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  • Day244

    Puerto Natales

    January 5 in Chile

    A short (3 hours), pretty bus ride took us to this gateway town to Chilean Patagonia and the national park. On the way we saw flamingoes and several more guanacos.
    The town is relatively small and set on a pretty bay and is jam-packed full of surprisingly good restaurants, lots of hotels/hostels and shops selling high-end hiking gear. Apart from wandering around the town, we took a trip out to the nearby Lake Sofia where we did a short hike to see our first Andean condors flying above the cliffs.
    Like other towns in Chile and Argentina, people seem to let their dogs roam free. The dogs are clearly well fed and looked after (in stark contrast to feral dogs we saw all over Asia and Africa), but they are everywhere. Unfortunately, they are not all friendly and one seemingly very cute sheep-dog type unceremoniously bit John on his calf as we walked by. Quite a shock! Christy used her best ‘Narcos’ Spanish to let the owners know we were not happy to be bitten by their dog. Luckily, the bite only bruised, but didn’t break skin. This is the last place we’d have expected something like this to happen after many harrowing experiences with dogs in Asia and Africa. We’ve definitely been wary of dogs since this incident.
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  • Day41

    Puerto Natales - Isla Morena Hostel

    February 10, 2017 in Chile

    Nachdem wir nachts um 1 Uhr nach einer kleinen Wanderung am Hostel angekommen sind, haben wir uns erst einmal sehr über das schöne Zimmer in einem tollen Gebäude gefreut. Ein guter Anwärter auf volle Punktzahl bei der anschließenden Online-Bewertung. Ausgeschlafen am nächsten Morgen gab es für Hostelverhältnisse ein top Frühstück. Toast, 2 Sorten Wurst, Käse, 2 Sorten Joghurt, Haferflocken, Marmelade (und die bestand nicht nur aus Zucker, die Sorte Kirsche war heraus zu schmecken) und Tee. Gut gestärkt haben wir etwas die Stadt erkundet und waren bei einer Veranstaltung im "Erratic Rock" Hostel, bei der von den möglichen Wanderungen im Torres del Paine erzählt wurde. Der Niederländer, der top vorgetragen hat, ist schon alle möglichen Wege gelaufen und hat berichtet. David und ich haben uns teilweise nur verständnislos angeguckt. Wie kann man sich das alles bei so vielen negativen Aspekten antun? 2 Klos für 200 Leute auf einem Zeltplatz, das Essen muss in den Baum gehangen werden, damit Nager es einem nachts nicht wegfressen, Frostgefahr und Unwetter, Sonnenbrände, durchweichte Kleidung durch Regen, alles wird dreckig und nass, Preise für Essen und Refugios die durch die Decke gehen, kostenlose Zeltplätze mit Durchfall und Kotzeritis Gefahr. Aber hey, hier und da gibts einen tollen Ausblick. Auch in Onlineforen wird von Wanderabsolventen mit dem Nationalpark, den Preisen und der Handhabung abgerechnet. Also falls das jemand mal machen will, belest euch vorher, ob es wirklich so ist, wie ihr euch es vorstellt. Wir jedenfalls können El Chalten und die Wanderungen dort empfehlen, das war wunderschön.

    Und anbei noch Bilder von lecker Bier im Pub mit Therese und Joshi vom 12.02.. Zu beachten ist, dass auf dem einen Bier sogar handschriftlich das Abfülldatum stand. Das nenne ich mal Liebe zum Produkt.
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  • Day5

    Puerto Natales

    March 14 in Chile

    Mit dem Bus ging es heute ins 3 Stunden entfernte Städtchen Puerto Natales. In diesen 3 Stunden sah man nicht viel - von einer riesigen flachen Ebene wurde es ein wenig hügeliger, Häuser oder andere Autos waren aber Fehlanzeige.
    Nach dem Einckecken im Hostal und einer kurzen Entdeckungstour plagte uns auch schon der Hunger - und erstmals mussten wir mit einer rein spanischen Karte klarkommen :-)

  • Day249

    Puerto Natales

    January 10 in Chile

    We returned to town for a few days to enjoy a few more good meals and sleep-in days before heading back to Argentina to visit their Patagonia.

  • Day114

    Puerto Natales

    January 26, 2017 in Chile

    Von Punta Arenas nach Puerto Natales mit dem Bus, nach 3 Stunden Fahrt sind wir angekommen und dem Nationalpark Torres del Paine ganz nah.

    Hier bleiben wir 3 Tage und werden Tagesausflüge unternehmen...

  • Day106

    Puerta Natales

    November 3, 2017 in Chile

    Admin and laundry day. It's not always adventure and beautiful scenery! Spent most of the day walking back and forth between travel agents and grocery stores but our next trekking adventure is sorted and starts tomorrow.

  • Day187

    Puerto Natales, Chile

    April 22, 2017 in Chile

    Puffer poofs and frosty freeze.

    It's cold. I mean, it's seriously cold. Everybody here is dressed in down from head to toe and people raise eyebrows when you say you're going to 'walk'. We're bouncing between zero and 13°C without wind chill. But the worst part is knowing that we're going to be camping in temperatures colder than this for five consecutive nights - and it's almost certain that at some point, we'll be caught in the driving sleet.

    That's why we're in Puerto Natales. It's 'base camp' for those who are trekking in Torres del Paine - Patagonia's finest wilderness. It took us three flights, two buses and $750 to get here from our accommodation in Bogotá, oh and a two hour snooze on the airport floor. If you're planning on booking Latam air, please be aware they fly planes from the Wright Brother's day. Not that this is a bad thing - they have seat spacing from the days flying didn't involve involuntary contortion (i.e. leg room for regular humans - yes!) and still offer cockpit tours (if you're cheeky enough to ask, but not cheeky enough for a selfie). On the topic of travel tips: don't try to dine in Lima International - you won't find a meal under $15 US.

    Puerto Natales is wonderfully quiet. Locals go about their daily business peacefully, cars give way to pedestrians with astounding willingness, stray dogs lay quietly on the berm (probably in the later stages of hypothermia) and every shopkeeper will greet you with a smile. In fact, the only reason I can find to get my knickers in a knot is the ATM fees: $10 a pop with a $400 max withdrawal. This place is Queenstown before the (hoards of) tourists. We spent two days here gearing up for our hike and acclimatising to the cold; we're off to Torres tomorrow so you won't be hearing from me for at least a week! Hopefully Trump hasn't start a nuclear war by then and I don't end up living a modern day Tomorrow When The War Began.
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  • Day52

    Goodbye PN!

    May 12, 2015 in Chile

    Its been a relaxing few days catching up on admin and working at the hostel, Paola has provided us entertainment making fun of Travis on a daily basis and Juan the boss seems really happy to have us around. Sergio does... not much!

    We attempted a day trip out to see the "Cueva de Milidon" on Sunday, the cave where remains of a giant historic sloth (the Milidon) was found in the 1900s. Its a 25km bike ride each way so a bit of a trek! Long story short we didn't bring our waterproof gear and it started raining so we had to abandon mission about 10km into the ride. We settled for photos of the sloth statue situated at the roundabout leading into the town. It was also mother's day and Paola came back in the evening to have dinner with us- Suki's take on spaghetti carbonara :-)

    Monday night comes around and its time for us to head off. We said goodbye to Sergio (Juan was out so we missed him unfortunately) and set off a bit earlier for dinner. As we are walking to the bus station we run into Juan in his car... He had been circling the town trying to find us! We were so touched :-) We jump in Juan's car, get a lift to the station and say our goodbyes.

    A short bus ride from the station and we are on board the Navimag! (quote of the evening after boarding the giant cargo ferry from Suki: "Are we on the water yet?")
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  • Day22

    Puerto Natales

    January 30, 2017 in Chile

    Today I arrived in Puerto Natales, the town from which I will head to Torres Del Paine national park and start my five day hike. We got a bus from El Calafate which took 7 hours as two hours were spent at the border to enter Chile. Which means I am also officially now in Chile :)

    Carmen and I tried to bring a flimsy supermarket bag with half an onion, half a pepper and some cooked rice in it across the border. Carmen kindly left me to declare it and laughed as I eagerly informed every official person I met that 'tengo una cebolla' while shoving the manky bag at them. The rice made it but the onion and pepper, sadly, did not.

    The bus was luxury and we were on the top deck right at the front. Winner. We ate a packet of biscuits each. Another win.

    Puerto Natales seems cool. It feels quite a bit 'further down' the continent than the other places I have been to so far. It's not quite the furthest south that I will go but nearly.

    The hostel is nice and homey and has a kind of primitive Aga meaning it is very warm. The house has been in the owner's family for three generations.

    I met some very enthusiastic Germans including Dennis who played Numb over his speakers and kept spasming with excitement over how many things he had to look forward to.

    Talking to others who have been through Chile already (going the opposite way to me), there is so much to do and look forward to over the next month or so! It's hard to remember to focus on the here and now when you hear all about the places you will be heading to in the future. I must take time to appreciate where I am at the moment! On the 1st I will start my trek. I'm excited about travelling across Torres Del Paine NP and quite excited about going off on my own (although it is a very well trodden path so I'll probably see a lot of other people). I'm even looking forward to cooking on a little camping stove although I'm sure after pasta dish number 7 the novelty will have worn off. Hopefully my knees will survive (they've been struggling a bit recently)!


    I've had a long sleep and today I roamed about and bought shit tonnes of pasta for my walk. Carmen has gone off to do a day trip as she hasn't booked the 5 day trek. Feels weird without my shadow! PN is next to the water and has lots of low, colourful houses and large mountains swooping in the background by the water. I really like it. It's peaceful. There are two groups here: locals (fisherman or hostel owners by the looks of it) and gringos (backpacks and off to do the trek) but the gringos haven't made the town gross and touristy, oddly enough. There is still a lot of charm and a lack of horrible buildings and all the usual stuff that comes with lots of tourism.

    Later I'm going to a talk about the TDP walk as I cannot resist a slideshow! Sadly I'm coming down with a cold...which is hovering around my chest...I also look like Reese Witherspoon from Wild with my backpack wish me luck :P

    Pic 1- slide as an exit from a school
    Pic 2- coffee excitement post-bus
    Pic 3- nice house
    Pic 4- at the cemetery, all like this
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  • Day36

    Klein aber schön hier

    March 4, 2017 in Chile

    Zugegeben, ich hab mir den Dreh- und Angelpunkt für Touren in Patagonien etwas größer vorgestellt... Die Tatsache dass alle fragen ob ich gerade aus dem Nationalpark Torres deal Paine komme oder morgen hingehe wirft die Frage auf ob es hier Sony nichts zu tun gibt... 😅

    Wie erwartet sind alleine Reisende nie allein. Denn wir haben uns mit den Framzösinnen vom Flughafen nicht nur für die Busfahrt zusammen getan, sondern uns auch gleich zusammen in ein Hostel-Zimmer einquartiert, alle möglichen Info-Punkte abgeklappert (weshalb wir jetzt gefühlt die halbe Stadt kennen) und den aufregenden Tag bei chilenischem Essen und Wein ausklingen lassen. Die Leute hier sind super hilfsbereit und die einzelnen Hostel und Tour-Anbieter kooperieren miteinander.

    Julian, ein sehr netter Typ in einem ausgebuchten Hostel hat rumtelefoniert und uns ein Zimmer organisiert. Deshalb haben wir ihn zum Helden des Tages und Ansprechpartner für alle Fragen und Empfehlungen gemacht. ☺ Von ihm aus gestartet haben wir 3 weitere holfsbereite Herren kennengelernt, die jeweils in Tour- und Mietagenturen arbeiten und alle verwandt oder verschwägert zu sein scheinen.

    An Julians Stelle arbeitet heute Valentina. 😊 Sie organisiert mir gerade eine Freiwilligen-Stelle für die kommenden zwei Wochen, wärend ich mir die Stadt anschaue. 😉
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