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  • Day78

    A bit above the Terraza Neptuno is the Terraza Caupolican. It is a big open space with a view to the city center. Santiago is a mix of tall, old communist buildings and very modern glass buildings all within the same place. There is an ornate gate at the top of the stairs opening into the terrace.

  • Day77

    We took our flight at 2 pm and after about 5 hours of flying, we landed in Santiago when it was sunset time. We had booked a hotel (Hostel Santiago Backpackers) near the city center. We took the Transvip transfer (it cost 7000 CLP per person) but since it is a shared service, we reached our hotel by 12 in the night only. The room we got was a very small one with a bunk bed but the hostel otherwise was quite nice. I slept immediately while Hristo went to a corner pizza shop to have some food.Read more

  • Day85

    We woke up early and were ready to leave by 8:30 am. The owner of the hotel (Saint Tropez, Viña del Mar) was there and we showed her our booking price. She tried to convince us about the extra taxes etc but we stuck to our agreed price. Eventually, she relented and we paid 48500 CLP for the 2 rooms as had been agreed.
    After that, we drove back to Santiago and managed to reach the Chilean Car Rental office just as it turned 11 am. On the way, we booked a place in Hotel Tremo Botique just next to the car rental place so we don't have to walk far with our big bags.
    We left the car at the rental office and walked over to the hotel. While we were waiting to be checked in, I realized that it was 11:30 am and if I could reach the police station before 12, I might be able to get the report. The person at the reception checked and told that I could make it there in 20 min in a taxi. I ran out and caught one in a few min. After driving for a few minutes the driver told he needed to refuel. I told him that I needed to reach the police station before 12 but he showed me the light for the empty tank and promised he won't take more than 2 min. True to his promise, he managed to jump the line and we were off in less than 2 min. We reached the police station at 12:03 pm. I jumped out and ran and told him to wait for 5 min for me to come back as I didn't have time to make the payment.
    I reached the main gate but it was locked. I rang the bell. By this time the taxi driver had also parked and came over. After I had rang the bell thrice, a person came out from inside. I explained to him why I was there. He told me that the office was closed and that it would open on Tues (26th Dec) after Christmas.
    I told the taxi driver to drive me back to the hotel. Here I found the rest of the gang sitting outside the hotel busy on their phones. They too have had their share of issues with the checkin. The hotel had wanted to charge in USD at the agreed price but their card machine was not able to charge in USD so they wanted money in the local currency but the conversion rate they wanted was quite high. On pointing that out to them, they just shrugged and said that was the rate they will apply. Luckily, Hristo had the money needed in USD so he paid them the agreed sum but then they didn't have USD for the return change. They made a note and told him to collect the change when checking out.
    After all this, they said that the checkin time was 2 pm and the rooms were not ready. 😲😲 That's why they were all sitting outside when I returned. We all went in amd sat in their inner courtyard waiting for the rooms. In the meanwhile, we decided to do our flight bookings for the next phase of the trip since there was nothing else to do in Santiago. We decided to risk my flying without a passport and with just a paper copy of it and the police report number since the flights to Puerto Montt (our next destination) were quite cheap at 250 SEK per person while the distance was almost about 1000 kms.
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  • Day78

    From the top of the Santa Lucia hill, we had a 360 degrees panoramic view of the city of Santiago. It was a lovely viewpoint from where we had a view to the ends of the city, all the way to the chain of Andes on the East side.

  • Day78

    After we came down from the Santa Lucia hill, we sat in the Cafe Opera for some tea and coffee and after that, we went around the city. The Christmas mood was in full swing. There were people everywhere doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Eventually, we said goodbye to Natalia around 10 pm and headed to hotel.
    The girls were to join us next day and we didn't have a place booked. Our hotel didn't have any rooms available and the others we found were either too expensive or didn't have a good rating.
    After reaching back, we had to search for another 2 hours before we found a place nearby but it was a bit more expensive than our budget. We anyways took it since we didn't have any alternate.
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  • Day79

    At about 3 pm, Melinda and I went to join the free walking tour of the city while Hristo went to the airport again to pick Maria.
    The tour was quite good and lasted for almost 4 hours. We walked around in the afternoon heat with the guide stopping in the shadows to tell us about the history about the various buildings and monuments we saw.

  • Day79

    We saw the house where people under Pinochet's autocracy used to disappear. There were small plates with the names of the people that disappeared on the footpath outside. Around 4:40 pm, we took a short break for about 20 min.

  • Day80

    According to the plan we decided to walk about 3-4 kms and ask the car rental charges and compare and decide which one to choose. We walked over to the 1st one (Chilean Car Rental) and got the price. We then decided to go to the Hertz and Europcar nearby.

  • Day80

    It was on the way to the Hertz and Europcar that Hristo decided to stop over at one of the Peruvian restaurant to eat Ceviche. While he was eating, we sat down to give him company.
    We were inside the restaurant at a closed corner with only our table a table for 2 just next to us. After a while, 2 people came and sat on the table next to us. We continued with our talk. In the meantime, they asked for the menu and talked to the waitresses. After a while, they got up amd went away. A few seconds later one of the waitress ran out and asked us of one of us lost a bag. It took us a while to figure out what she was saying in Spanish. I realized my bag was missing. Hristo and I, immediately ran out but couldn't see anyone with the bag. We reached a crossroad. Hristo took one way while I ran the other. I heard someone calling from behind and pointing to the lane of the cars on the opposite side of the street. I looked at him and he continued shouting in Spanish. I thought he was pointing to the bag, hoping that whoever took it threw it knowing that we were out very quickly. By the time I figured the guy was pointing to a car where he had seen the 2 guys enter with my bag, the light turned green and the cars drove off. 😐
    In the meantime, the waitress at the restaurant had called the police. I immediately blocked all my cards that I had in the bag. They came within minutes and took our statements and those of the waitresses. After that, we were taken to the police station to get a proof of case registration and were asked to pick up the report from a separate police station in 4 days.
    After that, we went to the Swedish embassy about 1. 5 km away. It was 4 pm and they were about to close. They immediately took up my case and I was able to call my travel insurance company to provide the embassy with a guarantee of payment. They were also able to provide me with a document to apply for my driving license.
    After filling in the forms for the passport, I was asked to return the next morning at 9 am for the biometric for the passport. After that we went around to find a place to get a picture for the driving license, but all the shops were closed by now.
    We walked the 6 kms back to the hotel and stopped at a mall nearby to have our dinner at an Indian restaurant (Pardesi Tadka) in the food court. The food was quite good. After that we came back to the hotel to sleep.
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  • Day81

    The next day morning, I got stuck with the insurance company since they didn't want to cover any of the losses so I missed the appointment at the embassy. Melinda and I reached there at around 10:15 am and were asked to come back at 11 am. In the meantime Hristo and Maria went to check around the rest of the car rental companies.
    While waiting for the appointment at the embassy, I was able to get my picture taken for the driving license and also post it via a courier to Sweden.
    We reached back at the embassy at 11 am and I got my biometrics etc done in about 20 min. After that we went to a hige mall nearby to biy some of the items to replace the ones I had lost.
    We were still shopping till the late afternoon so Maria and Hristo went for the free city tour in the meantime.
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