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  • Day18

    Acrobranch in Cormatin, France

    September 15 in France

    Today we went to an aerial park and went flying through the trees on zip lines and climbing through large tunnels. Geoff Chloë and our friend Yohann (Who also went around the world on his bike with his partner Clara) went on the adult course and Malcolm Dale and Lara went on the kids course. There were 5 levels of courses, yellow (test), green (easy), blue(medium), red(hard) and black(extreme)! Yohann Geoff and Chloë did part of the adult black and Chloë also did the kids black! Malcolm did the kids black 3 times! Talk to you soon,
    Cheers Malcolm
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  • Day50

    Sur le Pont d'Avignon

    October 17 in France

    In Avignon, we found a beautiful garden inside the medieval walls of the city, and Chloë and I danced and sang on the Avignon bridge (much to her hidden delight which looked a lot like embarrassment...). In fact, the original 16th century tune is quite different than the one we learn in Canada as children, but we stuck to our own version. We also came across a teenaged basketball tournament in front of the Palais des Papes, in the center of town. I really do love how Europe uses its public spaces!Read more

  • Day154

    Avignon: Palace of the Popes

    October 2 in France

    In 1309 Pope Clement V moved to Avignon to escape the protests, riots, and violence after his election. The Palace was begun and added to by the 8 succeeding popes who lived there. It is the largest Gothic building of the middle ages and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    After the popes returned to Rome, the building remained under papal control for the next 350 years, but it deteriorated. During the French Revolution, a lot of the palace was damaged. Napoleon used it for a barracks and more damage occurred. It was vacated in 1906 and was finally opened to tourists. It's been in the process of reconstruction ever since.

    This place is huge! We could never get a picture that showed how big it was from any angle. So we took a couple of pictures of the model to get a better perspective. The next day as we left town we saw it from a distance.
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  • Day154

    We took a tour, which included the use of a tablet to explain what it was like. The inside is mostly empty now, but using the tablet, we could see how it had looked. There had been beautiful frescoes covering the walls. Many were covered over when the building was used for other purposes, but some have been restored. Pictures were not allowed of these but we managed to take a couple of pictures of the tablet showing the interior.Read more

  • Day27


    September 24 in France

    Quelle belle petite journee!! Sur le pont d'Avignon, on y danse on y danse, sur le pont d'avignon, on y danse tout en rond!

    Eh oui j'ai visiter le village d'Avignon ajd.! Une petite ville completement entourer d'un fort medieval. C'etait seulement 1 heure de chez Martine en autobus donc sa s'est tres bien fait! J'ai visiter le palais des papes et bien sur le pont d'Avignon!

    Demain je quitte pour Marseille tot le matin pour ensuite prendre mon train a Paris. Je vais vraiment m'ennuyer de Martine - elle est tellement attachante! On a souper et dejeuner ensemble pas mal chaque jour et on a eu de belles discussions. Sa m'a fait beaucoup de bien etre a un endroit pendant 3 jours et de ne pas vivre dans mes baggages. En plus que son apart. etait tellement cozy. Je lui ai dit quelle etait la bienvenue au Canada n'importe quand. Son fils habite a Vancouver donc je vais peut etre la revoir par la bas si je visite Sylviane. :-)

    Je vais aussi m'ennuyer de la cote d'Azur. Ce coin du pays m'a tellement epatee avec son eau turquoise, gigantesques montagnes, villages historiques et il ne faut surtout pas oublier les patisseries :-/ !! Je suis certaine que ce nest pas la derniere fois que je serais ici.

    Merci cote d'Azur pour cette magnifique semaine.

    Paris et maman - j'arrive! 😍
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  • Day40

    Faul am See

    September 20 in France

    Heute haben wir mal nix gemacht. NADA. Niente. NOTHING. Eine Wohltat. 25 km gefahren und den ganzen Tag faul rumgelegen. Geschwommen. Spaziergang in die Gorges de Nesque. Mit Oskar, dem riesigen Labradoddle gespielt, Ball geholt. Zwei Fette Mahlzeiten. So stelle ich mir Urlaub vor.

  • Day41

    Auf den Mont Ventaux

    September 21 in France

    Ich bin im Auto geblieben: 26 km nur bergauf, ohne mich. Tom war aber ganz glücklich: Zum dritten Mal mit dem Rad auf den Ventoux, keinmal geschoben und unter 3 Stunden, Schnitt von über 9 km/h, was auch immer das ist. Hat er sich zum 68. nächste Woche geschenkt. Also, mir wäre ja ein schöner Büffelhautknochen lieber.Read more

  • Day15

    Papal Palace at Avignon

    October 2 in France

    One of the high points of our trip occurred today as we visited the Papal Palace at Avignon. As strange as it may seem, there was a time when there were as many as six different men, all claiming to be the rightful Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. The problem was that each of these men had the backing of one or more kings. This volatile recipe sparked the Hundred Years’ War, a conflict based on a complicated muddle of politics and religion. Though most of the furnishings of this place were destroyed in the religious wars and in the French Revolution, modern technology has produced some interesting graphic effects that bring these rooms to life. Any student of church history cannot miss seeing this fascinating place that combines palace with fortress.Read more

  • Day409

    Day 410: Exploring Avignon

    March 31 in France

    Up and out early again this morning, walking into Avignon. The historic centre of town is on the World Heritage list for two main reasons - the old bridge, and Pope's Palace. During the 13th century, for political rather than religious reasons, the Pope was based right here in Avignon. Mainly because the French kings didn't like Italians having influence over their subjects, and so schemed to get a series of French Popes elected.

    While the Papacy was based here in Avignon, they constructed an enormous "palace" but which is really more of a of a fortress - either way it's very impressive. There's also a nearby cathedral, and of course both are just adjacent to the bridge across the Rhone as well. We did a bunch of filming, though opted against going inside the palace since firstly dogs aren't allowed, but also because several people had commented that it was pretty bare and empty inside and vastly overpriced for what it was. And no photos of course.

    So we skipped! But we had an interesting day wandering around the old town. It was Easter Saturday so fairly quiet, but French people generally seem less religious than in other parts of Europe (eg Spain, Italy, even Germany) so it was still quite busy.

    Had a delicious lunch at a creperie which had really good reviews and deservedly so - a ham cheese and egg crepe for main and a sugar & lemon crepe for dessert. I know crepes aren't local food (they originally hail from Brittany), but they're pretty ubiquitous in France (almost as much as kebabs!). Finished off our filming by early afternoon and headed home to relax and get a bit of work done - the internet connection in our apartment is blazing fast and we intend to make use of it!
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  • Day410

    Just a half day today, heading north out of Avignon to the town of Orange. Here there's two key Roman ruins - a large triumphal arch, and a very well preserved theatre. The arch didn't take long to look at, since it's, well, just an arch. It dates from the first century AD and mentions Caesar's conquest of Gaul, as well as Octavian/Augustus's victory over Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium.

    From here we moved south into the main town to check out the theatre which was very impressive. Most of the stage wall was still remaining, complete with a statue of the emperor in the middle of it. It's not known which emperor is in the statue, and apparently they used to just make headless statues, so that when the emperor was inevitably deposed they could just make a new head and update the statue quite easily!

    The theatre is still in use for performances as well which is quite cool, though the bare concrete seats didn't look all that comfortable! You could get quite a big crowd in there though, probably close to 10,000 if you really wanted! Very impressive.

    Finished up our filming and headed back to Avignon, where we spent the rest of the day indoors again!
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