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  • Day193


    August 4, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    We left Florence. And to be honest. Driving up to Bologna or even Padua or imagine Venice...
    I am just not ready for it..;)
    So we found a lovely campsite in the hills between Florence and Bologna.
    Thinking about a quick visit to Bologna tomorrow morning and drive till almost Padua/Venice.
    We need to retrieve one day. As we want to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart and it is only open in the weekend.
    So coming weekend we will be in Venice, and have one week to complete the journey through Austria and part of Germany.
    We planned two days for Venice.
    On paper our plans look ok.
    So. For now. Enjoying the silence and the fresh mountain air.
    Have a diner tonight and than....
    Sleep well!
    Although.. I hope so. Because the hill we have to climb out of this campsite is very steep. So maybe...
    We have to stay. Forever..
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  • Day5

    Day 5 - Sublime to the Ridiculous

    August 8, 2020 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Today I woke up & went through my morning routine of reading the news then the website to check on the travel restrictions for the countries we were planning to visit.

    When I woke up we were intending to get to Brindisi on the heel of Italy to catch a ferry across to Greece, however the Greeks were putting in place more & more restrictions to enter the country. Greece had effectively closed all land borders apart from one in Bulgaria & if we travelled by ferry, we would have had to have worn a mask for the entire 9 hour journey & completed an online declaration form 24 hours in advance. They could have also either refused us entry or insisted we went into 14 day quarantine if they didn’t like where we had come from. This was a particular concern considering France has had a major spike in cases.

    I broke the news to Jackie & we made the difficult decision that it just was not worth the effort. If we got in, we may get stuck there, because the Covid cases in Greece were increasing. A joint decision was made that we would now travel drive around the top of the Adriatic Sea to Croatia. Not the end of the world!

    At 9am we attended the breakfast room, where Sylvia had put out quite a spread. We ate our way through as much as we could. Again another superb breakfast & Jackie has declared that she preferred this B&B to that of the previous night. Quite an accolade!

    After bandage changing, we said goodbye to Sylvia & hit the road. Our first stop was to the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari at Imola to visit the Ayrton Senna Memorial. We drove through a tunnel under the track, past the grandstand & parked up at the entrance to a park. We walked past a tennis club, an athletics stadium & a park before arriving at the exact spot where poor Ayrton hit the wall whilst leading the San Marino Grand Prix on the 1st May 1994. He died instantly, but was formerly pronounced dead at Bologna Hospital. There was a life sized statue of Ayrton dat on a plinth & the fence to the race track was adorned with flags and other tributes. It was quite a moving experience being so close to the scene of his death.

    One sad fact is that another F1 driver, Ronald Ratzenburger, was killed the previous day in practice & there appears to be no mention of him at the track.

    We continued onwards to San Marino which was over 30 miles away & clearly does not host the San Marino Grand Prix. En-route, we had to make an emergency pit stop at a McDonald’s for a milkshake because I was now suffering a ‘dickie’ stomach.

    We were running low on fuel, but after googling fuel prices, we decided we could just make it to San Marino where the cost was cheaper. What I didn’t take in to account was that we would have to climb steeply for several miles to reach the San Marino border. As we chugged up to San Marino our fuel gauge plummeted dramatically until we were driving on fumes. The 1st petrol station in San Marino was closed & I lost my bottle & coasted back down into Italy to fill up.

    With a full tank, we continued up to one of the many car parks below the medieval walled old town atop Monte Titano. We paid our €3 for two hours parking, then climbed up through the narrow cobblestone streets to Guaita Fortress, the oldest of three towers on Monte Titano. We didn’t pay to go in, but instead visited the Basilica of San Marino - Pieve, where Jackie lit a candle for her mum. We also looked at Palazzo Pubblico, the government building where there is an hourly changing of the guard & numerous other churches, statues & squares. We finished off our visit with a well earned beer. All in all it was a very pleasant visit to a country we hadn’t visited before.

    For the record : San Marino (Officially the Republic of San Marino) is Europe’s 3rd smallest state, but the world’s oldest republic. It is 61.2 sq km and lies 657 metres above sea level. It has a cable car & some odd museums including a Vampire Museum, a Torture Museum, Curiosities Museum & an Ancient Weapons Museum.

    Around 4.00pm, we set off & drove the 10 miles or so to Rimini. The roads were quiet because everyone was on the beach. We drove along the beach front road and saw that the beach consisted of thousands and thousands of sun beds & umbrellas divided by into sections or clubs. Our idea of hell. It was here that Jackie reminded me that The Alarm had sung a song about Rimini!

    We couldn’t leave Rimini quick enough & headed north up the coast road to our intended destination somewhere in or around Ravenna about an hour away. We soon discovered that this stretch of coast was where it seemed millions of Italians had flocked to on this Saturday afternoon. Cars were abandoned everywhere where along the side of the road & I had to remain alert to avoid people of ALL ages returning to their cars in skimpy bikinis & Speedos. It was a nightmare & at one point, a car we was following was rammed by a car coming out of a side road. We drove around the debris without stopping!

    Throughout this chaos, Jackie was trawling through & other similar sights for some accommodation for the night. It wasn’t going well & she announced that she was prepared to sleep in the tent & have a takeaway pizza. This turned out not to even be an option, because all campsites were massive and full.

    By now we were getting slightly desperate so we decided to continue on to a town called Mesola another hour up the coast & revaluate our options. Around 7.30pm we pulled into Mesola, a town dominated by it’s Este Castle, a huge hunting lodge built in 1583. The castle is surrounded by a large fortified wall with towers & a cobbled courtyard now containing a couple of attractive looking restaurants. We chose Ristorante Pizzeria Al Castello, which had just one male diner in, but waitresses laying up multiple tables.

    We sat down & ordered a pizza each & a beer from the Italian language menu, then scrolled through available accommodation near to us. We chose a B&B just 10 miles away in Berra, that was cheap & had good reviews. Perfect!

    The large pizzas arrived. Jackie had a cheese & mushroom based one, whilst I had ham & potato. They were nice, but not exceptional. By 8.00pm, the restaurant was full with Italians all dressed up in their finest. It was clearly the place to be in these parts!

    During our meal, the owner of the B&B sent us a message enquiring when we were arriving. We replied, but this just prompted further messages & instructions that didn’t really make sense.

    After our dinner, we paid up & headed towards our B&B in Berra. We were requested to meet the owner in the street. Unconventional! Luckily for us we stood out a mile with our top box & cycles & we were flagged down by the owner. The B&B was not what we expected, our room & 4 others were above a restaurant and we didn’t have an en-suite bathroom.

    The husband & wife owners spoke no English & we communicated through google translate. The wife told us that the bathroom was being used by someone at the moment & she would then clean it for us. This was not what we had signed up for.

    After a shower & a bottle of wine, things didn’t seem quite so bad, but we had made the decision to head straight to Croatia tomorrow, despite it being Jackie’s birthday. The evening ended with me writing my blog & Jackie researching Croatia.

    Song of the Day : Bells of Rhymney by The Alarm.
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  • Day18

    Igea Marina

    June 27, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Als wir nach dem Strandbesuch weiterfahren wollten, sprang unser Van nicht mehr an. Ich rief den ADAC an und am frühen Abend kam ein Abschleppdienst und brachte den Van in die Werkstatt. Wir verbrachten zwei Tage im Hotel, da das Auto erst am Montag überprüft werden konnte.
    Das Gaspedal hat geklemmt, und dies führte dazu, dass der Motor nicht starten konnte. Wir sind froh, dass es behoben werden konnte und wir ab heute wieder "on the road" sind!🥰
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  • Day5

    Tante Ceccarelli

    October 6, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Wenn jemand fragt wo hin du gehst.....sag Bologna.....wenn jemand fragt wo für du stehst......sag Amore.
    Um als echter Fanboy (Wanda aus Österreich) zu gelten, mussten wir natürlich bei Ceccarelli in Bologna vorbei schauen. Wir wissen eigentlich nicht viel über Bologna. Außer, dass hier eine der bzw. die älteste Universität Europas ist.
    Wie auch immer. Wir gingen direkt in das Feinkostviertel in die Via Pescherie Vecchie. Dort gab es zunächst einen Brotzeitteller. Jetzt verstehen wir auch, was das Sprichwort bedeutet: Die Kinder fressen einem die Haare vom Kopf. Clara aß den Speck und den Parmaschinken. Leonie meckerte so lange, bis die Eltern weich wurden und sie den ersten Mozzarella bzw. Burrata ihres Lebens abstaubte.
    Anschließend noch bei Ceccerelli Tortellini und Parmesan einkaufen. Paar Fotos und ein Babyeis. Dann ging es auch schon zum Weingut, auf dem wir übernachten und unsere Nudeln genossen.
    Natürlich mit einer Flasche Wein vom besagten Gut.
    Funfact: die Tortellini stammt ursprünglich aus Bologna und soll den Bauchnabel der Liebesgöttin Venus nachahmen. Hingegen die Spaghetti Bolognese vermutlich aus Nordamerika. Wobei die Soße (Hackfleisch mit Tomate) ursprünglich mit den Tagliatelle wiederum aus Bologna stammt.
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  • Day12

    Relaxing in Rimini

    September 12, 2020 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Diä nechstä Täg hemmer eys zum Entspannä ihplant. Jedä Tag Strand, Sunnä und Meer. Am Abig eppe 1-2 Cocktail gniässä und sogar en uisgibig entspannendi Massage hemmer eys gönnt. Ah eim Abig heds eys uisversehe ines potenziells Mafia-Restraunt verschlagä?!... S'Znacht isch trotz komischä Umständ gued gsi. Mim Velo simmer dur die fascht läär Partymeilä vo Rimini gfahre. Das hed eys lah fragä wies de bi Vollbetrieb uisgseht, villicht chememer denn bi Normalität wieder mal verbey...Read more

  • Day3


    October 5, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Nach einem kurzen Besuch auf dem Markt in Cannobio gestern morgen und einem kleinen Frühstück habe ich mich auf den Weg nach Bologna gemacht. Natürlich musste hier auch wieder eine Straße gesperrt sein, was mit einem kleinen Umweg auf die Autobahn aber auch kein Problem war. Ansonsten ging die Fahrt wirklich gemütlich an mir vorbei, ein paar Mautstationen später hatte ich dann mein nächstes Ziel auch erreicht. Nach einem kurzen Espresso am Markt konnte ich direkt auch mein Airbnb beziehen. Dieses wird betrieben von einer sehr netten italienischen Dame direkt im Zentrum von Bologna, wirklich schön und alles fußläufig zu erreichen. Nachdem ich meine Sachen in das Zimmer gepackt habe, habe ich mich direkt mit meinem Arbeitskollegen von hier getroffen. Nach einer sehr interessanten Stadtführung, ich muss sagen der kennt sich aus in der Stadt hier. Sehr Geschichtsträchtig hier, definitiv eine Reise wert. Sind wir in eine Lokal eingekehrt, in der Gera Happy Hour war. Hier aber bisschen anders interpretiert, man bestellt ein Getränk für das man ca. 10 Euro zahlt und kann dann sich am Buffet so viel essen holen wie man mag. Wirklich interessant und lecker. 🤤😁
    Nachdem wir uns verabschiedet haben, habe ich noch auf Empfehlung ein Ristorante besucht in dem es traditionelles essen von hier gibt. Habe hier ein Cotaletta alla Bolognese gegessen. Ich würde es mal ein überbackenes Schnitzel nennen. Aber sehr gut.
    Heute habe ich mich dann alleine auf eine City Tour begeben und dabei einige Sehenswürdigkeiten angeschaut. Die Neptunstatue, die Bibliothek und so weiter. 😎🤓
    Was auch klar ist es ist eine schöne alte Stadt von den Gebäuden her, aber dafür jung geblieben durch die ganzen Studenten.
    Bin dann natürlich noch auf die Basilica di San Petronio gestiegen. Nachdem mir gestern eine Fahrt mit einem Lift bis ganz nach oben von meinem Kollegen versprochen wurde, stellte sich heute raus das ich alles per Fuß gehen muss. Über ein Baugerüst an der Außenfassade da die Basilica seit 600 Jahren im Bau ist. 🙈
    War definitiv interessant. 😅
    Nach diesem Erlebnis gab es noch eine Pizza Neapel Style die mir gestern empfohlen wurde und sie hat sich gelohnt zu essen. 🍕
    Dann habe ich erstmal eine Siesta gemacht, das ganze laufen macht einen müde.
    Heute Abend ging es dann nochmal auf Empfehlung meiner Chefin in eine Osteria. Ja was soll ich sagen, die Italiener wissen halt wo man in Ihrem Land gut essen geht. 👍
    Jetzt lasse ich den Abend noch schön ausklingen und morgen geht es weiter nach Pisa. Schauen wir mal ob ich den Turm wieder gerade bekomme. 🤔🤣
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  • Day11

    Ferrari Factory

    November 11, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    What better place for a couple of car crazed lads to spend an hour? No pics allowed inside on tour but these confirm where we were today! A couple hours drive from Milan, the factory is in Maranello where it seems there is little other than Ferrari on locals' minds! Started with a look inside Pista di Fiorano, their own race track.Read more

  • Day22


    October 10, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    ...oder wie der kleine Italiener sagen würde: Cesenatico!
    Das ist ja mal richtig schön... hier an dem kleinen Hafen sitzen alle in den Restaurants, richtig Leben in der Bude, und die Brücke ist schon geschmückt für den Giro, der hier am Donnerstag Start und Ziel hat (bekloppt, 200 km fahren die da am Stück und das auch noch im Kreis!)Read more

  • Day45

    Parma wie de Schinke

    October 15, 2020 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Ufem Wäg richtig Norde fahred mier uf Parma. Det laufed mier dur d Stadt und spaziered bi räge dur en Park. Mier gniessed es Feins Znacht verusse imne Wintergarte.

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