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  • Day342

    Der Norden Islands

    September 19, 2016 in Iceland ⋅

    Auf ging es gen Norden, dem Weihnachtsmann immer näher. Leider mussten wir aus zeitlichen Gründen die Westfjorde Links liegen lassen. Jedoch hat der Norden auch einiges zu bieten. Das Wetter spielt auch etwas mehr mit und wir werden nicht mehr ganz so nass. Im Großen und ganzen bietet der Norden mal wieder etliche Wasserfälle und schöne Aussichten. Leider hab ich mich eine Runde erkältet, aber ich bin ja hart im Nehmen :)
    So haben wir den letzten Tag im Norden nach all den schönen Aussichten und das erklimmen von Vulkankratern in einem Thermalbad Platz genommen. Bei Außentemperaturen von 8 Grad, war es richtig guddi in um die 40 Grad warmen Wasser zu plantschen.
    Die Nächte waren auch teilweise klar und da wir im Auto schlafen, hofften wir das Polarlicht zu sehen, nur leider wurden wir bisher nicht damit belohnt ... hoffe das wird noch.
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  • Day8

    "Phuket" or "F**k It"

    May 15, 2017 in Iceland ⋅

    Our day begins with a visit to a bakery in Husavik. All retail appears to be closed here as it is Sunday. No worries. We chat with a local and get some possible intel on spotting whales from the safety of land. We stroll through this picturesque port but no luck seeing any of the big kids. Oh well, we have other places to be but not before we get more FREE stuff in Iceland. We got FREE air for the tires and FREE water with a brush to wash the car. The car wouldn't have needed a wash had I not decided to put my window down to toss some leftover coffee out. YEP?....forgot to check the wind direction.....similar result as peeing into the wind!! Even managed to mess the interior up with that move. Aren't you glad that you're not travelling with ME??!!!

    Before we leave town, I gas the car up and Cath grabs a Coke Zero, the ones with different locales on the label. She was eyeing up the "Miami" bottle but settled for "Phuket." As we were now 7 days into our adventure, she had had enough.....and either said "Phuket" or "F**k It". The jury is still out on the exact wording. Cut us some slack tho as we are having a difficult enough time with Icelandic.

    Our journey today was to pay up the promise of doubling back to Grjotagja to see a cave used for filming in Game of Thrones. It was small but awesome....have attached a pic. Following the cave, we made our way to the Myvatn Nature Baths. OMG......wayyyy better than the Blue Lagoon in man ways. Spent a glorious hour or so soaking in 40C water. Can you say "ahhhhhhhhh"?

    We are heading for Akureyri now....second largest city in Iceland and a university town to boot. But that another "Foss" ahead?? Why yes it is....we must pull over. It is Godafoss....yet another waterfall with quite a unique tale behind it (Google it and save me telling you). Godafoss is truly awesome and holy moly,what a great spot to be a white water rafter....professionals only....this is NOT for the amateurs.

    OK, onward we go. The drive to Akureyri is bedazzling but sends us up a mountain pass. Which means we have to come down a mountain pass. This is not good on my psyche. I sit on the brake the entire trip down. At different points we exit a curve and enter Shangri La.....spellbinding views of mountains and lakes. Cath doesn't have the camera on her lap so ,sorry, no pics to prove how stunning it was. AND no pics to show how scared I was !!

    Akureyri is beautiful. Haven't been to Switzerland but I am guessing there is a similarity here. 18000 population. Located in a valley with a lake and surrounded by snow capped mountains. It could easily be a Christmas ball....shake and watch.

    We scored a spot in the middle of town and finally have our own bathroom....not an easy thing to come by unless you spend big bucks. Luckily we still had some big bucks as we needed them to cover dinner. Two orders of fish n chips with one beer...over $50 Cdn. We were stuffed which was a good thing as the ice cream parlour was on our way back to the hotel......perhaps tomorrow !!

    Tomorrow, stroll around Akureyri for awhile and then head north to Dalvik and points along the coast of what I call "the thumb". We are guessing the scenery might blow us away. We are booked into a little spot called Hofsos. As long as I don't have to go UP a mountain, we should be good to go. in Husavik acknowledging NASA training, photo of dock in Husavik, Cath at Godafoss, "GOT" cave, scenery along Ring Road(always a snow capped mountain nearby)
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  • Day7

    Sulphur Alley

    May 14, 2017 in Iceland ⋅

    We are back on the road having left Egg Salad Store. We head west along the Ring Road....first planned stop is Dettifoss. We cross paths with Sandy, a Kiwi who is travelling for a year. We met the previous night at our lodgings and are headed in roughly the same direction. The 3 of us make our way to Dettifoss, referred to by some as "the mother of all waterfalls." It does not disappoint nor does the nearby waterfall, Selfoss. Spectacular comes to mind. We wind our way back down to the Ring Road and stop at Hverir, truly an other-worldly spot. We see steam pouring out of the earth, in some cases HISSING. It is a geothermal spot and whatever is spewing from the earth smells like sulphur. Thankfully not too too bad. From here we cross the road and head up to Krafla, a geothermal plant coupled with more sulphuric spots and a crater whose "lake" is still frozen.

    We have had enough for one day so time to find a place to lay our heads. We opt to skip the Game of Thrones cave at Grjotagja as well as the Myvatn Nature Baths. I promise Catherine we will double back next day for both venues.

    Deciding it was too touristy (translation....pricey) here we keep going and reach a fork in the road.....turn to Akureyri or straight on to Husavik. We choose Door #2 and head tO Husavik. All is going well until we hit the gravel portion of the highway.....a friggin' roller coaster with wayyyyy too much gravel. We have taken the wrong road as half of the 50 km is gravel. Shit! No turning back now.

    The good news ?? Husavik is another notch in the sublimely spectacular belt. We overpay for a guesthouse but score a great dinner at "Salka".

    Husavik's claim is that it is Iceland's whale capital. Pretty much guaranteed to see whales IF you pay up and have 3 hours to kill on a tour boat. We don't.

    Tomorrow is another day....we'll spend our whale tour money somewhere else.
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  • Day6

    Day 6, Akureyri

    September 6, 2017 in Iceland ⋅

    So, first dock of the holiday in Akureyri, Iceland. The plan was to be up early to see us cruise down the fjord in to the berth. I'm pleased to report that Sharon made it, I opted for an extra hour in bed. We were docked by 8 as we made a couple of hours up because we missed Lerwick. Thick cloud and 5 degrees greeted us but to be fair the weather did improve throughout the day. Hat, coat and gloves weather but it did get to a massive 9 degrees in the height of the day. Had breakfast up in the buffet this morning and disembarked around 9.30 after most of the tours had left. It was only a short walk in to the town. We stopped off at the tourist information to see the lady Sharon had emailed and thank her. She told us about the local bus to the waterfalls which we booked for this afternoon. We had a wander around the town and walked up to the botanical gardens, stopping at a Lady's house who was selling hand knitted scarves and gloves that she had made herself. She was selling some that her sister had made 2 years ago but sadly died, Sharon chatted to the lady for a while. The Botanical Gardens were beautiful, very pretty and very well looked after. We walked back through the town to the ship for some lunch before going for the bus at 2.45. We were a tad nervous as most people had taken the organised tour but there were 12 of us so we figured if we got in to trouble we could get a taxi back. Our fears were unwarranted, the bus service was excellent and the driver gave us a running commentary about all of the history, even pointing out a house to us that Kevin Costner rents for 1 month each year. It wasn't too shabby to be fair but there was only the 1 Ferrari on the drive !!The Godafoss Waterfalls themselves were simply amazing, such power and force and all nice and warm too, where hot meets cold. I managed to get down to the bottom but nearly want arse over tit a couple of times. On return to the town we had a look at the Arctic Circle museum where the staff advised us they have seen the Northern Lights 7 times in the last 17 days, unfortunately it looks too cloudy tonight but we are going to have a look anyway. As we sail towards our next port, we do cross the Arctic Circle we think, only just but Sharon does get her wish to go to the Arctic for her birthday. Something I struggled to make happen but with some will power we managed between us.Read more

  • Day19

    Rest days...

    October 27, 2017 in Iceland ⋅

    ... are the best days ;-) It was warmer last night and, thus, the cold did not wake us at 7 am and started the rest day in a little turf house cafe, tried to escape the rain and wind while still visiting some sights and have arrived in the town Akureyri- for another coffee.

  • Day8


    October 6, 2016 in Iceland ⋅

    The second biggest town in iceland and it is worth to spend a night here. It is a lovely town and while being in nature on the while trip it is a nice change to have something like a town athmosphere. The botanical garden as well as the town "centre" is worth to visit and have one or two cups Coffee. If you would like to Swim a bit and relax in hot pools sundlaug Swimmingpool Pool is perfect for it. For ca 5 Euro it is a fair price!
    We spend the night in hamrar campsite and it is the best campsite we had so far! Really recommendable!
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  • Day32

    Iceland - Day 2 - Geothermal day

    August 4, 2017 in Iceland ⋅

    Where - Akureyri - Northern Iceland
    Weather - sunny / cloudy 🌤
    Distance - 215km
    Steps - 22000 or 14km and 60 floors

    I call today our geothermal day because we visited areas where there was/is geothermal activity. First we walked around an area near Lake Myvatn that had some pseudo lava craters, formed when molten lava flows over water. We walked around the lake accompanied by millions of gnats - fortunately not the biting kind.

    From there we went to an area that has a kind of lava labyrinth with strange lava formations which was quite nice to walk through. Then we drove to the Myvatn Nature Baths which is a smaller version of the more famous Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik, a hot mineral spring, but we didn't go for a swim because basically all it is is a heated swimming pool that costs a fortune to use (as does everything in Iceland - it's a very expensive country)

    Over the hill and round the corner and we came to the solfataros of Námaskrõ which has boiling mud springs and smelly steam vents. Reminds me a lot of the Thermal Wonderland near Rotorua New Zealand. Then onto the Krafla area where there were craters and lava fields. Seemed to me that we had to walk an awful long way to look at something that really wasn't that interesting, but Brad thought it was OK.

    Final stop of the day was Gođafoss waterfall or waterfall of the Gods. Nice waterfall... but aren't they all! Made our way to accommodation- very nice view overlooking a fjord- where a couple of cruise ships (Cunard - Queen Elizabeth and a small Princess ship) were making their way out.
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  • Day6

    Kirik ja pood Akureyri

    January 21, 2018 in Iceland ⋅

    Läksime vaatasime üle ühe keskmisest suurema linna. Kõigepealt peatusime ühe väga modernse ja ägeda arhitektuuriga kiriku juures ning tegime mõned pildid. Siis mõtlesime, et sõidame linnas ringi ning otsime mingi poe, ette jäi meile lausa kaubanduskeskus. Kõndisime selle läbi ja läksime toidupoodi. Veetsime tükk aega puuvilja leti juures ja siis otsisime poest kõige jubedamaid asju kodustele. Kui ära maksnud olime siis Kadri tegi avastuse, et kõik müüjad olid noored poisid.
    PS! Leidsime, et siinsetel mõningatel valgusfooridel on punane tuli südame kujuga. Ning nende poes müüdavad kartulid on väiksemad kui meil seemnekartulid. Suuremaid lihtsalt pole.
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  • Day13

    Soaking up the sun...

    June 9, 2017 in Iceland ⋅

    Endlich wärmende Sonnenstrahlen ohne Wolken!
    Kaum waren wir mit unserem Stadtrundgang (gepaart mit Eis-Pause) fertig und wollten weiterfahren erblickten wir beinahe vergessenes: nach Tagen ohne Glückshormone produzierende UV-Strahlen konnten wir sie endlich auf unserer Haut spüren...wir suchten gleich den nächsten Campingplatz auf, genehmigten uns ein Bier und relaxten...manchmal braucht man auch Urlaub vom Reisen 😎Read more

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