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  • Day4

    Walking on the moon

    November 10, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Being three indecisive people we spend most of the day trying to decide how we wanted to spend our days in this place. While a few things might be reachable by bike, a tour or a rental vehicle would be necessary to reach the most interesting things. Also we were not sure how doable cycling in the desert is when you are still adjusting to the altitude and dry hot climate. So we were sure we wanted to book some tours.

    But... which tours? How many tours? How much money and time did we want to spend on them? And how to decide on one out of more than 100 tour agencies?
    They all offer about the same tours for slightly different prices and with slightly different details. Looking up some reviews online it seems that with the cheaper ones the chance that vehicles break down during the tour is a bit higher.

    Finally we decided to go for a package of one tour a day (5) for about 170 € per person including park entry fees and applicable meals. Of course we only decided one hour before our first tour would start 😉 Grabbing water, sunscreen and a hat, we went to visit the valley of the moon. After a short bus ride, we arrived surrounded by rocks and dunes often covered in a layer of salt. This salt, the dust and sand we will probably still find in our clothes at the end of this year...
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    Christoph Rieß

    Did you bring that? 😁

    Lida Schönbeck

    Míjn nootjes! Waren ze lekker?

    Suzanne Schönbeck


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  • Day36

    Biking Valle de la Luna

    July 17, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Heute gab es einen Ausflug in die Mondlandschaft des Valle de la Luna, und zwar mit dem Fahrrad, ganz selbst organisiert. 23 km pro Richtung und zwar teilweise auf unbefestigten Wüsten-Straßen. Wir hatten allerdings gute Fahrräder und deswegen ging es bis auf weniges Meckern eigentlich gut voran ;) die Landschaft ist Wahnsinn, San Pedro liegt in einem Tal, welches von vielen extrem hohen (bis zu 6000m) Vulkanen umringt. Ein wahnsinniges Panorama. Beim Eintritt in den Nationalpark des Valle de la Luna gab es noch eine Karte und zusätzliche Erklärungen worauf man achten sollte. Ist halt wirklich europäisch hier in Chile. Mehrere Aussichtspunkte und Kilometer später drehten wir dann am letzten Highlight, den Salzminen, von denen man nur den Eingang sehen kann, wieder um und auf den Heimweg. Dann mit dem Bus nach calama und lecker Burger essen. Morgen geht’s zum Flughafen und wieder ab Richtung Lima. Chile ist aber auf jeden Fall eine Reise wert und wird irgendwann auch nochmal ausführlich bereist. Und obwohl wir jetzt ein bisschen traurig sind, das Land nach dem kurzen Abstecher schon wieder zu verlassen, freuen wir uns sehr auf die nächste Zeit. Man kann halt nicht einfach alles sehen ;)Read more

    Felix von Plotho

    Schick, schick mit Warnweste! 😂

    Michael von Plotho

    Ja in Chile muss alles seine Ordnung haben :)

  • Day37

    Ein "Valle de la Luna"...

    December 7, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Gibt es nicht nur in La Paz sondern auch in Chile 🇨🇱. Dieses ist eine deutlich größere Wüstenlandschaft. Die Fotos können weder die Weite dieser Landschaft noch die 35-40 Grad während meines Besuches wiedergeben...Read more


    Warst Du “Sandboarden“?

    Markus Potthast

    Nein...ich bleibe überzeugter Skifahrer und lass mich von einem Brett nicht locken...

  • Day2

    Vallée de la lune 1/2, Chili

    April 22, 2017 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Hier nous sommes allés voir une grotte de sel. C'était drôle car les adultes devait tout le​ temps se baisser alors que​ moi je restais debout. Au moment où nous étions dans le noir, ça a commencé à être galère car il y avait seulement une toute petite lueur envoyée par la guide qui avait pensé à prendre une lampe.


    "Muercielago" en français ça veut dire chauve-souris. Les enfants espagnols adorent ce mot car il comporte toutes les voyelles de leur langue!

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  • Day279

    Valle de Marte, Valle de la Luna - Tgaf.

    June 1, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Jens, Mony und Alex wollen den Sonnenaufgang in der Wüste sehen. Den SonnenAUFGANG ! Um 5:30 Aufstehen !

    Leicht genervt kutschire ich die 3 also ins Valle de la Luna.
    Hat aber alles noch zu. Macht erst um 8 auf. Schranke unten kein Einfahrt möglich.

    Planung - weniger gut. Allradantrieb - gut.
    Kann also eine Anhöhe hoch poltern und ein halbwegs schönes Plätzchen finden. Der Sonnenaufgang erweist sich als ziemlich unspektakulär. Das zufällig auf dem Weg gesehen Valle de Marte als sehr spektakulär.

    Und weil es erst um 8:00 auf macht, sparen wir auch noch 4 Euro Eintritt.

    Valle de la Luna betreten wie dann gegen halb 9:00 ganz legal - auch schön.

    Um 11:00 setzen wir Jens und Alex am Busbahnhof ab und fahren weiter zu den Aquas Termales.
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  • Day5

    Valley of the Moon

    February 20, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Last stop of the day was the Valley of Moon, to see the sunset.

    Our first stop in the park (yep, Chile has its own system of National Parks, but there is no blue book and no stamp at each location) was the Three Marias. These are three stone formations that the Belgian priest thought looked like Maria. I could explain why, but even with an explanation you’d have to be a true believer. And, one of the formations was knocked over by a tourist who got too close, so now there are only 2-1/2 Marias. Honestly, a whole lot of nothing. Although I did enjoy the formation to the left, which is called “Pac-Man,” for obvious reasons.

    We then walked through the valley, and saw a formation known as the “amphitheater.” Very beautiful. Of course, the ever present Andes are in the background, with their snow covered peaks.

    We then hiked up to the top of a rim, to see the sunset. There were 100s of other people around, camped out on the ledge, anxiously waiting to see the sun fall behind the mountains. It is a funny site to see so many people perched at the edge of a cliff! The sunset was lovely, and the reflection on the hills behind was even prettier. I particularly liked seeing clouds descend on the mountain peaks, like little sombreros.

    The end of another long, but lovely day.
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  • Day64

    Moon Valley tour begins

    December 2, 2017 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    At 16:00 we started on the Valle de la Luna tour.

    El Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) is located 13 kilometres (8 mi) west of San Pedro de Atacama, to the north of Chile in the Cordillera de la Sal, in the Atacama desert. It has various stone and sand formations which have been carved by wind and water. It has an impressive range of color and texture, looking somewhat similar to the surface of the moon. There are also dry lakes where the composition of salt makes a white covering layer of the area. It presents diverse saline outcrops which appear like man-made sculptures. There are also a great variety of caverns.
    The valley got its name due to a small depression of salt ground, 1,650 feet (500 m) in diameter, that exhibits odd sculptural shapes. These are the result of a sequence of transformations on the earth's crust caused by the folding of the watery ground underneath the salt lake. Because of its lack of humidity, there is no life here, which has turned it into one of the most inhospitable places on earth.

    Our 1st stop in the Moon Valley was outside the Salt Cave. Here the guide tried to explain the geology of the valley but we hardly understood him in Spanish or even English. He had very basic geology knowledge and very poor English so we actually didn't get anything.
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  • Day64

    Quartz in Salt Cave

    December 2, 2017 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    The start of the salt cave was like a narrow gorge about 20 mts deep curving deeper into the canyon. Here the guide showed us some of the quartz that had been compressed into almost glass like clarity.Read more

  • Day64

    Through the salt cave

    December 2, 2017 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    At some places, we had to double down to go across the rock formations inside the cave which actually till now turned out to be a cave without a roof. It was an interesting experience walking through the formations but at the same time, all the tours to the Moon Valley start at the same time and it was quite crowded inside the cave. Some people were turning back due to claustrophobia and others were walking very slowly in the narrow path.Read more

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