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  • Day76


    September 10, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today we visited a tree canopy boardwalk near Prora in the middle of Rügen Island. Will was skeptical at first but it turned out to be really fun with sections cut out of the boards and replaced with 'stepping stones', ropes or horizontal ladders. The view when we got to the top of the 40m high viewing platform was amazing.

    Next on the list of things Vicky had for us to do was to visit Hiddensee Island. A ferry left from Shaproder and there was a campsite nearby. It was €18 but very convenient for the ferry and we'd been staying at a number of free places prior to coming on to Rügen so we thought we'd treat ourselves.

    We asked the manager for one night and he responded strangely by asking if we were sure... Showing us to a good spot he asked us to register later when they were less busy. Exploring, we found it was right next to the beach and had a sail boat hire company operating on site. We returned and with a little embarrassment, asked for 2 nights, making the manager laugh in a good humoured way and exclaim "I knew it! It's always the same!"
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  • Day76

    Beach car park

    September 10, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    We found that the car parks for the beach we visited the previous day allowed vans to stay overnight for €6 so had a day at the beach with only a short walk accross to the van as the sun started to sink. The morning came with a low hanging mist and calm sea.

  • Day74


    September 8, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    With trepidation we started off towards Rügen Island. We'd done our research and found some exciting places to visit. However, the Rough Guide didn't forewarn us of the business and difficulties we experienced on the previous peninsula and we were worried it would be more of the same on Rügen.

    Thankfully our fears were soon allayed! Whilst the sometimes narrow roads were tricky to navigate with large trees leaning over in to the path of high sided vehicles, Rügen's atmosphere seemed relaxed and friendly.

    The island is Germany's largest and it took us a good while to get to the South Eastern Monchgut and Göhren peninsula where we'd looked up a stopover. On arrival we were all ready to pay the €10 the book had stated for the stopover (which turned out to be a campsite). We ended up getting charged €17 because the price stated only included the van and not us or the local tax! They didn't ask about a dog and we didn't tell them about Poppy as it would have cost an extra €2 for her! Whilst €17 was more expensive than we were used to paying over here, it was still a lot cheaper than anywhere we know in the UK and it was in a brilliant position.

    We took a short walk to the sea and looked around the marina which had a mix of leisure craft and places for fishing boats that would return and unload their catch to be processed in the harbourside huts. There was sailboat hire but there were only very small boats available, more suited to children than two 6ft adults.

    After lunch outside the van with Poppy, we cycled 3km to the other side of the peninsula where we found a long arcing beach with soft white sand and views of chalk cliffs at the point. The beach was separated into sections for clothing, no clothing and a dog beach. The day was warm and so was the Baltic and we really enjoyed swimming around before lying on our beach towels to dry off.

    The evening saw Will head to the harbour with his fishing rod and Vicky hike up the hill at the head of the peninsula. We both watched the huge red sun set over the water from our different vantage points. The hillside is beautiful, being covered with wildflowers, many gone to seed but some still in flower. A network of tracks offer views over the various coves and headlands with sea visible in almost all directions. On the way back down, Vicky spotted 3 deer only 15 meters away, unfortunately she couldn't stop for long as the mosquitos were swarming and she ended up with around 25 bites from the day.

    Our stay ended with a hike up the hill the next morning and a little wander through the small village on the way back, where we bought smoked eel from a family business.
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  • Day73


    September 7, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Starting our journey along Germany's North West coast, we drove to Warnemunde and whilst it looked like a nice place with interesting mosaics and access to the beach, it was extremely busy, despite being September. We drove round and round narrow streets trying to find somewhere to park with locals tutting at us. Even the park and ride had a width restriction too narrow for the van so we moved on.

    In the next part of our journey we travelled through some beautiful countryside. Driving on to and along the Darss-Zingst peninsula we had mixed forest on both sides casting zig zag shadows on to the road. The forest floor was covered with rich brown leaves and its edges with pinkish heather and green bracken with tinges of its autumn colour. Other places had glimpses of the Baltic between heavily built up mounds of earth acting as flood protection. Whilst the peninsula was beautiful, it was still very busy, with narrow roads and little room for parking. What parking had been provided was very expensive and we encountered problems like width barriers and low hanging trees blocking our path once we turned in to car parks. Moving off the peninsula we stopped at Barth, a pleasant little town with a big church, convoluted streets, carved dark wood statues and a large marina.
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  • Day78

    Sailing at Shaproder

    September 12, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    11 weeks into our journey and today was the first opportunity we had to go sailing! We went to the sail hire caravan on site and hired a Jolle boat called Kuno for the day. Taking it out for a test sail we found it very stable and the wind consistent. The section of sea we were on had land in almost all directions so waves were minimal and heading cross-offshore with the wind.

    Having explored Hiddensee Island on foot the previous day, we set a course towards the furthest point south that we had reached, knowing there was a small beach where we could anchor and access the land. 3.5 miles later we arrived on the island at the correct place thanks to Will's phone and after securing the boat, we waded ashore and ate our packed lunch.

    Whilst we could have spent more time on the island, we knew the return journey would be upwind and so slower and more difficult, so we set off back and had a great time ploughing through the oncoming waves that splashed up on deck.

    We managed to tack back to near the mooring without difficulty but the shallow beach proved a little tricky, as when Vicky finally managed to loosen the rudder so it didn't catch on the sand, it popped up and took away the ability to steer, leaving us being blown in the direction of a rock! We managed to avoid being 'dashed on the rock' and a second attempt to moor was far more successful.

    After a short comfort break we set off again to push the boat to its limits, with both of us in the footstraps and leaning over the side as we sped along the water.

    We had great fun and were so glad we got the opportunity to sail. We've bookmarked the site for a return visit when we are in the area again!
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  • Day77

    Hiddensee Island

    September 11, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We left the van at Shaproder and took the passenger ferry 20 minutes over the water to Hiddensee Island. It was idyllic. There were no roads as such, just cobbles and tracks and we didn't see a single automobile. People were transported to their accommodation on horse drawn wagons and there was a store of bicycle trailers for those with cottages or B&Bs closer to the harbour.

    We'd chosen to disembark at the most southerly and smallest of the three island settlements, Neuendorf. From here we walked south on a mix of grassland, woodland corridor and beautiful white sand beach. We'd packed a rug and picnic for lunch which we ate on the grass with only the occasional passer by and no road noise whatsoever.

    We'd read that Hiddensee's south tip, called the Gellen, was good for bird watching. After walking 5km we came to a fence and found an information board explaining that the area was closed off as a nature reserve. We'd seen some sandpipers on the beach and swans flying overhead but weren't disappointed by the lack of variety as the walk had been so enjoyable (despite the huge ants we found in the woods).
    On our return to the harbour, Will had a swim while Vicky took some photos.

    We took the return ferry back at 6pm and despite it being a full day, we both felt very relaxed after having soaked in the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery on Hiddensee. The day was topped off by watching a stunning sunset over Hiddensee from the van.
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  • Day79

    Rügen Blick Restplace on the 96

    September 13, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Although we've loved our time on Rügen Island there is more of Germany to explore before we head off to Croatia in November and so we emptied our waste, filled up with water and headed off to the mainland. On our way, we were treated to the sight of flocks of cranes standing in ploughed roadside fields and hundreds of them flying at a distance! We overnighted at a restplace beside the 96 feeling privileged to have had all the wonderful experiences over the last few days.Read more

  • Day17

    Last 200 km

    March 10 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    We are back in Germany and approaching the last 200 km of the Baltic Sea Circle! Highways are permitted today to get in time for the finish in Hamburg this afternoon🚙

  • Day36

    28.9.2016 Göhren auf Rügen

    September 26, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Kilometer: 9.126

    Auf Wiedersehen in Polen - Du hast uns gut gefallen!
    Hallo Deutschland! Nach 35 Tagen in sieben verschiedenen Ländern haben wir wieder heimatlichen Asphalt unter den Reifen! Auch irgendwie schön... 😁

    Da wir auf dem Weg nach Köln einen kleinen Umweg über Nordfriesland planen, machen wir noch einmal Stopp auf Rügen. Da muss man doch mal gewesen sein, oder? Unsere Befürchtung, dass man erst jenseits der 60 dorthin muss, bewahrheitet sich glücklicherweise nicht. Unsere Camping-Nachbarn sind bspw. gerade mal über 20 und mit Kind,der kleinen ,aber sehr willensstarken Emma.

    Die Sonne scheint am wolkenlosen Himmel.

    Der Sandstrand läd sogar 50% von uns beiden noch einmal zum Bade in die Ostsee ein (17°C).

    Das Adler-Schiff Mönchgut bringt uns in fünf Stunden zu den berühmten Kreidefelsen und zurück. Auf der Rückfahrt kümmert sich Daniel um eine Passagierin (über 60!) mit permanentem Vommitus und temporärem Schockzustand. Die dazugehörige Tochter drückt ihn vor Dankbarkeit.

    Der Rasende Roland bringt uns mit viel Dampf ins Nachbarörtchen Baabe zum Kabarett "Lachmöwe".

    Wir kaufen wieder deutsches Mineralwasser mit Pfand und fahren gut erholt nach zwei Nächten weiter Richtung Husum.
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  • Day6

    Mosquito Level High

    May 11, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C


    Nationalparks sind sehr schön: sumpfiges Gebiet, weite Sandstrände, Natur pur bis man als schwitziger Radfahrer stehen bleibt und von Moskitos förmlich aufgefressen wird!!


    Auf dem Campingplatz im Nationalpark Vorpommerische Boddenlandschaft konnten wir in den Dünen campen und einen Wahnsinns Sternenhimmel sehen.
    78km geradelt!


    Nachts unter 10Grad sodass Wi mit Jacke und zwei Hosen schlafen musste
    1Milliarde Mücken pro Quadratmeter
    Alles voller Sand
    Dreiste Möwe hat 2. Frühstücks Brötchen geklaut


    Heute Nacht gibt es ein Hotel!!!! (wi)
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