart back in the day. Bloody amazing! He said we needed to go down to the Convention Centre area and he was correct.

    Problem 2: While we were lost, I thought it would be a good time to get a local SIM card for Mary's phone. We tried Bell, but the cost was too high, especially for voice calls. Funny, I thought the Australian mobiles were expensive. So we tried Virgin Mobile - their plan was better. I left Mary to tell Andrea and Roger what we doing and poor Mary was left to argue with the guy when the SIM card didn't work because her phone was locked. he wouldn't refund her money. I would have given him my "pigs a ..." if I had the chance ..

    We took a walk down to the waterside - Vancouver is a beautiful city. Local laws require high rise buildings to be built back from the footpath with room for gardens and water features out front - noice. We found the tourist centre and made our bookings for Whistler. Now back on the bus to go to Stanley Park.

    Pity the day was a bit wet - just light rain. Stanley park would be great on a fine day - heaps of gardens, roses, walking paths etc etc. We stopped at the Totem Poles - they were terrific. Our bus pass included a ferry ride to False Creek and the Granville markets. Good place for lunch, Mary and I tried the local fish, Cod & Haddock - not as good as in England, but fine just the same. The huge gulls were attacking people for food - so you had to be careful. After lunch, Roger and I went to "The Keg" for a few ales while the girls went shopping. We caught the second last bus home and got off in China Town again for another careful walk through the homeless and drug areas. Easily the worst I have seen anywhere in the world.

    At the bottle shop the Australian and NZ wines were about the same price as at home - the local wines a little dearer. We tried a couple of Canadian wines and they were first class. Mary bought a pair of socks to make a bandage protector for my arm - good idea and it works well.

    So it was back to our apartment with take-away and some wine and an early night ready for the bus to Whistler tomorrow.

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  • Day2

    First day in Vancouver

    August 30, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    At our first day in Canada, we did not do that much, because we was really tired from the 14 hours flight. But my Boyfriend (Lukas) and I met some nice people (also from Germany) Mia and Hannes. We had a great burger at a Food truck. And we had a great evening at the harbour.

  • Day35

    Return to Vancouver

    September 5, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Today we crossed the border from Bellingham to Vancouver, a distance of only 54 miles. The border crossing is only about 25 miles from Bellingham, so it was again good to be back in metric!!!

    We drove straight to our hotel, as we needed to stow our cases to return our hire car, so we didn't have to lug them back. Very fortunately, our room was ready at 10:30 am, so we were able to have them safe in our room.

    We then did a big hike around Vancouver. It was very hazy today, so useless going up in the tower. Wewanderedaround the city, and walked to Granville Island, where some great public markets are held. They havE fantastic fresh food, and we bought a box of beautiful fresh berries of all types, and had chowder while sitting listening to street performers play.

    We caught a tiny water taxi from Granville Island, to Yuletide. The BC Stadium is here, and we wandered around iT before heading back to our hotel, where Cathy is napping, and Paul and I readying our luggage for the bigjourney home.

    Our flight is not until tomorrow evening, so we will stow our bags and get a day travel pass and see what we can see...
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  • Day228

    Vancouver I

    June 19, 2015 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    An unserem letzten Tag in Vancouver haben wir Lotto gespielt, um möglichst schnell ein (Ferien-)Haus hier kaufen zu können, denn es ist einfach grossartig hier!

    Von Lena treffen (leider nur 3h...) über Sightseeing bis hin zu tollen Märkten und Restaurants, einer Fahradtour und grandiosem Wetter, war alles dabei!

    Gewohnt haben wir bei Liesbeth's Tante, es gab also auch noch eine Portion Familienleben obendrauf!

    Das war definitiv nicht der letzte Besuch in Vancouver!💛
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  • Day41

    Tap & Barrel

    July 29, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Morgens hat es dann ein kurzes Geburtstagsständchen von meinen Jungs gegeben und dann ging es auch schon los zum Hostel, unser Gepäck los zu werden. Oh, man, wir haben so viele Sachen.
    Beim Ausräumen habe ich dann auch meinen kleinen schwarzen Rucksack wiedergewinnen, leider nicht Elliotts Batman Cap. Schade!
    Nachdem wir das Mounti Monster abgegeben haben, sind wir mit Taylor (Musiker von Tourist Company), der uns netterweise vom the middle of nowhere (Delta - CruiseCanada Station) abgeholt hat, und Alex Frühstücken gegangen. Na, ja mittlerweile war es dann eher ein Mittagessen. Das Warten dort hat sich aber total gewohnt. Es war super lecker im Yolks.

    Danach hatte Elliott dann einen Samstagnachmittag-Zahnarzttermin, super gut, dass das hier geht.
    Denn seine Zähne bzw. sein Zahnfleisch tut ihm so weh, dass er vor Schmerzen keine Zähne mehr putzen wollte und konnte und er dann auch nichts mehr essen wollte, so dass wir jetzt irgendetwas tun mussten.
    Es stellte sich heraus, dass er Fieberbläschen komplett im Mund verteilt hat. Dafür hat die Ärztin ihm eine Medizin in der Apotheke anmixen lassen und damit hatten wir nun endlich einen Plan, wie es besser werden kann. Er muss dieses Medikament jetzt 3x am Tag nehmen und das 5 Tage lang.
    Es hat auf jeden Fall geholfen und es wird täglich besser. Bis es ganz weg ist, wird es aber noch ein paar Tage dauern. Gott sei Dank!

    So um 16.30 Uhr schlenderten wir dann so in der Nähe des Science World Center herum. Ab da konnte ich dann anfangen, meinen Geburtstag zu genießen. Wir versuchten noch ne Paddeltour zu machen, leider für heute alles ausgebucht und das Büro hatte dann bereits zu, so dass wir auch für den nächsten Tag nichts reservieren konnten.
    Bei glänzendem Wetter macht es aber auch so Spaß, am Wasser entlang zu laufen, in der Ferne die Berge und gegenüber downtown mit den Wolkenkratzern zu begucken. Dann gingen wir ins Tap & Barrel essen. Das Restaurant liegt toll am Wasser und war sehr lecker. Hier haben wir dann den Abend ausklingen lassen und schlürften zu unserem Hostel auf der Mainstreet.
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