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  • Day9

    Goodbye Italy - Genua

    September 11 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Bevor es weiter nach Südfrankreich geht, verbringen wir noch einen letzten Tag in Genua am Meer. Genua liegt in mitten von Bergen direkt an einem Küstenabschnitt der einen natürlichen Hafen bildete, weshalb die Stadt schon immer eine bedeutende Hafen- und Handelsstadt war. Der Handel und damit verbundene Reichtum ließen die Stadt wachsen, weshalb sie über eine wunderschöne historische Altstadt mit vielen winzigen Gäßchen verfügt in die wir uns direkt verlieben... ❤️Read more

  • Day52

    Day 52a. Genoa, Italy

    September 25 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Most of the cruise passengers get off the ship and go home. Ron and I love Genoa. We stay at least a day and relax and soak up the atmosphere, beer, wine, seafood, pizza and gelati.
    There is a Piazza and Church at almost every corner and they are all magnificent with breathtaking statues, paintings and ceiling frescoes.Read more

  • Day52

    Day 52. Genoa, Italy

    September 25 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The last day of our cruise. We sailed into Genoa at 12 noon. Disembarked at 1:30pm. Farewell to the MS Ocean Majesty and the Hansa Staff, the Entertainers and Ship Crew.
    From Mahon to Genoa is 343 sea miles.
    We sailed a total of 2,841 sea miles (5,261 km).
    1 sea mile = 1,852 km.
    360 passengers over the 10 nights/11 days ate 36,000 eggs, drank 3,000 litres of milk and used 1,000kg of coffee.
    We said our farewells to fellow travellers and staff.
    We accompanied Vera to a taxi to take her to her airport hotel. She goes back to Crailsheim tomorrow.
    We met Annette and Hanna. They came with us to our accommodation Nik Rooms. A very nice room, the host spoke very good English, it is close to street level, taxis, the harbour and fabulous wifi.
    Ron took us on a tour of old city Genoa. We had a glass of wine in Via Garibaldi. They then took a taxi to the airport 20€ to go back home to Germany.
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  • Day4

    Genova Teil 1

    May 30 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Nachdem ich den gestrigen Reisetage nicht nur mit Zug fahren, sondern auch damit verbracht habe, mir Kontaktlinsen & eine Sonnenbrille zu kaufen, da sich meine in Mailand verabschiedet hat, war der heutige Tag viel entspannter und schöner. Ich habe die Altstadt, den alten Hafen und die Einkaufsstraße Genovas erkundet. Zum Start der Tour bin ich auf die Aussichtplattform Spiantata Castello, von dort aus hat man einen tollen Blick auf den Hafen & die Altstadt. Hoch kommt man mit einen Aufzug, dessen Kassenautomat kein Wechselgeld gibt.
    Oben angekommen habe ich mir, in einem kleinen Bistro einen Snack gegönnt, Pladina Vedure und einen Cappuchino. Es scheint das Stammlokal sämtlicher Senioren der Gegend zu sein und hatte daher einen sehr italienischen Charme.
    Weiter ging es durch die Altstadt, welche mit ihren autofreien Gassen und prunkvollen Altbauten ist wirklich sehr schön ist.
    Der Hafen ist leider überhaupt nicht schön, eher dreckig & laut., kann man sich m.M.n. sparen. Der Leuchtturm soll aber ssrhr stilvoll sein, leider läuft man dort nochmal mind. 25min hin, das war mir zu dem Zeitpunkt zu weit, ich war hungrig. Also zurück zur Altstadt, dort habe ich in einer kleinen Gasse in einem sehr unscheinbaren "Schnellimbiss" frische, selbstgemachte Gnocchi al pesto gehabt. Unglaublich lecker!
    Der Weg zurück führte mich über die via XX Septembre, der Shoppingmeile von Genova. Ähnlich der Schildergasse, bloß schöner.
    Zum Abschluss habe ich mir ein Gelato mit Meerblick gegönnt.
    Nach über 9 Stunden rumgerennr, liege ich jetzt platt im Bett & plane die nächsten zwei Tage hier.
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  • Day333

    Day 334: South to Genoa

    January 14, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    On the move, again! Packed up in Turin and headed for the station, then hopped on our train to Genoa at 12pm. Should be a fairly easy run this one, just a direct train that takes about 2.5 hours.

    Or at least it was supposed to be! The first 90 minutes passed uneventfully, although the conductor tried to tell us something in Italian. Eventually the train pulled into Alessandria, a backwater city just over halfway between Turin and Genoa, and sat. And sat. And sat.

    Eventually everyone got off the train, and one person who spoke a bit of English told us the train was cancelled because of a strike! And we'd had such a good run up to the this point, only a couple of cancellations and delays.

    So we went inside the station but the two harried-looking people at the counter couldn't speak English, and judging from everyone's tone, there wasn't any info to find anyway. Nothing online about the strike either, naturally - though it was probably just in this area.

    There weren't any other options either, no buses and definitely too far for a taxi. So we just did what everyone else from our train had done - go inside the cafeteria and wait. Mainly because it was heated! So we waited and waited, for almost 2 hours in the end.

    Finally people started moving so we all got up and headed back over to the platform, where a train set off for Genoa again. I'm pretty sure it was actually the same train we had been on before, so who knows.

    Anyway, we finally made it to Genoa. It's an old port city, once the rival of Venice and still one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean. The medieval area is really atmospheric - no cars, packed in tiny, mazy streets and alleyways. There's also just a hint of danger in the air too, as prostitutes are a pretty common sight as well as people just "hanging around" - probably selling drugs. We'd been warned no to go down dark alleyways particularly at night, and though we figured it would mostly be safe I was a little on edge the whole time. It also looked a little grimmer than usual since it was Sunday and all the shops had their shutters closed.

    Found our apartment with no issues, on the eighth floor of an old palazzo but thankfully with a lift! Nice apartment, recently renovated though the bathroom is a bit odd. No shower curtain, it's just sort of in a cupboard and has a sloped ceiling coming towards you.

    We settled in for a bit then went wandering down to the waterfront. Lots of people out enjoying the late afternoon. Not quite as sunny as yesterday but only scattered clouds. Walked past the famous and surprisingly expensive aquarium, walked to the end of a couple of piers and back, then visited a famous deli/supermarket creatively titled Eataly. Stocked up on provisions for the next couple of days before heading home via a few streets we hadn't explored already.

    Lots to do tomorrow!
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  • Day334

    Day 335: Exploring Genoa

    January 15, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    Time to see what's up with Genoa's World Heritage site. It's known as the Strade Nuovo and the Palazzi dei Rolli, where during one of the city's rich and powerful eras, a bunch of enormous palazzos (mansions( were constructed on the edges of the medieval sea port area. They were added to a roll system (the rolli), where they would be used as lodgings and temporary homes for city guests. This could be anyone from a foreign businessman, a merchant, dignitary, diplomat, right up to an emperor or pope.

    So we set out for a wander! Most of the buildings are concentrated along a couple of streets, the via Garibaldi and the via Balbi. It was quite challenging to film since the streets were narrow and busy with traffic (this was largely outside the pedestrian-only area), but it was still quite interesting to see.

    Since it was Monday, quite a few of the main palaces were closed so we couldn't go inside, including the Palazzo Real (Royal Palace) which is supposed to be one of the nicest ones. Oh well.

    But we did manage to talk our way inside one of them which had decorations from the era still remaining, though these days it was used for some sort of government building. It was crazy to see a conference room decorated like Versailles, all baroque gilded mirrors and resplendent frescoes, but then decked out with office chairs and teleconferencing equipment! Quite a contrast!

    Headed back down into the old seaport area for lunch where we found a great little local place in a back alley. Did the typical Italian thing of a pasta plate followed by a main which were both excellent. I had ravioli in soup for my first course, though I've forgotten my second course, whoops.

    Walked around a bit more and did some exploring. Christopher Columbus was a native of Genoa and his "house" is still preserved on the edge of the old town. I put it in quote marks because there's not really any proof he was born or grew up in that particular house. It's just a really old house in the general area, maybe even the right street.

    A bit more wandering in the afternoon then headed home where we cooked pasta for dinner.
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  • Day10

    Janov: Teplota stoupá...

    August 2, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Nejprve jsme mysleli, že si pobyt u moře o den prodloužíme, ale poté, co se v postelích nedalo spát, k snídani nebylo moc co k jídlu a navíc vedle nás bydlela uřvaná italská rodinka, rozhodli jsme se pokračovat dál podél pobřeží se zastávkou v Janově. Janov je hodně zvláštní přístavní město, které má i ve 35 stupních své kouzlo. V přístavu jsme si naprosto vyhladovělí dali dvě místní speciality - bezlepkové těstoviny s tomatovou omáčkou a hovězím masem a těstoviny s brambory a vyhlášeným pestem Genovese, které se připravuje z bazalky, piniových oříšků, parmazánu a česneku. Pesto bylo opravdu skvělé. Poté jsme se ponořili do tajů starého města. Prohlédli jsme si katedrálu, ve které je umístěná nevybuchlá bomba z roku 1941, úzké uličky starého města, hlavní náměstí a janovské impozantní paláce. 😎Read more

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