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  • Day167

    La Rochelle

    February 17, 2017 in France

    So sad to leave Bordeaux this morning. Super foggy walk to the bus station but very refreshing. The bus was an hour late and I made it to La Rochelle only a half hour late. Checked into my beautiful room with memory foam bed and pillows and only 12 minutes from the Gare. Quickly went out to scope the city out! Wow, another amazing place. Reminds me a bit of Granville island and Lago di Garda Italy. Spotless, art studios everywhere and gorgeous scenery. I'm hoping to meet Corinne's aunt and uncle tomorrow so I can send her a recent photo. The air is so good here, just like Bordeaux. Found the Marche and they were selling fresh oysters for what I thought was a pretty good price. Can't wait to explore tomorrow. And.....this is now Cognac country not wine as I found many Cognac boutiques and Cognac is only 25km away from here.Read more

  • Day103

    La Rochelle opposite Vieux Port

    July 27, 2017 in France

    We made it, it took 5hours, but because we had to get to the lock an hour before it opened we were up at 6:00! Obviously the French boat that was locking out with us could arrive just before it opened at 8:10. It was a lot wetter and windier than expected and in our faces for most of trip, we passed under the bridge to Isle de re and when we arrived we went first into the big marina Port Minimes, until the Bassin de Chalutiers opened on the ring tide. We spent the afternoon sourcing a new impellor for the generator, success! And checking out where we can dry out on Sunday for some running repairs, a good afternoons work so off for an aperitif.Read more

  • Day107

    La Rochelle then Ile de Re

    July 31, 2017 in France

    We moved on the Thursday eve to the Vieux Port, bassin de chalutiers, we had to wait for lock to open. We were next to the aquarium and mercure hotel so much more in the thick of things but not right in the middle so quiet at night but town close by. Friday morning we went to the maritime museum for a little culture there were three boats to walk around a tug, and deep sea fishing and an old metrological boat which also had displays about some of the Voyage of other boats liked to the museum , even John was interested, while we waited for Geoff and Paul to ride down. They met us after lunch and we had a beer and a chat and a wander around. We all had a meal out in the eve. On Saturday John fixed the generator and the lads hauled him up the mast but it wasn't a bulb problem so still no anchor light. We mooched around town in the afternoon and had delicious meal at Andres, in the eve very very nice said bye to visitors. We did see in the harbour 2other Moonen's photos attached, they are both short er than Take Five.
    On Sunday we moved back into Minimes marina and headed for slip. Had to bully the French boat that was already there into moving forward for us by coming up behind it close, 25tonnes of steel is apparently quiet encouraging. We thought the tide would not drop far enough for us to do the work but it did and the bow thruster is gone.
    Saw the odd looking boat in the marina, reference photos anyone seen anything like that before is it a ferry of some sort?
    This morning Monday we headed to ile de Re, we are now in the inner harbour at St Martin de Re. This is something that John said he wanted to do when we were here a few year ago with the truck. Its busy as you can see from photos but very sheltered. Hoping to anchor for a couple of nights either near here or off Oleron Peninsula then probably Royan before we head towards Spanish coast.
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  • Day102


    July 26, 2017 in France

    Hello again, well due to some very windy weather we ended up staying at Bourgenay for 5nights which was long enough! It was a lovely place nice and quiet except for the wind but we had been everywhere within cycling distance and I was starting to go a little stir crazy. We had on day 1 as I said ridden to Talmont St Hilaire, day 2 we walked west to the beach and around the spit to the nature reserve and then along the edge of the salt marsh till we found civilisation and then back to beach and home, day 3 I did a short run through the woods behind the coastal path then after the tea spill on the duvet and subsequent washing we later rode to Jard sur Mer around the back of the salt marsh. Day 4 we must have looked around the junk market in the morning and revisited the supermarket so I could do some more baking, tried the cookies again but mixture much thicker so more like rock cakes this time round. day 5 I did a longer run east along coast but not as far as anywhere specific just out and back we had a lovely lunch at one of the cafes on the harbour front and later walked in land through a 'Pierre et vacances' village right on the edge of the golf course and with its own large lake. I think things would have been a lot worse but we ended up meeting another British couple on day 3 whose boat we had seen previously in herbaudiere on Noirmoiter and we spent that evening on their boat chatting and following evening we returned the hospitality and they visited Take Five. They over winter in L'Orient so we must have seen their boat then as well. But they were headed North on the return leg of their trip and we were going ever southward, but you never know we may meet again next year and hope to keep in touch as they are planning a longer trip soon.
    We are now in Marans which is inland from the Bay de l'Aiguillon along a canal, the sail here, yes that's right we used sails not exclusively but we're trying, went OK, it was rough to start with but improved the further west we went.
    We didn't arrive until 8:30pm as the lock didn't open till, well it was supposed to be 7:20 but it was late and then it's a further 3miles to the town. We have been put right on the end of the pontoon just outside the pedestrian bridge, right away from everyone and everything but we don't think it's personal. Had a quick wander around the town this morning, quick because it was raining and also town is not very big, but a good base for cycling and kayaking the inland freshwater marshes. More photos if the sun comes out. It did so a few more pictures added
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  • Day4

    Die Perle am Atlantik

    April 10 in France

    La Rochelle ist eine Küstenstadt in Südwestfrankreich und Hauptstadt des Départements Charentes-Maritime. Seit dem 12. Jahrhundert ist die Stadt ein Fischerei- und Handelszentrum, dessen Seefahrtstradition sowohl im alten Hafen Vieux Port als auch im großen, modernen Jachthafen Les Minimes ersichtlich wird. Die Altstadt wird von mittelalterlichen Fachwerkhäusern und Renaissance-Bauten geprägt, darunter Arkaden aus dem 17. Jahrhundert. (Quelle: Wikepedia)
    La Rochelle ist im April 2018 nicht ein besonders von Sonne gesegneter Ort, das müssen wir leider feststellen. Ansonsten aber gibt es da so gar nicht viel, was man aussetzen könnte: Es gibt viele tolle Restaurants, die das erwartete französische Essen (Muscheln, Austern, Fleisch, Salat mit Ziegenkäse, Crevetten und andere Meerestiere) bieten. Zudem gibt es viele Gassen, die ein old fashioned Flair bieten. Viele kleine Läden, die Regionales anbieten: Sardinen, Sablés mit Caramel, Öl, Salz von der Ile de Ré uvm.
    Weiter bekannt ist La Rochelle durch sein Hafen und die 2 prägnanten Türme, von denen auch Menschen zwischendurch hinunterspringen. ( Die Stadt wirkt etwas touristisch, aber doch irgendwie noch einheimisch: Es herrscht die französische Gemütlichkeit, gepaart mit dem Touristenzentren nahe des Hafens. Es gibt eine wunderschöne Kirche (siehe Foto) und wir haben auch das Glück, noch den grossen Markt am Mittwoch zu bestaunen, wo einige Verkaufsobjekte auch noch lebendig sind (siehe Foto). Weiter findet man grosszügig gestaltete Parks und ein Aquarium. Es ist keine sehr kleine Stadt, aber immer noch genug überschaulich, um es zu Fuss oder auch mit dem Velo zu erkunden. Wir entscheiden uns, alles zu Fuss zu erkunden und legen dabei einige Schritte zurück, was aber das üppige Essen super kompensiert hat :-)
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  • Day2

    La Rochelle liegt an der Atlantikküste, unweit von Bordeaux (das war doch was?) und Nantes. Es ist eingebettet in eine malerische Landschaft voller Dünen und kleiner verschiedener Strände. Es ist mild, als wir das erste Mal den Finger ins Wasser strecken und schon bald wird klar: Mit Baden wir das wohl nix. Ich merke jedoch, dass ich eine Muschelsammlerin habe, die mich auf dieser Reise begleitet und so sind auch schon die ersten, wenn auch kleinen Muscheln gefunden. Die Strand Attraktionen wie z.b das Riesenrad oder auch das Trampolin sind noch nicht installiert, es ist Anfangs der Saison und die Dinge nehmen noch etwas gemächlich ihren lauf an diesem Abend. Es ist aber schön, wieder mal das Meer zu riechen und es tanzen zu sehen, genau so hat man es immer in Erinnerung, wenn man nicht da ist und trotzdem fasziniert es jedes Mal wieder aufs Neue.
    Wir schlendern noch etwas der Küstenlinie entlang und entdecken ein Juwel einer Stadt, schon an diesem Abend.
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  • Day6

    Am Donnerstag ist schon wieder Abfahrt aus La Rochelle. Das Tagesziel ist Auxerre, mitten in Frankkreich. Wir möchten nicht mehr an einem Tag 10 Stunden mit dem Auto unterwegs sein, so teilen wir die Rückreise in 2 Tage aus. Bevor wir jedoch wieder Richtig Schweiz fahren wollen, geht es noch für ein paar Stunden weiter westlich: auf die bekannte île de Ré. Wir wollen also vom Hotel starten, und plötzlich: Röschu will nicht anspringen. Ein kurzer Schockmoment. Dann mal vermuten es sei die Batterie. Nachdem der Hotelboy mit seinem Wagen herandüst und eine Überbrückung macht: Erleichterung. Es war nur die Batterie, die wohl einfach keinen Saft mehr hatte. Röschu läuft wieder und wir Rollen optimistisch Richtung Île de Ré. Wir halten kurz um zu tanken und dann, Schockmoment #2: Springt wieder nicht an. Ufff. Was soll das? Zum Glück befindet sich hinter der Tankstelle eine Garage. Röschu muss dorthin, die Batterie ist Schrott - wir brauchen eine Neue. Der sehr nette Garagist meint, nun solle alles super gehen und wir kommen gut zurück in die Schweiz. Zuvor geht's aber noch zum Phare des Baleines, ein alter Leuchtturm ganz am Ende der Insel. Nebst dem wunderschönen Leuchtturm tanken wir nochmals Energie und dösen am weissen, karibisch anmutenden Sandstrand. Zudem gibts auf der Insel Esel, mit schönen Zottelchen, sehr selten sind die, wie Sara mir sagt.
    Danach gehts noch 4 Stunden nach Auxerre, und - man glaubt es kaum - wir kommen ohne irgendwelche Zwischenfälle durch. Mehr zu Auxerre noch im letzten Blogpost dieses Frankreich Abenteuers.
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  • Day170

    La Rochelle

    April 15, 2017 in France

    This morning we drove into La Rochelle prior to hitting the road. Little did we know that this city, selected because it was 5 hours north of where we were, is one of the most scenic and history-rich cities on the French Atlantic coast. We enjoyed a walk around, and a lovely breakfast in full view of the old port. Very old ... from the 11th century.

  • Day10

    Made the tough decision this morning to not ride for a few days because of the issues I've had with my knee. Very frustrating as can still ride but know I'm making it worse and with over 8 weeks still left I know it's the sensible thing to do even if it is very frustrating.

    As a result and with it being a grey day I had a few chilled hours around the harbour of Pornic before jumping on the very quiet evening train to La Rochelle, a place I remember very vaguely from a family holiday years ago as a kid, to arrive after sunset and have a quick stroll round the harbour at night.

    Only real eventful thing to happen today was despite only riding 500 meters to the station from the harbour I did get my first wolf whistle. It was sadly off the French equivalant of a white van man but hey at 36 I'll take it!
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  • Day11

    Day 11 - La Rochelle

    April 26, 2016 in France

    With no riding today it was time to see what La Rochelle had to offer. With the weather still being grey and cold with the locals still wearing big coats and scarfs it was time to find some indoor activities and the aquarium and the three harbour towers would do just that. All well worth a visit if you're ever in La Rochelle. It was then time to head to head to one of the harbour side bars for a couple of chilled beers and people watching. After being befriended by a couple of the locals and a few hours chatting about the upcoming Euros, the Premier League (they love Leicester and Vardy over here) and surprisingly the mighty Wolves it was time to settle down and watch the champs league semi final between City and Real. Wow what I shite game!

    Feeling pretty merry it was time to bed after a quick HCB stop on the way back!

    (woke today to much better weather so photos of La Rochelle are from this morning before getting the train to Bordeaux. Gutting as perfect biking weather but I know I need to rest the knee for a couple more days.)
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