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  • Day25

    We are here!

    May 19 in Honduras

    We jumped on the 9am ferry, know as the vomit comet, and we on Utila by 10.
    Within 20 minutes it was clear that it was well worth the effort, very nice vibe and everyone is super friendly. Water is really clear and the chance of Whale Sharks is high!
    I start my open water diving course tomorrow at 2pm, just classroom, so tonight is for checking out the bar scene here. Might try and get myself a Dj gig!
    It’s still 30 degrees, but there’s a nice breeze. Hostel is more like a hotel with dorms, nice pool, very chilled! Life is good!
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  • Day36

    Utila, over n out!

    May 30 in Honduras

    It was a mission to get here and after spending almost two weeks on the island, kinda hard to leave. It’s been a lot of fun, awesome diving, glad to to that one off the bucket list. There’s a lot of people here that have just stayed for months and years, but I’m getting out while I can!
    Just now say waiting for the ferry to La Ceiba, tomorrow I’m heading to Copán and the on to Guatemala. I think it’s going to be different, but a lot of fun. Hopefully!Read more

  • Day357


    August 25, 2017 in Honduras

    Im Moment scheine ich einen herrlichen ADHS-Zig-Zag Kurs durch Mittelamerika zurückzulegen. Eine karibische Insel, hin da. Oh, ein Vulkan, wie hübsch, hin da. So musste nun nach Masaya, Conception und Cerro Negro mal wieder eine Insel her. Das war Utila. Ein weiteres Taucherparadies, wo ich gleich mit den Tauchgängen eine Unterkunft bekam.
    Utila selbst hat neben einem kleinen Hügel (sehr alter Vulkan) und einem schönen Nachtleben nicht viel zu bieten. Speziell in der Tier Welt sind die Utila Leguane, welche eine, nur auf dieser 10km² großen Insel, zu findenden Leguan Art ist. Ihr Hauptverbreitungsgebiet ist ein nur 1km² großer Mangrovenwald. Dass diese vom Aussterben bedroht sind, ist da fast offensichtlich.
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  • Day358

    Wrack Tauchen

    August 26, 2017 in Honduras

    Vor meiner Reise machte ich einen Tauchschein, der es mir erlaubte tief zu tauchen. Also tiefer als die normalen 18-20m, bis auf 40m. Gebraucht habe ich den bisher nie, bis ich in Utila von einem Wrack erfuhr. Das lag auf 30 Metern und ist schon ein halbes Korallenriff. Da musste ich natürlich hin. Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht, es lag herrlich da und die Sicht war klasse.
    Von diesem und den anderen 3 Tauchgängen gibt es keine Bilder, da es so gut wie keine Leihkameras auf der Insel gibt. Was ich auch gar nicht so schlimm fand, da ich so das tauchen und diverse Unterwasserspielereien mehr genießen konnte.
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  • Day146

    La Ceiba

    September 29, 2015 in Honduras

    We all woke up early and had the breakfast of beans, plantain, cheese and ham. Then we had a fruitless search for some tour companies before visiting the beach. La Ceiba lives up to LP's assertion that it's a dump! It certainly isn't geared up for tourists. We didn't pass any nice looking restaurants, the beach was fairly non-existent and dirty looking and the central park was a concrete block.

    It's one saving grace (which may save it from being in the top 3 dumps of our travels) is a small park next to the hotel with lush trees, plants, animal statues and old trains which were used to transport fruit. One other notable bonus point is that we had coconuts for 13L which are some of the cheapest yet and very tasty.

    We spent the afternoon at the pool and then got a taxi to the port (50L each). We took a tin-can type speedy ferry to Utila, one of the Bay Islands (1 hr; 802L return).

    On arrival we were bombarded with hostels offering one nights free accommodation to try and lure you to dive with them. We ended up going to Utila Dive Company which were really friendly and very professional. We were then dropped off at their sister hotel, Mango Inn, which has a jungly setting and a nice pool. We were given a dorm for just us three which was nice and wooden and fairly spacious but had shaky bunk beds, lumpy mattresses and smelt a bit of wee! But it's free and we were tired and couldn't be bothered to lug our bags elsewhere. We were promised a non-dorm room the following night but decided to shop around a bit. The place was rammed full of people, mostly Americans, and seemed a bit noisy for us. It's the most touristy place we've visited yet by far.

    We went to Captain Morgan's, which is where I had originally wanted to go, based purely on the fact that it's piratey. The rooms were marginally more expensive but looked shiny clean, new and were en-suite; the vibe was far more chilled, it is right on the beach and the diving is cheaper. Far better option for us, so we booked in for the following night.

    We had street-food 'gringas' for dinner which seem to be a cross between a quesadilla and a taco. They were yummy and 35L each. I had one, the others had a couple each. There was a brief, heavy downpour but it soon stopped for our walk back.

    We had come here hoping to see whale sharks but both dive companies said there have been few sightings recently; we will have to do a whale shark dance to encourage them to come and visit us!!
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  • Day147

    Utila: diving refresher

    September 30, 2015 in Honduras

    We awoke early again and had breakfast at Thomson's Bakery, drawn in by the wondrous smells. We had fresh, hot cinnamon rolls (12L each) which were divine, and yummy pancakes (35L for two).

    We checked out of Mango Inn and into Captain Morgan's. The people in our intended room had extended their stay so they put us in a small room with a double bed and a single bunk on top. It had a shared bathroom with only 1 toilet and shower for a lot of people so not the best but far cleaner than last night and they gave it to us for free. We sat down with a free welcome drink and filled in some paperwork by the beach.

    We wandered to the nearby beach and went snorkelling (free gear from hostel). The beach was beautiful and the water warm and clear. It was just sea grass apart from some sunken concrete blocks which attracted a few fishes including angels and trumpets. The actual reef is apparently further up past the beach. When I got out a huge fly tried to bite me so I ran back into the water and sunbathing was out of the question!

    We walked back and were about to head out for lunch when an instructor said it would be a good idea to do a refresher course as we hadn't dived in a while. Since it was only $20 we agreed and went over the basics, did the usual drills, and went for a short swim around the pier not seeing much.

    Utila is renowned for it's sand flies and they viciously attacked us throughout the briefing and as soon as we got out. Nasty little things. The mozzies were out in force too :(

    We went to dinner at Mario's Place with an Aussie, Kaitlyn, who had done the course with us. We had frozen lemonade, Hannah and I had enchiladas, and Anna had fish (335L). Utila has one main concrete 'street' with not much room for all the tuktuks, motorbikes and golf carts racing along and big crabs crawling along in the gutters beside the road.

    We decided to pay the $10 to have aircon as it was so hot and we weren't paying for the room. Anna was too hot, Hannah was too cold...can't please them all.
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  • Day148

    Dolphins, a shipwreck and a toadfish

    October 1, 2015 in Honduras

    We were up at 6:30am, set up our dive gear and left at 7:15am. A short boat trip later and we were at our first dive site: Ted's Point. Our DM, Jordi, was a very chatty hyperactive guy from Barcelona. There was one other girl called Sara in our group. There were about 8 other people on the boat, which wasn't very big - by far the most cramped dive boat I've ever been on. Anna came on the boat and snorkelled, turning her back a lovely shade of lobster.

    We got into our gear and Hannah's BCD wasn't inflating due to a dodgy reg. While this was being sorted some dolphins appeared and Jordi yelled at us to get in quick. We hurried and descended immediately but the only sign of them were the high pitched whistles we could hear. We carried on down to a small boat wreck on it's side and then ascended slowly via the reefs. The visibility was fantastic, the corals were beautiful, lots of blues and purples, however not too many fish. We saw teeny nudibranchs, a huge blueish crab, a ray and held a tiny spindly arrow crab. We switched over our tanks and the boat captain hunted for dolphins for us, but to no avail. It was a pretty short break before our second dive, which was at Big Rock. We started off on a shallow, sandy area looking for black seahorses but didn't find them. We then went a little deeper and stayed on the reef. Our sights included a toadfish, moray eel, cowfish, pufferfish and others. Again, not tons of fish but the reef looked amazing and it was a nice dive.

    We degeared and started to head back. Hannah came up and sprayed me with a mouthful of crackers as she yelped 'dolphins!'. We all lined up with fins and snorkels on the back of the boat as they started bowriding. On the captain's shout we were supposed to slide gracefully off the back but in reality we all jumped and splashed, obscuring all visibility. Once the bubbles had cleared most of us saw the pod of ~8 swim quite far below us. Hannah missed them. They didn't hang around so we got back on the boat and found them again and jumped back in. This time Hannah saw them, whilst I didn't. Anna was lucky enough to see them both times. Again they didn't stay around, which apparently they often do so we headed back. We each had to tip the captain 200L for the dolphins - it's 300L for whale sharks if we get that lucky, a fee I will gladly pay! We got back just after midday.

    When we returned we were given the exciting news that an en-suite room was available so we moved our stuff over. We went for brunch at a nearby cafe - Hotspot. I had a great smoothie and coconut bread with peanut butter (70L), Anna had the traditional breakfast incl coffee (100L) and Hannah had a quesadilla and smoothie (100L).

    I went back to our room and promptly fell asleep. The others soon joined me and we all had a much-needed nap. We chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Hannah went to sunbathe but I didn't want to risk the sand flies.

    We wandered along the main street searching for a place to eat. They were all offering similar menus but at American rates so we ended up back at last night's place. I bought a huge mozzy zapper (250L), which looks like a tennis racquet and emits a blue light to lure the little buggers before zapping them. The other end is a torch. I have not really suffered with the mozzies on this trip so far (Anna has), but the ones here are vicious and we are all covered in bites that itch like crazy :( Hannah almost froze us to death with her Arctic aircon preferences - we need to get her adapted quick!
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  • Day149

    Beach BBQ

    October 2, 2015 in Honduras

    A loud crack of thunder woke us up just after 6am and it started to pour down. We all went back to sleep and it continued to rain for a few hours. After a nice long sleep we headed to breakfast at Hotspot cafe and I had a huge bowl of fruit (70L), Anna had a fruit crepe (90L) and Hannah had a nutella crepe - she claims it had too much nutella which makes me think she might have sunstroke. It didn't stop her joining us for a cinnamon roll though.

    Then it was chill time. Hannah and I lay in hammocks whilst the lobster hid inside. Hannah and Anna later went to the Iguana Research Centre (donations only) to see some Swamper iguanas but didn't stay long as there were literally hundreds of mozzies vying for their blood! I meanwhile was happily dozing in the sun on the docks - the wind was keeping the bugs away and the temperature was just perfect. They came back and went snorkelling off the dock, however couldn't see a thing due to silt from the rainwater run-off. We then all went for a quick sunset kayak (free). We found a patch of jumping fish and hoped dolphins might come and investigate but flipper & co must have been busy.

    There was a beach BBQ at the hostel in the evening (120L). I had a quick veggie fajita instead from the bar (70L). It took them a while to get the BBQ going (they resorted to using dive tank oxygen!) and then ages to cook enough food for everyone. There were free shots, some of the best fire poi I've ever seen by DM Jordi and another guy, and beer pong. We didn't join in as we have an early dive tomorrow morning, however it was a lovely atmosphere and the mozzies were kept at bay with insect coils everywhere.
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  • Day150

    Bringing the roof down

    October 3, 2015 in Honduras

    There was heavy rain for most of the night and we were awoken by several deafening claps of thunder. It was still drizzling when we got up early for diving. The instructors were late after the night before but we eventually got going.  The rain had stopped thankfully.

    Our first dive, at Labyrinth, was good - lots of swim throughs, an eagle ray, a turtle and a huge crab. Despite the heavy rain during the night, the visibility was not too bad. Still not many fish. Jordi and many of the other DMs were really excited by the turtle - not a very common sight here. We were with 2 other pairs who had just done their advanced. They were among some of the worst divers I've ever seen with no buoyancy control or awareness of anyone else. Thankfully they went behind us during the swim through as they kicked up so much sand it looked like a sandstorm.

    After a very quick break, we had our second dive at Laguna Beach. It wasn't overly exciting but there were a few more fish including a school of blue tangs and there were some pretty sights, especially when the sun came out briefly.

    We had breakfast at the same spot - Anna and I shared a fruit crepe and a nutella crepe (sadly not as much chocolate as Hannah's yesterday). Hannah was healthy and had fruit, yoghurt and granola. It started to rain again so we hid in our rooms for a short while. When it cleared we headed out for our daily cinnamon roll, after which we headed to the Mango Inn, our first hostel, in search of hummingbirds. We saw a couple briefly but Hannah wasn't able to get photos. We then headed to the Driftwood Gallery but were barked away by 3 fierce-looking dogs. Don't think the owner was home. Hannah very kindly bought us all Captain Morgan t-shirts...so nice to have something different to wear! And something clean! Not for long though!

    After a quick nap Hannah and I sunbathed on the dock and Anna bought us nutella choc pots, spicy crisps and iced tea. It was sunny and the perfect temperature - perfect until the flies started nibbling me as dusk approached.

    We went to the vegan restaurant, Seahorse, with Kaitlyn, which is beautifully decorated with seahorses, other sea-themed things and a lot of mosaic tiles! Hannah and I had Thai red curry, the others had peanut sauce dishes. All were delicious (385L for me & Anna). Kaitlyn had recovered from a dodgy tummy due to eating raw plantain. She and Hannah had bought them thinking they were bananas. Turns out raw plantain is bad for you!

    Hannah then taught us to play monopoly deal on the balcony. Just as we were getting the hang of it a piece of the rain-swollen roof plaster fell down. We got up and moved away just as a huge piece came crashing down onto my chair, which would have given me a sore head! Everyone came to investigate the noise, the mess was swept up and the owner, Kevin, came to have a look. One of the staff, David, gave us a beer each 'for our nerves'. I donated mine to Anna, Hannah to Luis (reception guy). David gave us a game called Crimes Against Humanity which was really funny. Later he and an Israeli guy, Kfir joined in. Luckily our laughter didn't bring the entire house down! The second time in a week that roof plaster has fallen on me!!
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  • Day151

    An active day

    October 4, 2015 in Honduras

    We all slept in, then headed to our usual cafe for breakfast. Unfortunately it is closed on Sundays but luckily the bakery wasn't so we stocked up on pancakes and more cinnamon rolls. We then went in search of iced coffee for Anna but it was closed. We did however see an iguana. We stopped at another place for smoothies but they were weak and tasteless.

    We suncreamed up and headed down to use the kayaks but by the time we were ready some kiwis had taken them out. We chilled in the hammocks for an hour or so until they returned and then paddled around the bay for an hour. It was lovely to be out on the water and be in the sun without getting too hot. Afterwards, we went for a snorkel and jumped / dived / somersaulted off the dock.

    Next on Drill Sergeant Hannah's Agenda (she hasn't quite adjusted to slow paced island life yet): a walk to a snorkelling point 20 minutes up the road. We passed the beach we had previously snorkelled off which had been deserted, which was transformed at the weekends - full of locals with music everywhere. When we reached the snorkelling spot, it was 50L to access the pier - we didn't know about this and hadn't bought any money. There was nobody around but we felt uneasy about using it so walked back.

    Then to complete our active day Anna and I went for another snorkel off the dock and found the big green moray eel and watched the beautiful sunset. We had fajitas with Katelin at the hostel bar then had an early night as we were all shattered - more exercise than we've done in ages...nice to be active again.
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