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  • Day16

    Prague - Day 1

    January 5, 2020 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 2 °C

    So we set off towards the Old Town on our first day in Prague and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Christmas Markets were still going strong! I think Ed had seen enough Christmas Markets to last a life time and the poor vendors must’ve been over too although they all would finish up on the 6th January so only one more day. And nothing beats the smell of Christmas spices and roasting meats while you explore the city. The astronomical clock is beautiful and our photo doesn’t do it justice as the sun/shadows weren’t in our favour.

    We decided to get a view of the famous Charles Bridge before walking over it and Ed got a great shot of the size and amazing architecture. We wandered up to the Prague Castle and spent a couple of hours exploring its interesting history. The Cathedral in the Castle grounds is a wonder to behold! I also had to include some photos of Ed’s amazing lunch up at the restaurant. My fresh ginger tea was also amazing :)

    On our way down from the Castle we found the famous Stredoveka Krcma (Medieval Tavern) and headed down into the eerie stone pub which has been open daily since 1375. That was an experience!

    Our walk home took us over the Charles Bridge and we had some great views looking over the city (once you manoeuvre around the thousands of tourists and their selfies!)

    A day well spent and some sore legs to put up by the end of the day! Lauren X
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    The endless journey

    I stood in that exact spot!

    The endless journey

    They love their meat and dumplings.

    Lauren Crick

    Ed thought they were a little stingy on the meat though haha.

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  • Day5

    Chaleur, vertige et plouf

    July 6 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Aujourd’hui, il faisait chaud, voire même très chaud !

    Nous avons commencé notre journée par une visite du quartier Malá Strana, un quartier super mignon remplit de petits parcs et de petits coins hyper sympas au bord de la rivière.

    Ensuite, nous avons pris le funiculaire afin de grimper la colline de Petrìn pour pouvoir ensuite monter dans la fameuse tour (qui ressemble très sincèrement à la Tour Eiffel) pour admirer une vue spectaculaire sur tout Prague et ses alentours. Ça donnait un peu le vertige mais c’était vraiment sympa!

    Avec la chaleur, nous avons décidé de nous rendre à la piscine, ce qui a vraiment été une idée de génie vu la chaleur!
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    Mehdi Bourgouin

    tres jolie peti paradi sur terre, PROFITE BIEN AVEC TES AMIS, nous c était blanquette de veau avec monique la voisine et ta grand mère, bise

    Camille Avenard

    Laisse moi en de la blanquette! Tu as déjà un assez gros ventre! A bon entendeur lol gros bisous 😜

    Mehdi Bourgouin


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  • Day2


    September 12 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    This is an initial post about an extraordinary city that people fall in love with, and I can say rightfully so. This is the 1st post of what will be many and will serve as an introduction and a place to capture a few points that don't fit in categories.
    The 1st picture looks over the city from the castle grounds. The 2nd picture looks across the Vlatava River that runs through Prague. The building is an aristocratic palace with the castle above and behind. The castle and all surrounding buildings are government offices now.
    Vlatava means "wild river "in Czech and the 3rd shows part of the reason. The wall markings are flood levels reached by the river. The most recent is 2002, and that is waaay over my head. The 4th picture is of a canal and waterwheel adjacent to the river that powered an old mill.
    The 5th picture is of the John Lennon wall. This is a wall of the embassy of Malta. So the communist secret police couldn't take permanent action. So every time they whitewashed it, someone would replace the picture overnight.
    The last picture is of what is said to be the 1st building built (1912) using cubist architecture. It is called the Black Madonna" building due to the stature found on site and preserved in the protective structure on the right front corner on the 1st floor. Remember that in most of the world, the 1st floor is the 1st above the ground floor.
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  • Day7

    Subiendo al Prazsky Hrad

    February 14, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    A la tarde subimos al castillo de Praga, aprovechando que habia bastante sol.

    Recorrimos el palacio antiguo, la catedral de San Vito que nos encanto y es enorme, las murallas, salas de armas y hasta la sala de torturas!

    Es realmente grande para recorrer, y eso que dentro del complejo historico estan los edificios donde funciona en gobierno de Chequia, presidente incluido.

    A la salida del palacio presidencial nos encontramos con un Starbucks, asi que bajamos del castillo tomandonos un Capuccino Vainilla con crema.
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    Milu Zubiria

    Vermoso y mejora el tiempo ,!!!!!

    Milu Zubiria

    Te querías sentar en esa silla??

    Milu Zubiria

    Facha total.

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  • Day6

    Cruzando el Karluv Most

    February 13, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Frente al hotel tenemos una de las torres del puente viejo que cruza el rio Moldava. Nos queda tan cerca el puente que lo cruzamos cuando ya añochecia.

    Aprovechamos y tambien subimos al mirador de la torre. La vista de la ciudad desde arriba es increible, aunque subir por las escaleras de madera, viejas y empinadas, da un poco de susto.Read more

    Karina López

    Súper lindo!!!

    Mariana Agnoletti

    Lo más de lo más!!

    Ramon Serantes

    Que linda foto

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  • Day2


    September 15, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Durch die schmalste Gasse Prags, die Ampel-Gasse, fährt kein Auto. Sie ist an ihrer engsten Stelle nur 50 cm breit und ist deshalb nur in eine Richtung passierbar. Der „Verkehr“ wird mit einer Ampel geregelt, da zwei entgegenkommende Fußgänger nicht aneinander vorbeikommen würden. In der Umgebung gibt es viele Restaurants mit traditionell tschechischer Küche in altertümlicher Atmosphäre in denen man böhmische Gerichte testen kann.Read more

  • Day63

    Rutschige Roller-Action in Prag

    September 27, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    430 Kilometer, 11 Stunden unterwegs
    Weil ich noch nie in Prag war, entscheiden wir uns noch eine letzte Stadttour zu machen. Das Wetter spielt leider nicht so mit und bringt uns öfters mal einen Regenschauer mit starkem Wind. Wir schaffen es aber die besten Sehenswürdigkeiten abzuklappern. Zum Ausgleich der langen Laufwege leihen wir uns noch einen Lime-Roller. Das sind die Elektroroller, die jetzt überall in jeder großen Stadt rumstehen. Das ist auch ein Erlebnis, vor allem auf dem nassen Kopfsteinpflaster. Für unser Empfinden ist der Spaß etwas zu teuer.
    Wieder auf der Autobahn zeigt das Navi nur noch 3 Stunden bis nach Halle an. Die Dunkelheit und die schlechten Wetterverhältnisse lassen uns aber entscheiden, den Heimweg erst morgen anzutreten. Direkt nach der Grenzüberfahrt in die Heimat schlafen wir auf einem straßennahen Parkplatz.
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    Das Häuschen ist ja niedlich und die Bepflanzung spannend.

  • Day12

    One of my new favorite cities

    September 26, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Prague is incredible... which I knew it would be going in. However, today it became even more clear that we'll really need to come back here and maybe stay about five days. We started the morning earlier than everyone else... Tyler, Brett and I left the hotel at 7:15 to go back to Charles bridge before the hordes of crowds would arrive. Seems like this is a successful idea wherever we go. Similar to Rothenburg, there were much fewer people crowded on. We enjoyed the view and snapped some great photos. We also saw two brides/grooms on the bridge. Wedding photos at 7:30 AM? I wonder what time they had to wake up!! Then it was back to the hotel to meet everyone else for breakfast. There was another wide array of "continental breakfast" options (quite a bit more extensive than what continental breakfast is at home) and we each had a hot item (for us eggs Benedict).

    Our walking tour was with David, an Englishman who has lived in Prague for 12 years. We spent from 9:30-5pm with him leading us through the main parts of the old city. We started by crossing a different bridge north of the Charles bridge which gave quite a nice view of the bridge itself. He then took us to the Jewish quarter and explained lots of the architectural styles of the buildings. We also walked down Parizska street which is the high end shopping district with lots of designer stores. This brought us again to the old town square that we had visited before, but this time we learned more about the history of the Tyn church. It is unusual that the front facade is completely covered by some relatively undecorated buildings built directly in front of it. Apparently when one religious order conquered the other they built these buildings to spite the old ruling church. Can't quite remember what religions... maybe Catholic and Protestant. Also in this square is an astronomical clock. Very interesting although we couldn't really read the clock. Apparently they blinded the man who made the clock to avoid another city getting the technology to have an astronomical clock.

    Next we walked into the Tyn church which was absolutely beautiful. We had been seeing signs advertising evening concerts in the churches and this one included The Moldau. We decided to buy tickets to go in the evening. Seemed to be a very fitting thing to do! Especially since we had been talking about and listening to that piece yesterday!

    We walked into another church known to have a thief's arm hanging from the ceiling as a warning to future potential thieves. Next we headed to a Kubist style building. We went to the second floor for a quick cup of coffee. Tyler and I had Turkish coffee (strong and with the grounds in the coffee). Next we admired another city tower (apparently this one was previously the powder tower). From there we walked to see the National theatre which houses the Smetana hall. In the basement there's an interesting 'American' bar. It's what you might imagjne an early 1900s fancy North American bar might have looked like. We walked through this and carried on. We covered so much ground in one day.

    Next we walked through the famous Moser glass exhibition gallery and store. Incredible carved glass details and of course very pricey. Certainly makes the glass souvenirs sold everywhere else look poor. If you want to buy glass in Prague, Moser is the place to go but you would need to be planning for a large purchase to get an heirloom piece. And then shipping it home safely too!

    Next we got to Wenceslas square and then back to the Havelske market. Tyler and I held up there for a couple extra minutes to buy a painting of Prague. We picked one that is definitely recognizably Prague and Tyler managed to haggle the price down by 100 crowns. It's all rolled up and we'll have to get it mounted once we get home and put it up!!!

    Lunch was at Cafe Slavia - Tyler had duck and I had beef goulash. Yummy as usual. Our afternoon tour was mostly to be at the castle/palace area. We took tram #22 to get to the area. We elected not to buy tickets to go into any of the buildings so we'd have time to see more, but we did walk into the amazing gothic cathedral, St. Vitus. While on the grounds, someone important must have arrived. There was a band playing and the hourly change of the guard was delayed just long enough for us to actually get to see it.

    Following this, we walked through the area surrounding the palace to the Strahov monastery (which unlike our hotel's monastery is still an active monastery). We sampled some St. Norbert beer brewed there (an amber beer for Tyler and I).

    We started walking back down the hill to the main area but stopped for a photo where there's a great panoramic view of the city. We continued the long downhill walk all the way to Charles bridge. We wanted to make one last stop at the Lennon wall (sounds cool right? Something Beatles related). We got there and saw it... really just a bunch of quite ugly and often profane graffiti. I decided that was the only ugly site I saw in Prague. Especially after seeing the East side gallery in Berlin which was quite profound and meaningful. Anyway, if that's the only underwhelming thing in Prague, I think I won't hold it against this lovely city.

    We said goodbye to David, then Tyler, Brett and I headed back up the hill for another trdelník. Tyler had caramel again which was an awesome choice. Instead of a dessert treat, I opted for a small glass of hot honey mead. It was a bit of a walk to go back to get that but was totally worth it. I'd like to say it helped with my cough but that's probably not true.

    We headed back to the hotel to rest a tiny bit and freshen up for the evening. Next was the concert! We walked back to the old square. The girls stopped at a botanical store thinking we might want to get something. All of it was really smelly in an earthy way and not quite our style. The boys may have been surprised to see we had made no purchases when we joined them in the seats. The concert was lovely. We even got to hear the pipe organ from the back of the church (a bucket list item for Tyler). The Moldau was definitely the highlight but it was just overall quite a special experience. After the concert, it was raining a bit. Tyler and I held back to take off his sweater to avoid it getting wet. When we got out, everyone had disappeared! We weren't sure if they were nearby so we didn't want to move too far. We had also talked about maybe going to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner. Tyler went in that direction to look and I stayed by the church in case someone came back for us. Tyler and Kelly crosses paths and we headed to the restaurant.

    Two beers and two pizzas drained us of our last Czech money pretty much exactly. We are coming home with one crown to keep as a souvenir... I guess we were quite accurate on how much cash we needed!

    Today is our record so far for number of steps in a day... 30000! (That did include an extra few minutes walking around our hotel complex once we realized we were close to that number but not quite there).

    It was a very full day in Prague but we definitely got an overview of the highlights of Prague. I hope to be back for more exploring! Tomorrow we'll be back in the van to commute to Nuremberg to board the boat!!!

    Brooke & Tyler
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  • Day7

    Ausflug nach Prag

    July 26, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Trotz der heißen Temperaturen haben wir kurzentschlossen einen Trip nach Prag gemacht. Allerdings haben wir auch ziemlich schnell gemerkt, das es bei 35 Grad kein Vergnügen ist.
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  • Day11

    Journey to Prague

    September 25, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Today we left Berlin and journeyed over to Prague. We had a quick breakfast at the hotel buffet making sure to enjoy all of our favourites (Brooke loved the fig mustard with a variety of soft cheeses and a pretzel bun........I had 3 of the small little donuts). Then we had to pack everything up and be downstairs by 8:45 for bus call.

    We had previously arranged car service transportation to Prague through the travel agent and our driver showed up right on time. His name was Martin and we later found out that he lives in Prague, driving all the way to Berlin this morning to pick us up. The vehicle was a large van that comfortably seated the 6 of us with luggage. Oddly enough, Brett, Rae, and I ended up in the middle seat all together - just like road trips back to Saskatchewan in Dad's Acura. However this time we had way more elbow space and managed to not annoy each other during the trip (it most certainly wasn't because we're more mature now). Everybody spent the drive reading or napping. Rae and I watched a bit of the live action Beauty and the Beast on the ipad. At one point Brooke, Mom, Brett, and Rae were all sleeping, and I was right in the middle, so I played a bit of Zelda by myself, perfect! Brett and I also played a 2-player co-operative game and enjoyed it. After Brooke woke up from a solid nap she read more of her book, A Woman in Berlin (which she is really enjoying).

    We arrived safely in Prague and pulled up to the Augustine Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel that used to be a monastery for monks and has been converted into a hotel. The room is very homey and spacious. After a short moment to get settled we all met down in the lobby and headed out into the old city. We walked down towards Charles Bridge. This is the old famous bridge in Prague open only to pedestrians. Obviously it is very touristy and filled with people. The views from the bridge are spectacular and you can really take in the beauty of Prague. Hopefully we will learn more about the bridge tomorrow!

    Walking through the narrow streets and looking somewhere for lunch, we landed on Cafe Lippert which was right in the Old Town Square. The prices were definitely jacked up for being in a touristy area but we did have a wonderful view of the square for our first meal in Prague. Brooke had a duck thigh risotto and I actually had a salad for once but with smoked duck breast. The beer options were Urkell and Kozel (which seem to be the two main beers available here). Going down to the bathrooms was incredibly interesting because it was quite deep below the main level and you could see all of the stone and brick support structures.

    After lunch Rae, Mom, and Dad headed out on their own to go to a regular mall to shop for some basic clothes for Rae. Brett, Brooke, and I headed off to see some sights and do some shopping. Brett had a couple of main areas that he had in mind so we headed off in the direction of one of them. Along the way I spotted a shop with some intricate Czech Easter eggs, which Brooke thought were really cool and planned to maybe come back later. Going further along we came to the Havelske Trziste which was a number of market stall shoppes in a row over a two block section. They were selling anything from junky souvenirs to fresh fruit. Some of the items that caught our eye were a goulash spice mixture and these paintings of the city (Brooke is on a mission to find a piece of artwork while we are in Prague).

    Carrying on we found our way to Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske Namesti) which is one of the main city squares and is named after Saint Wenceslas (who was indeed looking out). The square is really a wide long boulevard with shops and interesting architecture on both sides. Brett had done some research on the whole area and was pointing out interesting facts wherever he could. We walked all the way to the end where the large statue of Saint Wenceslas on a horse is and then headed back the other way. Brett then took us on an impromptu self guided walking tour from his travel book and we saw a couple of different areas including a garden that was really close to the main area but felt so quite and peaceful. At the end we tried some honey mead and ended up buying a bottle to take home :)

    We then started meandering our way back towards the bridge but were popping into multiple shops to look at the souvenir glass work. We ended up going back to the store we stopped at earlier and Brooke got a few of the Czech Easter eggs and I found a cool wooden puzzle game that looks similar to a Rubik's cube with multiple moving parts. We found our way back to the bridge and crossed back over towards the hotel.

    Next up was to find some pastries for dessert. Walking around earlier I had noticed a spiral pastry that was being made right on the street called trdelnik (roll the r). It is originally probably from Romania but it sounds like it is common in European countries around this area. It is made by rolling dough around a pit and then cooking it over an open flame. The outside is then coated with a sugar mixture. Not wanting to make the same mistake as in Rothenburg, during lunch I found some wifi and looked up someone's posting about the best trdelnik in Prague. I located the highest rated one on the map and we headed off for the afternoon. I am glad that I made a point of doing this because they were everywhere and I wanted to try the best one! The store we were looking for was called Creperie U Kajetana and it was supposed to be on a road west of one of the church squares. We found the correct road but were starting to get a bit testy with each other since we were walking up a steep incline, had to be back soon, and didn't know where the shop was. Thankfully offline Google Maps came to the rescue and we were only about 200m away! We quickly found the store and ordered two trdelnik, Brooke had cinnamon on the outside and I had mine coated with caramel in the inside. They were delicious, piping hot freshly made, and totally worth seeking out. The taste was similar to a scuffle and was very filling. There is also a less traditional option of ice cream or whipped cream inside the dough, but maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

    Quick rest back at the hotel and then it was off to dinner. We chose a place that was recommended by our driver Martin earlier called Bedesa and just a short walk away from the hotel. This was a more local restaurant and the beer prices reflected that, very cheap! Brooke had a gnocchi dish and I had a pulled pork shoulder with sauerkraut. Very good so much that we would almost want to go back there tomorrow.

    After dinner we walked back down to Charles Bridge to check out the view of the city at night time. A lot of the buildings are lit up and you get an incredible view of the city. I tried to take a couple of cell phone pictures, but the quality was not good and could not do the view justice. We all just stood there and took it all in. Prague is very beautiful and the view was really breathtaking.

    We finished off our night at the hotel bar to sample the specialty St. Thomas beer that is specific to the hotel we are staying at and was originally made by the monks. It was a dark beer that was a nice change of pace from all the German pilsners and lagers we have been drinking. While we were enjoying our night cap we listened to the classical music piece The Moldau by Smetana. Mom had realized that the piece was referring to the river that runs through Prague and explained how the music captures the different areas that the river flows by and then changes key when it opens up into the ocean. Lovely.

    Now we need to get some rest as we have a full day of activity planned for tomorrow in Prague.

    Tyler and Brooke
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