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  • Day9

    Milano + Tom = ❤

    Yesterday in Italy

    Heute Morgen habe ich die liebe Glori und ihre Schwester Isa am Bahnhof in Mailand auf einen Kaffee getroffen. Total normal 🤔😄

    Tom hat dann leider etwas auf sich warten lassen, sodass ich schon ein bisschen durch die Stadt gelaufen bin und im Park gelesen habe.
    Das Buch " Das Café am Rande der Welt" habe ich -passender Weise- von einem Stammkunden aus dem Impuls Kiel zum Abschied geschenkt bekommen. Während ich also auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens war, wurde ich von einem der typischen afrikanisch aussehenden Männer angesprochen. Ich habe mich kurz mit ihm unterhalten, sodass er mit das Armband geschenkt hat ☮☯️🕉

    Unser Airbnb ist meiner Meinung nach das beste, in dem Tom und ich je waren. Unser Balkon und die Klimaanlage sind Gold wert bei 33°C 🌞🌡
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  • Day113

    Italien - Mailand #1

    April 21 in Italy

    Wir hatten ein tolles verlängertes Wochenende im
    schönen Mailand mit traumhaften Wetter!😊
    Bei fast 30 Grad in der Sonne waren wir von morgens bis abends unterwegs in der Stadt und haben natürlich ganz viel Eis, Pizza und Pasta gegessen😄
    Am liebsten würden wir hier noch ein paar Tage dranhängen, die Temperaturen, das Essen und die Menschen haben uns so gut gefallen, dass wir gar nicht so schnell wieder Nachhause wollen 😉Read more

  • Day14

    Auf geht's Richtung Mailand

    Furka rauf und runter, Grimsel hoch und runter, weiter zum Sustenpass. Noch ist das Wetter schön. Also weiter zu. St. Gotthart. Oweia kalt ist es, der Wind bläst ums Eck und schwarze Gewitterwolken ziehen über uns her. Schnell runter und weiter.

    Unten im Tal lecker Ravioli gegessen 😀

  • Day14

    Auf nach Mailand

    August 9 in Italy

    In aller früh geht's los... Hoch und runter die Pässe warten: Furka, Grimsel, Susten und St. Gotthart.

    All bis auf den Gotthart bei schönem Wetter gefahren. Gotthart zeigte uns sein windiges Gesicht, aber kein Regen.
    Dann ging es ab auf die Autobahn... Km machen. Vignette Schweiz hat sich rentiert.
    Mittagspause etwas verspätet so gegen 15 Uhr bei lecker Ravioli. Dann weitergedüst.... Mailand wir kommen.

    Uff Hotel ist da! Aber oh weh.... Wir haben ein kleines "Parkproblem".
    Nein hier nicht... Bitte im Innenhof. Okay steht, ähm nein leider hier ist auch nicht gut, bitte in die Garage... Also ab in die Garage... Okay da steht sie jetzt:sicher, bewacht und gut verstaut bis Freitag. Weil morgen steht was anderes am Plan :sightseeing - Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Mailänder Dom etc...
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  • Day38


    May 15, 2017 in Italy

    Saw the sights in Milan today.. Castello Sfrozesco, Parco Sempione, Il Duomo..
    Warm for us Brits here, even now and its only May!!
    We climbed the steps up to the top of Il Duomo (its cheaper) and the view was as impressive there as the interior.
    Saw all the Italian elite out shopping. Wandering past Prada in my primark trousers I must admit I mentioned to Stuart that if we cut out trip short by a month I could buy myself a bag...
    Hotel is really good - huge room and good breakfast - but onto our first night camping tomorrow. Heading down to Tuscany to attempt to erect the tent without our tent assistant Soph :) wish our marriage good luck!
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  • Day21

    Milan (IT)

    July 28, 2017 in Italy

    The city has long been named Fashion Capital of the World. Today was a day for exploring, on foot, and a bit of Metro.

    The Milan cathedral is the 3rd largest in the world, and took nearly 600 years to build. That's just mind boggling !!

    Accommodation was a B&B with a view of onto one of the main fashion streets. Free entertainment from the small balcony watching all the hustle and bustle in the street below, and in the evening some musicians added to the entertainment.Read more

  • Day20

    Milan (IT)

    July 27, 2017 in Italy

    Leaving Lake Como and Lecco, I eventually found a path (away from the traffic) alongside the river leading away from the lake. Along the river were a number of small hydro electric plants and locks to control the flow.

    Getting closer to Milano I was able to follow a canal that guided me into the city. With 10km to go I then resorted to the trusty GPS to guide me into the city.

    More bike repairs in order and the trusty stead is spending the evening at a friendly bike shop. Will be collecting the stead tomorrow evening ready for the next leg.Read more

  • Day34

    Milan to Budapest

    May 14 in Italy

    Up and about to pack and clean up apartment. We have loved this place - would highly recommend. Alessandro's Place Milan Lombardy - Home Away. Address Via Vincenza Foppa 44. Joel and cleaned up andpacked. Our flight does not leave until 10PM so have all day to continue to explore Milan.

    First stop: Fondazione Prada (FP), an unheralded, great find in Milan. An interesting incident on our trolley ride to the site. One of the cables that hooks to the electrical line at the top broke, came down on the window of a taxi in back of us and shut down the electrical for the entire system on that line. :-( An of course, then none of the others could get around it so we walked the last mile or so.

    The FP was the brainchild of the Prada family (of Italian fashion fame). It is a unique building with an an art museum and other exhibition space for temporary exhibits. Both the interior and exterior are very modern and interesting. I talked with a fellow from Switzerland there who was an architect. He said it is a must see for architects.

    Fashion area

    Late flight to Budapest, did not leave until 10:20 PM. Note to self: Do not do that again. Flew Wizz air -a low cost Hungarian airline where you pay for everything but the base flight was about $30. Arrived Budapest at midnight along with about 3 other plane loads of people. Must have been 100 people in the taxi line as all other transportation at that time of night is done. Finally got a cab and then the cab driver could not find our place where our host was waiting. Then the police are following our cab with flashing lights - this is now about 1:30 in the morning. He finally left us off, told us it was to the left somewhere amidst construction while he dealt with the police. Joel got us going towards the apartment with GPS while I am texting back and forth with the host. What a fiasco. Had our orientation to the apartment and to bed sometime between 2 and 3AM !!

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  • Day202

    Day 203: Milan

    September 5, 2017 in Italy

    Time to leave Como and get started on the rest of Italy! Packed up everything and headed downstairs around 9:45, aiming to get the car back before 10:30am and then on a train to Milan around 11am. Loaded up the car and drove down the narrow twisty road to the main street, came face-to-face with a car driving up the road. Reversed backwards to give them some space, and CRUNCH.

    Shit. I'd reversed directly into a small pole blocking someone's driveway. I'd given it a good whack too - no chance the rental company wouldn't notice. In my defence, the pole was below the level of my rear view mirror, inside the view of my wing mirror, and I couldn't see it on the rear camera because the grey pole was basically the same colour as the grey tarmac. No reflectors or paint either. As I drove away I double-checked, and yes, it's visible, but easy to miss.

    Back at the rental office the guy obviously noticed straight away, and we filled in an incident report together. He was pretty understanding, and had apparently crashed one of the rental cars shuffling it around the parking lot a couple of weeks ago, which he had to pay for. The mechanic would come and look at it later (thankfully we didn't need to wait), but the cost to us would be up to the excess value of 1200 euros (it later came in around 700 euros). Ouch, but at least we can claim it back on travel insurance. First time in 21 years of driving that I've crashed a car!

    Anyway. Onwards to Milan, where the train turned up around 11:20 and off we went. There's two main stations in Milan, and we'd booked an Airbnb near one of them - unfortunately our train arrived at the other! So we got a clunky old tram a kilometre or so across town to the other station, before wandering over to our apartment.

    By now it was around 1pm, so we dropped our stuff in the apartment (it's just a single room in a three-bedroom apartment) and headed into the city via the metro. First stop was the enormous cathedral, Il Duomo, one of the largest Catholic churches in the world. Shandos had made the mistake of wearing shorts, so she wouldn't be allowed inside, and in any case we had Schnitzel who definitely wouldn't be allowed in either. So we grabbed a quick delicious lunch of paninis, and decided that I'd go in on my own. In the end the ticket was only 3 euros so I was quite happy.

    Beautiful interior, surprisingly bright and with a better floor:pillar ratio than other large cathedrals I've been in (Westminster and Seville cathedral stand out as being more pillars than floor space). A few different things to check out inside like sculpture, stained glass and so on, so I did a lap and then emerged back out into the blindingly bright and hot piazza.

    Met up with Shandos again as we walked back through Galeria Vittorio Emmanuele II, a ritzy shopping arcade adjacent to the cathedral. Also wandered around a few other little hidden squares nearby, and the surprisingly unimpressive opera house. Vienna it ain't.

    Stopped for a drink in a cafe and chilled out for a while, but decided we'd head home as it was pushing 4pm and still very hot - we were both still a little traumatised as well by the long day I think. So back home where we relaxed, worked a little, then headed out later for dinner at the pizza restaurant downstairs - very tasty. Back behind the wheel tomorrow as we start our journey across northern Italy!
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