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  • Day98

    Munich Oktoberfest!

    October 2, 2016 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    It may not suprise you to know that we have a spreadsheet. It contains a list of European countries, specific places we'd like to visit and what we'd like to do in them. Oktoberfest in Munich, the world's biggest beer festival, was one of those things.

    We'd booked 2 nights in the official 1500 place Oktoberfest campsite. The rest of the year the site was a car park but organisers had installed temporary water and emptying points, toilets, showers, a few small shops, a bar serving food and check in stations where you could also buy metro tickets for the nearby underground station. At €50 a night for the three of us it was expensive but it was very well run and had easy transport to the festival.

    Despite its name, Oktoberfest started in mid September. The two days we visited were its last, with the final day falling on the national holiday celebrating Germany's reunification.

    The festival was in the city centre and the majority of space was taken up by a huge fairground. More people than not were dressed in the traditional brown leather lederhosen or a bosom framing dirndl dress.

    All sorts of wurst in bread buns were available for lunch and after we'd eaten, we headed towards the traditional section where we found one of many huge tents, filled with tables, benches and beer! Ours was decorated with evergreen ropes and had a stage in the middle where traditional dancing was taking place, supported by a brass band and sometimes live singers. The public could use it to dance on but there were regular dance groups showing choreographed routines, some of which included leg slapping in time to the music. There was also a skilled display of 4 men with long whips, cracking them in the air as a sort of drum beat.

    Entry was free but the beer comparatively expensive, with a traditional litre tankard costing €10.50. Tables were waited on for drinks and meals and people walked around with baskets of huge pretzels or decorated gingerbread hearts hanging from poles for you to buy. Funnily enough we were joined at our table by a family whose Dad had originally lived in Sutton Coldfield!

    The festival atmosphere was good and we were glad Ade was there to share it with us. The one ride he wanted to go on was the bumper cars so we visited them on the way back. Unfortunately Vicky left her coat on one and because of the no bag policy, her wallet was in the pocket. When she returned to try and retrieve it, someone had handed in the coat without the wallet. There was no joy at the central lost and found either and so the next morning was spent cancelling cards and ordering a new driving licence and EU health card. We are very grateful to Will's sister Sue, who will post them out to us when they have all arrived!
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  • Day3

    130 km/h-Regen-Überholen-techn. Defekt!

    May 27 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Wir waren bei nicht wenig Regen mit 130 km/h unterwegs auf der Autobahn. Mitten im Überholmanöver der Schock: Wie auf dem Bild zu sehen stoppte der Scheibenwischer mitten auf der Scheibe, gerade als ich ein Bild von dem Regenwetter machen wollte.
    Das Überholmanöver wurde abgebrochen und unter verschwommener Sicht auf den Seitenstreifen in eine Pannenbucht gelenkt. Gerade noch gut gegangen. Als der Regen weniger wurde von der Autobahn abgefahren.

    Man ist sich gar nicht bewusst wie abhängig man von so einem kleinen Bauteil ist. Ohne Scheibenwischer kann man bei Regen nicht fahren. Sobald es regnet muss man also rasten. Für die folgenden Tage war wie gesagt ja Regen angesagt, also: Weiterfahren und auf gutes Wetter hoffen keine Option. Wir müssen ja auch zeitig wieder zu Hause ankommen können.

    Also fing der Werkstatt-Marathon an...
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  • Day1

    Abreise: Flughafen München

    February 2, 2017 in Germany ⋅ 🌫 3 °C

    Ganz realisiert haben wir es immernoch nicht! Aber wir sitzen wahrhaftig in der Singapore Airlines Maschine auf dem Weg in das große Abenteuer :) Nach einem hektischen aber doch lustigen und schönen Vormittag werden wir langsam müde. Der Blick auf das Kaukasus-Gebirge im Abendrot lädt auch zum Träumen ein! In ca. 8 Stunden werden wir dann hoffentlich ausgeruht in Singapur landen...beide natürlich völlig versaut und verdreckt, weil Bier und Kaffee trinken einfach nicht geeignet ist für die Economy Klasse :p ;)
    PS: @Schmiddi I HAVE A DOG!!!!
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  • Day22

    Tag 21: Bye Bye USA, Hallo Heimat

    September 11, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Genau 3 Wochen ist es mittlerweile her, dass wir unseren Roadtrip durch den Südwesten gestartet haben. In dieser Zeit haben wir uns von San Francisco über den Highway No 1 nach Los Angeles aufgemacht und schließlich weiter durch die Canyons und Nationalparks bis nach Las Vegas. Rund 3000 Meilen mit dem Mietwagen, etliche Liter Wasser und Mountain Dew, zahlreiche Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen später, ging es heute von Las Vegas über LA zurück nach München.

    Für uns beide dürfte allerdings klar sein, dass dies auf keinen Fall der letzte Besuch in den Vereinigten Staaten war.
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  • Day130

    Germany, Bavaria

    July 28, 2014 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Julia Kravos
    "Looking at this fills my soul with so much joy. I hope for everyone to get this feeling through a painting. "

    All hopes:
    •'s up a cloud

    • One day I want to swim in a yellow sea and find a coloured island.

    • Hope of a never ending travel of my life

    • I hope for peace now even more than ever

    • I hope men can live with diversity in a good and esteeming togetherness.

    • I hope that all people will soon have enough food

    • I hope that everybody find his happiness!

    • Borders will crumble and be replaced with gardens for all to share.

    • I hope is coming a better time in this world, without wars!

    • The colours of this painting are so warm and hopeful. My hope is to have a charisma like this picture, so bright.

    • The commonwealth games has begun and my hope is that all countries around the world realize how important healthy competition is for the greater good of our species as human beings.

    • I hope love and understanding will always have more power than aggression and fear. Hope shall nourish humanity.

    • I hope to rise above the mundane and to look back in old age and see faith that has guided me.

    • It looks like a scarecrow in in a field and reminds me of my hopes to become successful and have a purpose in life.
    • This painting reminds me of chimneys and the pollution they emit. My hope is that the countries of our world come together to reduce pollution and save our planet.

    • This painting reminds me of a bird taking of for freedom. My hope is a world of freedom, so everybody has a chance to lead a fulfilled life.

    • Looking at this fills my soul with so much joy. I hope for everyone to get this feeling through a painting.

    • Fire has two sides. Fire can be warmness and energy, fire can also be destruction. The picture gives me The Hope of Energy to change things and thoughts.

    • For me remember at Paros, my sister and her husband, on Holiday, the sea, I love the sea...
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  • Day7

    Sport, Sport u. Sport

    May 28 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Heute ging es bei uns schon zeitig raus. Nach einem entspannten Frühstück ging es für PaLu in die Kita und ich musste ran an den Speck. Erst Physiotherapie, dann Wirbelsäulen-Training u. noch Walking. Den Rest des Tages haben wir im Watt u. auf dem Spielplatz verbracht... Einfach genießen.. 👌

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