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  • Day958

    Lac de Tailluret

    February 9 in France ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    We made good headway west today along flat, straight forest roads. After nervously bouncing over the hard earth surface of the Chemin du Lac track, we've parked up on the grassy shore of Lac de Tailluret. A handful of small farm buildings sit on the crest of the small rise 300m behind us, but other than this, there is hardly a house in sight. The rest is grassland, fresh green fields of spring crops, bare woodland and the expanse of water, which reflects the sunshine when seen from a distance, but is in fact a little muddy close up.

    The area is a nature reserve and it's not just us who are appreciating the warmth of the day. We are the only people here, but individual yellow butterflies flit past and a black pair are courting. Bumble bees buzz while silken threads from spiders or caterpillars stream off the twigs of a fallen branch, glinting in the sunlight. We can't quite believe it is 15°C, but Will leaps at the chance to take the canoe out for its maiden voyage of 2019! Birds of prey call out overhead as he explores the lake. Vicky isn't up to a paddle, but enjoys sitting outside on the camp chair with the sound of running water in the background. The only thing that mars this idyll is the crack of gunshots that ring out in the mid afternoon, followed by the noise of baying hounds and blown horns. However, we don't see anything and the tell tale noises of the hunt fall away after a while.

    The night sky is clear and with the canoe off the roof, we push open the large skylight over the bed, sticking our heads and shoulders out to lazily admire the stunnimg starscape from within the comfort and warmth of the van; Orion, The Plough, the North Star, Cygnus, Cassiopeia and the Seven Sisters all clearly visible!

    The weather didn't treat us quite so well on the second day; cold showers blew in with a biting wind, so no more canoeing, but Will wrapped up and found a sheltered spot to fish, his persistence being payed off with a Bream, big enough for his tea. It was bony, but really tasty. The inclement conditions didn't put the hunters off either. They were back and had surrounded an area of scrubland in a dell on the side of a hill. Watching through binoculars, we saw them flush two wild boar out of thickets, the petrified creatures hefting their solid bulk as quickly as they could over the grassland, gunshots following them.

    Vicky is becoming increasingly anxious about Brexit and the restrictions this may mean on our travels. We spent many years planning this trip and rented out our UK house, taking the ferry to France less than a week after the referendum back in 2016. While we've chosen to visit several times to see family and friends, we've also been required to return for health appointments and are now faced with the potential prospect of our journeys within the 26 countries of the Schengen zone being curtailed to 3 months in every 6. It would be a real loss of freedom and the uncertainty is leading to a real feeling of insecurity for Vicky.

    She spent the day looking for UK campsites that are open throughout the year. They all seem to cost so much for so little in return, compared to the amazing aires we have found on the continent, many of them free. For £39 she signed up to the Camping and Caravanning Club. Membership gives discounts on camping and ferry crossings as well as access to Certified Sites; basic locations with up to five pitches for caravans or motorhomes that are often cheaper than the larger, all singing, all dancing places. She came accross Cuckoo's Corner in Romsley in the West Midlands which offers a field and electric hookup for £12 a night. Having somewhere we can potentially use as a UK base without having to rely on the wonderful hospitality and generosity of family and friends made her feel a lot better.
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  • Day962

    D261 picnic area, River Adour, near Urt

    February 13 in France ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Wow, another wonderful view through Martha's windscreen! The same river as yesterday, just a little further west. We've pulled into a small picnic area. The centre is a little muddy but it is surrounded by grass and there are a couple of Weeping Willows dangling their hair-like branches. An old wooden picnic bench and a fishing pier with latticed fencing feature in our view over the River Ardour. A smattering of country homes adorn the far bank.

    On the short journey to get here, we stopped off at a Carrefour to buy diesel and a few groceries. The supermarket also had 2 washing machines and a tumble drier on the edge of the car park, so we were able to tackle our overflowing laundry basket too. France is the only country we've visited where Vicky hasn't had to do any hand washing so she is very happy!

    It wasn't long after arriving that Will had the canoe down and was heading out on the water. The flow was strong but he had fun paddling around the river islands and across to explore the opposite bank. He had a great time, finishing the day off with a spot of fishing from the pier. Vicky enjoyed an afternoon reading travel blogs and booking a trial night at the little West Midlands campsite we've found online. As our tradition goes, we celebrated what would be our last night in France for a while, with a homemade pizza, garlic bread and red wine. Cheers France!
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  • Day960

    D261 layby beside River Adour, nr Guiche

    February 11 in France ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    We aren't at Pomarez (our first choice of stopover). Nor are we at Peyrehorade (our second choice). We are parked in a layby off the D261 near Guiche, with the tidal River Aude ebbing and flowing beside. The road is quiet, there are a handful of wooden picnic benches and trees on the grassy patch outside our door, the sun is shining brightly and its lovely!

    A rainy journey through farmland took us to the free aire at Pomarez. We entered the town, passing a restaurant whose walls were plastered with bull fighting murals. The 'jewel' in Pomarez's centre was a two storey, modern looking bull fighting ring, painted in fresh white paint and well cared for. It was lunch time so we stopped at the Carrefour, which had a huge photograph of a bull fight on its facia. After buying as few of the essentials as we could and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we filled and emptied Martha at the van service point and moved on. Whilst interesting to see elements of this culture, it wasn't something we wanted to support.

    More farmland took us past signs advertising kiwis and 'Ferme du Foies Gras Vente Direct' (direct farm sales of foies gras) before we arrived in Peyrehorade. No signs of bull fighting here, but apart from a van service area, no official indication of an aire either. Still, there were a couple of motorhomes in a small car park away from the main road. We settled in, looking put onto the market place accross the street, which was planted with huge old Plane trees, their thick branches swollen at the points where they'd been repeatedly amputated to conform to the desired height and reach. The sun had come out by now, so Will took his stool and sat on the bank of the Gaves Réunis river to fish. An official from Pêche Sécurité soon came along to ask him for his licence and with an absence of other fishers, stayed chatting for about half an hour. In a mixture of French (from Will) and English (from the official) they nattered about drink and travel; how the official wanted to go to Scotland because he loved whisky, how Portugal gave decent sized tasting glasses at a good price, instead of a thimblefull for a fortune in France and how French wine was so much cheaper in Spain...

    Back at the van, Vicky was receiving her own visit from an official, this time from a police officer saying that vans were banned and that we needed to leave by this evening. That's twice this has happened in the space of a month!

    Peyrehorade looked like a great little town so we regretted having to move on, but when we pulled into the serene settings of the layby, these thoughts evaporated. Dusk began to fall and we watched the colours change over the River Aude. There was a softness to the light on the smooth river surface as it ebbed, slowly approaching low tide.

    The morning's fog soon lifted, ushering in another blue sky day. We really are appreciating this winter sun! Will did a bit of work finding a suitable place for the bulky and industrial looking MPPT controller we bought to go with our solar panel. However, most of the day was spent fishing from a lowered platform on the bank of the Bidouze tributary. The ground was covered in silt and natural detritus from when floods subsided, but it was a fantastic sun trap, with Daisies, Dandelions and Speedwell blooming on the grassy bank behind. Vicky joined him for a little while and we watched as large flocks of Cranes flew overhead. One such flock contained over 100 birds, but they all made a right racket, sqwaking loudly as they circled in a seemimgly disorganised anarchy, deciding which of the flat fields to touch down and rest in. We felt really lucky to have been able to spend two days relaxing here.
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  • Day10

    Onderweg naar Bordeaux

    September 16 in France ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    #Hi, Maschine is writing 🌻😃. As an advice for the evening : we prepare a BBQ and of course we have some meat and sausages, bread and cheese for you, but it's an entrée! So remember to bring your own stuff to 😊 There is a Super U seven min from from the location there you can get everything. See, I hope, all of you later on. Rock'n'Roll 🖖
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  • Day10

    Euro5000: Pamplona - Bordeaux

    September 16 in France ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    European5000 - Stage 10: After a nice breakfast 🍳 in Pamplona, up to San Sebastian... A few issues with a lost wallet, and we continued our adventure to Hossogor for a cosy dinner... finally we arrived in Bordeaux where a castle and his pool waited for us! #European5000 #PamplonaToSanSebastian #BiarritzHossogor #Bordeaux #UpToSaintMalo #E38 #728 #WhatABeachRead more

  • Day20

    Bordeaux, France

    June 11 in France ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Bordeaux 11-13 June
    We had 2 full days (3 nights) in Bordeaux. Our accommodation was in a great location - near bridge Ponte de Pierre, the first bridge built in Bordeaux (on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte).
    We walked the UNESCO Heritage trail - highlights: Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André, Place de la Bourse, centered on the Three Graces fountain, overlooks the Miroir d’Eau reflecting pool. Ponte Chaban-Delmas - 77 metres high, highest lift bridge in Europe. Grosse Cloche, historic town belfry and only remains of the old defensive gate of the 13th Century.
    We drove the wine-growing region.
    The Bordeaux region is naturally divided by the Gironde Estuary into a Left Bank area and a Right Bank area. We only had time to drive a small part of the Left Bank but it was a beautiful drive. A few samplings along the way but we found that most chateaux were closed unless you had booked a tasting.
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  • Day181

    Saint Jean Pied de Port

    July 27 in France ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Die Vorbereitungen sind abgeschlossen. Ich habe meinen Pilger-Ausweis, der erste Stempel ist auch schon drin und ich habe mich seelisch und moralisch auf die kommenden Tage und Wochen eingestellt. 😅🙃
    Ich bin ganz froh, dass ich den heutigen Tag noch in Saint Jean Pied de Port verbracht habe, denn es hat denn ganzen Tag geregnet. Ich hoffe der Wetterbericht stimmt und morgen wird es besser. Dann heißt es für mich "Buen Camino" 😊Read more

  • Day78

    3000 km französische Atlantikküste

    September 4 in France ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    ...solang ist es von der Bretagne bis zur spanischen Grenze, wo wir bald ankommen werden. Wir waren in der hübschen Stadt La Rochelle, natürlich bei Arcachon auf der größten Wanderdüne Europas (110 m hoch!) und leben nun ein paar Tage am südlichen Küstenabschnitt unter den typischen hohen Pinien an breiten Dünenstränden. Im September hat die Nachsaison begonnen: die Strandhütten kommen schon ins Winterlager, es gibt immer weniger Kinder um uns herum (was Bruno ärgert), entspannte Senioren und surfende Hippies. Davon werden wir uns nun mal einen zum Malen schnappen... long as it is from Brittany to the Spanish border, where we will arrive soon. We were in the pretty town La Rochelle, of course near Arcachon on the largest shifting dune of Europe (110 m high!) and enjoy now the southern coastal section under the typical high pine trees at wide dune beaches. In September the off-season has begun: the beach posts are already coming to the winter camp, there are fewer and fewer children around us (which annoys Bruno), relaxed seniors and surfing hippies. Of it we will grab now times one for painting...
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  • Day74


    October 5 in France ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    um 10 uhr haben wir das mobilehome abgegeben. nach der schlüsselabgabe hat uns ein ehepaar angesprochen, wo sich herausgestellt hat, dass es die besitzer des mobilehomes waren; frederica und jean-michel. somit haben wir noch das geischt hinter dem schön eingerichteten mobilehome gesehen. nach den ersten 10 km hat lino einen unfall gemacht auf dem rollsplit. nik musste mit seiner carla eine vollbremsung machen und ist zum glück nur auf das hinterrad gefahren. nach ein paar tränen und grossem spezialpflaster sind wir weitergefahren auf der fahrradroute nummer 1. diese route durch die pinienwälder war wie auf einer crosstour. auf und ab, rechts und links und das alles auf geteerten, schmalen fahrradwegen. es war extrem cool und abwechslungsreich. kurz vor dem abbiegen zum mittagessen an den atlantik konnten wir endlich den deutschen radfahrer überholen. dieser hat uns dann gleich angesprochen; ein verrückter kerl namens momo (moritz möller), welcher von deutschland aus über frankreich, spanien, portugal, mallorca, italien und griechenland fährt. was dann noch kommt, werden wir wohl von ihm hören. wir freuen uns darauf. und wer weiss, vielleicht fahren wir mit ihm noch nach marokko ;) und dann: hurra endlich am atlantik. das mittagessen auf den sanddünen war unglaublich schön. kilometerlange leere sandstrände…… und das grosse finale; der campingplatz ist unmittelbar hinter sanddünen und man hört den atlantik rauschen. wir haben es uns nicht nehmen lassen, ein bad in den grossen wellen zu nehmen. sogar nik hat sich wieder wie ein kleiner junge gefühlt und hat bodysurfing gemacht wie damals in italien. alle sind müde und zufrieden im bett.Read more

  • Oct9

    "Ihr Französisch ist exzellent"

    October 9 in France ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Früher: Vier Jahre lang hatte ich Französisch in der Schule: Von der 7. bis zur 10. Klasse. Die ganze Zeit hatte ich die gleiche Lehrerin, Frau Fänger. Damals etwa 30 Jahre jung, langbeinig und vollbusig. Und überhaupt, sie wusste sich sexy zu kleiden: Der Mini-Rock war gerade erfunden und groß in Mode.
    Sie kam in die Klasse, begrüßte uns und setzte sich, mit übergeschlagenen Beinen, auf das Lehrerpult, der Klasse entgegen. 4 Jahre lang saß ich in der ersten Reihe, war auf dem Höhepunkt meines Testosteron-Spiegels und genoss es. Und 4 Jahre lang hatte ich eine „5“ auf dem Zeugnis.

    Heute: Seit 1 Woche trage ich fast ununterbrochen Ohrenstöpsel. Das Problem: Die Ohren verstopfen. Auf dem rechten Ohr bin ich aktuell völlig taub. Ich bereitete mich also auf den Apothekenbesuch vor und überlegte mir einen Text für den Apotheker. „Google“-Übersetzer ist mein Freund. Ich lernte den Text und die benötigten Vokabeln auswendig und ging in die Apotheke, wo ich selbstsicher alle Fragen des Apothekers beantworten konnte. Er verabschiedete mich mit: „Ihr Französisch ist exzellent.“ Ich bedankte mich und war mir sicher: Frau Fänger wäre zum ersten Mal auch stolz auf mich gewesen.

    Die Orte an diesem Küstenabschnitt putzen sich jeden Tag heraus: Die breiten Strände werden täglich von Maschinen gereinigt, jeder Ladenbesitzer putzt die Scheiben und fegt vor der eigenen Haustür. Der Ort sieht ab spätem Vormittag aus wie geleckt. Jeden Tag.
    Es herrscht Nachsaison. Nur wenige Urlauber sind noch hier. Attraktionen wie das Riesenrad werden bereits abgebaut, Bars decken nur noch die Hälfte der Tische ein und die Strände sind menschenleer. Es ist gut, jetzt, und nicht im November, hier zu sein, denn dann wird der Ort „tot“ sein.

    Ich will eine Schifffahrt mit einem Ausflugsdampfer machen und kaufe ein Ticket bei einer jungen Kassiererin. Sie sagt: „Nehmen Sie doch ein Seniorenticket. Das ist 3 EUR billiger. Sie haben sicher bereits Anspruch darauf.“
    Das hat gesessen!! Ich lehnte ab, murmelte etwas von „So alt bin ich nicht, und bestand auf dem Normalpreis.“
    Das war das zweite mal innerhalb von 10 Tagen, dass ich auf mein Alter angesprochen wurde. Das erste Mal war bei meiner Rückkehr aus Wuppertal, wo ich mein Auto abgab. Mit dem Zug in Berlin wieder angekommen, stieg ich in den Bus. Ein Tourist fragte den Busfahrer, wo die „Holzhauser Straße“ sei. Er müsse dort aussteigen. Ich schaltete mich ein und sagte, auch ich müsse dort aussteigen. Er möge sich an mir orientieren. Kurz vor der Haltestelle wendet sich jemand an den Busfahrer, um ihn an den Touristen zu erinnern. Der Busfahrer sagte: „ Der nette ältere Herr dort nimmt den Touristen mit raus.“
    2x also, in 10 Tagen! Es rumort in mir, während ich die schönen Einkaufsmeilen mit den Brasserien und Patisserien, den Delikatessläden mit den regionalen Produkten und die hochwertigen Markenshops erkunde.

    Erkenntnis des Tages:
    Ich habe keine Zeit mehr, um Ideen und Träume zu verschieben. Der richtige Zeitpunkt ist immer JETZT.
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