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  • Day6

    Besuch Karersee

    June 28 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Der Besuch dieses Sees ist eine Tourihochburg wir schlossen uns also der Kollone rund um den See an. Zum Glück waren nicht überall Menschenansammlungen und so konnten wir doch einige Fotos machen 😊😊

    Verena Vogler

    Susanne glücklich, das freut mich 🤗

    Verena Vogler

    so schöne Farben

  • Day5

    Weiter gehts nach Italien

    June 27 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Heute Morgen waren wir schon um 07.00h wach. Als erstes gabs den obligaten Kaffee noch im Bett. Frühstück an der Sonne und dann heissr es zusammenpacken. Den See beim Camping haben wir nicht genutzt. Über den Reschenpass, den Kirchturm der im Wasser steht haben wir gesehen, ging es durchs Vintschgau richtung Meran. Wir wollten das Museum und Restaurant Onkel Taa (bekannt aus der Reportage Töfflibuebe) besuchen, doch leider war Ruhetag. Weiter geht's in die Landeshauptdtadt Bozen. Ein Bummel durch die Stadt (bei fast 40Grad) war eher kurz. Nun fahren wir an unseren nächsten Schlafplatz ca 30km weg von Bozen an einem Waldrand gelegen mit Sich auf die DolomitenRead more

    Ilka Vollenweider

    sehr schön, aber demfall heiss. Bi eus het's ächli kuehlet🌦. lg😘

    Verena Vogler

    be euis eschs chalt und schiffet 😩

    D Welt isch scho wonderbar, gnüssets 🌞 [Andrea Müller]

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  • Day50

    Bolzano? Bozen? And South Tyrol

    June 27 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Bolzano is considered a bridge between Northern Europe and Southern Europe due to the three spoken languages in South Tyrol (Italian, German, and Ladin) and the confluence of Italian and German-Austrian culture. When we first arrived we were expecting a small mountain city, and in that regard Bolzano/Bozen did not disappoint. We were surprised that the city was split with half speaking German the other italian and some English as well.

    We first noticed this when exiting the train station. We had gotten comfortable following signs showing us the exit ("uscita") in Italian. However we noticed these signs were now accompanied by "Usicta / Ausgang." The city was formerly part of Austria until Mouselini took it over. Today the architecture looks mostly Austrian and Dave and I definitely had our first "we aren't in Kansas" anymore moments. The area of South Tyrol is breathtaking full of small mountain towns and quaint villages. Outside of local busses the most common form of public transportation is cable cars and gondalas between mountain towns.
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    John Emerson

    As usual. incredible pictures. cant get over how clean and tidy all the cities r. Be safe. love ya both.


    yes this is one of the only regions in Italy that collects its own tax and keeps it for this region only. They use it for local festivals and enhanced quality of life for the people. in 2020 both Bolzano and Bologna tied for best quality of life in Italy

    Fred Duburon

    what the hell?? it's a Richard Petty vintage NASCAR RACING CAR????!!!

    David Du Buron

    Yeah, I took that just for you. Forgot about it last night. It was a Plymouth Roadrunner.

    Fred Duburon

    not a roadrunner... a 1966 Belvedere

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  • Day49

    Dolomites Hike - the Italian Alps

    June 26 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Wow, what an amazing hike. With our homebase in Bolzano/Bozen, Dave and I went up to Ortisei today and took the cable car up to Secada mountain and proceeded to hike from there to Santa Christina. We combined a couple routes to make a day of it and we were so glad we did. The dolomites were one of the to-dos we were most excited for in Italy. This tormented landscape did not disappoint.

    Our hike started with a cable car ride up to Seceda Mountain. From there, it was mostly a downward walk back to town. The trail was dotted with the occasional hut where we stopped for some local beer (carb loading?) and to rest briefly. Every single view was amazing, and it was so hard to narrow it down to only a few photos.
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    John Emerson

    All said and done how many kilometers today? the pictures r awesome and lunch looked great.


    Not too many we cheated a bit with the cable car up most of the mountains, but that Gondala ride was amazing. All said and done the hike itself was maybe only 10km or so.

    Fred Duburon

    breathtaking scenery guys... breathtaking

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  • Day23

    Laundry Day

    June 24 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 59 °F

    The mundane acts of daily living can be exotic adventures when away from home. We managed laundry day in half the time expected, and we still have white socks🙂! We did almost melt the buttons off our clothes in the dryer though it was set to medium. The high setting must incinerate your clothes if left more than 5-6 minutes.

    We anticipate our next laundry stop will be 2 weeks from now somewhere in India.
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    Gabriela Layi

    So civilized!! Here you go to laundry mats eyeing every one suspiciously

  • Day22

    Dolomites Continued

    June 23 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    This part of the Dolomites is a mix of Austrian, Swiss and Italian influences. Dairy cows wander the meadows with their bells ringing away. You can find apple strudel and kraut in shops and restaurants. Yet, everyone here speaks Italian, cappuccino is an essential start
    (middle and end) to the day, and pasta is served with every meal.

    Our hotel includes a 4 course meal every evening at 7:30. It’s a long, interesting, and formal affair.

    Meals are interesting because we’re never really sure of what’s being served. A description of the evening’s dinner, including each course and any options, is posted in the lobby for anticipatory review. Even on the occasion that we’ve recognized some part of the meal’s description (e.g. rigatoni) the presentation and combination of ingredients has been surprising to us. Each meal is an adventure in the culinary delights of the region.

    The dinning experience is from 7:30-9:30. This is a really long stretch of time is you are tired after hiking all day. Our Italian hotel friends love the lengthy meals and usually move outside to talk and smoke for another hour or two after dinner. 🥂Kai and I can barely stay awake long enough to enjoy dessert.

    The dinning experience is more formal than we are accustomed to because all guests enter the dinning room together, have assigned tables, and leave the dining room together. Each course is served to all tables at roughly the same time. If you eat too quickly you will have to wait a bit for the next course. Last night we were rebels and asked to skip the 3rd course altogether and go straight to dessert. We managed to escaped the dining room at 8:30🎉.

    We are enjoying these culinary adventures, as well as learning about Italian holiday preferences. It’s fun and would be more fun if we spoke Italian!

    Alas- no food pictures- but more mountains, trails and streams. Ooh, and a video of amazing electrical storm from earlier in the week. 💕
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    Monique Weisman

    Stunning surroundings! I'm so envious. 🥰

    Gabriela Layi


    Peggy Brandt

    I recall those multi course meals! Glad they’re still around.

    Gabriela Layi


  • Day20

    Crown of the Dolomites

    June 21 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 66 °F

    Today we took two Gondolas 🚠 up to what is called the Crown of the Dolomites. Check out the video of the second Gondola. Kai and I had to conquer our fears to make the trip 😬.

    The Dolomites are 250 million years old and began as coral reefs during the Triassic. Sixty million years ago the collision of the African and European tectonic plates pushed them skyward. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wind, rain, and ice have changed them into the beautiful peaks we see today.

    We hiked down from mid-mountain and made it back to our car and hotel before an afternoon lightening storm came through. It was enjoyable to watch ⛈⚡️from the safety of our room.
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    Gabriela Layi

    Breathtaking!!! Scenery so dramatic and parts so green. Now I understand why people rave about the Dolomites and now want to visit! 😄.

    AwayAround 2022

    Gabi! You would love it here in the Dolomites. The hiking and views are wonderful. Miss my book group sisters and look forward to hearing more about the diving in Indonesia. 💞

    Peggy Brandt


    AwayAround 2022


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  • Day3


    June 20 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Das Ortsschild von Obergail trifft die heutige Etappe auf den Punkt.

    Die imposante Bergwelt der Dolomiten und die malerischen Bergdörfer im Pustertal, in Südkernten und ums slowenische Kranjska Gora haben uns begeistert oder besser gesagt, flachgelegt…

    Beim ersten Halt im wunderschönen Brixen hat sich Werner zwar mehr für die kulinarischen Leckerbissen als für den Dom interessiert und den Südtiroler Spezialitäten ging es gleich beim Mittagshalt an den Kragen. Danach gab es für uns beide ein erfrischendes Bad im Bergbach, eine Wohltat bei 36° im Schatten.

    Oh, fast haben wir es vergessen! Unser Dieseltank ist bald leer und wir haben hier in Slowenien nach mehreren Versuchen noch keine Tankstelle gefunden, die noch Diesel hat…🙈
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    Werner Fässler

    Ob die Reise wohl hier schon zu Ende ist? 🙈

    Aleks Trailovic

    Härt im neh 🤪

    Margrit Süss

    Danke für eure Kommentare, ich geniesse es eure Reise zu verfolgen. Habt ihr Benzin gefunden?

  • Day19

    San Martino di Castrozza

    June 20 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Our car was less 🏎 and more 🚗 but has navigation which is wonderful. The drive to the mountains from Venice was an easy 2.25 hours.

    We are among 2 of 4 English speakers in our hotel filled with Italians on holiday. The other English speakers are a retired American/German couple that lives in Germany.

    Dinner is set each evening at 7:30. It’s a 4 course meal and very interesting. Last night’s meal included a blueberry & cheese risotto. Kai was not a fan but I liked it.

    We did a lovely 10km hike today. We were surprised how few people were out on the trails. Pictures show the views. We did have one small scare on the hike. Very early on we encountered a snake 🐍 on the path. As it slithered away, I assured Kai that it was most likely a harmless garden snake. It did make me wonder 🤔if there are poisonous snakes in the area…. It turns out there are😬! The image included with this post is identical to the snake we saw on the trail.
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    Monique Weisman

    Oh such majestic and beautiful scenery. Your hotel setup sounds delightful. You seem to be getting all the best weather, yay! I'm glad the snake encounter was uneventful. Loving your posts and pictures. ❤️

    Arlynna Livingston

    Dear Lizzy and Kai, You are in a breathtaking part of the world. The alps are magnificent!!! It looks warm no jackets, 70 degrees or more? Hope you are sleeping well and that the breakfast food was tasty. It is so wonderful vicariously traveling with you. We had a nice Father’s Day dinner with Kent and Kira last night. Kira’s spirits are happy. She is wearing her summer coat and appears to like the feel of the lighter garment. Kai I am giving you a really tight hug, I am so happy you are doing this marvelous journey. Love you both so much. Amalynna

    AwayAround 2022


    Kent Backman


  • Day2

    Ueber die Pässe

    June 19 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    So ein reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet werden wir in den nächsten Wochen wohl kaum mehr geniessen können, deshalb haben wir richtig zugeschlagen.
    Nach dem obligaten Familienfoto verabschiedeten wir uns und fuhren über Flüela- und Ofenpass ins Südtirol. Oberhalb Brixen haben wir einen schönen und ruhigen Platz gefunden, wo wir uns noch ein Sunset-Bierchen gönnten.Read more

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